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How to use Veet wax strips correctly

Veet wax strips: instructions, use

Smooth, soft skin, devoid of unwanted hair. this is probably the dream of every woman. But, alas, every now and then you have to resort to special manipulation to achieve a similar. Some people prefer to use a razor, others choose a variety of epilators or buy wax. But there is a way much easier wax strips Veet, instructions for use which are clear enough. Hateful hairs are removed with one easy swipe.

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It should be said that the varieties of this product are on sale as much as three. These are primarily strips for normal skin, containing berry extracts and shea butter. There is a variant for dry skin (with lotus milk and aloe vera) and, of course, for sensitive skin (with almond oil and vitamin E). So that every woman can choose the most suitable option for herself and be happy to use them.

Manufacturers claim that the wax strips Veet (instruction manual also contains this information) are very effective in use. If you apply them constantly, you can achieve that the hairs will become softer, thinner, and will grow much less often. In addition, the strips are effective even for very short hairs (2 mm), so there is no need to walk around looking like a prickly hedgehog and wait until you can use an epilator. The effect after removal will last approximately four weeks.

Veet wax strips (the instruction manual emphasizes this) are designed exclusively for hair removal in the armpits, bikini zone, on the arms and legs. Do not pluck hairs in the groin area, as well as on the chest and face. If you epilate for the first time, it is better to begin with the legs (there is less chance of irritation), and then move on to the more sensitive areas of the body. Veet wax strips (the instruction also mentions this) can not be removed in the direction of hair growth. only against. Otherwise you can damage the skin. If you epilate sensitive areas, you should not apply the strip to the same place several times. If you do experience burning, itching, pain, you must immediately remove the strips, rinse your skin thoroughly and stop removing hair. In case the discomfort does not go away, it is worth going to the doctor. Remember that you do not need to remove hair at the last moment before a holiday or celebration, otherwise the resulting irritation can ruin the entire holiday. Within a day after epilation it is forbidden to sunbathe, use pajumery and antiperspirants. If you have burns, scars, cuts, moles, or any skin damage is prohibited to perform the procedure. It is also contraindicated for varicose veins. During pregnancy is also better to choose a different method of hair removal.

Many people choose wax strips Veet. Reviews (the instructions contradict them in some way) encounter different. We must admit that there are more negative ones. Someone is satisfied with everything. And someone complains that the strips do not pull out some of the hairs at all, in addition to leaving an unpleasant layer of wax on the skin, which is quite difficult to wash off. Apparently, it all depends on the individual tolerance of the product.

How to use: step-by-step instructions for different areas

If you have decided on the appropriate brands of strips for removing vegetation on the skin, then it remains only to learn how to use such products.

What is a wax strip ? It is a material or paper that is covered with an even layer of wax. The wax layer is in a cured state, and to apply it, you only need to heat the material.

Strips for depilation are used as follows :

  • remove one strip from its package and then place it between your hands;
  • Perform intensive rubbing of the strip with the palms of your hands for 10-15 seconds;
  • Before applying the strip to the desired area of the skin, it is necessary to remove the protective film;
  • Smooth the strip on the surface of the body and hold for 10-20 seconds, which depends on the size of the area where you want to remove the hair;
  • remove the strip by moving your hand sharply against the hair growth.

If the procedure is carried out for the first time, women will be interested to know that the first time this method will be painful. But with each subsequent time the skin will adapt to the stress, and you will experience almost no pain.

Women should also be aware that the effectiveness of the procedure depends not only on the quality of the product purchased. The final result is influenced by two factors, such as the preparation for the depilation process, as well as post-epilation skin care.

  • Before the process of depilation by waxing strips, it is necessary to clean the skin from impurities the day before. This can be done by taking a bath or shower. The preparation stage includes exfoliation. It is a procedure that removes all the irregularities, wrinkles, etc. from the surface of the skin.п. The peeling the day before will provide better adhesion of wax strips to the surface of the body and hair.On the eve of the hair removal procedure should abandon the use of various creams, lotions and gels. These products reduce the adhesion of strips to the hair, so the result will be minimal. If such gels are attached to the set of strips, they are allowed to use, if they are designed for preepilation treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare well before hair removal.
  • When waxing has already been done, it is necessary to provide additional care for the skin. First of all it is necessary to put antiseptic on the place of hair removal at the end of the procedure. It is recommended to use the drug hydrocortisone, which has a positive effect on the skin, relieving redness and slowing down hair growth. There are various other products available to slow the growth of hair, differing not only in cost but also in effectiveness.

After completing the procedure of removing body hair, you need to refrain from using various scrubs, paumery products and even being in the sun.

There are two types of bikini waxing: hot and cold. Wax strips for the bikini zone belong to the second type. When using them you do not have to use additional equipment to heat the wax and there is no risk of getting burned. The result will last for up to 6 weeks, because the hairs are removed with the root.

Cold waxing has several advantages:

  • minimal time expense. No need to prepare utensils, spatulas, clean the “working area” and wash the equipment;
  • does not require experience. Even beginners can use bandages to remove hair in delicate places at home;
  • Cheap. Kits for waxing are sold in any major supermarket and are inexpensive. You can compare how much the strips cost (about 500) and how much it will cost to depilate intimate body areas in the salon (from 1000). The cost of hot waxing is also significantly higher: you will have to buy special dishes, a device for heating wax, spatulas.

Have strips for depilation in the bikini zone and a few disadvantages, about which it is better to know in advance:

  • soreness. Warm wax promotes the opening of pores, which makes it easier to remove hair on intimate areas of the body from the follicles;
  • Wax strips for intimate depilation does not always remove hair from the first time, due to which the procedure has to be repeated, which can lead to irritation on the skin;
  • Cold waxing is not suitable for women with very sensitive skin;
  • Deep bikini to treat at home on their own will not be easy;
  • Hair in the area to be waxed must grow to a length of 5-6 mm, while the hot waxing can cope with vegetation from 2 mm.

The advantages of cold waxing

Cold wax is very convenient to use, especially in hot weather. Waxing strips in just a few seconds allows you to remove hair on women’s legs. This method is theoretically less painful, as you do not risk burning the skin, as with warm waxing, which can accidentally overheat in preparation for the procedure. 1 Another plus is the fact that wax strips are easy to dispose of after use. Cold waxing is also ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as the bikini line. The wax strip can be cut to fit the desired shape of a particular area of the body. The same strip can be used several times.

The advantages of waxing with strips at home are as follows:

  • No need for additional procedures, such as heating the wax;
  • No need to use additional materials. non-woven cloths, spatulas for application, heaters, wax melters, etc;
  • Ease of procedure. even if you do not have enough practice you can perform effective epilation;
  • Skin care thanks to special additional components in the composition;
  • Quickness of manipulation. no need to wait long cooling, wax hardening, large areas are cleaned at once;
  • It is impossible to spill wax, burn yourself with it. the procedure is completely comfortable, hygienic and safe;
  • High efficiency of the method. even thin hairs are removed;
  • Long-term effect. depending on the individual characteristics of the body smoothness of the skin remains up to 16 days;
  • Economic affordability of the manipulation.

The disadvantages of such a procedure also exist. Among them:

  • High painfulness (as with any epilation), especially during the first procedures;
  • The probability of increasing the number of ingrown hairs;
  • Probability of developing an allergic reaction to the components of the preparation;
  • Not as good an effect as from the use of hot, warm wax;
  • The presence of health-related contraindications that are not present when using a razor.

A relative inconvenience is that for an effective procedure it is necessary that the hairs industry at least 3-5 mm in length, but no more than 7 mm.

What wax strips to choose

Strips, in which the main active ingredient is wax, are designed to remove body hair in all places and zones. But the most popular are strips for removing facial hair. In order for the depilation strip to give the expected result, you should choose a particular version of the adhesive tape.

Women’s reviews agree that Veet Suprem Essence strips are the most acceptable option for removing excess facial hair. These are special facial strips that come in a 5×10 cm format. In addition to the wax content of the strips, there are other types of natural ingredients, such as essential oils and natural minerals. Through a rich composition of strips for depilation faces you can get a double effect as a result: getting rid of vegetation and nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. This is important because the sensitive facial skin after depilation is under severe stress, which can be repaired by moisturizing and nourishing it.

Face strips from Veet are the most popular, but the Markell, Beuty Image and Byly Depil Advance kits are just as effective. The peculiarity of these strips is that they can repeat any complex contour of the face, while providing a 99% capture of the follicles and their subsequent removal. In the set there are special wipes, necessary for reliable removal of residual wax from the skin. These wipes also help to moisturize and soothe the skin, and slow down the growth of new hairs.

You should use special strips for the face, which are less effective if you remove hair on other parts of the body. Also, you can not use the classic options to remove hairs on the face, because besides skin irritation and painful symptoms, you can not get anything else.

Removing facial hair with strips from brands like Veet, Parissa, Byly, and others gives you not only an effective result, but also a painless procedure. Now that you are familiar with the features of wax strips, you should understand the peculiarities of their application.

Testimonial: Veet wax strips. How to make a quality depilation with wax strips. Little secrets of a good result.

Hello, my dear friends! Today I will tell you about depilation with Veet strips. What you need to pay attention to when buying and how to use them to make a quality procedure. I have been using these strips for several years. During this time I have tried strips from different companies. like Silk Touch, Deep Depil, but Veet strips were the best. They remove hair cleaner. And also. Veet strips can be applied three times, whereas other companies’ strips. maximum two, and then the second time is much less quality hair removal, and the third time such strips do not stick at all.

What you need to pay attention to when buying. is for the number of strips in the package. There are 10, 12 and 14. Take 14, they are the same price, if there is no action. Veet strips are available for different skin types. for normal, for dry, for sensitive and with different additives. I’ve used all the strips. Didn’t notice much difference. Veet strips have one drawback. they’re expensive). But because of their quality, I use them. Sometimes I do it this way: first I depilate with strips of another company, and “clean up” in the end already with strips Veet. One more thing. I try to buy Veet on sale.

For a good result it is necessary to apply the procedure correctly. The day before the procedure, make a scrubbing. Before the procedure should treat the depilation site with any antiseptic. Use only colorless antiseptics. Then take the glued strips and warm them in your hands for 30 seconds. Then we separate the strips and glue one of them along the hair growth. If it is possible to stretch the skin. then pull it taut. Gently smooth and press the strip down. And then sharply tear off the strip against the growth of the hair. One strip of Wit can be glued three times. The third time is a little worse than the first two. After you have cleaned everything with the strips, you can remove the remaining hairs with tweezers. It doesn’t hurt, t. к. The wax strips have already pulled the hairs up a little. When you’re done waxing, remove any wax residue with a Veet cloth or a cotton pad with any oil. Then use any cream for waxing. After the procedure may be a slight skin irritation, but it quickly disappears.

I use the strips for my leg hair. The whole procedure takes no more than 20 minutes and is virtually painless. After this depilation, hair doesn’t start to grow until at least two weeks later. I used to use a loom to remove my leg hair. The hair would grow back after just one day. I used to shave a lot, and it would irritate my skin. The hairs were hard and when they grew out they felt like stubble. Already after the first depilation with wax strips the hairs become softer. And after two years of use, there was less hair. Once I tried to remove hairs on my legs with shugaring. The procedure lasted three hours and was quite painful. And shugaring procedure is great for removing hairs in the bikini area and under the arms. My review on the intricacies of performing shugaring, plus a recipe for an awesome coffee scrub.So for the removal of hair on the legs wax strips. This is the best option. I also use Veet strips to remove the fuzz above my upper lip. You can read my review of this procedure at this link.

Review: Veet wax strips. That’s all I use, there’s nothing better!

I guess it all depends on the thickness of the hair. I’ve been using the strips for two years now, and I’m absolutely satisfied. Nothing more convenient and efficient yet did not come across, and tried the razor (the mass of shortcomings, everyone knows), and electric epilators (pain barely tolerable), and depilatory cream (always leaving burns on the skin and disgusting coped with the task, and really smell. ), and wax in jars.

Hindi _ How to Use Veet Wax Strips? Waxing at home hair removal hacks || Prachi Pages

First, thanks to the strips and your neatness for the procedure does not need to be locked for hours in the bathroom, where there is even no place to sit down. and you can calmly settle down in front of the TV. Nothing leaks, you don’t need water, nothing gets dirty.

Secondly, they do the job quickly and well. It’s enough to wisely distribute 2 strips on two legs at the same time (instead of waxing one leg completely first, then the other). Warms the wax very lively banal intense friction between the palms (press harder, move your hands faster, one hand thumb holding the edge of the strips. or in general often strips statically “sit” on one palm, the other rub). only 5 seconds, it is applied in one movement (be sure to apply in the direction of hair growth and press, smoothing, stronger), strongly and quickly pull (angle of 45 degrees). and already a large area of the leg clean! They grab all the hairs. I’ve tried different lengths. The hair leaves a maximum of 7 pieces in total on one limb which you then pull out with tweezers, but as I heard, in the salon it is the same. And on the hands also no problem. the hair is very thin, fluff. stripes cope at once, the skin is absolutely smooth. I even waxed my bikini zone once and it was okay!) So I understand from previous reviews that the girls may not have warmed up the strips well enough between the palms.

Indeed, over time, using only strips for depilation, pretty much reduced the density and thinning of the hairs. The treatment lasts about 10-20 days (hands for three weeks), depending on the period of the cycle. In my experience, you need three double strips for two legs. The whole process takes about 1.5 hours. The wax and wipes have a nice smell. The layer of wax inside each pair is not a sizable one, but it does not leak when separated. The wipes are soaked in oil that it seems a little more. will leak!

And in all that time, the same problem only happened once-the stripes left red marks on my legs. The fact that the wax is so strongly grasped with the skin, removing a thin top layer of. This is most likely a defective batch, very nearly gave up after that from further use of strips, but, as already written, how many times I bought before and after. this has never happened!

And almost all the disadvantages and discomfort that occur during the procedure are associated with waxing in general, not with the strips themselves.The only two points on which I can blame the company Vit. in the package should be 3, not 2 cloths with oil, and the free edge without a wax needs to leave more. the strips are reusable, and the wax when you use gradually slips to the very edge, so dirty hands and not too convenient to pull away the strip! Scrub wipes excellent. one piece is enough for 2 legs (basically just tear the tissue in half, half on one leg, the other on the second). only need to be pressed 4 times over the place of wax accumulation. And, the best part is, the oil leaves almost no residue on the fabric and can be washed in no time!

And so on the procedure of waxing. if you’re too lazy to settle on a chair and decided to conduct the “operation” on the bed, it is better to put something big, for the whole process surely several times yes put a foot with traces of wax on the cloth. But it is not necessary to lay out anything around himself. a tool is one. a double strip.Didn’t have enough tissues? Pour olive oil on a cotton pad and go ahead. not as fast, but also not hard to scrub.

It hurts only the first 2 strips after the break, then it goes much easier. The irritation common for waxing, after the first month of use went away in half a day.

Perhaps most like the aloe, they have a thicker wax and paper, but the “sensitive skin with almond oil” are very good.

So imho, the best alternative to the strips if only Elos (well, very expensive). Everything else is much worse, more uncomfortable, more painful and longer.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: These strips are now in a slightly different shape, with more space between the tongue to pull on and the wax itself. Dear manufacturers, if you are reading this, frankly, you have not achieved much, t. к. On the opposite side there is now less space, and the wax is now twice as fast, which is very inconvenient. Thanks for the tongue, but could you increase the distance on the other side as well? And unfortunately I noticed that the quality of the wax has now declined: it removes hair no worse, but it is more sticky to the hands and more often remains on the skin.

Types of wax strips

For home epilation best suited wax strips Veet. it is the most painless and gentle way to get rid of the hated hairs. Any strip can be used as long as it grips the hairs. Let’s take a closer look at hair removal in each individual area:

  • Vit wax strips designed for the bikini area. Every woman and girl knows that the underarm and bikini area. this is the most sensitive area, which requires special attention during the procedure. Veet wax strips are designed just for removing unwanted hair in those delicate places, but at the same time they give the skin special care. Using a regular razor increases the risk of ingrown hairs.Veet wax strips, judging by numerous reviews, do not leave the tips of hairs sharp, as it happens when using a razor. Removing unwanted vegetation in this way is not only safe, but also useful, because it significantly reduces the risk of discomfort associated with ingrowth. The standard shape of Veet wax strips guarantees effective hair removal and a smooth skin surface;
  • Veet wax strips for removing facial hair allow you to effectively perform the procedure even on the smallest, hard-to-reach area of the skin. If you want maximum results, the surface of your skin should not be inflamed, and the length of the strips should be at least 5 mm.Before using Vit strips, you should conduct a small test to help determine the threshold of sensitivity of the part of the face on which you plan to remove the hairs. Never use the same face strip twice and try to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. If you don’t follow these simple rules, the skin can be traumatized and redness can appear.

In the kit you will find two tissues, designed to moisturize the skin they will help complete the procedure. Use ready strips Veet especially convenient for modern women who are not used to waste their time, because do not need to give plenty of time for the preliminary preparation of the skin surface.

In addition, their constant use leads to the fact that the hair starts to grow much slower and less, which is why your skin remains so smooth and silky for so long.



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