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How to wash a briefcase in a washing machine

How you can wash a school and backpack?

For many years people have been happily using backpacks as a substitute for not so comfortable bags and not so practical briefcases. True, sooner or later the owners of the products are faced with the question of how to wash the backpack, and here begins the problem. Contrary to popular belief, even traditional cloth attachments are not as resilient as they seem.

If you set the wrong mode on the washing machine, you can irrevocably ruin your favorite thing. And some materials cannot be washed at all, even by hand. But even here, if desired, you can find an approach that will allow you to clean the accessory.

Washing methods for backpacks

To clean the backpack from dirt helps both hand washing and processing in a washing machine. To avoid damaging the product, in both cases you must be clear about the algorithm.

How to wash a backpack in a washing machine

Backpacks made of polyester, cotton and denim dense fabrics can be washed in an automatic washing machine. The main condition. the backpack must be soft, without orthopedic pads and hard inserts that can be damaged in the process of washing or cause damage to the drum itself.

Backpacks should be washed in a washing machine as follows:

  • Remove all items from the backpack and carefully check the s for forgotten small items, and then close all fasteners.
  • The product is loaded into a special bag for washing, it will protect the metal and plastic parts of the briefcase from scratching, moreover, it will allow not to lose accidentally torn off runners and rivets in the process.
  • The bag with the product is placed in the washing machine, then set the mode of gentle cleaning at a temperature of 30-40 ° C.
  • In the compartment for powder pour a special detergent or normal liquid laundry gel, such compositions are better dissolved in cool water, do not give extra foam, rinse better and do not leave white stains on the fabric.
  • Before running in the washing machine include a mode of additional rinse, wash out of the dense fabric of the briefcase cleaning agent should be very carefully.

How to hand wash a backpack

Some backpacks can not be cleaned in a washing machine. this applies to products made of delicate natural fabrics and suede, sensitive synthetics.

For such cases, hand washing is used, it allows for a gentler physical effect on the material:

  • Before you wash your briefcase by hand, it should be free of all items and close all clasps in the same way. Clean seams and the most stubborn stains dry or with a damp soft brush.
  • Soak the garment for 2-3 hours in cool water before cleaning. most of the dirt will dissolve or lose its resistance.
  • After soaking in a large basin pour water at 30-40 ° C and add a little liquid detergent, use regular powder is still not recommended. The detergent is properly stirred in the water, but care is taken not to foam.
  • Submerge the backpack in water and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. Then take a soft brush or sponge with a rough surface and gently work the product material, paying special attention to problem areas.
  • The washed backpack is thoroughly rinsed in clean water, the procedure should be repeated several times until the water is completely clean.

Do not wring out the garment after washing it by hand, the water should run off the backpack naturally.

How to wash backpacks of different types and materials

We’ve already talked a lot about types of laundry, and the preferred chemicals, but we’ve only touched on the subject of different materials indirectly. That said, the difference between washing a small school backpack, backpack with orthopedic back, sports hiking analogues with a frame and fancy leather products is enormous. Dirty areas on a school backpack are well removed by washing in the machine, but an attempt to do the same cleaning for a membrane model will result in complete damage to the product.

How to Wash a Polyester Backpack

Most budget models of backpacks are made of polyester. It’s completely synthetic material. It is breathable, but for a city backpack this is not a major requirement. But synthetics are great for dyeing and holding color. The fabric is also very durable and resistant to mechanical wear. This model of backpack can be easily washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. You are advised to use gel powder, because it washes out better from the fabric and fabric structure of your suitcase.к. it washes better from the fabric structure.

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How to wash a leather backpack

But with leather backpacks, it’s a little trickier. First of all, it is worth carefully studying the label, in terms of whether you can wash a leather backpack in the machine. If you wash your clothes in automatic mode, we recommend using the gel detergent as it washes best into the fabric. But leather is quite easy to clean, so you can wash it by hand. Just take a dishwashing sponge, apply a small amount of dishwashing detergent, and start scrubbing. Uncomplicated stains usually work fine, even without chemicals. If you have a tough job, then apply a small amount of cleanser and let it sit for ½ hour. After that, the stain should wash out faster.

How to wash a school backpack with orthopedic backrest

We have already noted that washing a schoolboy’s backpack is usually easier than dealing with contamination of a professional backpack. But sometimes the situation becomes more complicated. The orthopedic backrest can be removable and not. In the first case, you can get a sealant. If for the manufacture of the model used a regular polyester, it’s enough to use the machine wash on a delicate mode.

wash, briefcase, washing, machine

If it’s impossible to get the orthopedic insert, then automatic washing is automatically ruled out, and the only way to wash dirt on a backpack is by hand washing. The sequence of actions here is exactly the same as in all other cases. You need to take out all the things, find the most serious stains, soak them and start washing with a soft brush.

made of polyester

Backpacks made of this material are among the most common and popular. From children’s backpacks to city backpacks to sports backpacks. These backpacks are easy to care for, and in the price range can be found from the most budget models to expensive brand name ones. But the fabric is considered quite delicate and machine washing it is dangerous. Friction in the drum can cause deformation of the fabric, tears. And detergents do not wash out well, and may remain after washing. A polyester backpack can be cleaned without washing if the dirt is only slightly soiled. If you need to deal with odor or stains, it is better to do a gentle hand wash in a soapy solution.

Removing unpleasant odor

During use or after you have washed your school backpack, it can leave an unpleasant odor. It’s usually hard to deal with. You can hang it out in the fresh air. If that doesn’t work, then more sophisticated methods should be used:

  • Vinegar. a couple tablespoons of 9% vinegar should be added to water. It will neutralize the unpleasant smell. Soak the backpack in the solution for half an hour.
  • Bag of salt. placed inside the backpack and covered for a couple of hours.
  • Activated charcoal. pills should be crushed in a mortar, and then sprinkle the charcoal on places that smell bad.

It is a good idea to hang the bag out in the fresh air after washing. So sharp and persistent odors of household chemicals will quickly evaporate.

Every self-respecting manufacturer always gives detailed information about the material’s composition and care of the product. Information can be found in the accompanying description or on the label sewn inside.

Hand washing is recommended for this example

After reading the advice, it will become clear whether the backpack can be washed. If there is no label, then it’s worth remembering which products this method is contraindicated:

  • With non-removable hard inserts. Do not use a washing machine to wash the backpack, as this could damage the machine or the product’s structure.
  • Water- or dirt-repellent: Material coating will be damaged or completely washed away.

Also, be sure to check the fabric composition before washing the backpack in the washing machine or by hand. Materials that are not resistant to water and washing:

  • Leather, leatherette, suede, nubuck. Artificial and natural materials are extremely sensitive to powder and water. After washing, shrink, stiffen, and shrink. It is almost impossible to return them to their original appearance.
  • Cordura is a polyamide fabric woven from fibers with a special structure and coated with a water-repellent impregnation.
  • Oxford is a polyurethane-coated fabric that is windproof and waterproof.
  • Avizent (or aircraft tarpaulin) is a kapron material, woven from specially twisted fibers.

If you can’t identify the fabric the backpack is made of, then you shouldn’t risk washing it with a machine. Then you should opt for wet cleaning or hand washing.

Powder or gel?

The best way to wash your briefcase is with liquid or gel. Select according to fabric color and type of fabric. If it contains bleaching agents, it should not be used on black or coloured fabrics.

The powder, unlike the gel, is not totally soluble in water and can leave white streaks, especially on dark synthetics.

Can a backpack be washed in the washing machine: recommendations for washing correctly

Do not wash backpacks with water-repellent or other special impregnation. it will simply wash out in the machine wash. Backpacks with rigid, fixed parts or carcasses, as well as those made of fabrics such as cordura, avisent, and oxford, are not machine-washable.

Leather backpacks. both natural and eco-leather. can not be washed in the machine, too. If necessary, they can be wiped with a damp sponge or cloth. For heavy soiling, use a soapy solution. Washing a leather backpack in the machine is fraught with the fact that, even if there is nothing on the outside, the product’s lining will shrink and the backpack will lose its shape.

Any backpack should be prepared before washing:

  • Pull out all unnecessary things from s and compartments. Remove any accessories from the backpack.
  • Examine the backpack for hard inserts. orthopedic back, special inserts for durability, etc. д. If so, be sure to remove them, as they can damage both the baby carrier and washing machine.
  • If the bag is very dirty, try washing the most visible stains with a wet cloth. On sturdy material, dry dirt can be brushed away.

Backpack washing algorithm in the washing machine:

  • If successful, turn the backpack inside out. Button up all zippers.
  • If you can’t turn the backpack inside out, put it in a laundry bag or an old cotton pillowcase.
  • It is best to use gel products or capsules for washing. If available, buy a special detergent for washing backpacks.
  • Turn on delicate or manual mode.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.
  • Deactivate the spin cycle or set it to minimum speed.
  • Switch on the extra rinse.
  • Drying backpacks open, with the compartments unzipped, away from direct sunlight.

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Washing machine

Proper care of the backpack requires the following steps:

  • Eliminate unpleasant odors. After removing obvious dirt urban, sports and school backpacks can be soaked in a weak vinegar solution, adding a little baking soda to the water. Soak the garment in the solution for at least an hour and a half;
  • The treated accessory is placed in a special bag or pillowcase. You can also turn the product inside out and hide clasps, laces, straps and other non-removable elements inside;
  • after the washing machine is loaded, you must set the delicate mode and the minimum temperature (even if the manufacturer guarantees that the fabric can withstand boiling, it is strongly recommended not to experiment, as the thing can lose its original color);
  • if you wash only a school satchel, you must carefully control the operation of the machine, periodically stopping it and manually straightening the thing in the drum (otherwise there may be imbalance, distortion of the washing machine);
  • Proper care involves using only gel types of powders. The substances work perfectly well at low temperatures, being completely washed out of the fabric structure.

After the automatic backpack washing is finished, you must take out the product and carefully straighten it by turning out all the s. It is recommended to dry the accessory in the fresh air until the slightest signs of moisture disappear, which can later become the cause of unpleasant odor and mold formation.



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