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How to use Calgon for a washing machine

A lot of people are convinced that Calgon is a descaler. But it is not. The main purpose of the preparation is the prevention of scale formation, that is, if there are already salt deposits on the parts of the washing machine, then the use will be useless.

So Calgon is a water softener. Its single use will not give much result, it must be used with each wash. The product “binds” salts, which are present in hard water, prevents their deposition on the elements of the machine.

Additional functions of the product:

  • In soft water, the laundry is better washed;
  • due to the reduction of calcium in the water, white things do not turn grey;
  • The consumption of the basic detergent is reduced;
  • Things stay soft even without use
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor from the drum.

The use of Calgon is not harmful to tissues and is not harmful to human health.

Directions for Use

The container that contains Calgon has information on how much to add to the washing machine, depending on the hardness of the tap water. For the convenience of measuring the required grams, users have a measuring cup attached to the package of Calgon. How much Calgon should be added:

  • If the hardness is at a medium level, you can use 32 ml or 1/3 of a measuring cup of this product;
  • If using hard tap water, possibly add 64 ml or 2/3 of the measuring cup;
  • If the water in the central water supply is too hard in composition, it is recommended to pour 96 ml, which is a whole cup.

Existing Calgon substitutes or alternative

Of course, Calgon is not a panacea in protecting your washing machine from plaque, limescale and dirt. There are other, cheaper analogs. They may be less effective, it is possible that they are weaker advertised, but they do exist.

Both the former and the latter are quite capable of dealing with problems of contamination of the heating element of the washing machine and the drum. But the real effect of these alternative means are studied and tested much worse than Calgon.

Also for cleaning the drum and heater can be used a simple citric acid, pouring it into the compartment for liquids.

Useful properties

Calgon is not only necessary for softening water. It prevents limescale from forming on the heating element, and limescale is often the reason why your washing machine needs professional help one day. To prevent the matter from coming to repair, the manufacturer of Calgon recommends adding it to the powder with each wash. (See the “Limescale” section of this booklet). Also: How to clean the washing machine from limescale and dirt )

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What are the main advantages of Calgon can boast:

  • Savings in detergent (because softened water requires less detergent than hard water).
  • Preventing the occurrence of limescale on the internal parts of the machine (and thereby increasing the life of the automatic washing machine).
  • Preservation of the bright colors of laundry (because it prevents limescale from settling on fabric).
  • Improving the quality of washing (because even hard-to-clean stains wash better in soft water).

Advocates of a healthy lifestyle have a perfectly justified question: can the use of Calgon have a negative impact on health?? After all, this is a chemical agent. Experts assert that it is no more dangerous than a usual washing powder, and even pouring it into the machine, there is no need to wear gloves.

But basic safety precautions are always worth remembering. Keep Calgon in a dark place so it is not accessible to children. In case of careless handling and accidental contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth (no matter how much of it gets in), it should be quickly washed off with plenty of clean water. To avoid this possibility, it is better to use tablets.

Instructions for use

Calgon powder packaging has instructions for use, which specifies the amount of powder necessary for one washing cycle. According to these instructions:

  • For medium water hardness, pouring 1/3 of the cup measure is enough, the volume of this cup is 96 ml, which means that in this case, the powder only needs 32 ml;
  • for hard water, it is necessary to pour 2/3 of the cup, i.e. 64 ml;
  • For very hard water, you need to add a full cup of powder.

Where to fill Calgon in the washing machine? The answer to this question is also in the instruction how to use Calgon. Calgon is poured together with the detergent into the main compartment of the washing machine tray, which is usually larger than the other two compartments. You don’t need to put it in the drum with the laundry, even though it has no adverse effect on the fabric. You can not even ask the question, in which compartment of the machine to pour the detergent, and mix it with the powder.

If, do not use powder Calgon, and in tablets, then enough of one tablet, regardless of the hardness of the water.

In addition, the effectiveness of this agent will be achieved only if it is used in every wash. Also, the instructions state that when using Calgon, the powder for washing things should be poured with the assumption that washing is carried out in soft water.

Calgon Characteristics and Composition

So, with the fact, where to pour the detergent for softening water and in what quantities, everything is clear. Let us understand with what substances, included in the Calgon, the water becomes softer.

The main component of Calgon is sodium tripolyphosphate, which interacts with calcium ions contained in water, thereby reducing its hardness. In addition, the composition includes polycarboxylates (up to 30%), microcrystalline cellulose (up to 15%), polyethylene glycol (up to 5%) and surfactants (surfactants). Calgon has a mild, pleasant smell. This product has three forms of release:

They are all identical in composition, so the choice depends on personal preferences of consumers. The only advantage of tablets over gel and powder is the convenient dosage.

The range of Calgon products is wide, providing a choice. It is available in different dosages:

  • The powder is packed by 0,55; 1, and 1,6 kg;
  • Tablets are packed in boxes of 12, 15, 32, 35, 40, 70 pieces. and others;
  • gel is packed in bottles of 0.75; 1.5; 2 liters and others.

Let’s analyze the composition of Calgon

It is necessary to understand the chemicals that are included in the composition of this remedy. Their purpose. to soften hard water. According to the information on the package, the product includes:

  • Sodium tripolyphosphate, which interacts with calcium ions and helps reduce hardness;
  • polycarboxylate (in the substance about 30%), which prevents the appearance of carbonates in the form of limescale;
  • crystalline cellulose (15%) and polyethylene glycol (5%) normalize the fabric structure and fragrance;
  • surfactants. their concentration reduces surface tension.

Calgon is safe for humans, the natural environment in general. This remedy is available in three types that are identical in composition. Although Calgon tablets have the advantage of a convenient dosage. They are packaged in boxes (minimum quantity 12pcs)., and a maximum of 70).

Range includes Calgon powder of various weights: 0.55; 1 and 1.6 kg. In bottles of 0.75, 1.5 and 2 liters the manufacturer packs the liquid substance, Calgon Gel.

Which version is better? It is up to each consumer to decide.

Varieties of Calgon

This product is on the market in three forms. liquid Calgon (as a gel), powdered and tablet. The most convenient form-factor is a tablet. The whole point is that the tablets are added without regard to the hardness level. The exception is the situation when soft water flows from the tap. in this case you do not need to add anything, no matter how manufacturers claim the opposite. The number of pills in packages varies from 12. and more.

Calgon gel comes in bottles of different capacities, the minimum volume is 0.75 liters. The liquid detergent must be poured directly into the drum, and is also suitable for use in washing machines that use liquid detergents. The disadvantage is that it is easy to spill, accidentally dropping the bottle on the floor. The advantage is that it starts working immediately, instantly dissolving in water.

Powder Calgon is the most common and popular. It is mixed in the same tray with the laundry detergent, entering with it into the bowels of the machine. Given the fact that very hard water is less common than any other type of water, one large package is enough for a huge number of washings.

Cleaning the scale in the washing machine with Calgon

Before you clean the washing machine with Calgon, it is advisable to study the instructions that come with the purchased package of the cleaner. It details which dosages to use, depending on the hardness level of your tap water, and also comes with a handy measuring cup of 96 milligrams of.

Calgon should be poured into the automatic machine:

  • One-third of a measuring cup ( 32 milligrams) for water of medium hardness;
  • Two-thirds of a cup ( 64 milligrams) for high water hardness;
  • A full cup (96 milligrams) if the water in the water supply is very hard.

Experiment. Calgon to the Max. in a Washing Machine

In addition to the powder, Calgon, available in tablet form, is much easier to use. Regardless of the water hardness, you should wash with just one tablet. Often housewives have another equally important question. where to sprinkle (put tablets or pour gel) Calgon?

Your washing machine usually has several compartments, and Calgon should be poured into the largest compartment, often the middle one, the one where you poured the laundry detergent. Alternatively, you can add it to the detergent. Specialists do not recommend putting Calgon in the drum where you put the laundry.

Important: according to the manufacturer of Kalgon, the effectiveness of its use is stable only with continued use.

Calgon is available in three forms: in the form of gel, powder and tablets. The dosage of the product is also sold in different variants, which makes it possible to apply exactly as much Calgon as needed and not to waste finances on excess.

For those whose water is too hard, it is more convenient to use tablets. They help to observe the required dosage exactly. The powder is convenient because you can change the dosage yourself, which is suitable in cases where the water used is not very hard. The composition of the remedy, regardless of whether it is a gel, tablets or powder is the same.

In addition to its ability to change the hardness of water, Calgon helps in the fight against limescale on the heating element. It is a burnt-out heating element that is most often the cause of washing machine repairs. Therefore, experts recommend using it with every wash, at least adding it to the laundry detergent.

Regular use of Calgon helps:

  • Preserve the brightness of the laundry. Do not allow limescale to settle on the fabric;
  • Improve the quality of washing. Washing even the most difficult stains due to the soft water and do not damage the fabric;
  • Significantly save on the amount of detergent. which is much less consumed in soft water.

Studies show that Calgon is not as effective as it is advertised. In its composition it is similar to a regular laundry detergent, because it, too, contains water-softening agents, in particular sodium polyphosphate. But it doesn’t descale the washer, it only helps prevent limescale.

There is an opinion that this product is not only useless, but also can cause damage to the washing machine, because, judging by the reviews of some owners who use Calgon, the service life of the machine as a result is reduced. The choice is left to the user, the advice of specialists are only advisory.

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During the operation of the washing machine, the quality of water leaves its effects on the elements of the machine. There is the formation of plaque and limescale on the heating element. During operation, lime formations can be in sufficiently large quantities, and it can put the machine out of operation.

To prolong the working condition of the machine, it is possible to prevent the process of water influence on its elements with the help of special agents. For the washing machine Calgon is the chemical product that can soften the water, preventing the formation of limescale.

The advantages of the softener consist of the following items:

  • Calgon saves laundry detergent, because less detergent is needed in soft water to separate soiling.
  • Prevents lime formations from getting on the loaded laundry. Preserves the structure and original color of things.
  • Calgon improves the quality of washing because it enhances the action of the powder, which allows you to wash stubborn stains.
  • Prevents the formation of limescale, prolongs the life of the machine.

When using additional detergents in the wash, it will be useful to activate the extra rinse function, if such a cycle is not provided by the selected washing program. This technique will assist in flushing out all residues of Calgon from things and machine elements.



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