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How to wash pillows in a washing machine

Washing pillows of different types

Pillows are different not only by type of filler, but also by their properties. Speaking of care, it is also different. Let’s look more closely.

Washing pillow in Automatic Machine || Quick Easy || How can wash pillow in washing Machine


The shape of the anatomic pillow is the most optimal for sleep. A man gets enough sleep, his headaches go away. In order not to spoil such a product, it is recommended to wash by hand in warm water. Use only mild detergents. Do not rub with your hands, better use a sponge. Remove dirt with gentle strokes. Do not twist or squeeze the pillow, just squeeze it between towels. It is not recommended to dry them in the sun.


Those who are concerned about their sleep buy orthopedic pillows. As a rule, they are made of: latex, polyester, buckwheat husk, viscoelastic foam. It is machine-washable and the mode of operation depends on the filler.

  • Can be wet cleaned with a sponge and detergent.
  • Rinses should be performed only in cold water.
  • Squeeze with the palm of your hand to prevent deformation.
  • Dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

How to wash memory foam pillows

A pillow with a memory effect retains the shape of the head during sleep. Do not wash the whole pillow in an automatic machine. The pillow filler and cover should be cleaned separately.

  • Preferably choose dry cleaning.
  • Air the pillow once a month in the fresh air.
  • The cover can be washed at temperature not higher than 40 degrees with a mild detergent.
  • It is possible to wipe the pillow’s surface with a napkin or a sponge moistened in a soap solution.

How to wash anti-stress pillows

In anti-stress products synthetic massage granules are used as a filler. It is not desirable to wash the entire pillow.

  • Wash only by hand putting the filler in a basin.
  • The water temperature is no more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Use only mild detergent.
  • But the cover can be washed in the machine using the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Other materials

Besides above-mentioned pillow fillers, there are pillows with filler from:

Pillows filled with buckwheat husk must not be washed at all. Care for such pillows is that the filler is emptied, dried or calcined. And the cover can be washed on a gentle cycle in a machine or by hand. In general it is not allowed to machine wash orthopedic pillows, as it can cause loss of shape and its health-improving functions. Such pillows should be cleaned by hand.

Bamboo pillows can be washed in the same way as synthetic pillows. Water temperature during washing should not exceed 30°C. Bamboo is a natural material that retains its shape perfectly and does not lose its amazing properties after repeated washings.

For your information! Bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic, suitable even for asthmatics.

When washing sheep or camel wool pillows it is necessary to use special liquid detergents for woollen clothes, containing lanolin. This substance protects the wool fibers from pollution, making them elastic. Machine washing for these pillows is permitted on “Wool” or “Hand wash” modes. The rinse should also be repeated and the spin on low speed.

Hand washing of bamboo pillows

It is also possible to clean dirt and make a bamboo pillow fresh by hand. For this purpose, as well as for machine washing it is necessary to choose liquid detergents, well soluble in water. Water temperature should be low (up to 40 degrees), otherwise the pillow will lose its shape, and it will not be possible to return it.

Dissolve the detergent in a big tub or dish and soak the bamboo pillow in it for 60 minutes. If there are stronger stains you can easily scrub them with a brush. The last step is a thorough rinse to remove any residual soap solution.

How to wash pillows in a washing machine and by hand?

Sooner or later every housewife will have to start cleaning pillows that are in every home. We recommend doing this regularly, since we spend half of our time sleeping on these same pillows, which absorb dust and can be source of allergic diseases. How to do the whole, rather troublesome process, so as not to damage the stuffing? How to wash pillows in a washing machine and by hand? How to properly dry them? In this article we will give detailed answers to these questions.

All about washing pillows in the washing machine

First, determine what material your pillow is made of. This knowledge will not spoil the accessory, because, for example, natural fillings are more difficult to clean in the machine than artificial ones. Also, some types of pillows should not be washed; information on this should be sought on the label of the accessory. Be sure to find it and make sure it is machine washable. For example, it is not recommended to clean orthopedic models, it is better to use a delicate handle. And if the item is made of latex, you should only use dry cleaning to clean it. Also do not dry accessories in the sun, because it can harm them.

It is best to use liquid detergent, as dry detergent is more difficult to wash. Choose a product without bleach components, they can leave streaks. This is critical for those accessories that are put in the machine directly in the cover. If you do decide to wash with a detergent, it is better to pick up for this purpose, a detergent that does not contain phosphates. These toxic ingredients are almost impossible to rinse out of the product, they will stay there forever.

Dust should be knocked out of the product before washing. This is done to avoid the formation of additional dark streaks on the cover, because of which will have to wash everything again.

Rules of washing the pillows: what program to choose

Natural feather and swan feather fillings are a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, and products of mites cause allergies in humans. You can go to a professional service where the feather is thoroughly treated. But if you are used to doing the cleaning at home, we will tell you how to do it correctly. Do you wash products with natural fillings in a washing machine? Feather, down products perfectly tolerate washing. The main thing is to know at what temperature to take care of quills. Choose a gentle mode and 40 degrees.

How often to wash pillows made of synthetics, depends on the duration of use. Buying a new product, look at the label. It tells you on what program you can care for it. Synthetic filler made of polyester and hollofiber need to be washed at least 3-4 times a year.

Orthopedic and anti-stress pillow with filler (berry seeds, grass, grits) need to be replaced over time.

The first step is to determine what the product consists of

Washing will vary in the ease of the process depending on the contents inside. Thus, feather pillows are more difficult to handle than modern silicone ones. The first step of the procedure is to find out the type of filler (natural, artificial).

Many mistresses believe that it is not necessary to wash pillows. it is enough to change the pillowcases.

Hostesses often do not understand how to wash feather or synthetic pillows. But all you need is your own strength or a correctly set mode in the washing machine.

Feathers are not forbidden to wash in the machine. The properties of this material should be clearly understood. In the automatic mode it is allowed to treat both natural and artificial content. This should be done after the first 6 months of continuous use. A simple drying in the sun will not work.

Pillows can be washed if the labels do not contain forbidding signs.

There are a few exceptions: orthopedic type or counterparts made of organic materials are not recommended to be processed in a machine.

Washing in the machine will save time and effort, allow better rinsing of detergent residues, accelerate the drying process.

It is not possible, but even necessary! And it’s best to do it now in the summer. The pillow absorbs dirt and sweat. I think you will agree with me that a pillow like this is not very pleasant to sleep on. Therefore, you should do a big wash.

Before washing a pillow, you should determine what is inside it. Each filler requires special care. Inside can be:

  • feathers or down;
  • Organic filler (pony tail, bamboo, grain husks, berry seeds, flax seeds, etc.).);
  • synthetic filler (sintepon or hollofiber).

How To Wash and Dry Pillows in Washing Machine and Dryer

Not all fillings are washable. For example, organic pillows (also called anti-stress) can not be washed. They have a certain lifespan, after which they should simply be thrown away. Removing stains from the stuffing with a cloth soaked in soapy water and then vacuuming. Only horse-tail and bamboo fillings can be washed. All feather and synthetic pillows must be washed. Down pillows should be washed 2-4 times a year and bamboo pillows 6 times. Synthetic articles are washed less often. It is better to give the bedding to a dry cleaner. However in a laundry you should sign the receipt that you are familiar with all risks. Chemicals can cause a pillow to shrink in size. Besides, it can not be dried up to the end, which can lead to fluff lumps and unpleasant smell. It will probably have to be parted with. I suggest you save money and wash the cushions yourself.

Before washing the pillows should be beaten. If you do not, then the dust that has accumulated in the duvet covers will turn into gray stains.

Can I wash down pillows in washing machine??

Down pillows need to be cleaned at least once a year if used extensively.

wash, pillows, washing, machine

Pillow absorbs dust, moisture, sweat, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, stains and streaks appear on the pillow cover, so it is necessary to subject natural down pillows to regular cleaning. Pillow labels should have information on how a down pillow can be washed.

Manufacturers of cushions with natural goose down do not recommend washing in washing machine and suggest to use dry-cleaning services.

If you bought an expensive pillow with natural goose down, it might be worth it. But if you have inexpensive down pillows or feather-filled pillows, dry cleaning services can cost more than the pillow itself.

Here we will tell you how you can wash your own down pillow in the washing machine.

Laundry detergent may not have time to dissolve and soak into the down filler, the pillow will have streaks and the smell of laundry detergent, and the down will be ruined

These products can also ruin the filler

It is better to fill the drum of a washing machine completely to get a good squeeze out of a pillow. To prevent the down in the pillow is not caked, you can put with the pillow is also a pair of tennis balls, which will periodically whip the pillow when washing.

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You can wash the down pillow in the washing machine only at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees, t.к. Squirrels from feather can oxidize and pillow will have unpleasant smell that is impossible to get rid of.

If you wash an old down pillow or a pillow with poor quality seams, when washed at high speed, the pillow will break, and down with feathers can ruin the washing machine.

We recommend washing the pillow in the summer, t.к. The Best Drying Pillows. in the bright summer sun.

It is important to place the pillow on a dryer or on clothespins by weight to allow the pillow to dry evenly.

When drying a down pillow in the room, it is advisable to use a fan.

A down pillow takes 3 to 4 days to dry, it is important to finish drying the pillow, t.к. Mildew and bacteria can grow in the pillow.

While drying periodically turn the pillow over and fluff it, if the stuffing is fluffy, fluff it. When the pillow is completely dry, the feathers will fluff up and the pillow will be lush and soft again.

Well in general, do not wash the pillow, and just buy a new down pillow in our online store 🙂

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