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How to wash sweaters in a washing machine

Gentle washing of woolen clothing

To avoid the formation of lint, the material should be brushed and turned inside out before washing. Be sure to inspect the thing for protruding threads to trim them, avoid unraveling the product. To prevent shedding, add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar to the water. To check whether the thing is fading, you can take a piece of thread and dip it into hot water, then wrap a light-colored cloth. If stains are left, then the fabric will be dyed.


Wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Turn the garment inside out, close the zippers and fasten the buttons. Use large, deep containers, since wool absorbs a lot of water. Detergent should be chosen according to the instructions, depending on the type of garment and fabric. Large garments can only be dry-cleaned, but a sweater or sweatshirt of the same fabric can be washed by hand. Large things tend to stretch.

The fabric should be kneaded in the water solution, but not rubbed, to prevent stretching, the formation of lint. After washing, you need to rinse the thing, drain the water and wring by pressing, draining excess liquid. Do not spin wool fabrics in the normal way.

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In the machine

You can wash a dirty wool sweater in the washing machine as follows:

  • In automatic machines there are modes for washing woolen clothes, taking into account the necessary settings. They are labeled as wool, delicate wash, hand wash. The latter is suitable for cleaning products made of coarse wool. In the absence of such programs, you must set them yourself.
  • Wash in cold water at the lowest setting. It is recommended to set a double rinse to rid the product of chemical odors.
  • You should not turn on the spin mode, you need to spin by hand.
  • Fill the drum with conditioner or another fabric softener.
  • The maximum washing time should be no more than 30 minutes.

Wash synthetics so they will shrink

When washing polyester and nylon, do not be afraid of the shrinkage of things, because these materials tolerate cleaning well, if you adhere to the recommendations listed on the label.

When you need to wash synthetics to make them shrink, try the following procedure:

  • It is safest to shrink synthetics by placing them in ice water. It is best to use cold water with ice.
  • Washing clothes in the machine at 60 degrees with a maximum spin may help to shrink them slightly.
  • If you want to shrink synthetics a bit it is better to dry them with a heater or in the sun.

All of the above methods can cause a change in color saturation. A great deal of care needs to be taken with shrinkage.

Your choice of laundry detergent

Wool products should be washed with special formulas. not all powders are suitable for this procedure. Many people prefer liquid formulas. they dissolve quickly, even in cold water, and are gentle when washing. For mohair or angora, simple shampoos are generally used.

In exceptional cases, it is allowed to use a soapy solution of laundry soap.

So that your woollen sweater stays soft and fluffy, choose a wool softener. Lenore is considered an excellent solution, and other conditioners designed for wool products are also suitable.

There is also a popular option. during the last rinse glycerin is added to the water at the rate of one teaspoon per bucket.

How to Wash and Maintain Wool Sweaters. Laundry Hacks

Washing requirements for wool fibers

Below you will find a list of recommendations on how to wash a cardigan, remove stains from angora sweaters and other woolen items.

  • If there is an opportunity not to wash the thing, it is better to neglect washing. Airing the garment outdoors will help eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Wool care involves the least amount of contact with water. They should be as short as possible.
  • Fluctuating water temperatures will cause the fabric to shrink. To understand what temperature to wash your garment, use the manufacturer’s info on the label. If for some reason it is impossible to do this, avoid washing in water whose temperature is higher than 30 degrees.
  • Turn clothes inside out before washing.
  • Wool can fade, you should not wash several different sweaters at the same time, especially if they differ in color.
  • Heat treatment is destructive to wool, which is why you can not in hot water to clean products made of this material. Drying with heaters is also inadmissible.
  • Be vigilant when choosing a laundry detergent. The market has more than 100 different manufacturers offering quality fiber-cleaning products for delicates.

Most knitwear is categorized as acrylic, wool, and wool with added synthetics. Composition, as a rule, is indicated on the label. Why, I brought up the composition? The fact is that it depends on it, whether the thing can be washed in a washing machine.

Before washing knitted garments, you should study the label, which includes recommendations for the care of the product

Semi-synthetic or acrylic items can be sent to the drum of the machine, but carefully. The same cannot be said for wool. automated washing is not recommended for natural threads.

Wool is a natural, harmless, environmentally friendly fabric, which absorbs dirt poorly, but requires special care when washing.

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Before washing a cardigan, hoodie, sweater or other piece of wool, be sure to read the recommendations:

If you just need to get rid of the bad smell, it is better not to wash the thing, and air it.

The ideal temperature for washing woolen items. 30 degrees.

Try to avoid temperature fluctuations, or your wool sweater will be a couple of sizes smaller.

Peculiarities of washing acrylic: 3 useful tips

Acrylic items with decorative inserts are recommended to be washed by hand, using a washing powder for wool:

Ironing and drying with heaters acrylic sweater is forbidden.

Washing wool: three useful tips

Be sure to pay attention to the composition. Natural wool items can only be washed with your own hands. Only semi-synthetic garments will survive a machine wash.

wash, sweaters, washing, machine

As already mentioned, wool is more fastidious during washing. One wrong action, and you can safely give the thing to your child. it will shrink. To avoid shrinkage or stretching of the fabric, the formation of lint and other problems, follow the rules:

To wash woolen clothes turn off the spin cycle. It is better to do it by hand:

TV presenters of “Russia 1” channel investigated the care of woolen clothes, inviting professionals to the studio.

  • Use liquid detergents. To wash woolen clothes in a washing machine, experts recommend using only liquid detergents. They rinse out well.
  • Use conditioner to soften. To keep things soft, you must use conditioner when rinsing.
  • Dry on a flat surface. To prevent the sweater from losing its shape and stretching, it must be dried in an unstretched state. Squeeze on a towel.

First of all, you need to study the label of the product. As a rule, it contains all the information on proper washing. Some materials are undesirable to wash in automatic mode, giving preference to the manual method. Others, on the contrary, are not afraid of cleaning in a drum and you can safely send them to the machine. Despite the different approaches in choosing the washing method, there are general rules that apply to any material, be it wool or acrylic:

  • too hot water provokes shrinkage of the product, so the sweater should be washed at neutral temperatures;
  • Never use dry powders, especially for natural fabrics, as their aggressive components can destroy fibres, resulting in rips and minor damage;
  • Do not wring the product completely, both manually and by machine;
  • Dry the product in an unfolded form in a horizontal position, placing a towel or a thick piece of fabric under it.


Acrylic can easily be washed in a washing machine, since it is not a natural material, but artificial polymer-based material. The basic rules to remember if you decide to wash an acrylic sweater:

  • the temperature of the water. no more than 30 ° C;
  • The product should be turned inside out and placed in a special mesh, so that the woven loops do not get caught in the surface of the drum and do not stretch;
  • a double rinse may be installed;
  • The spin should be avoided or the spin speed should be set to a minimum of 400 rpm.

Use bleach when washing acrylics is strictly prohibited, unless it is a light shade. But it is possible to add antistatic instead of conditioner, as the material tends to get electrified.

From angora

Given the special properties of angora, sweaters made of it should be washed only by hand. Water temperature should not exceed 30°C. The washing process step by step looks like this:

  • Fill a basin of water and dilute a suitable detergent in it;
  • immerse the sweater in the solution and let it soak for some time, but no more than 15-20 minutes;
  • Angora is a very capricious material, so do not rub it, as well as inadmissible vigorous twisting and turning it inside out;
  • Soak the cloth in water, trying not to squeeze it much;
  • Rinse in warm running water until all foam is gone.

Do not wring the angora fabric, but do not hang it vertically. Wrap the sweater in a thick towel and squeeze a little to remove excess moisture. Then the garment should be straightened and placed horizontally on a flat surface.

The washing substance for washing angora should be chosen responsibly. You can use light laundry soap, neutral liquid soap, baby shampoo for hair, or special products for angora. In addition, when washing while rinsing, you can add a little glycerin to the water. this will give the material softness and fluffiness.


Wool can only be washed in a washing machine if it is equipped with a “Wool” mode. In the absence of such, exclusively manual cleaning is recommended. In principle, the whole process is similar to washing an angora sweater. Wool should not be washed at hot temperatures, as wool is a very demanding fabric and can easily “shrink”. Spinning should be gentle and delicate. Drying on a flat, horizontal surface.

How to wash woolen clothes in the washing machine so that they do not pierce

Wool clothes help us through the cold season because they are warm, cozy and practical at the same time. Washing delicate wool garments in a washing machine can damage them. Therefore, many people spend a lot of time washing such things by hand.

But is it necessary to go to such measures to preserve the appearance and the main property of your favorite clothes? We will tell you how to wash woolen clothes in the washing machine so that they keep their original appearance and keep you warm for many more winters.

Acrylic is quite a popular material, which looks very similar to wool, made of synthetic threads. For things made of it fairly easy to care for, they do not require special conditions for washing. Before you put an acrylic sweater in the washing machine, it is worth reading the recommendations printed on the label. Usually clothes made of this material can be washed in a machine. If it has decorative inserts or handmade jewelry, you will have to do it by hand.

  • High temperatures are bad for acrylic. Under such exposure, the threads begin to stretch, and the clothes can lose their shape. The optimum temperature for an acrylic sweater can be considered 30 degrees.
  • As a detergent to use the usual powder. Do not use bleach when washing such clothes, it may change the shade.
  • It is quite convenient to wash an acrylic sweatshirt in a special bag. With this approach, the loops of the knitted garment will not catch on anything and there will not be a hitch.
  • Knitted clothing should be spun very gently, setting the machine to a minimum speed.
  • After washing, the sweater should be carefully laid out on a towel, without pulling or crumpling and leave in this form until completely dry. It is strictly forbidden to iron acrylic products.



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