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How to unwind the drum in a washing machine

Instructions for removing the drum of a washing machine

Sometimes during the washing process in the machine there are extraneous sounds or it begins to vibrate strongly. Such malfunctions can be associated with the ingress of small foreign objects in any of the nodes of the drum. It could be a small thing, a brassiere bone, buttons, nails, metal fittings, etc.п. Small items often cause major damage, such as damaging the washing machine drum, the tank packing, or even the tank itself.

As a result, the washing machine drum doesn’t rotate well, or rotates badly. In order to extract them, you will need to remove it. The thing is that it must be removed very carefully, without touching other parts of the machine. This is usually done by craftsmen professionals. But if there is no possibility to call a specialist, or if you have a desire to practice self-repair and disassemble the drum of the washing machine with your own hands, then the following recommendations can help in this.

Disassemble the tank

Hydraulic tanks come in two varieties. collapsible and one-piece (disposable). In the first case everything is quite simple. Need a slotted screwdriver to separate the clips that hold the two halves together. Whole versions are not designed for reuse. Therefore, to repair the non-disassembled tank you will need to saw the tank:

  • Saw only along the welding seam. Determine its location. Then we make holes in it with a distance of 4-5 centimeters. Use a hacksaw to cut the tank along the marked recesses.
  • Remove the first half.
  • The second half is held together by a special wheel. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.

Reassemble the fixed type in the reverse order. Bolts to connect the halves together. Treat the welding seam with sealant!

Washing machines with a collapsible tank

50% of CMAs are collapsible. This solution allows craftsmen to change bearings without any problems. In the collapsible version, the halves are connected by bolts. The joint of the parts is lubricated with sealant or sealed with rubber. all this is done to prevent leaks. Disassembly of the laminated drum:

  • Put wooden bar in drum pulley. jam it. The tank is positioned with the hatch in the floor.
  • Take the proper size head with a ratchet to unscrew the bolt that secures the pulley to the shaft.
  • Dismantling the pulley. Next, unscrew the bolts connecting the tank halves.
  • Having unscrewed bolts, strike softly on a shaft. Remove the back part of the element to be dismantled.
  • Heat the bearings with a blowtorch to pull them off with a puller.

How to disassemble the washing machine by yourself: tips

Most of the various types of washing machine breakdowns can be fixed by your own hand.

In order to have access to the parts inside the machine, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of disassembling your machine, as well as other models of washing machines with vertical and front loading, and their specificities.

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the fasteners that fix the rear panel of the washing machine, and remove it.
  • Slide the side panel to the side, then remove it as well.
  • After carefully disconnecting the wires take a picture of the position of each wire.
  • Remove the screw that holds the shaft.
  • It is necessary to remove the upper cover of the housing of the equipment
  • Next, you need to unscrew the screws, remove the cover and put it aside to make it out of the way.
  • You will see a part of the drum located on the outer side.

Actions for the machine with front loading

Depending on the washing machine model and manufacturer, the disassembly process may differ slightly.

For example, you have a washing machine Indesit or any other, and you do not know how to remove the drum.

Let’s figure it out. To solve the problem yourself, you will have to:

  • unscrew all the screws on the rear wall, remove it together with the control panel and the detergent compartment;
  • It is not necessary to disassemble the control panel, it is enough to put it aside;
  • take out the collar: unscrew all the screws, remove the panel at the bottom, find the clamp spring and pull it;
  • Remove the front panel, the tank is now open and accessible;
  • Remove all wires and in general remove everything that can be removed (spigots, wiring);
  • remove the head screw (it holds the tank at the back);
  • Pull out the tank, if possible, open the tank and remove the drum. Replace it with a new one;
  • Reassemble in reverse order.

Actions for a machine with an upright load

What actions are required to get it out?

    From the bottom of the machine and on the front and back wall unscrew all the self-tapping screws.

  • Unscrew and remove the side panel.
  • All wires are removed and unscrewed screws are removed.
  • Similarly to the first, the second side panel is removed.
  • The shaft is secured with a screw, which also unscrews.
  • It remains to remove the drum of a washing machine ardo, or Bosch, or candy, etc.д.
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How to remove and disassemble the tank of a washing machine

Internal breakages of nodes and parts of the washing machine require repair. To replace the bearings and oil seals, you need to know how to disassemble the tank of a washing machine. The reason for disassembly can be its cracks and damage, which leads to leakage. To successfully carry out the work without calling a master, follow our recommendations.

Disassembling the drum of a washing machine with their own hands: repair tips Video

The most unpleasant breakdown in a washing machine is a failure of bearings, glands, accompanied by a grinding, noise or whistling. The fact is that the repair and replacement process is very time-consuming, because you will have to disassemble the entire washing machine. But even this is not a big problem.

The difficulty lies in the disassembly of the tank of the machine. Of course, in the presence of a guarantee, you should not take on such work, but if the service center refused to help, there is no way out. Failure is most often associated with the presence in the model of the machine non-disassembled tank.

Information on the expanses of the Internet as it looks disassembly drum of the washing machine a lot of thematic and video material. After reading and watching many washing machine users are confident in the success of the process.

In practice, everything turns out not so beautiful because of the many nuances, without knowledge of which you can spoil your assistant so that no expert will undertake the work.

How to Diagnose Drum Problems in a Washing Machine

So, to get to the bearings, you need to disassemble the drum of the machine kandi, zanussi, LG and other models. But you still have to get to it. For this you will need to remove almost all parts, otherwise in the process of working with the tank they can be damaged or they will simply interfere with its extraction.

Is it worth taking the job?

Most often the drum of a washing machine is disassembled in order to replace faulty bearings. It is easy to identify this failure, just turn it by hand and listen. If you can feel resistance to rotation, foreign noises are heard, as a rule, crunch and crackle. the bearings should be replaced.

No doubt, replacement of bearings, as well as a number of other works, can be performed by a specialized service center, but the cost of services of a master is often unreasonably overstated, especially it is important in the case of repair of machines with a non-dismantled drum. No service center will undertake such kind of repair, offering to install a new module instead of bearing replacement.

If it is expensive to repair in a workshop, you have time, desire, tools and experience in this kind of work, you can disassemble any drum by yourself, it is only important to be extremely accurate and attentive.



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