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How to use an epilator in a bikini zone

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Epalator for the bikini zone: which is better, reviews

At home, a woman is limited in choosing the possibilities of removing unwanted hair, especially in the intimate area. Only special creams, an old proven machine, wax or paste, an electric epalator are available to it. The latter is considered very convenient, but is it better than other methods and how the bikini zone is performed by the epilator?

Professionals assure that absolutely any of the existing methods of hair removal can be used for all areas, excluding the face. the skin here is thin, sensitive, some options (classic shaving, wax) are undesirable. There are no such problems with the bikini zone, including deep ones: if you are convenient to work as an epilator here, you should not think about “you” and “you can’t”. However, not all women agree to do this:

  • The skin on the pubis and in the perineum is very sensitive, easily damaged. Hair growth occurs in several directions. Together, these factors become causes of injuries that heal for a long time.
  • It cannot be called painless removal of this type. the upper pubic zone may not cause discomfort, but the lower, the more acute sensations. If you cannot work as a nap on your feet, it’s better not to touch a deep bikini. it will be much more painful.
  • Irritation that appears in the vast majority of women disappears slowly, but smooth skin after the epilator is also longer than after a razor: up to a month.

What you need to know about devices

Unlike depilation, which involves removing only the outer part of the hair (shaving), hair removal means complete disposal of hairs with the root. The principle of operation of the epilator is simple, but differs depending on the modification.

  • Spring devices appeared one of the first. A spiral is built into the working part of the device. When moving, the spring hooks the hairs and removes them with the root. Early versions rarely have modern functions or nozzles, and their main drawback is the quick failure of the working spiral, which requires a regular change of part for the further use of the epilator.
  • Disk devices work somewhat different. Epilizing discs installed in a special way remove the hairs when contacted with each other.
  • Tweezers are more effective than spring or disk. Rotating plates are located in a certain order, similarly to the distribution of hair follicles on the human body, which makes depilation better and helps to reduce pain. The most popular tweezers produce brands Rowenta (Ravent) and Braun (Brown).

There are various modifications of devices equipped with useful options. The procedure for hair removal of the bikini or armpits can be very painful, especially for users with sensitive skin. Especially to facilitate the session, models with cooling heads have been developed.

The presence of such a head is an important criterion for choosing a device.

Some parts of the devices must be forcibly cooled, and then immediately proceed to removal hair. In addition to them, soothing and cooling gloves are often used, they are applied to the processed area before the procedure and upon its completion.

Another type of instrument for painless hair removal with an epilator at home is a device with massage heads. They reliably fit the skin, excluding its stretching, namely this nuance brings acute pain.

Preparation for hair removal

Before removing the vegetation by the epilator, it is advisable to produce some manipulations that will help improve the effect, as well as make this process comfortable:

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  • Inspect the places where the processing is planned. Please note that you can not epilize areas with convex moles, warts, as well as with noticeable vascular stars and protruding veins. For such zones, it is best to find another way, for example, to use an electric brow, the nozzle from which can be included in your epilator.
  • If depilation has recently been carried out, then wait a couple of days until the hairs of sufficient length grow, optimally. about three millimeters. Otherwise, the device will be difficult to capture hemp, and the procedure will take a long time.
  • In the event that, on the contrary, the hair has grown too long, cut or trim it with a trimmer to five millimeters. Otherwise, the pain can be felt stronger, and the device will break the hairs without tearing the roots.
  • Not earlier than an hour before the start of the procedure, steam the skin, taking a bath, then apply a scrub or massage well a hard washcloth. Such actions will significantly increase the quality of epilation.
  • If it is planned to hair armpits and bikini zone, then treat these areas with an alcohol solution or antiseptic for the skin. Also completely wipe the head of the device.
  • For good adhesion of the device with hairs, cover the skin with baby puffing. This will not only make the structure thicker, but also absorb excess moisture and skin fat.

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After the implementation of all preparatory stages, the process of removing hairs will pass more smoothly and quickly.

How to properly test your hair at home

So how to test your hair correctly? Appointment of nozzles, the rules for using the device are set out in the instructions. As practice shows, the most painful procedure is the first. In the following, the pain is dulled, the body gets used to removing the hair. Somewhere the necessary skills are developed by the tenth procedure (you will already be deftly using the device, learn your most painful places, learn the optimal speed of the device for you) and the process is quickly and practically painless.

How else can you reduce pain

There are still general recommendations, given which it is possible to facilitate the process:

  • The hair after a bath or a good hot shower is easily and painless when the skin is steamed;
  • Before the procedure and immediately after it, the site must be treated with an antiseptic. It can be tinctures on herbs, a solution of furatsilin, alcohol lotion, etc. D.;
  • The first time to test the device is better on the legs;
  • For the bikini zone, it is better to use minimum speed;
  • Before using the epilator, the hair should first be cut (or grow, if before that was depicted under clean) up to 4-5 mm. The epalator may not capture too short core;
  • The skin should be dry if the other is not provided with special nozzles;
  • With one hand, leading the epulator, pull the skin with the second;
  • First, the epalator should be used at low speed. Only so effectively thick hairs are pulled out (they are like that if they were shaved or removed with cream earlier);
  • Lead the device against hair growth. So remove them faster and not so painful;
  • Do not press the skin on the skin! Drive the epalator smoothly, without pressure, under a slight inclination;
  • After epilation, the site should be treated with a special tool after depilation. It will calm the skin, relieve its irritation and slow down hair growth. You can use olive oil for this. You will also find a description and reviews about the means of slowing hair growth after hair removal here;
  • To avoid the problem of ingrown hair, a few days after hair removal, steam the skin and cleanse it with peeling or scrub. So access to germinating hair will open.

Try not to touch moles and papillomas with an epilator. Squeeze the hairs around them with tweezers.

A few secrets of painless removal

  • Before the onset of menstruation, the skin is more sensitive and the procedure for hair removal is more painful. After the end of menstruation (the last day and a couple of days after) the pain is felt less.
  • The time and time of the day plays: from 17 to 19 hours. the time is optimal for the procedure (it will be less painful).
  • Shorten the hair to 1-2 mm, hair removal is less painful.
  • It is important to choose the correct direction of the device: the epilator is carried out against hair growth.

Each person has his own pain threshold. Therefore, the method of hair removal or depilation is selected individually. But for most, hair removal with a nap is familiar, and does not require additional methods to reduce pain. For those who are solved on the procedure for the first time, you need to know the rules and remember that regularity is the key to success in this matter. In addition, it is not necessary to use the epalator. Instead, you can use, for example, a good cream for depilation of the bikini zone. You can familiarize yourself with the reviews of cream for depilation of Bikini Velvet by the link. Waxing stripes are popular and hair removal. Another way is a deep bikini shugaring. You will find a recipe for conducting at home in this material. About how to prevent irritation after shaving, read in the article.

epilator, bikini, zone

Preparatory events

Proper preparation before hair removal will make it possible to produce the most effective hair removal. The determination of the day when the procedure will be carried out is of no small importance. It should be chosen based on your menstrual cycle. The most optimal time for hair removal is 4-7 days of the cycle. During this period, the pain syndrome will be lower than on other days.

During the menstruation itself, it is not recommended to remove hair. First of all, it is non.hygienic. In addition, depilation pain will be felt stronger. According to some women, the optimal time to perform this procedure is the last day of menstruation.

Based on physiological features, it is recommended to plan body care for the evening hours. It is proved that during this period the pain threshold is much lower than in the morning or during the day.

But what is Brazilian hair removal and how it is done and what it looks like, you can see here.

Before using the epilator in the bikini zone, you need to shorten the length of the hair. They can be cut using scissors or shaved 3-4 days before the planned depilation. Otherwise, if the hair is long, it will not work out the desired effect and the removal will be very painful.

Depilation will occur with less discomfort if you take a hot shower or bath in front of it. Additionally, the skin should be treated with a scrub. It can be replaced with a regular hard washcloth. Removing keratinized cells will make it possible to perform better hair removal. There are devices that can be used directly during the adoption of water procedures. If the epilator is usual, then immediately after taking the bath, the skin needs to be wiped and only then begin to get rid of unwanted vegetation. If you leave the body wet, then the effectiveness of the procedure will be less. But what are the types of lasers during laser hair removal, you can see here.

On the video epilation of the bikini zone by the epilator:

Which one to choose for a deep bikini area

Which epalator is better? How to choose the best? So immediately answer this question, because it is necessary to understand that the characteristic feature of this device is pain. Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve a complete absence of pain with the epilator, so if you categorically do not tolerate pain, then this method of hair removal is not suitable for you. The principle of operation of the device is based on hair pulling out, so the painful sensations here are inevitable. But it is worth being afraid, since it is most painful during the first procedure, the further will take place with a lower manifestation of soreness. If you want to reduce pain, then read about the methods of pain relief when epilation of the bikini zone here.

The painter with special nozzles and cooling effect helps to reduce pain. In addition to the bikini area, such a device can be used to perform hair removal.

Another epilator for intimate places has a blowing function. The best device should have at least two tweezers rotation speeds. If the speed is high, then a large number of hairs will immediately be removed, and this will greatly reduce the pain. When carrying out the procedure at home, you can choose an epalator with equipped razor. This detail is not superfluous, as many believe, because during the hair removal of intimate places sometimes you have to use a razor.

Buy a device with a function of it under water. If you want to buy a really good and the best epilator, then you should not save money for it. The more expensive the device, the less inconvenience it will bring you. See how the epilator is epilator in the bikini zone in this material.

An important selection criterion is nutrition. Many acquire a device with a cord or battery. But you will have to use an epilator with a cord only in the bathroom, which cannot be said about devices with a battery.

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Here you can watch a video of how a non.surgical facelift of the face is done according to the method of Margarita Levchenko.

Reviews of moisturizing body lotions: https: // soinpeau.ru/kosmetika/loson/Tela-Kak-Polzovatsya.HTML.

Rating of the best epilators for intimate places. how to choose the right

When purchasing the product, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, the warranty period and the list of the declared functions. Epilators can be female and male. We offer to familiarize yourself with several models, their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, cost.


Differ from male color and concise design. They are convenient and effective, have additional nozzles.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to steam the skin in warm water. Then wipe it with a special nozzle of the device against hair growth.

How Rolsen Resc-51S works in the bikini area

A comfortable and stylish brand will be able to give smooth skin to a woman at any age. Additional nozzles remove hair of any length. They can be washed under the crane. The device can function from the battery and be used regardless of the network. He can be taken on a trip and a business trip. Continuous work time up to 40 minutes. Minus: there are few nozzles, no backlight, cannot be used with shaving foam.

How to use Philips Satinelle Bre640 and make hair removal for the first time

It has a S-shaped shape, a trimmer for grass and a comb for hair removal. The set of 8 attributes for a comfortable procedure at home. Used for a wet and dry depilation method. With a wet process, the process takes place with less painful sensations, therefore it is suitable for working in the bikini zone. The head is closely in contact with the skin and captures thin and weak hairs. High.quality ceramic discs do not irritate, do not damage. Can be used to remove hair on the legs. Minus: High

Braun 5185 Silk-Epil Xelle

Ideal for hair removal in the deep bikini zone. Dermatologists are recommended. It does not irritate the skin. Removes hairs of any stiffness. The moving head epilates inaccessible areas with sensitive skin. Suitable for travel and business trips. The backlight will not allow you to miss even inconspicuous rods. Has a protective cover, case and brush. Works at 2 speeds. Does not make noise during work. Minus: food only from the network. Cannot be used in the presence of moles.

Braun 3380 Silk-Epil Soft Perfection

Has 2 speeds, which allows you to adjust the device to individual characteristics to minimize pain. Neatly removes all the hairs with the root. High.quality plastic does not cause irritation and redness. Tends to dare unwanted hairs point. An additional shaving head leaves the skin smooth up to 4.5 weeks. The set of an ergonomic storage case. The ceramic nozzle carefully lifts the hairs so that the tweezers can capture them. It has 2 speeds. Cons: no backlight, the head cannot be washed.

Roverta EPS9260

In a set of nozzles for an intimate area, for peeling and a trimmer for grass. Hair removs in any part of the body qualitatively. The total number of nozzles. 6 pieces, tweezers. 24. Easily removed from the device and washed under the tap. Has 2 speeds, backlight. Battery power. Continuous operation time up to 40 minutes. Can be used with foam. Minus: slightly the upper layer.


Performs hair removal simply and quickly, does not cause unpleasant sensations. Suitable for wet and dry hair removal. Can be used in the bathroom. Ceramic “fingers” carefully lift the hairs and direct them to the tweezers. Recommended length for hair removal up to 0.5 cm. The set has a special peeling nozzle, a trimmer for grass and a restraint for a deep bikini. Works at 2 speeds. The first is for beginners. The head is easily washed under running water. Battery power. Continuous mode of operation up to 40 minutes. The nozzle, the nozzle easily and carefully exfoliates keratinized tissue cells and regenerates. Disadvantages: hard hairs can be broken down.

Panasonic ES-EU 20

Classic version with additional attributes. Has a removable nozzle for hair removal of an intimate area. Easily washed under the crane. Suitable for a humid procedure using gel or cream. Works on the battery, autonomous up to 30 minutes. Charges from the network to 12 hours. Low noise. Minus: no backlight, small autonomous mode.

Braun Silk-Epil 5 Power 5380 Trimmer for grass

Recommended for all types of hair and skin. There is a backlight, nozzles for the armpits and deep bikini zone. Has a cooling glove for anesthetization of the procedure. In a set of trimmer for grass for leveling hair. Brings a length of 1 to 3 mm for effective hair removal. The speed is adjustable for a quick and sparing regime. It works from the network. Long cord. Disadvantages: Could break hard hair rods.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the vibrational system of the epilator. It weakens pain during removal.


For men, manufacturers offer special devices that epilate hard hair. Models with interchangeable heads in a classic style. an ideal solution. They will help to remove unwanted hairs on the face, in the axillary areas and an intimate area. High.quality devices are equipped with a system of vibration and cooling. Experts recommend using trusted brands that have many positive reviews.

How to remove Philips Satin Ice Total Care HP 6433/PB

Has a cooling container during depilation. Before the procedure, it is frozen in the freezer, then put on the device. This allows you to anesthetize the removal process. Recommended for sensitive skin. The nozzle in the form of a brush exfoliates keratinized cells and prevents the possibility of growing. Nutrition from the network. Has 2 speeds, 20 rotating tweezers. There is a razor nozzle and a trimmer for grass. Removes hairs up to 5 mm long. Warranty period of use during the year. Can be used by women for wet and dry hair removal.

Bikini epalator

The hair in the bikini zone is thick and hard, so shaving it should be carefully and correctly, in order to avoid growing. The correctly selected device will help minimize the risk of ingrown hair. Learn to carry out the procedure.

The following recommendations will help find the answer to the question of which device is better to choose:

  • It is recommended to pay attention to models with a moisture.proof building. Such epilators allow you to shave hair directly under water, while taking a bath. When processing the bikini zone, the ability to epilate under water significantly reduces unpleasant sensations.
  • Manufacturers do everything possible to reduce the pain of the procedure, thereby increasing the demand for products. If the electric power plant caused less pain, it would have more fans. There are models equipped with cooling nozzles. They are best suited for delicate skin. axillary depressions or bikini zones.
  • Another way to reduce unpleasant sensations when removing hair is an epulator with a massage nozzle. Thanks to the massage nozzle, blood circulation in the processed zone of the bikini improves, which means that pain is noticeably dulled and the skin is easier.

Epilators with a large number of tweezers should be equipped with a limiter, which will not allow the device to immediately tear out a large bundle of hair. It also helps to reduce discomfort when hair removal.

Standard set of homepilor.

Some epilators are equipped with trimmers that are conveniently used when modeling an intimate hairstyle.


An epulator for intimate zones is a specialized electric device, with which you can quickly, simply and effectively remove unwanted vegetation in the bikini zone and nearby areas.

A distinctive feature of such equipment is the ability to get rid of hairs for 4-5 weeks, which cannot be achieved by classical methods. No less important advantages of device are a significant slowdown in hair growth and ease of use. In addition, such a method is practically no different from professional procedures, with the exception of laser hair removal.

Another distinctive advantage of electric epilators is a decrease in the pain that is present when using a classic razor or when the hairs break out with tweezers. Also, such equipment allows you to quickly and simply get rid of the problem of growing hair.

Unlike classical methods, hair removal with specialized equipment makes it possible to achieve a more smooth skin texture. This feature is explained by some technological nuances and unique structural advantages.

As for the shortcomings, some users note slight irritation and the presence of pain in the process of hair removal.

To avoid this problem, you should carefully consider the choice of the device and know which nozzles are best used for a particular type of skin.



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