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How to use strips for facial depilation

Easy way to remove facial hair. Veet instant waxing kit (strip) /easy & comfortable (no pain)

How to use wax strips for the face

That the main thing for men is to remain a man under any circumstances, and for women. you will probably think that to remain a woman. No, the main thing for women is to look beautiful, and beauty is not only long legs and a short skirt, but also leaving for themselves. Men appreciate women not only for forms, but also for proper care. Getting rid of vegetation on the body belongs to the care of the female body. Indeed, even during the time of Queen Nefertiti, it was known that excessive vegetation on the body burdens women and makes them less confident in themselves. Hair on the face, except for the head, is also a negative phenomenon that should be fought first of all.

On the face of women, hair grows for various reasons: in case of violation of the hormonal background, if there are problems with endocrine diseases, with gynecological ailments and from age. But, one way or another, it is necessary to solve the problem, no matter what it costs. And there are more than enough solutions for today. The acceptable and objective of many ways is the option of using special wax strips. Why are the wax strips so good, as well as the features of their application, we will find out in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages

Strips for removing hair above the lip have the following advantages:

  • They can be used a couple of times. Even if it is a disposable strip, it can be glued to the skin 2-3 times to remove all hairs.
  • The smoothness of the skin lasts long enough. about a month.
  • During the procedure, the hairs break out with the bulb. Therefore, the probability of the appearance of ingrown hairs is a minimum.
  • Use strips is very easy. Therefore, you can perform the procedure yourself.
  • The strips are inexpensive. Therefore, the procedure is budgetary.
  • With regular depilation, the hairs become thin and rare. In some women, they completely disappear.
  • There is no need to use a special device for melting wax. Stripes can be heated in your hands, and then use as intended. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to use them at home. you can take them with you on a trip.

However, have such stripes and some disadvantages. During the procedure, the hairs can be broken, and not remove with the root. This often happens if a woman performs depilation for the first time.

Wax hair removal is also accompanied by very strong unpleasant sensations The first 2-3 procedures. In some women, the pain is observed every time. Therefore, if the pain threshold is very low, you can use painkillers gels. Ice will help to ease unpleasant sensations. after the procedure, lubricate the depilation area with them.

What wax strips to choose

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of wax strips to remove vegetation, it is important to pay attention to such a factor as the purpose of the sticky tape. Universal strips for removing hair on all parts of the body are rarely effective.

To get the maximum effect of the use of strips, it is necessary to choose not universal models, but intended directly for a particular zone.

Based on this, we find out what brands should be chosen for certain zones.

  • If it is planned to do hair removal with wax stripes in sensitive areas (bikini, face, armpits), where the skin is characterized by excessive sensitivity to external stimuli, it is recommended to give preference to the product of the brand Veet Suprem Essence. Convenient stripes of 5×10 cm are delivered in the package. The strips are based on natural essential oils and minerals, which, together with the removal of vegetation, allow you to saturate and nourish the skin. At the end of the procedure, the skin is accompanied by a pleasant fragrance of the smell of roses.
  • For hard.to.reach places and sensitive zones, you can use strips of the Beauty Image and Byly Depil Advance series. The peculiarity of such stripes is due to high rates of the density of fit to the skin, which allows you to eliminate such types of hair that are invisible to the eyes. The strips repeat any body shape, so the effect of their use can be called maximum.
  • If it is planned to make depilation of less sensitive zones, such as arms, legs, then it is recommended to use strips of a classic type that have standard dimensions 10×18 cm. Popular and popular models include products of the following brands: Veet. Byly. Parissa. These are exactly those models of stripes that consist of natural components, vitamin and oils that provide comprehensive care for different types of skin.
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How to care for the skin after the procedure?

Despite the absolute safety of wax strips, they aggressively affect sensitive fabrics, due to which the home procedure often causes irritation.

To reduce the risk of inflammatory processes, proper care of the epidermis should be carried out:

  • Immediately after the work, treat the skin with chlorhexidine and apply a soothing lotion or gel.
  • Do not light up two days after depilation.
  • Within two days after the procedure, treat the skin twice chlorhexidine.
  • During the first three days, avoid the use of scrubs, abrasive compositions, washcloths.
  • After three days, use a natural scrub to increase the efficiency of manipulations.

When using wax strips in the bikini zone, it is worth abandoning the socks of synthetic linen for 2-3 days.

Irritation on the face from wax strips

Unfortunately, in most cases (even if the procedure was carried out according to all the rules) after wax depilation, irritation appears on the face. Sensitive skin is especially bad, redness on it can be turned into comedones, and bruises, and even into small abrasions.

If this happens, you should not panic. In the next 5-7 days, you need to minimize all the skin traumatic procedures. Do not use the exfoliating agents, products containing alcohol. It is worth avoiding:

In order to restore damaged skin, it should be applied to the skin fresh juice of aloe leaves or the leaves of this plant rolled in a blender. Such a folk remedy perfectly relieves swelling, heals wounds and restores acid-base balance.

In damaged areas, you can use a moisturizer with soothing components.

strips, facial, depilation

If the procedure is so traumatic for you, it should be abandoned in favor of alternative facial depilation methods.

Basic questions about the procedure

Depilation with wax strips at home or in the cabin. the procedure is known to many. There are nuances that should be told in detail about.

From what age can you do?

To deport any zones on the human body using wax strips can be from any age. There are no age restrictions. The growth of the hairline is usually observed after the age of 10, but the children at this time are unlikely to think about such a manipulation. If the teenager wished to try Vaxing at 15 or 16, then do not stop it, since there are no contraindications in the age category.

Does it hurt to do?

Hair removal with wax strips. The procedure is not pleasant. She can bring a lot of suffering of the one that decided to cleanse her skin from excess vegetation. But there are ways that anesthetize, this is:

  • Skin steaming;
  • scrubbing;
  • application of painkillers (such as emla);
  • irrigation of problem areas with a lidocain spray.

After anesthesia, you can start depilation. The above methods will make the procedure painless.

What areas can be epilized with wax stripes?

You can epilate with wax strips of any zone, namely:

  • face (cheeks, chin, eyebrows, upper lip);
  • arms and legs;
  • abdomen;
  • breast area;
  • back;
  • buttocks;
  • Bikini zone.

The restriction will apply to those places where:

  • There are any neoplasms, moles;
  • there is a violation of the integrity of the skin (scratches, wounds);
  • There is a rash, herpes.

It is also undesirable to remove the hair from the near.suction region and from the inside of the labia with vaxing. Thus, you can injure the skin and bring the infection.

How much the effect lasts?

The effect of the procedure is quite long. Since the hair breaks out with the root, they will not grow for about a month. This is for those girls who have no problems with hormonal background. The smallest time interval. two weeks. Everyone will like this result. You do not need to think about annoying shaving every day and worry about the likelihood that irritation will appear.

Skin care after depilation with stripes

Since wax strips quite aggressively affect sensitive skin in the treated area and affect the internal microflora of the tissues, after their use it is important to pay attention to the care of the dermis.

Most often, the following restrictions and recommendations are prescribed for girls after wax hair removal:

strips, facial, depilation
  • For 6 hours, refuse to wash the bikini zone and apply any cosmetics to it;
  • For 8 hours, refuse to drink alcohol and energy;
  • Put on clean, cotton underwear that will not rub and squeeze the skin in the bikini zone;
  • For three days, avoid visiting a bath, sauna, pool, receiving hot baths;
  • Stop taking medicines that thin the blood, do not sunbathe for several days after epilation.

Contact the bikini zone as neatly as possible. Additionally, it is recommended to abandon love and physical exertion within a day after the session in order to avoid irritation.

Indications and contraindications

Strips for wax depilation or sugar are advisable to use people who:

  • previously not familiar with shugaring or vaxing;
  • do not have time for long procedures;
  • only soft material.

Fans of traveling to those who are constantly on travel and business trips are the best way out is to buy ready.made wax.

You can’t use them if you have on your body:

  • There is a wound;
  • rash;
  • birthmarks;
  • hanging moles;
  • unknown origin of education;
  • tumors;
  • irritation.

Terms of use

Before resorting to depilation, the surface of the skin must be thoroughly cleaned of cosmetics. Then the face must be steamed properly to increase the pores. It should be noted that strips based on wax should not be used on the skin with warts, native spots and damage.

  • On a dry surface of the skin, you need to apply a talcum or ordinary powder.
  • The heating of the bands comes from the heat of the hands. This requires five to ten seconds.
  • The strip is divided into a couple of parts.
  • The material is applied to the skin and is thoroughly smoothed.
  • The skin is pulled.
  • Fast separation.
  • In the presence of the remaining hairs, the depilation should be repeated by sprinkling the skin with talcum. You can also use tweezers.

Care after depilation

Within one day after the procedure, the skin must ensure special care. On a processed place, you should not apply cosmetics except the lotion that prevents the construction of hairs. You also need to avoid the open sun and visit the solariums.

After removing the hairs above the upper lip with the help of wax strips, you should not steam, rub and scratch this place. The use of lotions and creams that have an oily basis is allowed. The rescuer, boro plus or panthenol will help get rid of irritation.




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