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How to wash glass -ceramic stove from stains

How to clean the glass.ceramic surface of the stove? Mistresses note!

To understand how to clean the plate with a glass.ceramic surface, you should know some of the nuances of the material itself from which this coating is performed.

Black ceramics are based on the use of curan material, which is characterized by increased impact resistance and low thermal expansion.

If water pour water on the surface of a hot slab, then cracks will not form due to the temperature difference. The average service life at home, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer, is 15 years.

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Typically, such models of plates are equipped with halogen burners or High Light system, in which heating is provided by means of a special alloy of heating tape located under the ceramics of a special alloy wrapped in symmetrical rings.

Outwardly glass ceramics are a perfectly flat surface that has a pleasant appearance. Cooking for a long time leads to the appearance of soot, stains of fat and other difficultly deduced pollutions. Therefore, each housewife will be useful information, and most importantly, than to clean the ceramic stove, so that it retains its original appearance throughout the entire service life.

ways to clean glass ceramic stove that will not harm it

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There are many specially developed tools for caring for glass.ceramic slabs. The stores have a wide selection at different prices. However, these funds still need to be checked, because not all of them act well. But proven folk methods act without fail, do not require special monetary investments and include components that are almost always at home. NOVATE editorial office.RU offers several life hacks from experienced housewives who will help remove even the most difficult pollution without much effort from glass.ceramic slab, as well as maintaining its radiant and attractive appearance for the long time.


Vinegar is a wonderful natural and inexpensive remedy for cleansing the glass.ceramic slab. He quickly copes with fat and lime pollution. And vinegar is usually always at hand for quick cleaning. It should only be used on a cooled surface. First you need to moisten pollution with vinegar, let them soften for about 5 minutes, and then wipe with a damp sponge to completely remove them. Then the glass ceramics need to be wiped cleanly and dry.

Window and glass washing

The glass washing tool is also well suited for cleaning the glass.ceramic slab. /

The wiper contains ammonia, which helps not only to make cleanliness, but also to give the plate a radiant beautiful view. The use of this product is quite simple: it is necessary to spray the product for washing windows on the stove and wipe it with a moderately abrasive sponge or a soft cloth. At the end, it is recommended to wipe the surface with a damp microfiber rag.


A tool that always delicately helps to remove most common pollution. /

Toothpaste copes with delicate cleaning pollution perfectly. Its composition, especially if the pasta is whitening, contain tiny abrasive elements that without much effort remove fat accumulations, dirt and soil. For cleaning the slab, it is necessary to apply the paste in the contaminated areas, wipe with a sponge, and then thoroughly wash off all the traces with water and wipe it dry.

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge is an excellent assistant in many types of cleaning. In the kitchen, she also copes well. However, it is necessary to use it correctly and accurately. Due to its more porous structure, the melamine sponge is much better than the usual erases any pollution with a smaller amount of friction. To get started, it is necessary to apply a glass cleaner or a soap solution on a glass.ceramic stove, and then wipe it with a sponge. After that, everything is thoroughly washed off with water and wiped with an ordinary sponge.

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Baking soda

Despite the fact that usually all manufacturers of glass.ceramic products do not recommend using soda for cleaning, but this tool is still quite popular among housewives. After the use of soda, the surface of the plate becomes less brilliant and is covered with microzarapins, which, nevertheless, are not particularly noticeable from the side. It is better not to use soda without emergency, but it copes well with strong old pollution in the form of fat and soot, which cannot be cleaned with more delicate means.

To use soda for cleaning the glass.ceramic slab, you should sprinkle abundantly pollution with it, and put a fabric impregnated in a pre.prepared solution from hot water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid on top. It takes 15 minutes to half an hour to activate the purification. After that, with a fabric lying on the stove, all pollutions are cleaned from the surface of the glass ceramic. Final stage: erase everything with ordinary water.

Daily care

Than to spend time on aggressive cleaning, it is better to prevent strong contaminants. /

wash, glass, ceramic, stove, stains

In order for the glass.ceramic stove to always remain beautiful and clean, it is better not to bring it to strong contaminants, but to take care of it regularly. There are several effective tips for this. After cooking, all the stained places must be wiped with a sponge with a soap solution applied to it: a conventional dishwashing tool or a special plate washing is suitable. In addition, the use of household soap is considered very effective life hack, it can be applied and left for 20-30 minutes so that fat and fogs are better softened, and then wash it off.

Useful advice: for stable contaminants, it is recommended to use a special cream or paste for glass.ceramic surfaces. The cleaning sponge should not be too hard. And the final step should always be thoroughly washing off with water with water and wiping the slab dry with a towel or cloth.

Bloss restoration and protection against subsequent pollution

Stores sell special tools to restore a beautiful appearance of glass ceramics. However, you can use home remedies, cheaper and simple. Ordinary baby oil or petroleum jelly is suitable for this purpose. A thin layer of the selected agent is applied to a thoroughly washed and wiped dry surface of the plate and rubbed through the soft fabric and circular movements of the hand.

What will be needed for cleaning?

You can use the finished chemical products represented by various manufacturers in the form of liquids, creams, gels, sprays (top House, SIF, FID backing, sanita, topperr and many others).

These drugs fully meet all the requirements for the care for the glass.ceramic surface.

In addition, to remove fat and restore the glossy shine of the coating, you can also apply improvised means (hydrogen peroxide, lemon, soda). they provide no less purity of the device.

Also, before the procedure, prepare clean soft sponges, paper towels or microfiber napkins.

What can harm glass ceramics

Glass.ceramic stove. rather expensive purchase. Therefore, every owner wants her to serve as long as possible. To do this, you need to know some simple rules, compliance with which will reduce the risk of damage to technology.

  • Make sure that the surface is clean. Any sandstone can cause damage if you put a pan or pan on it and turn on the plate.
  • Do not put a pot of cold water on a hot burner. temperature drops can ruin the plate.
  • Take care of the surface from mechanical damage. severe blows, deep scratches.
  • If the liquid “ran away” when cooking, immediately try to remove it before she gets to the neighboring heated burner.

As you can see, the rules are quite simple. Remembering them and knowing how to clear the ceramic surface of the stove, you can rejoice at a perfectly working technique for many years.

Watch the video how to care for a glass.ceramic stove

You received quite useful tips to now know how to clean the glass.ceramic stove at home and avoid any problems. from mechanical damage to small stains. So, the kitchen will always shine cleanliness. As you can see, we used both folk remedies that are always at hand and specialized detergents.

Rules of care

Immediately note that this hob is very functional and convenient to use, but, unfortunately, it is too vulnerable to various types of damage. The slightest fingerprints, dust, not to mention oil and accidentally spilled liquid, are very clearly visible on it. In order for cleaning glass ceramics not to become a real test for you, try to clean it every day after cooking. In this case, you will only need a sponge or a microfiber napkin and a cleaning agent. Often, housewives use fluids for washing glasses and glass surfaces for these purposes.

When cleaning the hob, the following rules must be followed:

  • Before cleaning, you must definitely de.energize the electric stove. These plates have a touch panel and, in order not to accidentally turn on the burning fires during cleaning and do not burn, so that there is no closure when contacting water, it is better to protect yourself and others;
  • It is impossible to clean until the panel has cooled (you can get burns of the skin of the hands, in addition, cracks may occur from the temperature difference on glass ceramics);
  • Use a special tool designed to clean glass ceramic surfaces;
  • You can not use hard washcloths, knives, brushes and other items that can damage the surface for cleansing;
  • After cleaning, it is necessary to wipe it dry and squeeze the panel with a soft cloth.

Never wait until the surface of the glass.ceramic slab is strongly polluted, it is better to remove the spots immediately, thereby saving a lot of effort and time when cleaning.

So that scratches do not appear on the panel, use dishes with a flat bottom, without cracks and chips. Otherwise getting rid of scratches on the coating of the plate will be simply impossible.

Care and operation tips

Recommendations for operation and daily care of an electric or gas stove made of glass ceramics:

How to clean that cooked on build up on your glass stovetop!

  • Before turning on the device, check so that there are no food or liquid residues on the surface, otherwise they will burn, which will make it difficult to remove;
  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after each use;
  • Clean the stove after cooling completely, because the coating can crack from the temperature difference;
  • Do not use abrasive substances or metal sponges. the tsarapins left will complicate the process of caring for the surface, which will quickly make it unusable;
  • Do not put plastic, copper and aluminum containers on the stove, avoid spotlights on the coating;
  • After washing the surface, wipe it dry, so that there are no divorces left.

Set only dry and clean dishes with a flat bottom on glass ceramics without damage

When purchasing a glass.ceramic slab, be prepared to provide it with proper care. To maintain normal work, follow the operating rules, perform everyday cleaning and timely remove significant pollution. Following simple recommendations, you will save the functionality and presentable view of the panel for many years.

Care for glass.ceramic stove

The glass.ceramic slab will be less contaminated if you put dishes with a perfectly clean and dry bottom of stainless steel or enameled (without chips). The second rule is to start special scrapers for her, sponges and napkins. It is impossible to use the sponge that you wash the dishes, it absorbs fat and only pollutes the glass ceramics worse. Owners of glass.ceramic hobs should get such accessories:

  • a special scraper with interchangeable metal blades (can be sold complete with the stove);
  • wet wipes with antibacterial impregnation for glass ceramics;
  • Lineless dry napkins, including bilateral Top House (rough side for cleaning from pollution, smooth for polishing).

HOW TO CLEAN A GLASS STOVETOP / CRAMIC simple, effective and sparkling clean // KITCHEN CLEANING TIP

You can also remove pollution (except fatty) with a melamine sponge using the edge, and not the entire surface. Warm up for caring for glass.ceramic napkins made of microfiber, which do not leave the pile, paper towels. It is impossible to use hard metal washcloths, abrasive products, aggressive bleach, stained vehicles, sprays and gels for cleaning ovens. To care for the working surface of the glass.ceramic slab, liquids are used, often in the form of sprays, creams, gels and pastes. Liquids help to remove fresh contaminants well, with persistent and older, the means of thicker consistency will cope better. They can be divided into 3 groups.

wash, glass, ceramic, stove, stains
  • Professional tools from manufacturers of glass.ceramic plates (Electrolux, Bosch, Indesit). They are used when cleaning the apartment of cleaning agencies.
  • Specialized fiberglass products from household chemical manufacturers (Top House, Topperr, Luxus Professional, Cillit, Sanita, Schumanin, DR.Beckmann and others).
  • Universal products for different types of surfaces, including glass ceramics (GRASS Progress, Frosch), as well as dishwasher and glass cleaners.

What will be needed for cleaning?

Capricat glass ceramics is best cleaned with special care products. Along with this, it is recommended to purchase:

  • Soft sponge or microfiber napkin.
  • Special scraper with a thin blade. Use it in order to clean the soil or drops of fat, it will also be useful, since even complex spots can easily clean, by simplifying cleaning.

Basic rules of care

It is not difficult to care for a glass.ceramic stove. It is important to wipe the glass.ceramic surface after the end of the cooking process.

Before starting work, it is also necessary to check the state of the surface. If spots or dried pieces of food are found, they need to be removed immediately, because after heating the surface, it will be more difficult to do it.

When working with such a stove, the following rules should be executed.

  • Contact with plastic should not be allowed. Molten plastic is poorly eliminated and worsens the state of the surface.
  • Burners and the dishes placed on them should be dry.
  • You need to try not to allow the ceramics of spray and salt water. It will be difficult to wash them.
  • You can not use aluminum dishes, since it negatively affects the condition of glass ceramic.
  • Use a special clean and soft rag to care for the stove.
  • You need to wash the plate only after it cools completely.

In the purity of the slabs with a glass.ceramic surface, it is important to maintain its performance. It is not difficult to care for such a product of cooking if you know the rules for handling such a technique. Difficulties appear with improper care.

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