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How to wash shoes in an Indexit washing machine

How to Wash Sneakers in an Idesit Washing Machine?

If you decide to wash your sneakers in an Indesit washing machine, it is worth thoroughly preparing. Automatic and out-of-control washing is extremely risky, and can severely damage expensive shoes. But to reduce the risks and to achieve purity without compromising on quality is quite possible: you just need to follow all recommendations and strictly follow the tested instructions.

What Shoes Can’t Be Machine Washed

So, are your shoes machine-washable?? Before cleaning, look carefully at the label on the shoe, or check the care instructions on the manufacturer’s web site. If they have a machine-washable label, you can safely proceed. If there is no label and labels concerning the care, it is better not to risk and carry out cleaning by hand.

Some items are machine-washable. So, suede shoes will be 100% spoiled, and leatherette can be covered with cracks.

Do not wash low quality garments, even if they are not visibly damaged. Because of poor quality material or tailoring the shoe may not withstand heavy mechanical impact. This will cause permanent damage or deformation.

With products that are glued, but nowhere stitched, is also better not to risk. Glue will dissolve under the influence of water the product will be unsuitable for wear.

The presence of metal parts also precludes machine washing. Metal is susceptible to corrosion, so there is a high likelihood of rust, which will spoil the appearance of the product.

Do not wash winter boots and boots; wiping them down with a damp sponge, letting them air dry and dry well is sufficient. During machine washing there is a high risk of damaging not only the outer layer of the garment, but also the fur, which will lead to a loss of thermal insulating properties.

Do not machine wash shoes with rhinestones, reflectors, lighting effects, or other decorations that can fall off under intense vibration. Leather and patent leather boots should not be washed in this way.

Make sure that there are no parts that can fall off. rivets, reflectors, inserts, and that the shoes are not torn or cracked. If there are such defects, you can not wash the shoes: the filter will be clogged, and the sneakers themselves will suffer even more. Clean the soles, remove pebbles and sand from the treads. You must remove the laces and insoles, put the laces in an old sock and throw it in the drum, and the insoles are better replaced if necessary, but not washed: they are likely to deform. You can use a shoe wash bag or an ordinary old pillowcase.

If the machine has a special program for shoes, the problem is solved. If not, but there is a program for sportswear (clothing with impregnation), you can choose it. If the machine has a fairly simple set of programs, then choose the mode for synthetics. If you want to set everything manually, then choose a low temperature mode. 30 degrees, spin speed. the lowest (300-400 revolutions) or turn off the spin, leave only the water drain. Do not use the short freshening programme.

Indesit IWME146. special shoes

wash, shoes, washing, machine


If you are ready to wash your shoes, do not throw them immediately into the drum, because this will lead to negative results, and you can forget about your favorite shoes. You might also damage the washing machine. That is why the washing should be done with care, attention and deliberation. Before washing, shoes need to be protected from excessive load by the rotating drum. At the same time it will not hurt to secure the drum of the washing machine, because the hard sole will knock on it. There are known situations where there was imbalance when washing a heavy pair of shoes. Such a problem is solved quite simply. immerse your favorite pair in a special bag for washing, and then you can pick up the appropriate mode. Can I wash my ballet shoes in the washing machine?? A pair made of fabric material can be loaded into the drum just like that, but the ballet, sewn from leatherette or other dense fabric, should be washed in a laundry bag. Don’t forget to wash your shoes thoroughly, removing dirt from the soles and dust from the outside. You should also get rid of any metal parts and laces. Insole. no exception, they must also be washed separately. Place your shoes in a bag and immerse them in the machine.

These bags are usually sold in sports stores (Decathlon bag is 119 and similar) and on aliexpress.(search for a shoe wash bag).

Important! If you can’t afford a special bag, an old pillowcase that you no longer need will work instead.

How to Wash Shoes in a Washing Machine

Washing sports shoes in the washing machine, as well as others, should be according to the following rules:

  • Before washing, unlace your sneakers and take out the insoles. this is relevant for those shoes that have laces and the insoles are not glued. It would be best to wash these parts separately.
  • Sneakers should not have clogged mud. remove all clogged mud from the shoes, as well as pebbles, leaves and other debris that could get stuck in the tread of the sole. If the dirt does not come off well, you can soak the shoes in a soapy solution for a while.
  • Washing should be done in a special bag. in order to ensure that the shoes are not literally flying around the drum of the machine, you must use a washing bag. Instead of a bag, you can put your sneakers with other laundry (that you don’t feel sorry for) by putting them inside. Or use a pillowcase for this purpose, which is also not sorry.
  • Do not wash several pairs of shoes at once. it is recommended to wash no more than one pair of shoes, at most two.

If you have prepared everything, you can proceed directly to the wash. Put your sneakers in a wash bag and place in the drum. Close the hatch and pour in the powder. For washing, it is best to use a liquid detergent, which is well rinsed. Membrane laundry detergent, which is also used for all sportswear and shoes, is excellent. If you wash your sneakers, find a liquid laundry detergent for sports clothes in a sports store, it will work fine. If there is no desire or opportunity to buy such a tool, you can wash the most common powder for automatic machines. But you don’t need to put too much of it in.

Next, choose the washing program. The ideal option would be a special program for shoes, but not many washing machines have it. Therefore, in its absence, you need to select a delicate washing program. This program allows the most “soft” wash shoes without damaging them.

Be sure to check that the washing temperature on the program does not exceed 40°C, if not, then set this temperature of washing. It’s also important that there’s no spin at the end of the wash, so either turn it off or make sure the wash program is done without spinning. If you have a machine with dryer, then disable this function.

Now you just need to turn on the start program and wait until the machine finishes its work.

Before you wash your shoes, make sure they are machine washable. To do this, the following qualities should be examined:

  • The structure of the material from which the pair is made.
  • The level of contamination.
  • The reaction to water temperature and detergents in the washing machine.
  • The quality and durability of the product.

Most of the sneakers well tolerated machine wash

Quality sewn textile shoes: raggy sneakers, ballet shoes, slippers, moccasins and athletic sneakers. will easily tolerate not only hand but also machine wash.

What sneakers should not be washed

Manufacturers do not recommend putting shoes in the machine. It deforms from this, changes color. Decorative inserts come off, which harms not only the appearance of the product, but also the washing machine.

Modern materials from which shoes from Demix, Asics and similar firms are created, do not tolerate temperature changes, spinning, exposure to cleaning agents. This information is indicated on the insoles, tags or instructions. But if you choose the right mode of washing, detergent, and follow the rules for further care, this method of cleaning shoes is acceptable.

  • Inexpensive single-season boots with low-quality fabric and silicone mesh parts glued together.
  • Natural nubuck, leather, and suede sneakers. Leather sneakers can not be washed in a washing machine. They do not tolerate temperature extremes, detergents and stress. As a result, the shoes will deform and change color.
  • Sneakers with torn seams, poorly held decorative inserts.
  • Shoes with a water repellent layer. When exposed to hot water and a chemical agent, there will be a complete dissolution of the layer. Its restoration is possible with special sprays. impregnants.
  • Shoes with colored backlighting. Electronic circuits will begin to rust when exposed to water. If they can be removed, washing is allowed.

Important: Sneakers should not be placed in the dishwasher. Hot water will damage them without the possibility of recovery.

If the shoes do not fit the above exceptions, you can start preparing for washing. It is necessary to remove all stains and prevent yellowing.

Rhinestones and pebbles can fall into the drain and damage the appliance

Review: Washing Machine Indesit IWSB 6105. Not a bad washing machine, but it has its disadvantages

The depth of the washing machine (52.5 cm) is almost equal to the width (59.5 cm). I can say that this washing machine is not suitable for a small bathroom or for combined bathroom. Install it, of course, you can, but it will be extremely cramped and not really comfortable.

The most commonly used of these I have 2-6,9 and 10. Special thanks to the manufacturer for the Express Washing, which lasts 15 minutes. This mode is for quickly freshening up lightly soiled laundry. In the summer, it is very good to wash children’s clothes after a walk, if they do not have particularly dirty stains. I do not like the “Sporty Shoes” washing mode. Here during the wash, a lot of foam is formed, even if the powder is not a lot, and the effect of washing I expected better, by hand you can wash any shoes much better.The desired mode is selected with the program selector knob,

the temperature regulator is then used to set the required temperature for the washing mode.

This washing machine does not automatically allow the choice of temperature higher than the programmed, but to reduce it can be up to washing in cold water.Next, consider the additional functions which include: EcoTime (this feature reduces the washing time, saving water and electricity);Bleaching (used to remove the most stubborn dirt);1000-500 (reduced spin speed);Delay timer (delays the start of washing max. up to 12 hours)

Next, consider the panel Start / pause button and washing indicators

To cancel a preset cycle or add an additional function, you can switch the machine to pause mode, then the indicator light will turn orange.

Next, consider the detergent dispenser. In total there are 4 modes. Three stationary

And one removable for bleach, which is inserted when washing in bleach mode in the first compartment

Most of the time I use 2 and 3 wash box, this is what the machine looks like at the start of the wash

The machine after starting the wash and at the end of the cycle. of the entire wash cycle. After the red light goes out. You can open the hatch

The machine is not noisy while washing. The only thing you can hear it at the wringing stage, and then when there is complete silence in the house. I want to note the fact that the powder is always well washed out, leaving nothing in the cells. But it should be remembered that it is imperative to take out and wash the detergent dispenser. It is not very easy to reach, and you will have to make some effort to get it out. And if the spreader itself washes out the powder well, you can find a decent amount of it inside. This is what I found when I took out the distributor

I didn’t get it out for about 2 months. Not always there is time, but the procedure is very necessary!As necessary care of the pump, which is located at the bottom of the washing machine. To do this, you need to open the bottom cover with a screwdriver (there really is no way without it)

Then unscrew the lid counterclockwise,

but it is necessary to unscrew very carefully and slowly (preliminary having put on the floor under a cover a floor cloth which will absorb the residual water which is poured out), and to take it out. It also took a couple of months for the slimy buildup to form


We rinse all the slime in water and carefully wipe the dirt inside the hole and put a clean lid back on

The manufacturer asserts that if you do these procedures as often as possible. The machine will last longer.Now I will tell you about our breakdown.After a few months of running the machine had a program malfunction. precisely. The machine just froze at the stage of draining the water, the pump pumped endlessly. I was extremely frustrated, as the machine was still very little use. After several experts have looked at the machine, said that this failure was due to improper installation. The drain hose was located below the proper level, which led to clogging and failure of the water level detector in the machine. Fortunately, this breakage is not serious, the master fixed everything and the repair was not expensive. So, the minus here is not the quality of the machine, but the quality of installation. Although the machine was installed to us by a specialist. Apparently, there was such a specialist.So, summing up, we can make the following conclusions:PLUSES-maximum load 6kg;-variety of washing programs;-mode of “Express Washing”-mode of water and electricity savings;-good washes things;-really works quietly.MINUSES.the size does not suit a small bath or a combined bathroom, the “Sport Shoes” mode does not quite do its job, the detergent dispenser is very hard to reach.

wash, shoes, washing, machine

Indesit shoe wash requested video

I would buy it myself if I had to choose a washing machine now? NO! Because now there is a very diverse range and I would choose something more compact, and with a design newer.Am I satisfied with the washing machine?? YES! Because it is a great helper mine, and it has all the necessary and convenient for me modes of washing.Overall assessment. 4. Not a bad budget and reliable option.Thank you very much for your attention, happy shopping!

Clean shoes: washing in the machine

Cleaning fabric shoes from the consequences of a walk in muddy puddles or work on the garden. is a real hardship. Unhappy owners of damaged sneakers and loafers will spend half a day and try a dozen different brushes and detergents before reaching an acceptable result. It is better not to think how their own hands will suffer.

The owners of modern washing machines do not have to worry about such things, all the dirty work is done by their electrical appliance assistants. Manufacturers of household appliances for general use indicate in the instructions that their machines are designed exclusively for washing clothes, but some housewives at their own risk wash blankets, soft toys and shoes in the same way: sneakers, slippers, sneakers, moccasins. If you choose a gentle program for these purposes, in which the drum rotates at low speed, and exclude the spinning and drying mode, then there will not be much trouble for the new quality appliance. But it is best not to make such dangerous experiments, and immediately buy a washing machine with a preset program specifically for shoes.

At the preparatory stage

The preparatory stages for hand and machine washing shoes do not differ: first you need to clean large particles of dirt from the soles, twigs, stuck in the tread pebbles and other debris that stuck during a walk on rough terrain. Before you decide to wash your shoes, you need to determine the material of which they are made. possible, a long stay in the water will simply destroy it. If we are talking about leather or suede products, the permissible water procedures for them. is wiping with a damp cloth. But shoes with a textile top and even with a small suede inserts can be washed.

Pre-soaking facilitates the removal of ingrained dirt and odor, and also serves as a kind of test: if the shoes began to fall apart at this stage, it is certainly not machine washable. Old or unworn sneakers and sneakers that are coming apart at the seams should only be washed by hand. They themselves will suffer a lot in the process, and they can damage the machine if pieces of foam or other stuffing material get stuck in the drum. In general, small details like laces, insoles, and glued here and there reflective inserts create a lot of problems during the wash, so you should still show civic responsibility and buy a special grid for shoes.

Such nets are in the form of a pouch and are equipped with a zipper. You put your sneakers, tennis shoes, or sneakers to be cleaned in the VLT, with the insoles and laces removed first. The mesh will protect important parts of the machine from small objects getting into them, and also reduces the noise during the wash. Indeed, not many people think about how much rattle rotating in the drum sneakers with molded soles. This sound is not only unpleasant to hear, it also demonstrates what the impact of the washing machine tank, as well as the door with a window. To prevent this window from becoming dislodged and the drum from becoming dented, do not wash more than one pair of shoes at a time.

Popular models of machines with the function of washing shoes

The function of washing sports shoes is most frequently found in Indesit machines, and even among the inexpensive models. The Indesit IWSB 5105 front-loading classic machine costing from 10 000 is as if specially created for fans of outdoor activities. Among the basic washing programs it has the Sport Intensive, Sport Light and Sport Shoes processing functions. Many first time campers wear jeans on their first trip and they are rightly considered a multipurpose piece of clothing. Grass and dirt stained jeans will be tidied up with yet another preset Jeans washing program with stain removal option.

Indesit IWSB 5105 inexpensive washing machine with a narrow body

The big advantage of this model. It takes up very little space, as it belongs to the class of devices with a narrow body with dimensions of 850x595x414 mm. Although the size of the machine is small, but its tank is big enough, it is designed for 5 kg of laundry, so that the whole set of sportswear, which needs cleaning, can be placed in it at one time. The industrious machine has a rather modest design, it is controlled by mechanical buttons and rotary switches and there is no display on the control panel at all.

Vertical loading machine Indesit IWTE 71280 ECO has similar functions, but because of some technical features costs almost twice as much as the previous model. The body of the device is the same height as the model with the front door, but the width and depth are respectively 400 and 600 mm, that is, in a cramped bathroom for the machine is sure to find room. The upward-opening tank lid will help to save space.

The Indesit IWTE 71280 ECO upright washing machine

wash, shoes, washing, machine

This traveler’s dream can also do the washing of jeans and shoes made from soft materials perfectly, it also has a program for removing stains. The Indesit IWTE 71280 ECO allows to wash up to 7 kg of clothes in one cycle, but in the case of washing footwear it is better not to take the risk and load one pair at a time, because the plastic tank is inferior to the metal one. Any of the aforementioned functions can be selected by the owner of the machine with the help of electronic-mechanical control panel: there are buttons and rotary switches, made in the same style as the front model. In addition, the panel is complemented by a small digital display, which will simplify the process of programming and setting a built-in 24-hour timer delayed washing.

In the same price category of 16 000, three machines with a shoe wash function from the no less distinguished manufacturer Electrolux are offered at once. Externally and functionally, these devices differ little: they are equipped with a door for vertical loading, and their control panel combines mechanical elements and electronic displays. The title of the most progressive in this trio can be given to the model Electrolux EWT 1262 TDW, it has the same width and depth as the machine with vertical loading Indesit, but higher than the latter by 40 mm.

The plastic tank of this appliance holds up to 6 kg of laundry. Thanks to the special design the drum always stops upside down after the wash, so the owner does not have to scroll it by hand to get to the laundry. This washing machine is great for removing dirt from shoes or lightly soiled sportswear. But for hiking clothes that have been on a multi-day hike, the intensive washing mode is the right one. If we are talking about a Sunday walk in the woods in ordinary sneakers and jeans, then the model Electrolux EWT 1262 TDW has separate programs for both items of clothing.

But solitary escapades in the countryside. it is rather the exception than the norm, because hiking usually turns into a real family hobby. A typical situation when a family squad returns from a camping trip: everyone wants to get their shoes and clothes in order quickly, but there is no need to stand in line if there is a washing machine DAEWOO DWD-UDD2412K. This reliable helper is capable of cleaning up to 12kg of laundry in one cycle!

Washing Machine DAEWOO DWD-UD2412K with a tank of 12 kg of laundry

The 22,000 dollar machine is not only smart, it’s also beautiful: the designers thought out the control panel design perfectly, and the large housing is 980 mm high, 630 mm wide and 790 mm deep, and decorated with floral ornaments. Among peculiarities of controls are display, mechanical buttons and Jog Dial rotary knob, which is responsible for the intellectual functions. similar switches used to be installed on smartphones.

The front door is used to load the laundry into the drum. Model DAEWOO DWD-UD2412K allows not only to wash sports shoes and clothes, it also effectively eliminates bacteria by using Nano-silver technology. This function is especially useful for athletes and tourists who sweat a lot. Although the drum is designed to wash shoes, the list of pre-set programs includes washing delicate fabrics, as well as baby clothes. A pillow wash program is ideal for sleeping bags or picnic linens.

The next step on the conditional price ladder is taken by the Bosch WAE 2448 SOE. the machine which among set of washing programs has also the mode of sports shoe cleaning. This device costs an average of 25 000. it belongs to the class of washing machines with front-loading. This model has a moderate capacity drum. up to 7 kg of dry laundry, respectively, the dimensions of the body are quite typical: 600 mm in width and depth at a height of 850 mm. The control panel, as with many of the models discussed above, includes function buttons, a rotary switch and a display that allows you to track the time and set washing parameters.

Even when soaking sneakers or slippers in the basin for hand washing, you can notice how unevenly water soaks into their surface. In the drums of washing machines is also difficult to achieve uniform wetting: therefore, the result of washing leaves much to be desired and the shoes are sent for a second cleaning cycle. The good thing about Bosch WAE 2448 SOE is that its proprietary 3D-AquaSpar technology makes it possible to access water from all sides of the bowl. This same technology, as well as the Jeans wash program, will thoroughly remove dirt from fabrics such as dense denim.

The title of the most expensive model in the category of machines, adapted for shoe washing, to date belongs to Miele W 2859 iR WPM ED Supertronic, this device can be found on sale at a price of 142 000 Notable not only the cost, but also the form factor of this model: it is built-in, in contrast to the above mentioned free-standing machines.

The medium-sized housing (820, 595 and 575 mm in height, width and depth) is equipped with a front door that covers the inner tank and at the same time a large part of the front panel. The drum can only hold 5.5kg of laundry at a time, but the minimum load for this model is only 1kg, which is useful when you only need to wash one thing in emergency mode. Above the door is the control panel with display and touch buttons. As it is known, the firm Miele does not produce cheap electric devices, but the high price of this model is caused not by the manufacturer’s snobbism, but by the multitude of pre-set washing programs and additional functions. But for athletes and hikers, the most requested items will be washing hiking shoes and clothing, treating denim, the pillow wash program used for sleeping bags, and the Hygiene function that freshens and disinfects sweat-soaked laundry.



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