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How to use a carcontration in the heat correctly

We use modern climate systems correctly

Well.minded climate system. engineering masterpiece. Even nuances such as the clothes used at one or another are taken into account.

heat, correctly

The correct microclimate in the cabin is not only a matter of comfort. If the temperature in the cockpit rises from 25 ° C to 35, the driver’s reaction time increases by about 20%. For example, the SEAT company believes that the “overheated” driver is dangerous to the same extent as drunk with m alcohol in the blood of 0.5 ppm. In addition, climatic systems help keep clean windows. All this is not only comfort, but also security.

The paradox is that the power of the heater and air conditioners reach 8-10 kW, while to maintain a comfortable temperature of the human body, it is necessary 50-100 times less. The fact is that the main energy has to be spent on heating or cooling the car itself, in particular the interior elements. About a third of the surface of the passenger’s body is in contact with the seat. that is why heating or ventilation (cooling) of seats with small energy costs give a large effect. But the climatic system in any case should be supplied to the cabin of at least five to one.ty cubic meters of air per minute, depending on the size of the machine.

See how much space is required by the nodes of the climate system even in such a rather big car as Mercedes-Benz S-class (W220). In the Vazovskaya “penny” very effective “stove” at that time occupied a volume of many times less.

The Heat Method for Distance Computation

It is believed that the salon is the most comfortable temperature from 18 to 22 ° C. This is the average value, because closer to the floor should be five to eight degrees warmer than in the head. This is physiology. It’s not for nothing that my grandmother put on warm socks in childhood: you need to warm my legs first of all. And cooling the chest, back and hands in the summer. Therefore, when heating the main stream of hot air should be directed down, and cold pressure in the summer. to the central deflectors. By the way, with their help the back of the cabin is cooled most effectively.

On the Saab of the 900.sample of 1979, the “thermal curtain” first appeared. a constant stream along the door, which significantly improves comfort in the winter. Before the era of climate control in the central deflectors on many machines, cold outboard air was supplied (blue arrows).

The figures set by you on automatic climate control are just a conditional comfort index, and not the exact temperature in degrees Celsius. In different parts of the world, people have their own habits and ideas about comfort, and automakers take this into account. The same actual temperature in the cabin may correspond to 20–22 “degrees”, exhibited on the remote control of the European car and 22–24 “degrees”. in the machine of the Asian brand. Therefore, crossing from Volkswagen to Nissan, do not be surprised that you will freeze with the usual figure “22” on the display.

Computer design methods made it possible to make climatic systems more efficiently and quieter in work. Pay attention to how important the flow from the front deflectors in the Skoda Kodiaq crossover cabinet for rear passengers.

Manual control of the direction of blowing. also in some way an illusion. Even if we are talking about a car with direct mechanical control of a “stove”, for example, the transfer of the handle to the “to the legs” means only that the main stream will go down down. Ten to twenty percent of the air will still be supplied to the frontal and side glasses so that they do not fog, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower layers did not become uncomfortable. Now almost all the “stoves” and “kondei” are quite powerful, and the difference between bad and good systems is in the nuances of such subtle settings.

Separate climate control-an unconditional plus. However, under the same name, systems of varying degrees of perfection are hidden. In budget machines, you can individually change only the temperature. The driver who needs to defrost the side glasses will inevitably take the heat from the feet of the passengers. Advanced systems allow you to pre.control the direction and intensity of blowing. And even subtly configure the temperature difference in layers.

One of the best climate control units among budget cars: Renault Arkana. Large, logical governing bodies. The temperature index can be set up to 0.5 “degrees”. But there is no indication of what is happening in Auto mode.

“Face” climate control-its control panel. We believe that it should be organized logically and designed for hands in gloves. It’s good when, even in automatic mode, the display shows where and how the climatic system blows, and not just Auto burns. this saves from unnecessary manipulations. It is especially important for Russia that it is easy to turn on the air recirculation. the probability of “resting” on the highway into a smoking KamAZ or carburetor groove, unable to overtake them for several kilometers, is very large. Salvation from soot and stench in the cabin. only in the closure of the recirculation shutters.

“Underwear” climate control is when, from the temperature, distribution of flows and fan speeds, not all parameters are individually adjusted.

Even the simplest automatic systems have a solar radiation sensor, because when sunlight enters the skin, our temperature perception changes. In more expensive cars of such sensors, there may be several. And also infrared sensors of fogging glasses (frontal and front side), air quality, carbon dioxide content in the cabin, information from the navigation system, for example, about tunnels Advanced systems evaluate the temperature in different places inside the HVAC unit. In general, the temperature in the cabin is actually constantly changing-but if the climate control is cool, we do not notice this.

A significant role is played by exhaust ventilation through valves, usually located in the rear bumper. The more effective it is. the fresh air in the cabin.

In most cars, climate controls work more adequately than an average driver who manually controls the microclimate. I regularly go to a taxi, and, according to my observations, only units of drivers understand what and how to do. The most common errors are the supply of hot air not in the legs, but up and a complete shutdown of the fan. Lack of air exchange and incorrect temperature distribution in the cabin is a direct path to fatigue and the very loss of an adequate reaction time. The meaning of turning off the fan is zero: the climatic system actually ceases to function at all.

Where is demand. there is a proposal

Standing by car in the summer in traffic jams the most “gets” the heat. The machine from sunlight is so warmed up so that it is almost impossible to sit in it. This problem is very well solved by the climatic systems of the car, the design of which includes air conditioning.

But such equipment is an additional “headache” of the driver, since it requires periodic maintenance and elimination of malfunctions.

But still, such a device allows you to feel comfortable, being in the car even in severe heat.

But not all cars are equipped with air conditioners. And it concerns not only old models.

heat, correctly

New machines of the budget segment in the basic configuration are rarely equipped with a climate installation. So they have to drive the drivers, endure the heat, or look for an alternative.

It is interesting that the fight against such a problem has been conducted for a long time, and using technical means.

The most perhaps the first device was a small fan, with a drive from a 12-volt electric motor, which was powered through a cigarette lighter.

And although there is not much benefit from the fan, since it provides only air circulation through the cabin, it still is in great demand.

And where is demand. there is a proposal. And since the technology is not worth it, the market of automobile accessories was replenished with another gadget, which, according to assurances, manufacturers, is able to provide coolness in the salon in the summer.

Such a device is called a portable air conditioner that works from a cigarette lighter.

How to use

To achieve maximum efficiency from the climatic system, it is important to know how to use the climate in the car in summer and winter. At different temperatures behind the “side”, the settings will also differ.


In hot weather, the task of the climatic system is to cool the air entering the air. In addition, with prolonged precipitation, it drains it and protects the windows from fogging. If the air flow entering the salon is too contaminated, recirculation is turned on.

There are a number of recommendations on how to properly use the climate control in the car in the summer:

  • Do not put the temperature in the cabin more than 10 degrees less from the parameter behind the “side”. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting sick due to strong temperature differences.
  • Before turning on the system, ventilate the salon. Such a step allows you to reduce the temperature in the cabin and unload the climate control.
  • To accelerate the cooling process, use the recirculation correctly.
  • After starting the device, close the hatch and windows to avoid improper operation of the sensors in the car.

In winter

Many car owners cannot figure out how to use the climate control in the car in winter, because the air conditioner in this case is no longer needed. In practice, there is nothing complicated here, because the system is focused on heating, and the system itself functions according to the standard principle.

  • Do not change the air supply before heating the salon to avoid the appearance of condensate / ice on the shutters.
  • Run the air conditioner periodically as a prevention.
  • Do not turn on the climate control with irregular air humidity settings.
  • Replace the salon filter in front of the winter period to reduce the risk of stacked fogging.
  • Use the absorption rug in the cabin, which will partially import excess moisture into yourself.

As you can see, using the climate control in the car is not difficult. If you correctly configure and control the system, you can quickly achieve the desired result. The device itself is very convenient, because it has many settings, it is capable of working in automatic mode, has a simple and convenient intensity.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience of using, and what difficulties have to be faced with.

Modern climate control. different cars with different features

Each self-respecting manufacturer today is engaged in the development of certain climate control systems to ensure maximum comfort and the minimum number of settings for the owner of the machine. These are very technological devices that are more widespread and more modern technologies every year. But there is a certain specificity of the operation of the climate control system, which must be taken into account when using this installation. The specificity of the characteristics of the system itself depends:

  • climate control with one sensor (which is usually located at the ceiling) does not immediately react to compliance with the declared temperature, because the climate in the legs of passengers and at the ceiling is always different, you need to set up such an installation gradually, without sharp differences;
  • Many sensors in various places allow the driver to relax more and set just the desired temperature, most of these installations work effectively and offer quite soft default modes;
  • Modern technological climate control of advanced manufacturers received a lot of new technologies that allow them to gently and efficiently observe the set climate frames without drops and too sharp air flows;
  • Air conditioning in a car can have various modifications and methods of operation, so you should find out how exactly this system functions in your car. This will help to gently operate the device without harm to it and for your health.

It is always worth remembering that high.tech devices protect themselves. For example, modern climate control in Volkswagen or Lexus will not be included in the mode required by the driver, if we are talking about extreme operations of operation. In this case, the car will warn about the danger to the equipment and will gradually escape the desired temperature, gently passing all important barriers. Also in modern cars there is often a self.diagnosis system, which allows you to determine possible problems in time and turn off the equipment. There are no such systems in old cars or less expensive copies, this task is shifted directly to the driver. We offer you to watch a small video about the work of the air conditioner and its maintenance:

How to use air conditioning in the car in winter correctly

So, we have already found out that in the most severe frosts, the carcontacle is periodically tedious to include. Here the question is different. many models of the latest generations are equipped with a function of protection against inclusion at certain temperatures. In this case, checking the operability of the air conditioner in the car in the winter will be problematic. in the cold you will have to look for a warm box and run AK in such greenhouse conditions.

If there is no such restriction, you do not need to be afraid for the performance of the device, but there are several important nuances that you should know. In particular, it is necessary to use the internal circulation mode, in which the air fence is carried out not from the motor compartment, but from the cabin, where the temperature is usually higher than the outside.

Do not turn on the AK immediately after starting the engine. let it warm up, and only after that proceed to the prevention of the air conditioning system. Many car owners do not practice the launch of the air conditioner in winter for fuel savings. This approach cannot be called reasonable-in 10-15 minutes of work, the consumption will increase slightly. Non.compliance with this rule can lead to the fact that in the spring you will need expensive repairs.

Independent diagnostics of the autocontroller

Knowing how to use the air conditioning in the car correctly does not mean that it should not be taken care of and in time to check the performance of its components and details. Typically, car owners perform this procedure in early spring, on the eve of the high temperature season. A very important factor affecting the quality and durability of the climatic system is the volume of freon in the system. The lack of refrigerant is fraught with troubles such as insufficient cooling of air in the cabin, as well as an increased load on the compressor, as a result of which it wears out and fails much faster.

The reason for the insufficient level of the freon can be both in its lack of reference and due to depressurization of the contour (for example, when microcracks appear on the condenser case, with damage to the tubes along which the freon circulates, when the gaskets wear out, etc. D.). Such a nuisance can be diagnosed independently without resorting to the services of specialists. First of all, it is necessary to find out the level of the refrigerant recommended by the automaker. It is usually indicated in the operating manual in milliliters.

You can check the lack of freon in several ways. First, listen to whether sounds of a clicking nature in the compressor area are heard when the air conditioning system is turned on. If possible, you can safely go to the nearest car service for refueling the air conditioner. The absence of clicks does not mean that with the volume of Freon in the system everything is in order. The second method of diagnosing this malfunction is a visual examination of the device tubes. If you find oil stains in any place-this means that there is a freon leak.

The appearance of unpleasant odors in the cabin indicates that the evaporator requires antibacterial treatment. As a result of prolonged operation in this node, favorable conditions are created for the propagation of bacteria and microbes accumulating on the radiator tubes. When the climatic system is turned on, the air flow along with the life of this microflora rushes into the salon, forming a persistent unpleasant odor. It should be noted that inhalation of such air is dangerous for health. Therefore, the disinfection of the evaporator, along with the replacement of the filters of the autocontroller. an operation that should be performed without waiting for the appearance of the stench.

How to turn on air conditioning correctly

But that’s not all. In order not to catch a cold, do not direct the cold flow of air into the face, even for a strong desire to feel a cold flow of air.

It is because of this that most people are cold, and not from improper temperature control. It is best to direct the air flow to the glass or to the legs during the cooling of the cabin.

In order not to catch a cold, the temperature in the cabin should be 5-7 ° C lower than on the street, otherwise, if the temperature is 10-12 ° C, then the probability of getting sick increases significantly, t.to. The body experiences stress from frequent temperature changes, if you often go out in the heat and often sit in a cold salon.

The advantages of the climate control of the air conditioner have more and one more such is the work in automatic mode, t.e. когда происходят колебания температуры в салоне то климат-контроль сам корректирует температуру, повышая или понижая ее, поэтому для максимально эффективной работы климат-контроля не отключайте автоматический режим.

Air conditioning in the car. rules for use and maintenance

Air conditioning in the car. The main assistant in the summer season. Such equipment helps out when the temperature is approaching the level of 30 degrees overboard, and there is still a long trip ahead. Therefore, the question of the effectiveness and safety of the use of the climate system of the car becomes relevant. Many motorists, sitting behind the wheel, do not know how to use the air conditioner correctly, and even more so to serve it. Consider the main features of the functioning of the climatic system.

It is worth considering that the air conditioner cannot work without refueling for more than 5 years. You can refuel the system in any service

The most common question. Why does the air conditioner not work? As a rule, this occurs due to a leakage of freon, which circulates through the pipes of the system. This, in turn, is due to the rare use of climate installation or corrosion formation inside. It is worth considering that the air conditioner cannot work without refueling for more than 5 years. You can refuel the system in any service. The procedure takes less than an hour and approximately 2000.

Another important point. how to properly serve air conditioning? If we are talking about a new car, a refueling by a refrigerant will need every 2-3 years. If age has already crossed in 5 years, the procedure will have to be performed once a year. In the spring and autumn period, antibacterial treatment of the installation should be carried out. This is necessary in order to prevent the propagation of bacteria. If you tighten with refueling by freon, the air conditioner will work with increased load in the heat, which can lead to its rapid wear.

The engine return when the air conditioner is turned on can decrease by 10-15%. In addition, the car will accelerate a little worse

You should also touch on the topic with fuel consumption and car power. When a climatic system is included in the car, this increases fuel consumption by 10%. If you move at this time with open windows, then the appetite will increase by 20%. The engine return when the air conditioner is turned on can decrease by 10-15%. In addition, the car will accelerate a little worse. But if a powerful engine is in the vehicle, this effect will be less tangible.

When using the air conditioner, even on a hot day, you also need to take care of your health. There is a risk of catching a cold because of a strong temperature difference on the street and in the car of the car. Comfortable and safe for human health, the difference is within 10 degrees. If the street is 35 degrees, the temperature should not be below 25 degrees in the cabin. Do not direct the air flow directly into the face, since no one canceled the presence of bacteria in the system.

The climate set evaporator is located behind the front panel in the cabin. Moisture appears on this element during the operation of the air conditioner

Sandra. In The Heat Of The Night [Movies Montage]

An interesting question often arises among motorists. Is a puddle dangerous under a car? If the vehicle has stood in place with the air conditioner for a long time, a puddle with water may appear under it. There is no danger in this phenomenon. The climate set evaporator is located behind the front panel in the cabin. Moisture appears on this element during the operation of the air conditioner. Therefore, if a puddle of water is found under the car, do not sound the alarm and go to the service.

Result. The air conditioner helps out in hot weather, but you need to approach its maintenance correctly. Otherwise, you can bring to the development of bacteria in the system or the appearance of rust.

Features of the air conditioning shutdown

It is necessary not only to know how to use the air conditioner in the car, but also how to turn it off correctly. Manufacturers of these devices advise disconnecting the cooling system a little earlier than the time you get to the destination. During this time, the salon will not have time to warm up, but a puddle will not form under the car. But the point is not only in a puddle on the garage floor, but also that the air conditioner pipes during a sharp turning off the system are very much fogging and can be additionally corroded. In addition, various fungi very quickly develop in a humid environment, which then with chilled air will enter the salon, and all those located in the car will breathe this air.

Experienced motorists insist that only specialists should maintain service systems. The owner of the vehicle, of course, can independently replace the passenger filter or conduct antiseptic processing of the air conditioner, but the main maintenance work should still be done at the maintenance station. Refueling by a refrigerant must be done using strict technology. Violation of the rules for pouring can lead to a breakdown of the entire cooling system and even an explosion. As with any other types of work with the car, try to avoid non.professionals so as not to spend additional strength and money.



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