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How to use Philips vertical vacuum cleaner

TOP-10 rating of the best vertical vertical vacuum cleaners Philips 2021: Review of models and recommendations for choosing

Philips wireless vacuum cleaners. modern, innovative technique. They are in high demand, due to the variety of models, wide functionality, impeccable cleaning result. Many positive reviews have proved that the manufacturer seeks to satisfy the requests of ordinary customers, offering them only powerful, convenient to use samples.

What models are in the rating of the best, what features and advantages they have. it is considered in this article.

Short description

The Philips PowerPro Duo manual vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 FC6168/01 with PowercyClone technology provides excellent results of cleaning all types of flooring. It can be used as a portable vacuum cleaner or as a standard with a handle.

PowercyClone technology provides ideal cleaning results in three stages. Air flow with particles of dust and dirt enters the PowercyClone chamber. Fast air circulation provides effective settlement of dust particles in the cyclonic chamber. The air comes out of the chamber through the blades, which effectively separate the dust from the air.

The Triactive nozzle performs 3 actions at the same time: a unique sole lifts the carpet pile for thoroughly cleaning from dust; A wide hole on the front of the nozzle collects large garbage; The nozzle collects dust and dirt near the walls and furniture with the help of side air channels on the left and right.

With this wireless vacuum cleaner, you easily clean all hard.to.reach surfaces, for example, remove dust from high shelves or ventilation grids under the ceiling. Turbcart will help get rid of animal hair. Powerful lithium-ion batteries 18 V provide a long operation of the device in autonomous mode. And the dust collecter is easily cleaned with one press.

FC6168/01 PowerPro Duo

The vertical vacuum cleaner Philips belongs to a low price category, it can be purchased for 12,000 high efficiency of work is due to PowercyCline4 technology. The device is wireless, it washes any point of housing without linking to the power source. To clean the vacuum cleaner, a fairly easy press. There is a function of self.supporting the handle in a vertical position at the end of operation.

A cyclone filter is built into the design, the volume of the vacuum cleaner is 0.6 liters. The device operates using Li-Ion Battery, which provides the possibility of operation without the need to turn off for 40 minutes. The kit includes 2 nozzles: a turbochite, a slit.


The PHILIPS FC7088/01 vacuum cleaner belongs to the cyclone type and has an aquafilter. Copes with the following tasks:

  • Dry cleaning. Due to the circulation of water, dirt, dust, garbage are thoroughly removed.
  • Wet cleaning. 2 rolle with bristles rotate in different directions. In addition, they are moistened with water or detergent solution. The vacuum cleaner carefully cleans the territory from pollution. Sail particles are moistened with water and pass into a separate container.
  • Drying the floor. Due to the fact that the brushes rotate at high speed, the surface is thoroughly wiped. The floors will dry 50% faster than with standard cleaning using a mop.

The difference between the model from other classic vertical vacuum cleaners is that it is intended exclusively for cleaning solid floor coverings. This applies to tiles and laminate, linoleum, parquet, marble, natural stones, wooden boards. If there are a lot of carpets in the room, then it is better to choose another model.

Such a vacuum cleaner can be filled with both warm and cold water. But the permissible temperature is not more than 500 ° C. At the same time, cleaning results will be equally good. If necessary, you can add a cleaning agent. But you need to choose only low.reducing compositions that are suitable for flooring in an apartment or house.

The floor is treated only with clean water due to the fact that 2 tanks are built separately. for clean and dirty water. The liquids are not mixed. All dust, dirt, allergens remain in a container with dirty slurry. 1 tank with water is enough to clean the territory with an area of ​​up to 60 m².

Thanks to the technologies used, the vacuum cleaner destroys up to 99% of all bacteria and reduces the number of allergens. Such a model is certified by ECARF (European Center for Research with Allergies).

The smallest particles that can cause irritation of the human body are binded by water and fall into a closed container. This applies to pollen, dust, microscopic ticks, wool and other things. The room in the room becomes much cleaner and safer.

Such a vacuum cleaner model is suitable for people with a tendency to allergies.

Another feature of the vacuum cleaner is automatic cleaning of rotating brushes. Experts advise replacing them with new every six months.

Manual vacuum cleaner is inserted into a vertical

Engineers implemented an interesting concept. a vertical black case with colored inserts is assembled together with a turbo, while a manual unit for local cleaning is removed from the lower part. Ergonomics are not forgotten. corrugated handles, smooth forms, the center of gravity is shifted to the bottom so that during operation the device does not press on the hands.

A glass of a vacuum cleaner has a volume of 0.6 liters-this is an average value, should be enough for 3-4 cleaning, but in practice it should be shaken out without waiting for filling out filling. Otherwise, you will have to clean all five components of parts. The nozzle from the body is not disconnected, rides on the wheels on the floor, sweeps the dust with a rotating roller. The diameter of the drum is small, wraps hair tightly. Philips knows about this, designers on the case painted scissors.

A flat tank with water by 0.2 liters is attached to the nozzle from the side of the wheel (enough for 50 kV. meters), napkins cling to him on Velcro. There is a small holder in the kit, it is fixed on the wall with dowels, the plug of the charger sticks into it. It turns out a micro dock station-the device leaned against it will receive power.


A nozzle with a suction function of 360 ° collects pollution with each movement. even back and along the edges, each movement is considered.

Thanks to the three.stage filtration system, only clean air enters the engine, which protects its internal elements

The model is excellent maneuverability, since the vacuumber is located at the top of the case, so that it can penetrate low furniture at a very sharp angle to the floor.

The vacuum cleaner specification declared by the manufacturer:

  • Power consumption. 25.2 watts;
  • charging time. up to 5 hours, battery life. 40 minutes;
  • The volume of the vacuumboard is 0.6 liters (an additional water tank. 0.2 liters);
  • noise level during operation. up to 83 dB;
  • Weight. 4.7 kilograms.

TOP-10 rating of PHILIPS 2021-2022 wireless vacuum cleaners

Place name price
TOP-6 of the best wireless batteries of Philips vacuum cleaners
one Philips FC6164 PowerPro Duo Find out the price
2 Philips FC6726 SpeedPro Find out the price
3 Philips FC6722 SpeedPro Find out the price
4 Philips FC6813 SpeedPro Max Find out the price
5 Philips FC6163 Find out the price
6 Philips FC6168 PowerPro Duo Find out the price
TOP-4 the best Philips wireless vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning
one Philips FC6405 PowerPro Aqua Find out the price
2 Philips FC6728 SpeedPro Aqua Find out the price
3 Philips FC6408 Find out the price
4 Philips FC6404 PowerPro Aqua Find out the price

Vertical wireless models have a different design. The garbage collection container is located next to the handle or near the brush. Equipped with batteries that work for a certain time in autonomous mode.

Vacuum cleaners require recharging after each use, cleaning the container from collected dust, garbage.

Elements for adjusting power are located on the handle. After turning on, the circulating stream of air captures garbage, directs it into the filtration system for cleansing, then into the container.

If the model includes a wet cleaning function, then it is supplemented by another water tank. After turning on the regime, water is scattered over the surface, then the built.in nozzle in the form of sponges wipes it to a shine.

How to get started. Philips Cordless Vacuum 8000 Series Aqua Plus

Rating of the best models

The following is the top 8 rating of wireless models. Each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Philips FC6164 PowerPro Duo

Compact, maneuverable model with a long handle and stylish design.

The kit for the Philips FC6164 PowerPro Duo device includes a special turbo engine and a slit nozzle, which provides high.quality and comfortable cleaning.

The duration of cleaning only from the battery is 35 minutes.


  • garbage collection container. 0.60 l;
  • noise level. 83 dB;
  • the duration of charging the battery is 5 hours;
  • Electric power engine. there;
  • nozzles. 2 pcs.
  • Performance.
  • Compactness.
  • Convenient long handle.
  • Stylish design.
  • The presence of a removable turbine.
  • Build quality.

Philips FC6163

High.power, compact device at an affordable price.

The kit for the Philips FC6163 device includes a turbo.shift, a thin cleaning filter and a slit nozzle, which at times facilitates the cleaning process.

The device does not take up much space in the apartment, is quickly and easily cleaned of accumulated debris and dust, so it is a pleasure to use it.


  • vacuumber. 0.60 l;
  • The level of noise is 83 dB;
  • continuous operation time. 35 minutes;
  • the duration of charging the battery is 5 hours;
  • electric shock in the kit. there is.
  • Good performance.
  • Compactness.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Quickly and easily collects and cleaned.
  • Beautiful design.

Philips FC6169

Model for cleaning small rooms with a turbo engine compound at an affordable price.

A convenient Philips FC6169 device with two additional nozzles in home life: for furniture and cracks.

With the usual mode of cleaning the premises, the device does not issue much noise, so it can be used at any time of the day.


  • vacuumber. 0.60 l;
  • noise level. 83 dB;
  • continuous operation time. 40 minutes;
  • the duration of charging. 5 hours;
  • Disconnected manual vacuum cleaner. is;
  • nozzles. 3 pcs.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Issues a minimum noise in the process of cleaning.
  • Provides cleansing in hard.to.reach places.
  • Nice design.
  • Low.power (does not absorb scattered cereal and other small details).
  • Wheels creak on the main brush.
  • The battery life is much less than stated in the instructions.

Philips FC6408

Model for dry and humid cleaning of the room with a disconnected manual vacuum cleaner and the function of collecting liquids.

The device includes several nozzles: slit, from microfiber, 2-in-1, triaactive turbo, which at times facilitates cleaning.

Also in stock, an attached container (0.2 l) for wet cleaning with water or detergent.

Пылесос Philips PowerGo c высокой силой всасывания


  • container capacity. 0.60 l;
  • The battery life is 40 minutes;
  • the duration of charging. 5 hours;
  • Filter filter. there is;
  • Vertical parking. there is.
  • Performance.
  • Compactness.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Possibility of wet cleaning.
  • Design.
  • No nozzle for cleaning under furniture.
  • Lack of a full.fledged waterfilter.
  • There is no backlight.
  • Small size of a glass for collecting dust and garbage.
  • Overcharge.

Philips FC6168 PowerPro Duo

Model with power control on the handle and a spacious vacuumber at an affordable price.

The kit includes a special turbo engine, a filter of fine cleaning and 2 nozzles, which allows even hard.to.reach corners to clean up.

One battery is enough on average to clean 3 small apartments with an area of ​​about 40 square meters. m (without turbo ground).


  • vacuumber. 0.60 l;
  • continuous operation time. 40 minutes;
  • the duration of charging the battery is 5 hours;
  • Disconnected manual vacuum cleaner. is;
  • nozzles. 2 pcs.
  • Corresponds to the declared characteristics.
  • Quickly and effectively cleans the room of dust and fine garbage.
  • A roomy vacuum cleaner.
  • Low noise.
  • Conveniently parking.
  • High.quality assembly of details.
  • Not very comfortable brush.
  • Sometimes garbage is spilled out of the receiver.
  • The model is available only in gray.
  • There is no economical regime on a manual vacuum cleaner.

Philips FC6162 PowerPro Duo

Convenient, maneuverable vacuum cleaner with excellent configuration.

A low noise level and a turbo engine will make the cleaning process fast and effective, further providing comfort and coziness in the room.

Power control is carried out on the handle.


  • container volume. 0.60 l;
  • noise level. 80 dB;
  • continuous operation time. 25 minutes;
  • the duration of charging is 16 hours;
  • nozzles. 2 pcs.
  • The need for a long battery charging.
  • Small power (in comparison with other models).
  • The battery charge is quickly consumed.
  • In a vertical position is not worth it without support.



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