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How to use a Soviet coffee maker on gas

How to use a geyser coffee maker correctly?

Different devices are used for the preparation of coffee, including a classic Turku or a full.fledged coffee machine. However, the first device leaves a lot of guts at the bottom, and the second is an expensive and bulky technique. It is much easier to learn to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker to avoid unjustified costs of buying professional equipment.

The geyser coffee maker is used to obtain a saturated drink by means of steam. The device has a primitive principle of action and compactness. For the first time, the device began to be used at the beginning of the XIX in., But it does not lose popularity today, despite the presence of alternative methods and technologies of preparation.

The development of geyser.type coffee makers took a long period of time, so different people are considered the creators of the device. The name of the device is associated with the specifics of the work. During the preparation of coffee, a phenomenon resembles a generation of a geyser.

  • Water capacity located below. In most cases, it has a shape of an octagon.
  • Filter for filling ground grains.
  • Drink.

In addition, the device has a rubber gasket in places of contact 2 departments. Inside the container there is a metal tube for circulation of the drink during cooking.

A special valve is used for an emergency output of steam and fixed in the base wall. The system is supplemented by a nose for the convenience of pouring a drink and a handle made of heat.resistant plastic.

The specifics of the preparation of coffee are reduced to the use of steam under pressure. After filling the lower compartment and placing the device on the stove (or connection to the outlet), the liquid begins to warm up and boils.

Under the influence of elevated temperatures and pressure in a funnel with ground grains, the steam goes up, where it acquires a characteristic taste and aroma.

how I make Turkish coffee

Among the key advantages of geyser models:

  • obtaining intensive aroma and taste of coffee;
  • process automation;
  • a large volume of the tank (individual models contain up to 1 liter of water);
  • the possibility of use for the preparation of medicinal decoctions and tea;
  • obtaining a clean drink without a ground;
  • prolonged preservation of the temperature of the drink;
  • compactness;
  • A variety of market models;
  • wear resistance;
  • simplicity of care;
  • Low cost.

Advanced models of coffee makers have a built.in timer, screen and sound warning function. The presence of such options simplifies operation, but makes the equipment more expensive.

Geyser coffee maker how to use

I will not say that I am a big coffee lover. In the mornings, I do not need a mandatory cup with a fragrant drink, but sometimes I want to pamper myself with a bitter, strong black or vice versa delicate sweet coffee with milk. I am not an ardent adherent of a certainly boiled coffee: in fact, a common soluble is nothing more than the usual freshly ground and welded coffee from which the liquid was evaporated. And in what form this product is powder, granular or sublimated (in the form of prisms). the case of the manufacturer and marketers. For me, so any coffee from the just open jar smells pleasant and you can’t distinguish for several subsequent days that you are poured into a cup. And then exhales, yes. But the bank is always at hand and do not dance around the stove and wash coffee pots and Turks))

But sometimes I want to go straight coffee coffee! And so that truly and in an adult way)) in general, I cooked coffee for a long time in an ordinary small Soviet Turk.

A spoon for stirring coffee during cooking was even attached to the Turk. I, all so serious, fell asleep 2 teaspoons of ground coffee in Turku, flooded with cold water, put the burner on the strongest fire and, stirring, waited for coffee to boil. A fragrant cap of coffee foam appeared on the surface. You just miss. it will run away! If I wanted to stronger. took off from the fire, waited for the foam to settle, and again returned to the stove until a second boiling. Sometimes, by mood, before the second boiling, I seasoned coffee with cinnamon or pepper. And all would be nothing, but! one. I didn’t like to meditate on the Turk and vigilantly watch the coffee. At this time, I could prepare a more significant part of breakfast. 2. I didn’t like that there was always a sediment at the bottom of the cups. Dadada, you can guess on the coffee grounds, but enjoy the last sip will not work.

Well, then a geyser coffee maker fell into my hands, which decided both troubles.

In general, there are many of them. from different manufacturers, all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Even in Soviet times, many were familiar with this thing. I don’t know why there was no such coffee maker in our family, but I definitely saw this strange aluminum coffee pot with several girlfriends.

A couple of years ago, I happened to cook coffee in a modern model of coffee makers from Teskoma. I remember that we cooked fragrant coffee very quickly, no sediment, unusually aromatic and rich. Oh, how did I want such a thing for personal use. But the price was quite high.

Sometimes I cook coffee, I rejoice in life, I dissuade the people from the purchase of a coffee machine that must be washed, it buzzes, breaks and takes up place. At first, with one virtual friend, they discussed all the pros and cons, then with the other, then the friend asked to tell what kind of beast it was, then again the next Frenessa was puzzled by the purchase of a coffee machine And I decided something-why write to different people the same thing, let everything be all the same, let everything be all. My thoughts and impressions in one place lie, but I will give a link))

Actually, all geyser coffee makers have the same principle of work. The coffee maker consists of three parts: 1.The lower water compartment (in it from the side is the safety valve for the output of the steam) 2.A coffee container (or filter) with a tube (a thing is similar to a goalkeeper with a strain, in a collected form the tube reaches almost the bottom of the lower compartment) 3.Actually, the coffee pot itself, where the drink is assembled (and another “funnel” is built inside it only “upside down”).

Water is poured into the lower container to the safety valve. If you pour water, then coffee, of course, will prepare. But if something suddenly goes wrong, the couples will not be able to go through this valve and the coffee maker will simply explode. So this water level can be attributed to safety precautions.

soviet, coffee, maker

We insert a “strain” and pour ground coffee-I have 3-4 teaspoons. We leveled coffee, but do not tamp!

On top we wrap the main capacity of the coffee maker on the thread. In theory, these parts should be tightly connected to each other. In prof.there are even special seals, t.to. All work depends on tightness, and over time, any thread is erased. There are no seals in my model. Put the structure on the stove.

So how does it work? Physics! In the lower compartment from the heat of the burner, the water warms up and turns into steam. Steam presses on the water, and it goes upstairs through the “funnels” tube, through coffee. Coffee is brewed and assembled in the upper container in the form of a finished drink. I found the picture on the Internet.

At first nothing happens, then a coffee maker begins to click and crackle. If you look inside. empty. And then literally in 3-5 minutes, all the liquid from the lower compartment “shimmers” into the upper.

Here is the first pleasant moment. the coffee maker does not need to be controlled by shi. Put on the stove and went to do their business while he is noisy. cooks. It became quiet. it means all the water is already in the upper compartment. Noisy, by the way, not loud.

Principle of operation

Consider how the geyser coffee maker works. The lower container is filled with water. During heating, the water gradually turns into steam. Steam pressure grows and squeezes boiling water up, pushes it through a filter with ground coffee. The water is saturated with the aroma and taste of coffee, and then, spilled through a special tube into the upper part of the coffee maker. Thus, coffee is brewed due to the fact that water in the form of steam passes through a filter filled with coffee. Coffee is ready when all the water flooded in the lower container will be in the upper.

All geyser.type coffee makers according to the heat source can be divided into such groups:

  • Gas. Can be installed not only on a gas stove, but also on any open fire. You can prepare coffee in it at a stake or stove that is heated by firewood. She does not need a binding to a socket and an electric network.
  • Electric. Devices work from the network. This allows you to quickly make coffee at home or in the office.
  • For induction plates. Stainless steel or cast iron coffee makers can be placed on an induction stove. To make sure. that it is suitable for such a stove, applied to the bottom of the magnet. If it does not disappear, you can install on an induction device.

The best models and prices

You can meet structures made in Turkey, China, Romania or India according to traditional drawings, and its modification.

Lukashenko: We’ve finally started trading using Russian rubles, buying natural gas, oil, and so on.

But what kind of geyser coffee maker is better than a durable or stainless steel and how to make a choice right is very carefully presented in an article on the link.

    For example, a company from Switzerland BODUM produces one hundred percent iron.type iron devices, for about 2 thousand depending on the volume of test tubes, the cost may change.

But everything that is right below this price is definitely Chinese. The price of a coffee maker usually does not exceed 1 thousand Accordingly, the quality is the same.

Maybe you will also be able to intrigue information about what is the electronic coffee maker Turk with auto shutdown when boiling.

    Excellent models are produced in Indian factories, also under an unusual title, but marked Kitty, the price does not actually differ from the price of the original.

If you set the goal, then many web platforms offer a similar product, but on the shelves of ordinary stores it meets much more often.


Freshly ground grains of arabica with experienced hands or smart technology simply take the shape of a fragrant espresso or creamy cappuccino. The drink awakens in the morning, does not allow you to fall asleep in the evening and gives pleasure if it is welded correctly. But what if there is no coffee machine at home, and in a Turk, coffee comes out watery and bitter?

Try to make a drink in a geyser coffee maker: observing the manufacturing recipe, you will receive fragrant coffee by spending a penny for its production for its production.

The principle of operation of the coffee maker

The device is based on the principles of boiling and steam exposure. In the process of preparation, coffee, water and hot surface are involved directly. Further, saturated steam as a result of heating begins to push water in the direction of a special filter to ground coffee. Hot flows contribute to cooking, but boiling occurs already at the end of the general process, when the drink is ready. The number of servings will depend on the volume that the geyser.type coffee makeup has. The principle of operation, which involves the movement of hot water with steam between individual tanks, allows you to develop structures with a capacity of 40 to 700 ml. Accordingly, the number of cups can be 1 and 18 units.

soviet, coffee, maker

The geyser coffee maker can be divided into three functional parts.

Two of them form the basis of the structure. this is the lower and upper tanks.

There is just the third component between them-a small capacity of the rally, which contains ground coffee.

Special filters are designed to separate this container from two working sections.

In the lower part for this, a holey metal plate of a funnel is used, and in the upper. a combination of the filter and gaskets.

Since a geyser.type coffee maker works at high temperatures with the processes of steam pressure, the design also provides for protective systems.

So, the lower tank in the side contains a safety valve, which allows in emergency order to release steam pressure. In the latest models, the discharge occurs automatically if the pressure exceeds the set values.

Sealing the device is provided by gaskets in a threaded connection.

The case itself is performed on an aluminum basis with separate inserts of heat.resistant plastic.


In the seventies and eighties the same Riga. that he produced a dishwasher, also pleased with mixers under the same brand. The mixers were both manual (called “electric zibivals”), and stationary with a bowl. Latvian production products were not enough throughout the country, it was common in the Baltic states and Belarus.

Hand Mixer “Strauma” with 5 nozzles: 2 corolla, 2 hooks for dough and one chopping disk

In the eighties in the Union began to slowly release electromixers with the names “Mir”, “Electronics”, “Vesaga”. Soon they were replaced by cheap European modeling, and then Chinese. And before the electronic version was mechanical, and it was not easy to buy it.

Mixer “Starum” with a stand

Popular models and manufacturers

Popular brands fight for the right to be the first in the coffee world of specialized devices. You can note several manufacturers who successfully occupy the first positions in the sales market of coffee makers and coffee machines:

  • The Italian concern Delonghi has a minimalist design of equipment. And their coffee machines amaze with rich functionality. For example, the famous Ecam 44 model.664.B has a system of automatic cleaning of the device.
  • The Italian brand Saeco is confidently holding the first positions among manufacturers of high.quality coffee houses for the home. The Incanto HD8918/09 model has 5 programs of the finished drink fortresses.
  • Philips is betting on futuristic design and high quality coffee machines.
  • Among the domestic brands, the Polaris coffee machine can be noted. Instructions for use, intuitive management and sophisticated design made it a sales leader.

So that you even better understand how to prepare coffee in a geyser coffee maker, we will talk about the basic principles of the operation of this device:

  • Preparation is carried out due to the action of steam. The water flooded into the lower compartment is heated, then under pressure of the steam rises up and seeps through a filtration strainer, in which ground coffee is located.
  • Thus, water falls into the upper compartment already in the form of a finished drink. It remains only to pour the invigorating electric cups, add sugar, milk, a pinch of cinnamon or any other ingredients.

How to cook coffee in a geyser.type electric coffee maker? Similarly, as in the one that is installed on the stove (only heating the contents of the coffee maker comes not from fire, but due to the action of electricity). The electric device can be equipped with an inclusion indicator and other options. In particular, many manufacturers today produce coffee makers with functions of automatic shutdown and maintenance of heat for a certain time after the completion of the main heating.

Why not work

The geyser coffee maker is a fairly simple device, and therefore all the malfunctions, as a rule, are associated with improper operation. The most common problems include the following:

  • When cooking steam comes out. It occurs due to insufficient tightness of the structure, so that it is worthwhile to simply tighten the coffee maker tightly;
  • Water cannot go through the filter. The reason here is either the coffee of too small grinding, or in clogging the filter, which must be thoroughly washed after each cooking;
  • The output of the drink does not correspond to the stated in the instructions. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor the amount of water.poured into the tank;
  • The drink has a bitter, burning taste. It may be associated with too long on the burner or with poor washing after use;
  • A suspension appeared in coffee. There is either too small grinding, or it’s time to replace the filter and gasket.

Geyser coffee maker is the best option for making coffee at home. It is easy to use, and with proper operation, a delicious and fragrant invigorating drink will be obtained.

The final product is the same everywhere and does not depend on the specific model.



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