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How to wash a freezer from a rotten smell

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Mold Removal

Mildew. a very unpleasant phenomenon, even dangerous for humans. It provokes odors. It begins to spread thanks to the spores of mold fungi. This happens when the humidity in the chamber is too high, when the storage standards are violated. Mildew is dangerous because it can cause allergies or poisoning. Find the “enemy” in the seals on the appliance doors. What will help to defeat the intruder?? There are several recipes that have long helped housewives to destroy mold.

  • Soda. Prepare a glass of water, there to dissolve a teaspoon of powder. Use a spray gun, it is very convenient to use. If you don’t have one, choose a sponge.
  • Soap, but not cosmetic, not toilet soap, but a coarse laundry soap. It contains alkali. one of the main “enemies” of mold. Prepare a thick solution with lots of soap.
  • Liquid chlorine solution. It is popularly known as whitewash. Take one part of the remedy and dilute this amount in ten parts of water. The resulting mixture will treat the areas with mold. Then rinse the solution thoroughly and leave the refrigerator with the door open. Remember to protect your hands with gloves. Try to clean when there are no children in the house.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide. Impregnate a sponge with peroxide and wipe the areas affected by the fungus. Rinse with water and dry.
  • Vinegar. You can apply the product with a sprayer or washcloth. Treat the affected areas, leave for an hour, and then rinse off with clean water.
  • Ammonia. Equal quantities of ammonia and water are needed, apply it to the mold, hold it for a couple of hours, then rinse it off with a lot of water.

Getting rid of mold and its fragrance

Many troubles are caused by mold fungi, colonies of which can settle in the fridge. They are not only sources of unaesthetic stains and musty odor, but can cause allergies, respiratory system and gastrointestinal diseases.

To get rid of mold on your own, you can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. It is enough to wipe the surface with a soda solution, and then apply a vinegar solution; it is desirable to rinse the mixture after some time. Treated shelves and walls is better to dry with an ultraviolet lamp or a hair dryer with a stream of hot air

Since the smell of mold quickly absorbs into the plastic, even after it is removed, it is worth using adsorbents and/or fragrances.

When treating surfaces should not use agents based on poisonous substances, such as copper sulfate. In this case, even a thorough rinse does not guarantee product safety.

Fighting with folk remedies

What to do if after washing the unit, the freezer continues to smell bad, and the odor could not be removed? Folk techniques and methods will help.

  • Vinegar is one of the effective remedies for unpleasant odors. Therefore, after washing the device, it is necessary to wipe the entire internal surface with a cloth moistened with an aqueous solution of vinegar.
  • Soda or salt will help remove the smell in the freezer. The solutions for wiping the internal surfaces are especially effective. In a solution made of 2-3 tablespoons of water and a soft cloth. spoons of salt or baking soda and one liter of water, a cloth is wetted, and a thorough treatment of the internal parts of the refrigerator is made with it. Salt or baking soda poured into a plate placed inside the freezer is a good way to remove the foul odor.
  • Ammonia. an excellent support in the fight against unpleasant flavors. It’s a good way to wipe down the walls of your freezer if you dilute it with water in equal proportions. The germs will be destroyed and the device will be completely disinfected.
  • Coffee beans or coffee powder, as well as activated charcoal are very popular with housewives with problems with odor from the fridge. The fact is that these are wonderful adsorbents that do not saturate the food with extraneous flavors and do not neutralize the taste of food. And remove the unpleasant and heavy odor perfectly. Pour grains or charcoal into a plate, and put it inside the unit. After a few days, remove the plate.
  • Citrus. What hostesses do not invent to freshen the air of the refrigerator: when defrosting it, wipe the inside walls with lemon or orange, or lay on the shelves of mandarin or orange skins. And some even fill a pulpless orange with soda and place it in the machine. Citrus fruits are good at absorbing any flavors for this is enough for two days.
  • Onions cut into circles and placed in the machine, or spices also do a good job against unpleasant odors. True, not everyone can like food soaked in onions and spices or spices. It is better to take a black loaf or rice for this procedure.

Cleaning a Freezer / Smelly Rotten Food Adventure

wash, freezer, rotten, smell

How to eliminate the smell in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator: 13 ways

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Odor in the freezer often spoils the joy of freezing. they are impregnated with an unpleasant smell, from which it is difficult to get rid, even with intensive heat treatment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to combat this nuisance. folk methods and the use of industrial products. And, of course, do not forget about prevention. But first things first.

Use baking soda

If the detergent did not help and the smell is heard strongly, it is worth to treat the walls with baking soda, or rather a strong soda solution. It’s not hard to prepare. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 liter of warm water. With this solution thoroughly treat the surface of the freezer. Especially thoroughly wash the places where spoiled meat or fish lay. Then wipe the freezer with a dry cloth. This solution of soda can be put in a glass and kept in the cell to absorb the stench. It must be changed every week.

How to clean the freezer?

In order to get rid of the unpleasant smell the general cleaning of the freezer compartment is required.

The procedure is carried out as follows:

Disconnect the freezer from the mains.

If possible, leave the refrigerator open for 6-12 hours to air it out. Put shelves out in the fresh air, like on the balcony.

Check all food for rottenness. If there was food lying around that managed to absorb the smell, you will have to get rid of it.

Preventive measures

To avoid the hassle of trying to find fancy recipes for removing the horrible stench, keep your freezer free. Here are the measures you need to take:

  • Keep food separate and airtight. Put berries, vegetables in clean plastic containers. Pack meat, fish. firmly in bags. Arrange food on different shelves. That way different foods won’t get mixed up: ice cream and fruit won’t smell like fish.
  • Every 1.5 to 2 months, arrange revision: wash all shelves, interior, throw out expired products, defrost.
  • Inspect rubber seals. Use rubberized strips around the door on the inside perimeter. If they fail. water accumulates underneath them. This is the cause of the unpleasant odor.

Store-bought remedies

There are several groups of industrial products:

  • Aerosol or spray is sprayed on interior and exterior surfaces. They clean them of mold and help remove unpleasant odors for a long time. They are made on the basis of essential oils. The spray contains special freshness granules. Get rid of fish, onion, garlic, smelly cheese and other odors.
  • Napkins made of non-woven material with charcoal. The napkin is cut from a roll to the size of the box and laid on the bottom. It removes unpleasant odors and moisture. lasts three months from the time of use.
  • Wet wipes soaked in an alcoholic cleaning solution. All elements are wiped with them.
  • Plastic absorbers. Contain activated charcoal granules placed inside a plastic body of different shapes (absorbent balls, rectangular devices, and so on). They are used for 2-3 months, then discarded or replaced with a new one.
  • Absorbing jelly. Substance is placed inside the vessels and protected with a foil cover. The lid is removed and the container is placed inside the chamber. By purifying the air, the jelly is evaporating. It is replaced with a new one or another absorbent.
  • Ozonators (ionizers) eliminate unpleasant odors by cleaning the air from bacteria and microorganisms that breed inside the chamber. Avoid frequent defrosting of the fridge before washing it. Ionizer is placed inside the operating unit. It is safe and does not affect stored products.

Eliminate odor from the new freezer

Here everything is quite simple: you can either wait until the smell itself passes, or speed up this process by applying several techniques:

  • Leave the refrigerator to air out for a few hours at rest; if it is winter time, the unit should warm up to room temperature (it was stored in a cold storage room before you arrived);
  • Before loading the first foods, it is necessary to wash all the compartments of the device, including the racks, shelves, containers, for which you can use any detergent or vinegar solution;
  • When washing such devices can not use abrasives, as they easily damage the plastic and scratch the stainless steel parts;
  • After washing the refrigerator, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe all external and internal surfaces with a dry cloth;
  • Now we can start loading and turning on the device.



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