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How to wash feathers in a washing machine

The preparatory phase

To wash pillows at home you can use the grandfather method, or you can use the achievements of technological progress.


To wash down and feather bedding products use certain products that do not damage the base of the pillow. It is better to use a liquid detergent, gel for woolen items, shampoo. They are gentle on the down during washing.

Washing Feathers in a Washing Machine!

Remedies containing lanolin are excellent. It prevents rapid contamination of the feather fibers, makes them supple and soft. Many housewives prefer a folk remedy, time-tested. They grate baby or laundry soap and dissolve it in water. Also use a chlorine-containing concentrated bleach when washing, it eliminates and prevents dust mites.

Remember that the usual dry powder is not suitable for the care of feather pillows. Its large particles do not wash out feathers well. Also, a universal powder is not recommended, since its bleaching ingredients and enzymes have a damaging effect on the structure of the fibers.

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Strongly perfumed conditioners should not be used when rinsing. Down filler absorbs odors, and the intrusive aroma causes headaches. It’s better to use a few drops of any essential oil instead of fragrance for the second rinse. For example, the scent of basil eliminates insomnia, the marigold is a good sedative and restores mental balance, the wonderful smell of jasmine enhances sensuality and creates an intimate atmosphere, and the oil of chamomile has a huge range of medicinal qualities, it both soothes and strengthens.

Feather and down washing machine

Essential oils give a light, unobtrusive fragrance and help wean the down away from dust mites.

How to wash a feather pillow at home

Every housewife needs to know how to wash feather pillows on their own at home.

Today, the world’s manufacturers offer people a huge number of pillows with different kinds of fillings (synthetic, sheep or camel hair, down feather, latex, absorbent cotton and natural filler).

But each of us has a down pillow at home, made of goose feather. Over time, feathers get knocked down and dusted, so washing feather pillows is simply necessary.

Dry cleaning feather pillows will cost a pretty penny. Saving money in the family budget will help wash pillows at home.

How to wash a feather pillow at home

Is it possible to wash feather pillows this problem worries all hostesses who give preference to these bedding things. After all, not everyone likes artificial fillings like sintepon or hollofiber. stirochka.com.ua will tell all about how to wash a feather pillow at home in the machine and how to wash a feather pillow by hand.

What kind of pillows better natural or synthetic is controversial. Feather pillows are bulkier and fluffier, but can cause allergies, they quickly absorb dirt, dust and sweat.

So can you wash feather pillows and how often should you do it? Not only it is possible, but it is necessary! Dust mites can get on natural pillows, so washing feather pillows must be regular and cleaning must be thorough.

Washing pillows with synthetic filling

Not every pillow is machine washable. For example, products with organic fillings are better not processed at all, but replaced with new ones, such pillows have a limited lifespan. Orthopedic pillows should only be washed by hand the delicate structure of the filler is not suitable for rough handling in a washing machine.

The easiest way to wash pillows filled with synthetic materials.

– preparation for washing

Before washing a synthetic pillow, a quality check should be done. Determine the condition of the filler and whether it can be washed by conducting a simple experiment. Place a heavy object, a book, a can, or anything else in the center of the pillow, and remove it after a few minutes. If the dent from the item quickly disappeared, it means that the pillow can easily be processed in a washing machine. If the dent is not straightened out for a long time, it means that the filler has lost its elasticity and it is not recommended to wash or use such product.

– Washing

The synthetic pillow should be treated with a gentle wash in warm water. Laundry detergent for washing pillows is better not to use their porous structure well absorbs soapy solution, which is then problematic to rinse. For such products is best suited liquid detergent.

– Rinse and spin

In order to remove all residual soap solution from the pillow, it needs to be rinsed a few extra times. It is better to spin such wares at a maximum spin speed.

Pillows should be dried in well ventilated places. Balcony is a good place to dry off a down pillow, too long drying may cause a musty smell.

How to wash down feather

Since ancient times the products that have down or feather filling are very popular. In fact, they are practical and durable, making it possible to use clothing or bedding for a long time. It is necessary to take care of such products systematically as they get dirty. Whereas down jackets are most often given to dry cleaners, the same pillows can be cleaned on their own.

Pillows made of natural down give comfort and a healthy sleep at any time of year. Thanks to the air layer between the fluff, it is cool to sleep on such a pillow in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, feathers tend to accumulate dirt and dust, which can be an ideal breeding ground for microbes and dust mites, which can cause allergies. This is why it is so important to wash down down and feather products every 2 to 4 times a year. At the same time, proper care for feather pillows increases their durability, and thus significantly prolongs their life. How to properly care for these delicate products, read in the continuation.

How to prepare feather pillows for washing

The washing machine is the easiest and most effective way to care for feather pillows. Even more convenient option would be the washing and drying machines from Dynamic Next series from Hoover. These devices of the latest generation are equipped with the latest technologies that provide not only high-quality and environmentally friendly washing, but also fast drying of down products. Whichever Hoover Hoover machine you choose, remember that before you wash a feather pillow, it needs to be prepared for this procedure beforehand. First of all you need to rip the duvet cover 15-20 cm along the seam (so that your hand goes through) and carefully remove all the contents. For best results we recommend to divide the feathers into 3-4 equal parts, place them in bags and wash in this form. The bags should be sewn from a soft natural fabric (ideally cotton, chintz, linen or flannel). If you do not have the opportunity or desire to buy such covers, you can replace them with old pillowcases. The fewer feathers will be in one bag, the better they will be cleaned when washing.

How to wash feather pillows?

Natural down fillings do not tolerate intensive heat treatment. That is why the temperature of the water should not exceed 30-40 ºC when washing them. Given that down fillings require the most careful attitude, for the care of them, we recommend using the delicate washing function. As for the spin, then you need to stick to the same gentle scheme and choose the minimum number of revolutions (up to 400). If you wish, you can disable this program and squeeze the product manually. To wash or dry feather pillows do not bunch up feathers in a clump, put a few tennis balls in the washing machine. They will rotate with the drum and constantly hit the bags, thereby preventing the down from being knocked down and maintaining its quality. Proper care of a feather pillow also means choosing the right detergent. In this case, instead of normal detergent is better to use a liquid soap for delicate things, as well as a special conditioner to make the down filling lush.

How to Dry Down Pillows Properly?

Drying feather and down pillows is as important as washing them. For this purpose, you can use both a drying machine and a natural drying on the balcony or indoors. In the first case, the warm air flow of the dryer dries the feathers evenly and at the same time constantly whips them up, giving additional volume to the filling.As a result down and feather pillows become not only perfectly clean but also amazingly soft and airy.If you prefer a natural drying process, follow these guidelines:

How To Wash Your Feather Down Jacket Without Ruining It! Macpac/ Kathmandu

Looking for the perfect helper for washing pillows and other bedding? In that case, Hoover front-loading washing machines are just what you need!Despite their compact design, they are equipped with a roomy drum and many “smart” features that not only save water and electricity, but also save you effort and time.

We determine the content of the pillow

Washing feather pillows, unlike silicone products, is a much more complicated process. Therefore, before starting the procedure, it is important to find out what is in front of us. an artificial fiber or natural filler. How and where to wash a feather pillow to keep its shape and fully carry out its functions? It is not difficult to do even without going to the laundry or dry cleaner, it is only important to objectively assess your strength and capabilities.

How to wash a feather pillow in a washing machine? And is it possible to do? Yes, this is a must for all products that have undergone 6 months of uninterrupted use. Allergens, dust, grease stains require total intervention. And constant use in the form of minute particles of dust, dirt, fine trash, and mites creates a breeding ground for microbes.

How to wash feather pillows at home? In addition to periodic drying in the sunlight, outdoors, they also need treatment of the filler. It is possible to wash feather pillows at home qualitatively, clearly knowing the properties of used materials. Artificial and natural fillings can be processed in an automatic machine. The exceptions are organic analogues, special orthopedic rollers.

Washing a feather pillow in the washing machine

To wash a feather pillow you should prepare. It is desirable to do it on a weekend, as washing and drying can take several hours. Follow the instructions below and you will not find the washing process to be a difficult or time-consuming task:

  • Sew in advance several fabric covers in which you will put the pillow contents (feather and fluff). The width of the cover should be the same as the width of the pillowcase, but the length should be twice as long. Feathers and fluff should be loose in this pouch, so they stretch better and are easier to dry.
  • You can use any fabric for the cover. You can choose cotton, chintz or flannel. However, do not choose too dense a material. the feather will take a very long time to dry. Do not put all the content of a feather pillow in one bag. it is better to use 2-4 covers.
  • Do not sew the covers of gauze. The fact is that feathers can get stuck in its holes, and the filler will have to be thrown out. Even if you fold it twice, this does not improve the situation. The feather will be stuck between the layers, and it will be impossible to get it out.
  • The pillow should be washed at 30 degrees, selecting the “Delicate Washing” mode. In the drum of the washing machine, as in the washing of any down clothes, you can put a few tennis balls. They will not let the down topple.
  • It is better to use a liquid detergent. It will penetrate the fabric and thoroughly clean the down and feathers from contaminants. And it won’t leave marks or streaks, which is a common problem with conventional detergents.
  • If your machine has a Crease and Rinse feature, be sure to use it to wash feather pillows.
  • After the wash is finished, take out the bags of feathers and try to roll them up. After such procedure the excess moisture will leave, and the stuffing will dry faster.
  • You can dry the pillow content on the balcony, outdoors or indoors. If feathers get lumpy after washing, divide them. Many washing machines have a drying function. However, you will not be able to completely dry a feather pillow with it. A little dampness will remain in any case.



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