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How to use the ovenussi built in

Manual zanussi zob21301xa oven

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Zanussi ZBM763X User Manual [ru]

Safety regulations

Save this operating manual for possible use in the future. In the case of the sale or transfer of the product to another owner or in the case of moving, make sure that the new owner receives this manual for familiarization with the work of the device and safety regulations. Safety regulations are given to ensure the safety of your and others. Read them carefully before connecting the oven and using it.

Any operations for installing the device should be carried out by a qualified electrician or a competent specialist.

The installation and connection of the oven should be carried out only by a qualified specialist who is obliged to comply with existing norms and rules. Special instructions for the installer are given at the end of this operation manual.

This oven is designed only for cooking and should not be used for any other purposes.

When opening the oven door during cooking or at the end of it, stand away from the oven to let the residual pair or warmth go.

Changing the characteristics of the oven, conducting any changes in its design is associated with the danger.

During use, the oven heats up and for a long time remains hot. Be careful and do not touch the heating elements inside the device.

ovenussi, built

If the oven is not used, make sure that all controls on the control panel are in the “Off.””.

For hygiene and safety purposes, keep the device clean. Residues of fat or food can lead to fire.

Never close any parts of the device with aluminum foil.

Seals of the DDUKHACHAL (if provided) should only be cleaned with soap water.

Never use steam or steam cleaning device for cleaning the device.

Before conducting maintenance of the oven or cleaning it, you must de.energize the device and wait until it cools down.

Make sure the baking sheets are correctly set in place.

This oven is designed to work from voltage 230 in a single.phase current with a neutral wire.

This household appliance should be used only by adults. Do not let the children touch the control panel on the control panel or play with the oven.

It is necessary to monitor the children all the time and prevent them from touching the hot surface or playing near the oven during his work, or until it cools down.

During baking, frying or cooking in the grill, the door of the oven and its other elements heat up to a very high temperature. Be careful and do not let your children go to the oven during his work. When connecting other devices to the outlet located near the oven, make sure that their power cables do not come in contact with the hot surfaces of the oven, and also that they are not pinched by the oven door.

Repair and maintenance of the product should be carried out by specialists from the manufacturer of service centers. In this case, only original spare parts should be used.

Under no circumstances should you try to repair the product yourself. The malfunctions eliminated by an incompetent specialist can lead to injuries or damage to the product. Contact the nearest authorized service center, while always insist on using original spare parts.

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Safety instructions

Environmental Protection Information Councils

The device will only work if the current time is installed on the clock (see. Further).

a) the thermostat regulator is installed on Max value;

b) Using the mode switch, set the operating mode of the upper and lower heating elements

c) turn on an empty oven for work in this mode for about 45 minutes;

d) ensure good ventilation of the room (for example, opening the window).

When opening the oven door, you should always take the middle of the handle.

A specific smell may appear at this time. It is due to the combustion of the residues of production materials in the oven and is an absolutely normal phenomenon.

Repeat this operation after using the function of the grill and convection heating.

After this procedure, wait until the oven has cooled, after which, using a soft rag moistened in soapy solution, perform internal cleaning.

The accessories of the oven before the first use are necessary


Some models are equipped with a recipient mode switch. Such renegottering aPoprincip “press. pull”. They are completely recessed in the control panel. when the oven is in

Oven switch and thermostat regulator

They allow you to choose the most suitable type of heating depending on the recipe by turning on the desired heating elements and installing the required temperature.

Oven lighting. lighting will be turned on, even if you do not cook anything.

Traditional cooking. heat comes from the upper and lower heating elements, which provides uniform heating inside the oven.

Upper heating element. heat comes only from the upper heating element.

Lower heating element. heat comes only from the lower heating element.

Only the internal element of the grill. for grilling a small amount of food.

Grill spin. used to fry meat, cooking kebab or small pieces of meat.

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Built.in grill and spin

Grill in the oven is an even more common function than convection. Both electrical and gas devices are equipped with a special heating element. At the same time, in the latter, the grill will not necessarily work on gas. it is much more popular than a model with an electric heater.

In the electric breathing, the grill can also be two types: electric or infrared. The first is the traditional heating, and in the second the role of the heating element is played by the halogen lamp plays. It quickly heats up and cools, so this type of grill is considered the most effective and safe.

The oven with the grill will allow you to cook meat, fish and vegetables as tasty as on the open fire. And so that the products are evenly browned and baked from all sides, in some oven (mainly gas), an electric spit is provided.

It is not at all necessary to buy an electric oven with a grill and a skewer. If the oven is provided with a convection function, the dish is evenly fried and without a skewer. But in a gas device with a grill, it is simply necessary, since the convection function in these models is still a rarity.

Often in the description of the oven, you can find the terms “small” and “big grill”, as well as “turbogril”. Small grill involves the inclusion of only the central section of the heating element, large uses its entire area, and when turning on the turbogril, the built.in fan works.

ovenussi, built

Operating instructions for glass.ceramic stove Zanussi ZCV 561

The installation of this slab should be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

This plate was developed for use only by adults. Do not let children play with her or in close proximity to her.

During use, the plate is very heated and retains heat for a long time even at the end of use. Do not let the children approach the device until it has cooled down.

Your plate is intended only for household cooking. Never use it for other purposes, commercial or industrial.

If you use electrical appliances near the plate (for example, an electric mixer), do not allow

Never leave the plate unattended when frying in oil or fat, hot fat can easily ignite.

Unstable or deformed dishes should not be used to avoid accidents caused by its tipping or transfusion of liquids when boiling.

During use, the device heats up hard. Always use kitchen mittens when you take out the dishes from the oven or act near the hot parts of the stove.

During use, the grill grille is heavily heated. Always use kitchen mittens when you take out or install a grill.

At the end of the use of the stove, make sure that all control handles are installed in the “OFF” position (off.)

Glass ceramics are resistant to temperature shock and very strong, but it can be broken. Hard and sharp objects when falling on the hob can damage it.

Do not use cast.iron dishes or dishes with a damaged, rough bottom. When moving such dishes, scratches may occur.

How to Install Built-in Ovens

lemon juice or cleaning agents from scale with a frame of the hob, otherwise matte spots will occur on it.

If sugar (or a product containing sugar) falls on the hot hob and melts on it, immediately remove the pollution with a scraper until it has cooled yet.

Do not put objects and materials on the hob that can melt, for example, plastic, aluminum foil. If such a material still melted on the hob, immediately clean the surface with a scraper.

Never use plastic dishes on a stove or oven. Never cover part of the oven with aluminum foil.

Make sure that the ventilation holes in the middle of the rear of the hob is not closed by anything, this is necessary for ventilation of the oven camera.

ovenussi, built

Repair work should be carried out only by specialists of the authorized service center. In case of repair of the device, only original spare parts should be used.

We are not responsible for possible damage as a result of improper use or non.compliance with the current safety rules. Strictly follow the instructions for maintenance and cleaning.

After installing the device, dispose of the packaging material in accordance with the safety rules and environmental protection.

Symbol of electronic and electrical equipment for subsequent disposal. Observing the rules for the disposal of the product, you will help to prevent the environmental and health of people of potential damage, which is possible, otherwise, due to inappropriate waste management. For more information on the disposal of this product, a request to contact the local authorities, in the service for the export and disposal of waste or to the store in which you purchased the product. Specifications

Height 858-868 mm
Dimensions The width is depth 500 mm 600 mm
The volume of the oven 49 l
Front left zone of heating Diam. 180 mm 1800 watts
Hob Rear left zone of heating Diam. 140 mm 1200 watts
surface Front right zone of heating Diam. 140 mm 1200 watts
Rear.right double heating zone Diam. 180 mm 1800 watts
Work voltage 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Total nominal power of the hob 6000 watts
Lower heating element 900 watts
The upper heating element 1000 watts
Wind Grill 1900 century
closet The lighting of the oven Lamp 25 in type E14
Turned 4 W
Cleaning the oven Manual
Total nominal power of the oven 1929 T
Network Rated voltage 230/400 c
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Accessories The baking sheet is a deep baking sheet
Total nominal power of the slab 7929 W

This device corresponds to the following EEC directives:

Warranty conditions are indicated in a separate warranty certificate. Remember that any repair work should be carried out with maximum attention and caution. Therefore, we recommend that when any problems arise, contact an authorized service center (see. A separate list of authorized service centers).

All installation operations must be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with existing rules. The device must be installed in accordance with the specification “Y” (EN 60.335-2.6). The furniture adjacent to the plate should not be higher than the upper part of the hob. After installing the slab, make sure that access can be easily provided to it for a service engineer in case of malfunction.

Instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X)

Instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X)

How to use our site onlinemanuals instructions.ru our goal is to provide you with quick access for instructions for the instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X). Using online viewing, you can quickly view the contents of the instructions and find a solution to the problem with the instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X).

For your convenience, if the user manual instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (w) (x) right on the site is not very convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:

View in full screen mode. It is easy to view the user manual (without loading it on your computer), you can use the full.screen view mode. To view the user’s instructions, instructions, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X) on the full screen, use the “Open in PDF-Viewer” button. Downloading to a computer. You can also download the instruction, the operating guide of the oven Zanussi Zob 668 N (W) (X) on your computer and save it in files.

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Acquaintance with basic functions

The main function of the oven is to prepare a variety of dishes from meat, poultry, fish, various confectionery products, etc. At the same time, the main advantage of the electric stove compared to gas is the ability to set an accurate temperature regime for the preparation of a particular dish according to the recipe.

over, most models of electric ovens are equipped with the following elements that give additional functions:

Both the alarm clock and the timer are exhibited for a certain time necessary for cooking, but their functional purpose is different. The alarm clock notifies the sound signal about the expiration of the set time and readiness of the dish, while the timer turns off the temperature maintenance mode after the end of the time.

The lower heating is used so that the food does not burn, it is suitable for the preparation of products that do not require high temperatures, for example, fruit baking. Upper heating allows you to give baking appetizing golden crust.

The modern market also offers multifunctional ovens that can not only cook food, but can also be used to warm up dishes, as well as defrosting and dried products. In this case, the weak heating of both heating elements is used at once.

The average level is most suitable for uniform preparation of the dish from all sides.

The back wall of the oven in more expensive models can be equipped with a fan, which provides uniform preparation of several dishes at the same time located at different levels.

If the family has small children, an additional function of automatic or mechanical blocking of the door may turn out to be notal.

As well as many housewives will like telescopic guides, thanks to which it is easy to extract grilles and a baking sheet, which reduces the risk of burning.

How to use the ovenussi built in

Function regulator zbq631

The functions of the oven functions can have the next designations and functions:

Traditional preparation. The heat of the take.out and upper heating elements acts, providing uniform heating.

Heating from below. The heat comes only from the lower point of the oven.

Convection preparation. This function allows you to fry or at the same time frying a stove on any shelf without mixing smells.

Built-in-emote glitch

Small grill. Only the internal.heating element of the grill is included, the preparation in the grill of small.grade products is used.

Big grill. The entire grill heating element is included.

Defrosting. This function is intended to accelerate the thawing of frozen products.

Turn the thermostat regulator and selects in the range from 50 to 250 ° C (Max.).

After choosing the temperature, the thermostat signal lights light up and burns until the desired temperature is reached. Then lampuperiodically turns on as the temperature is maintained.

Lights up when the oven is turned on.

Programming of the ending of the preparation (ZBQ631)

This device allows you to automatically shut off the device after the given time.When the cooking time is coming to an end, the sound signal will be heard. Maximum preparation period that can be set. 90 minutes.Place the dish and the installer of the selection of functions and the thermostat in the necessary laying in the ovens. Turn the timer handle of a paxy value, then turn it back the desired time. At the end of the installed preparation time, the sound signal will be heard, the go.shaped cabinet will automatically turn off.To transfer the oven to manual mode, set the timer handle on.

Page 4: cooling fan, safety thermostat

The thermostat indicator lamp lights up the rut of the thermostat handle. She continues to burn the given temperature. Then she will go out and light up, indicating the halter of the given temperature.

The indicator bulb of the inclusion lights up for the recovery of the mode of the mode.

This oven is equipped with a coolant, which serves to prevent it from heating its front panel, control knobs of the door of the door. This fan can work as a result of turning off the oven or grill until the port, until the normal temperature is reached.

To prevent excessive overheating of the overnune use of the Ilineravity device of any component of the oven is vehicle as a safety thermostat, the downstime of the power outbreak. A dream of temperature to normal values ​​of the oven of the oven is resumed automatically. Thus, if thermostatic worked out due to the fact that you have incorrectly operated the oven, you just need to wait for it to cool down to the resumption of use. If the triggering is thermal starting a faulty component, you will follow the authorized service center.

Overview of the oven Zanussi

When opening the door of the oven, always be at the central part of the handle.

The oven will work only by setting the current time of the day (request to read the appropriate applications).

Before the first use of the oven:

Set the thermostat handle to the “max” position;

Set the mode of selection of the regime to the position,

corresponding to the traditional regimen preparation (

let the oven cabinet work idle in

Oven Zanussi Opzb4230b | Review how to use, reviews

Open the window to provide kitchen ventilation.

A specific smell may appear at this time.This is. a completely normal phenomenon caused by the remnants of the residues of production materials in the oven.

Repeat this operation using a mode gran and convection.

After performing this operation, let the oven to cool, then wipe it from the inside with a soft.cutting, moistened in a warm soap solution.

Before the first preparation of the squeaking, wash the belonging cabinet.



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