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How to use an electric kettle Xiaomi

Xiaomi kettle setting up, phone connection

The modern world is gradually moving to a situation where each household device will be part of one large ecosystem, which is called “Internet of things”.

In this article I will show how to set up an electric kettle of Xiaomi and connect it to the Bluetooth phone in order to make the necessary changes in the configuration of its work and remotely control the boiling water.

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle kettle does not just boil water, as all the others do, it can track the temperature of the water and has several operating modes that are suitable for different situations.

For example, if you poured raw water, even filtered, it must be brought to 100 degrees to guarantee to kill the entire probable pathogenic microflora and not get sick.

But if you use previously boiled water, it is not necessary to boil, you can heat it to 80 or 90 degrees.

electric, kettle, xiaomi

By the way, you noticed that many recipes for brewing tea specifically indicate that boiling water cannot be used, it spoils tea, makes it tart, bitter and changes the chemical composition of the released essential oils.

It is in order to correctly brew rare or love tea, you need to connect the Xiaomi kettle to the smartphone and get the opportunity to indicate the desired water temperature to achieve the best result.

Kettle control through the Mi Home application

After connecting the electric kettle to the smartphone, the same, early non.affordable functionality will open before you, thanks to which the device wears the proud console “Smart”. It is worth noting that the intensity of the kettle management application is intuitive and easy to use.

At the top of the main page in large numbers, the current water temperature in the kettle was noted. Depending on the temperature level, the upper panel can change its color from blue (if the water is cold) to red (when the water is heated).

Directly under the panel with temperature indicators, there is a slider of time with which you can activate the function of “maintaining heat” (Keep Warm Time) from 1 to 12 hours. The menu below contains the same temperature parameters that will be maintained due to this option. The icon of each option illustrates the drink for which the presented temperature is characteristic. By default, the values ​​of 90, 80 and 50 degrees are available, but independent adjustment is also possible, which is tuned through the slider under the icons or through the “more” tab.

At the bottom of the working screen, the user will open a choice for installing one of two modes: “cool to a given temperature” and “heat to a given temperature”. The first regime involves heating water before boiling and subsequent cooling to the selected level with maintaining this temperature. The second regime heats water without boiling to a pre.set temperature and supports it.

How to connect a Xiaomi smart kettle to a smartphone?

In this instructions, we will consider the device and functionality of the smart kettle, the sequence of steps to conjure with the phone and solve possible problems with the connection. On the example of the popular models of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle and Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth Pro.

Setting and connecting an application for Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

To control the smart kitchen assistant from the phone, download the Mi Home app of the App Store or Google Play on your phone or scan the QR code from the teapot using the QR-codes reading application. Install the application, open and go through the registration or enter your account if you have been registered in it earlier.

In the Mi Home application, click on the “Add the device” and agree to turning on Bluetooth.

Two tabs will be available to you: “Devices nearby” and “Add manually”. Open the first of them and search for the device or on the second tab find a smart kettle in the “kitchen electronics” section. Click on the name of the teapot and follow the instructions of the application. The application will offer you to click and hold the button closest to the kettle handle for 3 seconds, after which the device will begin to conjure. If the kettle is not connected, change the region in the section to mainland China (Mainland SHINA) or make sure that Bluetooth turned on. Another option is to find a kettle through the Bluetooth settings.

The synchronization of the smartphone and the kettle will begin, after which the desktop will open to work with the kettle.

Connection of the kettle to several smartphones

If you want to control the kettle from several phones, you need to give a general access to the kettle. To do this, in the Mi Home application, go to the “Profile” tab and the “General Devices” section. Find your smart kettle there and give access to your family member account, after which it should confirm this access from your Mi Home account on the phone. (If p Rein to connect the kettle to another phone, you have a problem with the conjugation, discharge the previous connection, holding the closest button to the handle for 3 seconds.)

Teapot Management Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

To boil water in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle model, click the button closer to the teapot body. When the water boils, the kettle will turn off and give a sound signal.

To maintain a given temperature, click the button closest to the handle. The kettle will heat water or wait for it to cool to the set temperature and will support it for 12 hours. By default, a temperature of 50 ° C is maintained, but it can be changed using the mi home mobile application.

Having launched the Mi Home application and go to the menu of your smart teapot, you can make a number of settings.

At the top you will see the temperature of the water that is now poured into the kettle. In the line “Continuation of isolation” by moving the slider sets the time to maintain temperature up to 12 hours. In the “Water temperature” section, you choose the temperature that the kettle will maintain constant. To do this, click on one of the buttons with a specific temperature, click on the “more” line or move the slider for a more accurate setup. Under each button, the application prompts fluids that require such temperature (coffee, tea, children’s mixture).

There are two more modes at the bottom of the screen: “cool to a given temperature” and “heat to a given temperature”.

If you turn on the first of them, the kettle boils water, wait for its cooling to a given temperature and will support. For this mode, there is also a runner below near the inscription “Do not boil again”. maintain a temperature without repeated boiling.

The second regime. heats water without boiling to a given temperature and will support it.

Note that from the phone the kettle cannot be turned on. After installing all the settings, you still need to press the heating button on the kettle. If you remove the kettle from the stand, the 12-hour heating session (or the one you put up) ends. To install a new session, you must again press the heating button.

Connection of the Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth Pro teapot

The teapot of VIOMI SMART KETTLE is connected in a similar way, but the difference here is a mobile application. This is a specialized application from VIOMI, which initially works in Chinese (do not confuse with VIOMI Robot application for robots). Consider how to download and install it.

electric, kettle, xiaomi

Since the application is difficult to download through the search for the App Store or Google Play (you need to introduce hieroglyphs), scan the QR code from the kettle itself or download this link. After downloading, install and open the file by giving the necessary permits. Now you need to add a smart kettle, after which the application will switch to English.

How to connect a Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth Pro to a smartphone kettle

In general, the conjugation of this model of the “smart” kettle is carried out similarly, minus the fact that another application is used, namely software from VIOMI. The main problem of this program is at the start of use. This is the functioning in Chinese.

In order to quickly find and install the utility, we recommend that you use the scanning of the QR code from the device itself (or documents), or follow this link. After installation, start the program and provide it with all the necessary permits.

The next step will be the addition of the gadget, after which the software language will change to more familiar English. Go to the 3rd on the left tab, click on the icon “” from above. After that you will need to find the image of the kettle and click on it. In the list that appears, select the name of your device and clamp the upper touch key of 3 s kettle until sound alert appears. Red indicator during the procedure should blink 3 times. If you did everything right, the kettle will be connected to the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle teapot management from several smartphones

If you have a large family and you need to make several people use the capabilities of the device using a smartphone, then you need to provide general access to the kettle.

In the “Profile” section and the “General Devices” item, find your device and provide access to another person’s account. That user, in turn, must confirm access from his own “Mi Home” on a smartphone.

Viomi. Smart Water kettle with Bluetooth? [Xiaomify]

If after conjugation with another mobile phone you have difficulties with the connection, then try to discharge the previous connection. To do this, you need to squeeze the closest to the apparatus handle for 3 seconds.

Electrician operation advice

These devices are used daily, so if they are abandoned, they quickly fail. The following recommendations will help to prevent a breakdown of dummies:

  • Check the case for leaks: fill it with water, wipe it dry and put on a paper towel. If after 15-20 minutes there are no wet spots on it, the kettle is whole. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center in order to prevent a short circuit.
  • Do not remove the kettle from the stand to the automatic or manual shutdown of the button. With non.compliance with this rule, electrical contacts are damaged, which are difficult to restore.
  • Do not cook food in the device. Particles of food stick to the heater and provoke its breakdown.
  • Pour water so that the heating element inside the body is completely covered with water.
  • Follow the appearance of a layer of scale on an electric heater, which at the same time begins to heat itself, which leads to a breakdown of the device. The plaque is formed due to the crystallization of calcium and magnesium salts located in water, especially stiff, when it is heated. The more sediment, the more difficult it is to eliminate it. For the prevention of plaque, it is recommended to use purified water. There are ways to combat a scope at home.

It is time to teach Chinese

An anecdote that the pessimist teaches Chinese is already so bearded that the author cannot be found. Only now he began to understand that the study of Chinese is more likely a harsh necessity than the whim of teachers and popularizers of Chinese culture.

This is all to the fact that the kettle came in beautiful packaging, with detailed instructions, many inscriptions on the case without a single English symbol! Everything is only hieroglyphs. There are no mnemonic icons. By the method of scientific poke, it was possible to establish that the button closer to the case (sensory, by the way) is responsible for turning on and heated before a boil. What’s next? Unknown. At the time of receipt of the device of information in Russian and English, no.

From memory of the work of other devices, Xiaomi launched an official application for a smart home Mihome and tried to click the second button. The kettle made a pleasant, quiet squeak, blinked with an LED, and effect 0.

There is not a word of English on the page of adding a new device. There is no MIKETTLE device. (I know about the methods of Russification, the installation of the right region did not help. The first batch. torment to fans.) What to do?

MiJia Smart Home Kettle Xiaomi. Обзор умного чайника

How the device connects

To set up and connect the device with the phone, you need to download and install the Mi Home application. The program allows you to manage all products that are part of the Smart-Dom. You can download it in Play Market for free.

electric, kettle, xiaomi

Synchronizes the application with a kettle through Bluetooth. Therefore, immediately after installation, this function must be launched on your smartphone. The smart device should be configured according to the following scheme:

electric, kettle, xiaomi
  • Download and install the Mi Home application;
  • Run the program;
  • When starting, select the location of Mailand China;
  • Go to your Mi account;
  • Press the “Add Device” button;
  • It may take about 30 seconds to search for a new device, after which an electric kettle image will appear on the display. Be sure during these actions, the product should be placed on the stand and connected to the outlet;
  • Then 3 seconds you need to keep the control button located on the handle from the bottom (second from the case).

After the manipulation of the mobile phone, a circle should appear, which displays the level of connection as a percentage.

If an error has occurred at some stage, the window will come up with the question. Authentication must be carried out by responding to it, and the process will end quickly.

Smart kettle and Alice

Smart House from Yandex supports synchronization with many devices of Xiaomi. All compatible devices can be connected to Alice’s voice assistant and control. But, with regard to smart teapots, at the moment the support of these devices is under development. The official list of compatible devices is available on Yandex.Markete and constantly expanding.

If synchronization with a smartphone ends with an error, in the Mi Home settings and in the parameters of the phone change the region to “mainland China”. And also check the work of Bluetooth.

If these manipulations have not helped, try reinstalling the Mi Home application or checking that in the program settings, in the “Resolutions” section are all checkmarks. Also leave the Mi account and go over the authorization procedure again.



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