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How to use the Iron Tefal Smart Protect

How to use a steam tephal?

Before the first use of an iron with a steam supply, it is recommended to turn on the iron in a horizontal position for a few minutes, far from the laundry. In the same mode, press the Power Zone key several times. During the first use, it is possible to secrete smoke, non.harmful smell and a small amount of particles.

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate Care GV9581 steam generator was very simple. After connecting to electricity, you need to turn on the device by clicking on the corresponding button in the center of the control panel. Upon completion of the work, pressing the same button disables the device.

Compact Anti-Calc

Link: GV7095E0 Water water: the device is designed for the use of tap water. If the water is too hard (tougher than 6 ° V), mix tap and distilled water (sold in stores) in a ratio of 50/50. In some regions near the sea, water is distinguished by high m salt. In this case, use only distilled water.

Softener: There are several types of softeners, and most of them can be used for water in a steam generator. But some softeners, especially those that contain chemicals such as salt, can cause the appearance of white or brown spots, especially when using filter jugs. If you are faced with such a problem, we recommend using unprocessed tap or bottled water.

Remember: never use rain water, clean demineralized water or clean distilled water from stores, as well as water with additives (for example, with starch, perfumes or water from household appliances). These additives can affect the properties of steam and at high temperatures in the steam generator will create a scale that can leave spots on linen and cause premature aging of the device.

Tefal FV4980 Smart Protect reviews

Disadvantages: Do not buy this miracle of technology! There is no heating power regulator. There are only two provisions of Normal and Eco and all. Heats up quickly and immediately turns off. Three diapers stroked forty minutes. It smoothes very poorly. But it slides well. That’s probably its only advantage. The insert with the steam switch button can be said not fixed, it walks with a shake. So I think to return it back to the store.

Advantages: glides well, does not fit

Advantages: Made in France. There is no thermostat

Disadvantages: leaks during the eye. Not critical

Advantages: I bought it by chance, but this is the case when. Not only is it beautiful, but Smart function is not a phone connection, but really convenient protection against burning things. Tefal how it works. But it works. And mega demanding is ironing stations! And everything else and this one can.

Disadvantages: you need to drive through things with your hand

Comment: Bomb. Take definitely.

Comment: after ironing, you have to dry things from the leaks of the iron. A lot of drops remain on things. I think that I have overpaid a lot, and I really do not recommend buying this iron.

Advantages: made like in France, smart, it turns off itself 🙂

Disadvantages: the quality of plastic is not very, such joints of plastic (see photo) I last saw on cheap Chinese technique. Plus an unpleasant odor from this plastic at the first inclusion (smell of plastic handling). This is strange for such a respected company, but you can see everywhere the cost of where you can.

Comment: a little unusual that he chooses the temperature on his own, because of this it seems that he works constantly at minimum power.

Advantages: no mode switch.It strokes things from different materials perfectly.Long wire.

Comment: The previous Tefal was good, but each time you need to change the mode. Sometimes the sole burned out if I put it incorrectly. There is no this problem on the new one. Easily copes with difficult things. Do not burn.

Advantages: no need to think what kind of ironing mode is.

Comment: Great iron, easy to use!

Advantages: Great iron! Optimal in power, steam shock, weight. Like the appearance. Hand does not get tired, the handle is comfortable. Sliding is more than all sorts of praise! Smart technology for adjusting the temperature under the fabric during ironing works.

Advantages: it will not work to burn the fabric, t.to. good ceramic coating and sole do not heat up much

Disadvantages: lack of a thermoregulator’s aisle of the sole low a couple of steam does not smooth the steam very very noise and the water quickly ends

Comment: acquired this model based on technical characteristics. Did not take into account the fact that a thermostat is not provided in this model. As a result, the iron does not stroke without a couple even a m/b T.shirt. It strokes the steam well, but is very noisy. I had to hand over to the store, t.to. For 4800, the iron should smooth out the fabric and without a pair. In addition, it is inconvenient to keep in hand because of the big weight.

Advantages: 1.Heated half a minute and can already be ironed2.Light3.comfortable stand, does not fall4.Auto shutdown

Disadvantages: 1.I noticed that when I stroke a thick shirt, it is not at all ironed at all. Now I spent half an hour, poured the container with water 4 times and decided to rewrite the review, t.to. This purchase is a waste of money. The iron does not stroke. Dot. Attaching photo.

Comment: And here is another photo of the floor under the iron. This was about half the tank forced while stroking one sleeve

Advantages: Great iron, no need to adjust the temperature, you can iron everything in a row

Disadvantages: I had to break my head how to work with it

Comment: The iron was bought a year ago for 5,000, I do not stroke often and at each ironing, at the end, water began to pour a stream from the iron. I climbed to read reviews and the same problem is highlighted in so many. In the next groove, a couple of days ago it was necessary to stroke the suit and the iron flowing again. I wanted to go to the store and give under the warranty for examination, but I decided to wander around the Internet and stumbled upon a girl’s video on the YouTube channel. And everything fell into place. Firstly, when you leave an iron to stand for some time, while you turn it over or change a boat thing, it can cool down, accordingly, when you turn the iron, the water does not have time to convert to steam and flows, and if the light is on, you need to wait until it goes out And you can continue to iron. She began to iron bedding and everything went well, but when the water ended practically, I started to flow again, then I turned off the iron, poured a full tank and began to iron, following the water level. And when he approached the end, they had a full and all. No leakage. I don’t know what this is connected with, but the fact remains. 3 times it added water, inflated the linen, turned off the iron, leaned the remains and not a bit flow. So, if someone has the same problem with this iron, try to perform such actions and, perhaps, you will make friends))) I also began to put the switch to a position without a pair when I put aside the iron aside. As a result, the linen is stroked and I, a year later, fell in love with my iron and ironing. Regarding other shortcomings that indicate in the reviews, I can say that, yes, the water consumption is large enough, but there are a lot of steam, so you can iron efficiently and safely, there are also reviews that the couple is too much. Well, this is a steam iron and a lot of steam is rather a plus than a minus. They also write that without a couple he does not stroke. This iron always heats up to a certain temperature, it is precisely due to this that adjustment is not required, ironing is carried out precisely due to this pair. If you are not ready to get acquainted with new technologies, it is better to buy an iron easier, working in the old fashioned way, and if you are ready, then the iron is very good. You just need to figure it out. I attach a photo of the result of today’s ironing. Strongly crumpled linen is promoted quickly and perfectly.

Tefal Ultragliss Smart Protect FV4982E0 Reviews

Great iron, just for those who forever fall their clothes. With this iron, this is impossible 🙂 From the nuances: when heated from the iron, water flows only if the regime \ “constant supply of steam \” is worth. It is better to heat it vertically or by switching the steam supply toggle switch to the \ “turned off \” mode

No need to bother with temperature. Great surface. resistant to scratches and really anti.stick

Darkened scale of water level, you can’t see how much liquid is left

Initially poorly heats up and strokes terribly only if the function of steaming is turned on. And when steaming all the linen is wet. And the plastic is also cracking when heated all the time, they thought it will pass, the product is new, but no so it cracks. There is no temperature regulator, only the eco mode and the usual mode, with dry ironing, the iron is barely warm. When contacting the consultant, they said that this is not a marriage, it is heated, although not enough. They took to iron things of the baby, so they were very upset by such a quality. And after 1, 5 years, he generally stopped basking, the indicator works, and the iron is cold. Terrible! ! !

Tefal glačalo na paru Smart Protect Plus FV6872

There is no temperature regulator. Without water does not stroke at all, only with the function of steaming.

Initially poorly heats up and strokes terribly only if the function of steaming is turned on. And when steaming all the linen is wet. And the plastic is also cracking when heated all the time, they thought it will pass, the product is new, but no so it cracks. There is no temperature regulator, only the eco mode and the usual mode, with dry ironing, the iron is barely warm. When contacting the consultant, they said that this is not a marriage, it is heated, although not enough. They took to iron things of the baby, so they were very upset by such a quality. And after 1, 5 years, he generally stopped basking, the indicator works, and the iron is cold. Terrible! ! !

There is no temperature regulator. Without water does not stroke at all, only with the function of steaming.

Instructions for Tefal FV4970 Ultragliss Smart Protect

Planchar Todos Los Tipos de Tejido Aptos Para Plancha, Identificables Con Los Pictogramas Antes Mencionados, P.

VaQueros, Seda, Algodón, Poliéster, Lana, Viscosa

Salvo Los Tejidos No Aptos Para Plancha /

Engomar Todos OS Tipos de Tecido IdentifiCados No Pictograma Acima, Por

ex.: Linho, Jeans, Seda, Algodander, Poliéster, Lans, Viscose

Com a Exceçander Dos Tecidos Que Nune Podem Ser Engomados /

Tessuti Stirabili Identificabili Nei Simboli Sotto Riportati,

Ades.: Lino, Jeans, Seta, Cotone, Poliestere, Lana, Viscosa

Kan de Stryge Alle Typer Stof, Der Er Mærket Som Strygbare


Posisjon Kan du Stryke Alle Typer Strykbare Sto ff Er Som Er Angit Med Symbolene Ovenfor,

Jeans, Silke, Bomull, Polyester, Ull, Viskose

Typer AV Strykbara Tyger Som Kan Identifieras Med Piktogrammen Ovan,

t.ex.: linne, jeans, siden, bomull, Polyester, Ull, Viskos

Med Undantag För Tyger Som Inte Fvelop Strykas. /

asennossa voit silittää kaikentyeppisiä silitetäviä

Kankaita, Jotka on Kuvattu Edellä Olevissa Kuvakkeissa,

Esimerkikiksi Pellavaa, Farkkukukangasta, Silkkiä, Puuvillaa, Polyesteriä, Villaa

lukuun ottamatta kankaita, Jita ei voi silittää /

konumunda aşağıdaki resimlerde gösterilen

örn: Keten, Kot, Ipek, Pamuk, Polyester, Yün, Viskoz

Новый утюг Tefal из серии FV68. Обзор утюга Tefal

, μπορείτε να σιδερώσετε όλους τους τύπους υφασμάτων που

σιδερώνονται και αντιστοιχούν στα πιο πάνω εικονογράμματα,

για παράδειγμα:,

εκτός από τα υφάσματα που δεν σιδερώνονται /

Można Prasować Wszystkie Rodzaje Tkanin Nadających Się Do Prasowania, Oznaczonych Piktogramami

Na Przykład Len, Dżins, Jedwab, Bawełnę, Poliester, Wełnę, Wiskozę ITP

můžete žehlit všechny type látek, které se bění žehlí a jsou označeny

NAPř.: len, džíny, hedvábí, bavlna, Polyester, Vlna, Viskóza

, Mhange žehliť všetky Typy tkanín vhodných na

žehlenie, ktorých type znázorňujgy vyšie uvedené piktogramy,

Napr.: ľan, džínsovina, hodváb, bavlna, polyester, vlna, viskóza

Okrem tkanín, ktoré nie s’s vhodné na žehlenie. /

állásban minden típusó szövet vasalható,

Kivéve: Len, Farmer, Selyem, Pamut, Poliészter, Gyapjә, Viszkóz

Lahko Likate Vse Vrste Tkanin, Ki Jih Je Dovoljeno Likati Glede Na Zgornji Piktogtam,

NPR: Lan, Jeans, Svila, Bombaž, Poliester, Volna, Viskoza

to ne velja za tkanine, ki jih ni dovoljeno likati /

position you can iron any fabrics indicated by the above icons,

flax, jeans, silk, cotton, polyester, wool, viscose

Putting you can pracuvati be a tissue tissue, cognized by viscous icons,

Lun, jeans, shovk, Bavovna, halfigester, wax, vіskoza


, možete glačati sve vrste tkanina koje smiju glačati, a možete ich pronaći na prethnim sličicamama,

Traper, Svila, Pamuk, Poliester, Vuna, Viskoza

Toate Tipurile de isinguri Identificabile în Pictogramele de Mai Jos, D

EXEMPLU: in, jeans, mătase, bumbac, poliester, lână, viscoză

Cu Excepţia isingăturilor Care nu pot fi călcate /

-Asendis Saate Triikida Igat Liiki Triigitavaid Kangad, Mida

Saab Tuvastada Siin Esitatater Ikoonide Abil,

NT LINANE, TEKSA, SIID, Puuvill, Polüzter, Vill, Viskoos Jne

Padėtį Galite Lyginti Bet Kokio Tipo lyginamus audinius, paiancetus toliau pateiktomis

PVZ., lino, džinsų, Šilko, medvilnės, polietserio, vilnos, viskozės

Režīmā varat Gludināt Visu to Veidu Gludināmos Audumus, kas norādīti piktogrammās iepriekš,

džinsa, zīda, kokvilnas, poliestera, vilnas, viskozes u. C.

Audumus. Negludināmus audumus gludināt nedrīkst. /

You can yes stroke the grubs of the vydov smooth thakani, they will be fired on Koito to the dado

For example: Len, Dnikovi Platov, Coprine, Pamuk, Polyester, Valna, Wiscose

비스 코스 등 과 같이 이 가능 한 것 으로 되어 있는 모든 유형 의 직물 다림질 다림질

Možete peglati sve vrste tkanina koje su gore prikazane simbolima,

NPR: Lan, Jeans, Svila, Pamuk, Poliester, Vuna, Viskoza

ใน ตำแหน่ง ปกติ หรือ ประหยัด พลังงาน สามารถ รีด ผ้า ทุก ที่ สามารถ รีด ได้ โดย ดู จาก ด้าน บน นี้ เช่น ผ้า ลินิน ยีนส์ ยีนส์ ยีนส์ ยีนส์ ยีนส์

ผ้า ไหม ผ้า ฝ้าย ผ้า ผ้า ขนสัตว์ ผ้า ใย สังเคราะห์

Peglati Sve Vrste Tkanina Koje SU PretHodno Prikazane Simbolima,

NPR: Lan, Džins, Svila, Pamuk, Poliester, Vuna, Viskoza

Household electric ironing iron with TEFAL FV49XXXX steamer

France (Groupe Seb, Chemin du Petit Bois Les

Group Seb, Shman Du Bua Le 4 m. BP 17269134 ECULY SIDEX France, Official Representative, Imprintor. CJSC “Group SB-Vostok” 125171, g. Moscow, Leningradsk., D. 16a, p. 3 tel. 213-32-32

TR TS 004/2011 “On the safety of low.voltage equipment”. By the decision of the CCC from 16.08.2011. TR TS 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means”. Decision of the CCC from 09.12.2011. 79.The service life of the product is 2 years from the date of sale in conditions of operation and storage at a temperature of 0 ° C to 40 ° C

1800138196 FV49XX FTR2.qxp_110x190 07/03/03/16 10:20 PAGE1

Description of the device for your safety

Eazusogb system (guide for the cord)

Maximum capacity filling mark

This device meets the current technical rules and security standards

(by electromagnetic compatibility, low voltage, protection of the circle).

The device is not intended for use by children or other persons unattended or

help if their physical or mental state does not allow safe

Use the device. You should watch children and not allow them to play with the device.

Attention! The voltage of your mains must correspond to the voltage of the iron (220-240 V).

Incorrect connection can cause irreparable damage and lead to cancellation

This iron must be included in the outlet with ground. In case of use

Exchanger make sure that it is a bipolar type (10 a) with a grounding conductor.

In case of damage to the electroshnur, immediately replace it in the authorized service

It is forbidden to use the device after it falls, with obvious extra signs

damage or with abnormal work. Never analyze the device: hand over it in

Do not disconnect the device from the network for the pile of power. Always turn off the device from the network: before

filling or flushing the container, before cleaning, after kach

Do not leave unattended the device connected to the network, and also until it has cooled into

The sole of the iron can heat up to high temperature: do not touch it with your fingers; Give

the iron is cooling before cleaning it. The device emits steam that can burn in

Stroke with your iron and put it only on a stable surface. When installing an iron

Description which water to use, filling the steamer

Preparation, Ultracord, depending on the model)

Slider control controller of the heating temperature

Ultracord system (depending on the model)

Funning switch VCL/Oil O/I

Power cord button

Bracket for fastening the iron to the body (depending on the model)

Handle for removing and installing a removable tank of water

Channel for storing a cord for steam

Branch cover for the installation for collecting

The control panel. Red indicator “Removable water for water is empty” b. Red indicator “Auto Completion” C C. Restart button for re.display. Red indicator

f. Green indicator “Device cooking” G. Steam supply regulator

Lock-System-Lock-System-Lock-System mounting system

Your steam generator is equipped with a special bracket holding the iron on the case to simplify its transmission and storage.

To carry the steam generator, holding it by the handle of the iron:- Put the iron on the site and turn the locking bracket on the iron until the click (you will hear a click)-

The device is intended for use with tap water.

Never use water containing additives (starch, fragrances, aromatic or softening substances, etc.P.), as well as a heating system, from heating systems or condensate (for example, water for linen drying, water drained from a refrigerator, water.contractions, rainwater). They contain organic reconciliations or mineral substances that concentrate with a survey of heat and cause a “spitting” nozzles, brown submarines or premature wear of the electrical appliance.

Place the steam generator on a solid, horizontal surface,

not spoiling from contact with hot objects.

Remove the removable water tank with a handle

(located on the front of the steam generator)

Fill the tank with water without exceeding the maximum level

Put the water tank again in the place intended for it,

If the water is hard in your wire, mix as a console.wire.wire.dimensional.wired.willed water.water water from a bottle.

Your iron is equipped with a special cord output system, thanks to the cord, the cord does not hurt the fabric.Thanks to the use of this system, the power cord will also not mix your movements when you are stroked.To use the Ultracord system:- the Ultracord system automatically directs the power cord for the back of the working surface.- Every time you put an iron on the sole, the Ultracord system is included in it, it automatically works if you pick up the iron again.To store a steam generator:- Lower the handle on the sole of the iron.- With the help of a magnet, the handle is held on the sole of the iron, which means simplifying the storage of the steam generator.

Preparation for work

The main purpose of the Tefal steam generators is ironing and steaming clothes. Hot steam penetrates through three or four layers of fabric, which helps to reduce ironing time several times.

The steam generator helps to quickly bring into a neat type of product with small assemblies and a large number of folds, does not leave the subpalin on the material, eliminates unpleasant odors. With the help of steam, you can refresh the fur products.

The procedure for preparing the device for work:

  • pour water into the tank;
  • connect to a 220V voltage;
  • set the temperature control to the maximum position;
  • Transfer the power button to position 1.

Water heats up to 160 ° C for several minutes. The pressure of the formed in this case does not exceed 4-7.5 bar. Devices operate in two modes: the release of steam along the entire plane of the sole and a steam blow from the nose.

Before starting work, you need to release a certain amount of steam so that a pump for pumping water earned.

The steam pressure can change during the operation of the device, since with a prolonged vaporization, the water temperature is reduced by several degrees. Even in this case, you can continue to work safely, as the set pressure will recover automatically.

Each device is attached to the illustrated instruction “Safety measures and the rules of use”. At the first launch, check your actions with instructions at each stage of action.

Before using the device, make sure that this material is suitable for steam cleaning. To do this, process the steam section of the product from the wrong side. Let it dry and check if there is damage.


I have been going on for more than two years. There is a lot of eyes and often, even when the baby grew up and finished stroke the diapers, ironing all the same every day and with this iron even in joy. I mainly use the most steam.Water from the crane will not go. since the scale is formed. But the water from a good filter is quite normal functioning self.cleaning every few months. Steam feed is nimble, but it doesn’t matter to me. For several years, the sole of the iron is like a new. A huge plus is that. that he turns off himself when you forget about him. I helped out a couple of times. I am mostly unlucky with technicians. But this is definitely one of the most successful purchases

Bought it yesterday 12.08.18, immediately upon arrival home tried him in the case, and was disappointed. one. It is written that you can use water from the tap, so after such water there remains a white plaque on the holes of the sole of the iron and the scale flies out (this is especially noticeable on dark fabrics) the conclusion: use only distilled water. 2. Water flows from the sole of the iron, not much, but very unpleasant. 3. Cracking when using. For example, stroked, put an iron and it begins to crack, an incomprehensible crack is published from the inside. 4. A small water tank, when steaming, I had to constantly add it. Disappointment. In short, we will take it. For that kind of money, many flaws were painfully discovered on the first day of purchase.

The iron disappointed.Without a couple, it does not work well, with the steam it gives out such a number that the windows are fogging, you can’t see how much water is left.The absence of a temperature regulator is more than a minus than a plus, a pledged temperature is not enough for some fabrics.During work, he publishes loud clicks, such that the dog barks, the cat runs away.If you want to stroke the underwear at the time when someone is resting, nothing will come of it.Rented to the service center on the second day after the purchase, 20 days have passed. In response, silence.The previous Tefal Vera and Truth served 10 years without complaints.Alas, broke down. Therefore, other brands were not considered.But alas, continuous disappointment.

Bought this miracle a month ago. The consultant was very praised, recommended the company Tefal as a whole and an automatic temperature regime, said that the iron is very smart and himself chooses the temperature by the type of fabric. After my question, how does the iron distinguish, I stroke, I have stated a bed or silk blouse answered that he really doesn’t choose anything, but simply uses the same temperature, all the meaning is only in a strong steam blow, thanks to which even the bedding strokes in several layers. Showed different expensive irons at which temperature adjustment was also absent, which convinced us. As a result: the iron is heavy, it fades strongly, but there is no sense of it. Only thin T.shirts are stroked, everything else remains unheated, especially ordinary shirts and bedding. After a mass of reviews read, I learned that the meaning of these irons only in pairs and heavyweight, in order to somehow smooth things out. But that does not help. Do not waste money! Buy a regular normal iron. It is terribly upset, Mvideo gave money it is not clear why. The worst iron of all that I used, including cheaper models

I chose the iron for myself, I wanted to stop it easily in operation on this, the sole slides perfectly due to this, the assembly Europe France Auto Coat does not stick and most importantly, it is not required to set up the temperature stroke everything without lounges

A very worthy iron. I recommend those who stroke a lot, and various types of fabric. The beauty is that one temperature regime is suitable for all the fabrics, thereby no longer needs to be laid out in order to iron the delicate fabric. Excellent supply of steam, will allow you to iron bedding not in one layer, but in several.

Bought an iron with one temperature regime on purpose, t.to. A lot of ironing and different material, no need to wait until the sole has cooled or heats up, the steam power is very good and ironing is much more pleasant)) In general, I advise everyone.

I purchased a couple of weeks ago at the request of my wife, the old Braun iron began to spoil things, then it flocked at all, the iron was chosen for a long time, so that the price and quality, in the Mvideo store, the consultant very praised this iron and in general the Tefal brand, said that the assembly is not China. the sole is good, reliable, etc.D. I decided to take it, the wife can’t get enough of it, and most importantly, I used to think that it was not her at all)) but now, a straight class, a very assembled iron and most importantly, the wife is happy and thanks to the consultant!

Before that there was an iron Tefal, bought eight or ten years ago. For all the time I have never failed until recently. I decided to replace it since it’s time. I chose from two manufacturers this is Tefal and Philips. I read a lot about all sorts of models, functions and bells. After a week, choosing from a dozen models decided to dwell on this and was not mistaken. The main plus, this does not need to choose the temperature is cool and convenient. The sole also changed, slides even better than before and leaves no traces of any fabrics. Heats up quickly and there is a rod for cleaning from scale. I have been using it for two months, I am very pleased.

I bought this model to my wife, instead of the old Tefal, who served Vera and Truth for 10 years. I want to immediately note that the technologies are not on the spot) in this iron the optimal temperature regime is set, t.e no need to look for laib on clothes with instructions for ironing. Due to the new technologies implemented in this iron, his wife was reduced for ironing. Recently I had to stroke the shirt for work myself. I want to note that the iron strokes it itself) you just need to push it and have time to stop it so that you do not fall from the board. The sliding is excellent. There is no trouble with temperature. The steam is good, the water tank is large. By the way, I almost forgot, Tefal still releases its irons in France. I was pleasantly surprised, I think it will last at least the previous. I recommend buying.

I heard a lot of good reviews about this company, well, I decided to please myself with a new iron. On the advice of a consultant, the eyes fell on this model, the price was certainly embarrassed, but when they told me about all its qualities. The price of the issue has disappeared by itself. It is difficult to choose the mode so as not to spoil the fabric and at the same time stroke it well? This iron does not have such a troubles, it works at the same temperature and copes with both delicate and dense fabrics excellently. It terribly surprised and struck me, I tried different fabrics out of curiosity. not spoiled a single one. Not an iron, but a gift. It is very thought out that if you are wrapped up and forgot to turn it off, then he will disconnect yourself. And this is very important! No need to remember on the way to work, you turned off the iron or not.In general, I just am delighted with him, I did not regret the money spent, I advise everyone.PS: friends now envy.



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