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How to turn on the grill in a gas fired Mountfield oven

Grill mode in the oven. what is it and what is it for

Good kitchen appliances. an integral part of the workspace. It makes cooking easier and more comfortable. One of the most necessary devices in the modern kitchen has become an oven.

Thanks to an extensive set of functions, modern models of ovens are not only able to bake, but also to grill. This mode allows you to enjoy meat, fish and vegetables “from the fire” without leaving home. Why grill in the oven is necessary, what it is and how to use it, we will tell in this article.

Features of the grill mode in the oven

Grilling in the oven is not the most used mode. Many people do not understand its purpose, so let’s analyze in detail all the features. The function is indispensable if you want to cook a dish with a crispy crust.

Help. Usually the grill looks like a zigzag tube at the top of the oven. Such a supplement allows you to use the oven for quick baking and roasting. Thanks to the device appetizing shish kebab of meat or fish can be tasted without leaving home.

The crispy crust comes from the high temperature produced by the heat element. There are different temperature settings depending on the model. Usually, the range ranges from 170 to 250 ° C.

Don’t worry about it, it won’t burn. The grill function is different in that the food is crispy but remains juicy and soft inside. This is due to the rapid cooling of the heating element.

Some oven models are equipped with a rotisserie. This feature rotates the food to bake evenly on all sides. These appliances are very rare.

and more modern ovens use the “convection grill” mode. A fan is responsible for convection, which distributes heat over the entire dish. This function eliminates the need for the rotisserie and the result is the same.

The grill can be used during the whole cooking process or just to finish cooking and browning. To start the operation of the heating element, all you need to do is turn it on. It heats quickly, so you don’t have to wait.

Gas ovens with convection

There is an opinion that food cooked in a gas oven tastes comparable to food cooked over an open fire. But the problem is that you need to have excellent culinary skills to work out exactly this way. It is very important to make sure that the dish bake well and not stick, and for this it is necessary to constantly monitor it, and if necessary to turn the tray or move it to another level. Sometimes even these manipulations are not enough, and hostesses resort to various tricks. they put in the working chamber of the crock with water and even set a brick at the bottom.

To save yourself from such hassles, you need to buy a gas oven with convection. The convection device has a fan in the back wall of the working chamber, which disperses streams of hot air throughout the space, ensuring the same temperature at any point of the cooking compartment. As a result the food is not only evenly cooked and does not stick, but also has a crispy crust. The food looks and tastes even better.

Convection is used with any mode for cooking meat, vegetables, fish, casseroles, and especially cakes and pastries. It can also be used on its own if you want to dry herbs or dried fruit. Convection is indispensable if you cook on several trays at the same time without having to rearrange the plates, because the temperature at the top, bottom and center of the oven will be about the same.

Gas ovens with built-in grill

Most of the modern gas ovens, in addition to the lower burner, have a heating element located under the ceiling of the working chamber. The mode with an active top heater is called a grill, which, depending on the model of oven is gas or electric. Most often, manufacturers prefer the second option, which means that the equipment must be connected not only to gas, but also to electricity. To do this, you should install a separate socket with ground, and if necessary. replace the wiring with a more reliable.

The grill is mainly used for meat dishes. With the upper heating element you can make kebabs, roast hams and sausages, roast all sizes of meat, and even cook poultry and ham. There is no need to use cooking oil, as the ingredients are placed on a special grid and baked under the influence of infrared radiation or hot air (when the heater is gas-fired).

If you plan to cook big pieces of meat, a gas oven with a rotisserie or convection oven is the right choice. For searing meat products, the first type of equipment is used, which is equipped with a metal rod that rotates from an electric motor built into the housing. Thanks to the continuous rotation, the meat is cooked evenly and does not stick. To know the exact temperature inside the dish, it makes sense to buy an oven with a core probe. We already talked about convection. Note only that it can be used in conjunction with the grill and in this case replaces the rotisserie.

Electric grill can be large, small and turbo. Large is a large-sized heating element, which consists of two parts (small heaters), which can be turned on together or separately. The turbo grill has its own fan that performs the same functions as a convection grill, but in a narrow space. at the top of the oven.

Maunfeld built-in ovens. Popular breakdowns and malfunctions

Good Morning. I can’t find the manual mode switch for my Maunfeld EOEF oven anywhere.766W, where to buy?

Unusual noise in the oven more than 6 months ago Built-in oven Maunfeld DP04

Good evening. There appeared a clicking sound of the speaker when the oven Maunfeld DP04-S is off. It only helps to unplug it, but after a few minutes the lighter becomes strangely loud and the lighter starts to burn.

Oven goes out over 6 months ago Maunfeld built-in ovens EOEH.5811W

Hello. The time display on a Maunfeld EOEH oven goes out automatically.5811W. When activating the oven lights up, but after 30-40.

Maunfeld MCMO built-in oven doesn’t turn on the microwave function more than a year ago.44.9GB

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Hello. Today suddenly, the microwave in the Maunfeld MCMO oven stopped turning on.44.9GB. Other oven functions.

Oven has been making noise for more than a year Maunfeld MCMO built-in ovens.44.9GB

Hello. After preheating, Maunfeld MCMO oven.44.9GW begins to ring strangely loudly. The sound does not always occur.

Timer question more than a year ago Built-in ovens Maunfeld EOGC604B

Hello. Maunfeld EOGC604B oven. The manual does not describe what the timer mode is for and how it works. hand icon. Turned right to.

Maunfeld MCMO built-in ovens more than a year ago.44.9GB

Hello. The instructions for the Maunfeld MCMO oven.44.9GB describes the initial heating to eliminate odor using 3d hot mode.

The oven switches itself off more than a year ago Maunfeld MEOFG Built-in Ovens.676RIB.TR

turn, grill, fired, mountfield

Good Morning. Maunfeld MEOFG oven.676RIB.TR turns off after turning it on, after about five minutes, with the light on in the oven, but still on.

The grill doesn’t turn on over a year ago Maunfeld EOGC604B Built-in Ovens

Hello. In the modes of the grill Maunfeld EOGC604B oven does not work, the lamp above the knob to select the mode does not light up at all.

Gas goes out in the oven more than a year ago Built-in ovens Maunfeld EOGC604B

Hello. I light the oven Maunfeld EOGC604B/W/X and it runs for 10 minutes, the fan turns on, but the gas goes out. Also smells gas at maximum.

Door dislodged over a year ago Maunfeld EOEH built-in ovens.7611B

Good night. In a MAUNFELD EOEH electric oven.7611B door displaced. Please tell me how to adjust it.

Oven is not working more than a year ago Built-in ovens Maunfeld MEOXS.436 RIB.TA

Hello, could you please tell me if my MAUNFELD MEOXS oven.436RIB.TA burned out the board where the dial is, it can be repaired?

Oven won’t shut off more than a year ago Maunfeld EOEC516B2 Built-in Ovens

Hello, Maunfeld EOEC516B2 oven does not turn off after the end of cooking mode (the light does not go out, the fan works). Serves.

Temperature in the oven more than one year ago Maunfeld MGOG Built-in Ovens.673W

Afternoon. In May 2020 I bought a Maunfeld MGOG.673W. When cooking food, I noticed that the oven heats up only to.

The timer on the oven doesn’t work more than a year ago Built-in ovens Maunfeld

Hello. The timer on the Maunfeld oven does not work, i.e. I set the time, when it expires there is no beep, the knob is on.

Changing the light bulb in the oven more than a year ago Maunfeld MCMO built-in ovens.44.9GB

Good afternoon! Maunfeld MCMO.44.9GB backlight burned out! Please advise on how to do this on your own.

Oven door doesn’t fit more than a year ago Maunfeld EOEH Built-in Ovens.7611B

Hello. Maunfeld EOEH oven door.7611B oven can barely take it off. Now the hinges don’t go back in, t.к. they are pressed by a spring in the.

turn, grill, fired, mountfield

What kind of grills can be cooked in Maunfeld ovens

Grill” mode allows you to cook delicious and healthy food. Juicy chicken, turkey or pork knuckle. please! Diet grilled vegetables as a side dish. ten minutes and done! By combining meat with vegetables on the Maunfeld grill you can prepare a huge number of dishes to restaurant level.

Maunfeld MGOG oven.673B

Pro tip

What is the grill icon on the oven, is now clear. But how to properly use this feature? You can grill chicken and sausages, all kinds of burgers, sandwiches and toasts. If a person loves kebab, he too will have the opportunity to cook it in his kitchen. This feature comes in handy when meat is already marinated, but the weather suddenly changes plans for a picnic.

If people don’t eat meat, they can grill a variety of healthy, rich dishes that retain the natural flavor, vitamins and trace minerals.

turn, grill, fired, mountfield

Switching on the grill

You can use just the grill or use it as a primary function. But then the food should already be ready to eat. Like hot sandwiches or pizza. with the Maunfeld grill, for example. Raw meat will simply burn without being cooked. Or as the final accord. Then the finished dish has a browned, crispy crust.

Before using the grill function, the oven is preheated. Electric ovens have the option of selecting the desired mode, such as a roast chicken, using a low or medium heat grill.

How to connect a Maunfeld oven

The renowned British company Maunfeld produces electric and gas built-in ovens of high quality and reliability. They are easy to integrate into a standard kitchen cabinet or column, and the user manual explains in detail how to connect a Maunfeld oven.

The basic principles of installation

The dimensions of the niche or cabinet in which the Maunfeld oven will be installed must allow for a gap on all sides to allow air circulation: in particular, an empty space of at least 4 cm wide must be left at the back. Select a cabinet made of heat-resistant, non-hazardous material: the shelf or base must be able to support the weight of the appliance without any problem.

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To install, place the unit in a niche and make sure it is installed symmetrically in the center. Then you must open the door and, using the holes on the sides of the case, attach the Maunfeld oven to the base using the four screws that are included.

To connect models with gas heating, it is mandatory to call specialists, while the electric models the user can connect with their own hands. First of all, this should choose a safe and comfortable place to install it, away from the refrigerator and water pipes, near a grounded electrical outlet with free access to it. Do not make connections using a multiplier outlet or extension cord. The parameters of the network must fully comply with the requirements indicated on the information plate of the appliance.

If the appliance is not equipped with a plug and direct plugging into an electrical outlet is necessary, a two-pole switch with a contact gap of at least 3 mm must be used. The device must be earthed: on the electric cable of the product from Mountfield for this purpose is a special wire, colored usually yellow-green. The connection must be made in accordance with the diagram placed in the installation instructions. In case of difficulties, it is better to ask for help from specialists from the service center.

What is the grill function: features and benefits

This function will be of interest to those who love healthy and delicious food. Foods cooked in the oven are, for the most part, healthy foods. But they don’t always look appetizing. But when the meat has a golden sirloin, or baked fish and vegetables have a crispy crust, the desire to try them increases many times. The grill is used for this effect.

Thanks to the grill mode, dishes get a crispy crust

How the built-in grill in the oven works and what it is? This is an additional heating pad mounted on the top panel. It is used to set the maximum temperature, which provides the effect of crusting. The upper part of the food is sealed and the high temperatures do not cause the food to lose its juiciness, and it remains very tender and soft.

Use it to bake fruit and create delicious desserts. The grill function of your oven gives you the opportunity to cook tasty kebabs without going out.

Types and functions of the grill

Before you buy a stove with a grill, you need to know what kind of grills there are, what are the features of built-in models and what is the best for your family.

Conditionally grills can be divided by the kind of fuel they work with. They can be electric or gas and each boasts a certain set of advantages:

  • Electric. Simple and easy to use. It is enough to set the temperature and the meat is evenly cooked on all sides. The heat spreads throughout the space, the food can be placed both on the edge and in the center. But in terms of taste, such dishes are somewhat inferior to those cooked with a gas burner;
  • Gas. The result is more like grilling on coals, the maximum preserved natural flavor of products, there will always be a slight crust. But the principle of a gas grill in a conventional oven is quite complicated and you need to constantly control the temperature to get the right result. And to ensure that the dish is evenly cooked on all sides, you need to use a rotisserie or alternatives, such as different racks.

When choosing the right model of gas stove, it is necessary to clarify what functions are used here and what results they will provide.


  • Large or reinforced. Forms a frame around the perimeter of the oven top. Provides a strong heat, which allows you not to worry about the edges remain unbaked and do not reach full readiness. It is used for large portions, when you need a powerful impact. Using this function allows you to significantly reduce the time for cooking a dish;
  • Small. Convenient for small meals, when you have to cook 1 or 2 portions. The heating element is located in the central part of the top panel. Correspondingly, for proper cooking the dish should be placed directly under the heating element, otherwise the food may partially remain raw. This function allows you to save energy and cook food in a delicate mode, at lower temperatures;
  • Convection. Used for fast and even cooking of food. Convection alternately activates the grill and fan. The heat spreads throughout the oven, and the area where the heating elements are located provides more power to the food for a flavorful, crispy crust;

What to look for when choosing an oven with a grill

When choosing an electric oven with a grill, pay attention to the additional functions of the device. Various Miele models have:

  • The volume of the cooking chamber. from 76 to 90 liters;
  • Control system. mechanical or touch-sensitive;
  • cordless core probe. Allows you to determine the degree of readiness of the product without opening the door;
  • Food View function. A camera inside the oven’s cooking area allows you to monitor cooking from your phone. The smart home system [email protected] gives access to the control of appliances using devices;
  • Automatic pyrolytic cleaning. Produces heat that turns burnt food into ash. This makes the appliance easy to care for. The AirClean catalytic converter eliminates unpleasant odours during the pyrolytic cycle.

Turbogrill oven

The function of the turbo-grill is to switch two heating elements in the top of the oven together. Each has its own job to do. The first is the grill itself, the second is a fan heater. The fan spreads the heat and infrared radiation over the entire oven. In this way the dish is evenly fried.

The turbo grill in the oven

Turbogrill frees the cook from the need to spread the cooked dish or put it on a stand under the heater. The appliances are manufactured by manufacturers in two categories:

  • Electric. These are found in all ovens, regardless of how they are heated.
  • Quartz. Applicable for recessed grill designs. The heater can be concealed in an independent housing beneath the ceiling of the room.
  • thanks to ventilation air from the two upper heating elements the temperature spreads evenly and constantly over the interior of the oven;
  • Using the fan eliminates the need for a spit;
  • this function allows you to cook different foods much faster without them drying out or catching on fire;
  • It’s easy to get that delicious browning on your food;
  • Meat, vegetables, fish and seafood retain their soft, succulent texture.

Using the grill in the family, for the company of friends, guests, acquaintances, on vacation and travel significantly diversify your menu, will allow you to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes: meat, fish, vegetables. The grill is a simple, unpretentious appliance that is available to all of us. Get grill ovens with a grill function and let it taste great !

The function of the gas grill

Maunfeld gas ovens are a godsend for fans of open-fire cooking. It is no secret that the electric grill can develop more power and more precisely regulated, but professionals know that the taste of meat and fish cooked with the use of an additional gas burner is much better. Ovens “Mountfield” with a gas grill get a lot of positive feedback, because these models combine minimal operating costs with excellent results of culinary experiments.

Gas grill. an important advantage of Maunfeld ovens

The owners of electric ovens can spend hours talking about how convenient the technique is that can maintain the set temperature within a few degrees. And yet Maunfeld ovens with a gas grill are always of interest not only to ordinary customers, but also to chefs. To understand what this is related to, it is worth getting acquainted with the device of this technique.

Gas ovens are equipped with either electric or gas grill. The electric grill can only be used offline, with the gas burner off. If you open your Maunfeld gas grill oven, you’ll notice the heater is on top of the oven. Grill operation provides very powerful heating in the upper part of the oven, so you can bake fish and meat with the formation of the very crispy crust, which is so liked by both children and adults.

The gas grill in Maunfeld ovens is not covered with metal. the burner is open. Thanks to this, the dishes acquire a characteristic flavor, as if they were cooked on a campfire. So you can quite spoil the family with a kebab. Nevertheless, the design features do impose some restrictions on the use of this function. The gas grill should not operate for more than half an hour at a time. Owners are advised to be sure to use an exhaust hood, as the air will need to be cleaned more effectively when it is very hot. Foods should be placed on a baking tray and placed as close as possible to the upper burner, so they cook faster.

Dreaming of browned duck with apples, juicy ham, or deliciously grilled vegetables? You are only one step away from buying a Maunfeld gas grill oven. complete the online online form. Fill in your information, make sure your delivery address is correct, prepay. We’ll ship you the model of your choice to any city. Add a little warmth to your kitchen. use recipes from the open fire all year round!

Maunfeld MGOG oven.673B



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