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How to use an indesit induction cooktop

Instruction manual and manual for Indesit K1E1 in Russian

Operating Instructions,1Description of the appliance-Overall view,2Description of the appliance-Control Panel,3Installation,4Start-up and use,15Cooking modes,16Using the hob,18Precautions and tips,19Care and maintenance,20Assistance,20

Operating Instructions,1Description of the appliance-Overall view,2Description of the appliance-Control Panel,3Installation,4Connection and use,6Cooking programs,6Burner plate,9Cautions and recommendations,10Maintenance and care,11Maintenance,12

Instructions for use,1Description of the installation,2Description of the installation and operation panel,3Installation,21 Switching on and using,23 Cooking programs,23 Turning on the worktop,26 Help and tips,27Audit and maintenance,28Help,28

Instruments de folosire,1Describing the device, the device is a device that you can control,3Installation,29Pornire is usage,31Utilizarea cuptorului,32Folosirea plitei,33Precauirea plitei,34Ontreinerea is a device,35Asistenu,36

Kurylgy sipattamasy-Baskaroo taqtasy,3

Can be used in a technical manner,42

Description of the appliance, Product description, Ua description of the oven

1.ELECTRIC HOTPLATE 2.Control panel3.Sliding grill rack 4.DRIPPING pan 5.Adjustable foot 6.Containment surface for spills7.GUIDE RAILS for the sliding racks 8.position 5 9.position 410.position 311.position 212.position 1

Cooking plate with sliding racks for spills

1.Electric Burner / Ceramic Burner2.Control panel3.Shelf for spills4.DECO shelf5.Pressing foot6.Cover for picking up the skin,7.The control panel for the police8.position 59.position 410.position 311.position 212.position 1

1 Electronic / ceramic plate2 Frontal control panel3 Cuptor control panel4 Tavo de coacere5 Picioare reglabile6 Plită7 GHIDAJE alunecure rafturi8 nivelul 59 nivelul 410 nivelul 311 nivelul 212 nivelul 1

Features of cooktops

The main advantages of the technique. compactness, technology, safety, as well as a wide range of models:

  • electric, combined or induction;
  • metal, glass ceramic, enameled, glass;
  • independent or dependent complete with an oven;
  • different number of burners;
  • opportunity to choose the design for your interior.

The price of the electric cooktop also depends on the presence of additional functions: timer, short-term pause, locking the panel, residual heat indicator and others.

Get expert advice by phone to choose the right model for your kitchen 7(391)214-36-04.

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indesit, induction, cooktop

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RS Cooking programs.

! For all programs it is possible to set temperature between 50°C and MAX, except for the GRILL program, for which it is recommended to set only MAX mode.

Includes two heating elements: lower and upper. For traditional cooking, we recommend using only one level: if you use several levels and the temperature distribution is not optimal.

Lower heating element is on. We recommend this mode for baking foods that are already browned on top but still raw inside, or for baking cakes with fruit or jam fillings that require a moderate simmering effect (in pots with high edges). Please note that this function does not allow to reach the maximum temperature inside the oven (250°C), therefore it is not recommended to always use this mode for cooking unless you want to bake the cake at a temperature lower or equal to 180°C.

Light is on in the oven; food is subjected to infrared heat from the reflected top center The strongly-directed heat of the grill heats the surface of the meat directly (the air is heated weakly). Meat is crusted over, keeping it tender and juicy. The grill is ideal for cooking high-temperature items such as steaks, filet, burgers, rump steaks, etc.д.

Anywhere between 50°C and max. The oven light comes on and the grill’s dual heating element and the motor rotates the rotor. This grill is larger than a conventional grill and provides 50% more power than a simple grill. With the twin grill, even the corners of the oven are subject to heat.Important: When using the grill always

Keep the oven door closed. This allows you to obtain excellent results and saves energy (around 10%).Top shelf of the grill (see “How to use the grill” on page 71).the table in Ch. (see “Practical suggestions for cooking in the oven”). Put a drip tray under the grill grid.

To turn on Tailliger (hours):1. Turn the TAMER knob clockwise 4 almost one full turn to wind the timer; 2. turn 5 theTaMer knob against the clock to select the desired time.

Practical cooking tips

! When using the grill function, place the griddle on the level 1 to collect cooking liquids (juices and/or fat).

Oven power. Don’t worry if the top element doesn’t remain constantly lit: it’s controlled by a thermostat.

RS Plugging the power cord into the mainsEnsure that the power cord is connected to the mains.

Plug the power cord into the mainsEquip the power cord with a standard plug that matches the load capacity specified on the equipment rating plate (see. right).The oven can be connected directly to the mains. In this case, a multi-line circuit breaker must be installed with a minimum separation of 3 mm between undivided contacts, suitable for the specified current load and complying with current regulations on electrical safety (the cable for the grounding trimmer must not be cut through by the circuit breaker). The power cord must be placed so that it does not come into contact with any surface that has a temperature greater than 50° C.

Before connecting the equipment to the power supply, make sure that

The equipment is grounded and the plug conforms to standards; the outlet can withstand the maximum power consumption of the equipment (see “Connecting to a power source” on page 31). (Refer to the equipment rating plate); the electrical voltage is within the range specified on the equipment rating plate; the outlet will fit into the plug on the equipment, otherwise consult a qualified professional to replace the outlet. Do not use extension cords and multi-outlets.

! The power cable and socket must be easily accessible after installation. ! The cable must not be kinked or crushed.! The cable must be checked at regular intervals and must only be replaced by a qualified service partner.! The manufacturer is not liable for any damage resulting from failure to observe the above precautions.

Before using the oven for the first time, we recommend cleaning it following the recommendations in section “Oven maintenance and care”.

Width 38 cm; Depth 34 cm; Height 39 cm

Internal dimensions of the compartment under the oven

width 42 cm; depth 44 cm; height 18 cm

indesit, induction, cooktop

See. the rating plate of the oven. characteristics on the equipment

Directive 2002/40/EC for electric ovens.Standard EN 50304

Declared energy consumption for natural convection. heating mode:

The oven complies with the following European Community directives:- 2006/95/EC of 12.12.06 (“Low Voltage”) and the following modifications;. 2004/108/EEC of 15.12.04 (“Electromagnetic compatibility”) and subsequent modifications;. 93/68/EEC of 22.07.93 and subsequent modifications;. 2002/96/EC;- 1275/2008 (Stand-by / Off Stand-by mode).).

STEELS NOMINAL is on the inside of the hinged lid or on the left inner wall of the warming drawer.

Switching on and using

! Before using for the first time, fire the empty oven with the door closed at the maximum temperature for half an hour. Then open the door and ventilate the room. An unpleasant odor that appears during the roasting process is caused by the combustion of protective substances used to preserve the equipment before it is used.

Select the desired cooking mode by turning the SELECTOR knob.2. Use the THERMOSTAT knob to select the desired temperature. For a list of the cooking modes and their recommended temperatures, see “Cooking modes” on the CD-ROM. в § Cooking modes и Refer to the “Oven cooking help sheet”.

Change the cooking mode by turning the SELECTOR knob;Change the temperature by turning the THERMOSTAT knob;Set the cooking time and end time (see “Changing the cooking mode” on page 11). Stop cooking by turning the SELECTOR knob to the “0” position.

Indesit Induction Hob VIA6401C Product Overview | ao.com

! Do not place objects directly on the bottom of the oven, as they may damage the enamel coating. Use level 1 of the oven only when cooking on a rotisserie.

! Always place the dishes on the rack or tray of the oven.

! Before using the equipment, remove the protective plastic film from the sides of the equipment.

Thermostat IndicatorThe illuminated indicator shows that the oven is heating. The indicator light goes out when the oven temperature reaches the temperature set with the thermostat knob. From this point on, the on and off indicator will indicate that a constant temperature is being maintained in the du- cooker.

Oven lighting-lighting is activated by turning the SELECTOR knob to any position other than “0”.The lighting stays on as long as the oven is running-

The oven switches on without activating the heating elements.

shown in the diagram, taking them by the leading edge, and

Rules of operation

Cooktop surface is usually made of hardened vitrified ceramic. It requires a certain amount of care. In particular, use soft wipes and care products for induction appliances.

Wipe the panel after each exposure, so that the dirt does not stagnate. It will be very difficult to clean afterwards. After washing, wipe it dry.

Use the right tableware and observe the safety precautions. In this case, the appliances will not bring trouble. Do not allow salt and sugar to spill on the panel. Immediately sweep and wipe the surface.

Possible problems in operation

If the induction hob is malfunctioning, you must turn it off and seek help from specialists who will help solve your problem, because the induction hob is a complex piece of electrical equipment. As one of the most frequent problems in operation, you can highlight the knockout of circuit breakers. This problem occurs in the following cases:

How to use the stove from Indesit RI 161 C ���� Actually very easy!

  • When there is a breakdown in the induction hob, due to which there are sudden changes in the work of the induction system of the stove, because of them triggers protection. knock out the circuit breakers, thereby de-energizing the room;
  • The induction hob works intermittently. this can be due to improper operation of the equipment, the violation of the software algorithms of the panel, but here we must consider that some models work in such intermittent mode. in this case it is all right.

In the video below, see tips on the best way to clean your induction stove.


The reason for the popularity of induction hobs is quite clear: they are as comfortable as simple electric, but more economical. Its practicality can hardly be questioned. However, the connection of an induction cooktop has its own subtleties and nuances. Usually manufacturers indicate that it should only be performed by a specialist electrician.

This requirement is written as a separate clause in any warranty card.

The problem is that the cost of specialist services is quite high, and naturally there is a desire to connect the induction panel with your own hands. For this you will have to study the topic thoroughly and especially the key technical requirements. They refer to:

Power and its importance

Typical capacity of induction stoves is 7.2 kW. This is the highest value of current consumption. Of course, when 2 or 3 burners are used daily, the consumption will be less. But the electricity consumption is also determined by how quickly you need to heat the oven.

When you connect a single-phase induction hob, you must divide 7.2 kW by 230 V for free conversion. So we get 31.3 amps. But it is much more common to use a three-phase network with two phases. Each of them can support a pair of heating fields of identical thermal power, so in the scheme the power of a particular phase is about 3.6 kW (adjusted for efficiency). And so, using the same formula, we get the figure 15,7 Ampere.

Important: it is guided exactly by the limit value. Any hob must be prepared for the case when it will operate at the limit. It is better to foresee such a development in advance, than to suffer from the consequences of an incorrect calculation. Before purchasing an induction hob, make sure you have a plan for connecting it to the mains.

It’s all too bad when your mains power is inferior to the home appliance’s.

Then either the mains fuse will blow or the mains wires will overheat all the time. In apartments built in the 1960s, the power grid is simply not designed for an induction hob. For one apartment at the time allocated an electric capacity of 5.5 kW, and this was considered the figure, covering all imaginable needs. Obviously, the solution is to buy a less powerful kitchen appliance. As an option, you can also buy a model that allows you to reduce the level of current consumption.

Variety of designs and functions

Like classic stoves, induction stoves come in a variety of designs:

  • Full-size. a freestanding stove with an oven and burners.
  • The hob is a built-in hob, which can be installed directly into the countertop.
  • Portable. a mobile stove with one or two burners.
  • Combination. equipped with both induction and classic burners.
indesit, induction, cooktop

Anything is possible. depending on your kitchen.

To make the cooking process even easier and more comfortable, manufacturers are not stingy and introduce more and more additional features, some of which can really be useful.

  • Booster (Booster or Power Boost). the function of switching the power from one burner to the other. You just borrow some power from the free range burner for a while, if you want to cook quickly. Almost all models are equipped with it.
  • Quick Start. when you turn the stove on, it automatically detects which cookware is on.
  • Keep warm mode. with this function enabled, you can leave a cooked meal on the stove and it won’t get cold.
  • Timer with and without automatic shutoff. you set the cooking time, after which a signal will sound and the burner will either shut off (automatic shutoff) or continue to work (without automatic shutoff).
  • The safety switch-off function switches off automatically if there is liquid on the hob: All the cooking zones switch off automatically.
  • Adjusting the power and temperature. you create the best conditions for cooking specific dishes. Some stoves offer a choice of suitable cooking method, like frying, boiling or braising.
  • Pause. if you need to be distracted for a short time, just press pause and do your business. Do not reset all your settings.

When choosing a stove, look for the features you really need. The more variations you offer, the higher the price. But will you use them all in practice??


The principle of the induction stove raises doubts and fears for some housewives. Producers assure that it is safe and there is nothing to worry about. Do you really need them??

Various studies have been conducted on the safety of induction stoves Fact sheet. Induction hobs. Their results are slightly different, but they all agree that at a distance of less than 30 cm from the stove the electromagnetic field still exceeds the standards of SanPiN 2.1.8/ Hygienic Requirements for the Location and Operation of Transmitting Radio Facilities. Also, if you put a cookware with a smaller diameter than the burner, or place it slightly out of alignment, the electromagnetic radiation will be stronger and the radius of exposure will increase.

But the expert specifies that all of this matters if you spend more than two hours a day at the stove. In other cases, the regulations become less stringent, allowing you to cook without any harm to your health.

Observing instructions and safety precautions with any electrical appliance is essential. The induction hob is no exception. As mentioned earlier, special attention should be paid to the diameter of dishes and the type of their bottom.

Food is not affected by the electromagnetic field from the induction stove as the radiation is non-ionising and acts mainly on the cookware, heating it. The effect on the body varies greatly depending on the frequency, power and time of exposure.

In addition, it is particularly important for people with pacemakers to observe safety precautions. It is recommended that you consult your physician before using an induction stove.

It is very likely that if you go closer than 0.5 meter to the stove when it is turned on, the pacemaker could malfunction.

Most of the household appliances and gadgets we use every day affect our bodies in one way or another. In order to ensure the comfortable use of devices that we are so used to, it is important to follow all safety requirements, not to neglect the instructions and strictly follow all the prescriptions. This way you first of all protect yourself, and, of course, prolong the life of your equipment.



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