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How to turn on the fast defrost on a Samsung microwave

Samsung MG23K3513AK

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Without the microwave oven

Another question is how to defrost meat quickly without the microwave.

For this you can resort to some tricks:

  • Salt. A great way to remove the ice glaze and salt the meat already for cooking. To do this you need to take coarse table salt and rub the meat thoroughly with it. After 15-20 minutes the meat can be cooked, the ice will descend and it will be in the desired condition.
  • Water. The easiest way is to put the meat in water. But there are nuances. First, before defrosting meat without a microwave, you need to choose a deep container. Secondly, it is better to put the meat wrapped in cling film or in a tightly closed bag. The difference in temperature will melt the ice, but the meat will not soak up the extra water. The main thing is to drain the thawed water from the bag in time. Also the temperature of the water is important. Never use boiling water or hot water. This makes the meat tough to cook later on. The temperature difference must be present, but not shocking.

Important recommendations

For all types of Samsung microwave ovens, there is a whole set of recommendations that are important to follow in order for the technique to work properly:

  • The oven should only be placed on a firm, even surface. Installation on soft fabric materials is not allowed.
  • The distance from a wall or other perpendicular plane must be at least 20 cm.
  • The top and sides of the microwave must be open. If it is placed in a special niche, it must also have holes for the steam outlet.
  • Do not put any metal objects in the microwave: dishes, cups, foil, etc.д. Even dishes with gilded patterns are not permitted.

Samsung Microwave Quick Defrost


it remains to add that reading the instruction manual of household appliances is the first way to avoid premature breakage and to use for a long time a great tool for heating and cooking.

How to activate the defrost function on your Samsung microwave

You don’t have much time, but you want to have a delicious dinner on the fly? You’re at home, nothing is ready, and you need help cooking a tasty meal? Then no doubt you will want to know how to defrost frozen food quickly in the microwave. This appliance is one of the most popular for defrosting, cooking and reheating food. quickly and easily.

Tips for defrosting food in the microwave

Almost all microwave ovens are equipped with the Defrost function. The defrost symbol on the microwave control panel is usually a snowflake or a snowflake with a blob. If you’re not sure if your microwave oven has a defrost function, see the “How to turn on the defrost function? instruction manual.

How to use defrost button in Samsung Microwave


With Candy microwave ovens, for example, you can cook, defrost and prepare delicious meals very quickly: practicality and versatility are the two most appreciated features of this small but extremely functional device.

If you love cooking extravagant and original dishes, the COOKinAPP microwave oven is just what you need! Download the Candy simply-Fi app and learn how to use your Candy microwave to its fullest potential: scroll through the sections to find recipes, tips, advice and alternative ways to use your new kitchen helper!

Defrosting foods in the microwave is also the safest way to keep them healthy and nutritious, which is also true for steam cooking in the microwave. But that’s not all, because defrosting food in the microwave is also hygienic: the high speed of this process limits the spread of bacteria.

How to use defrost option in Samsung quickDefrost option in microwave


But how does the microwave defrost function work? When the defrost function is activated, the microwave usually turns on and off intermittently: the waves alternately emit and do not emit. So the microwave defrosts the food, not cooks it.

Remember that in order to defrost successfully, the product must be frozen correctly. Ice crystals, which sometimes form in food, reflect microwaves, slowing down defrosting: particles not frozen to ice begin to defrost and heat, causing ice to melt around them (due to conduction), but this creates a significant temperature difference. Therefore, the defrosting function provides consistent emission of waves so that the heat conduction process equalizes the temperature.

If you’re wondering how to defrost food quickly in the microwave, you should know that defrosting time varies significantly depending on the amount of frozen food. That is, to defrost food faster, put less food in the microwave.

How to defrost food using the microwave?

You can defrost different kinds of foods in the microwave. For example, you can defrost small portions of meat or fish. Take the food out of the freezer and put it in a container or plate suitable for microwave cooking. When using a COOKinAPP microwave, for example, you can choose one of two defrosting functions:

  • Defrosting by weight allows you to specify the weight of the food. from 100 grams to 1400 grams;
  • Defrosting by time allows you to choose the defrosting time. from 10 to 95 minutes.

Microwave is also great for other tasks, such as defrosting a loaf of bread (preferably sliced). Arrange the loaf slices on a suitable plate and put them in the microwave for a few seconds, turning them over at least once during the defrosting process.

First you need to familiarize yourself with the manual of the device. Paperwork is included with every Samsung model. They describe the purpose of each button and the instructions for each function. To start using the microwave requires:

  • Place the device on a shelf or other flat place.
  • Connect the appliance to a power outlet.
  • Put the food in the correct container and press the “Start” button or turn the oven to set the timer.

If there are no faults, the oven will begin the heating process.


To use the defrosting mode it is necessary to press the button with a snowflake icon. How to use the defrost mode in a Samsung microwave:

Operating time and power depend on the food placed. There is a corresponding button for each. Function must be set manually.

Grill and convection

Grill mode is based on cooking with special tools. Often these are supplied with the oven (rotisserie, pan, rack, etc). д.). Before turning the oven on, you must put a container beside the oven to catch the juice so that it does not ruin the microwave.


To reheat cooked food, you need to put it in the oven and set the desired time. The length of time depends on the amount of food and how frozen it is. Microwave power also needs to be considered. It is better to check the state of a dish several times than to wait for it to burn.

Defrosting safely with microwaves. MSU add-on module

Defrosting with microwaves helps you get a quick start on cooking, but extra care is required to make sure you defrost food safely.

The convenience of the microwave saves time, especially when it comes to defrosting frozen foods. To remember to take meat or frozen food out of the freezer and allow enough time to defrost in the refrigerator, you need to plan ahead. Many busy families choose to use the microwave to defrost food because it’s the fastest method, but the Michigan Division recommends following important food safety factors to ensure safe cooking.

When you take frozen food, such as meat, out of the freezer, remove the store’s packaging, including foam trays and plastic wrap. This type of packaging is not resistant to high temperatures. It will most likely melt or deform, allowing harmful chemicals to enter the food. Place frozen food in a microwave container and cover loosely. Choose a microwave defrost function that typically has a power of 30 percent.

Many microwave ovens automatically rotate food to ensure even defrosting.If the microwave does not defrost the food automatically then, in the middle of the defrosting process, open the door of the microwave and carefully turn the container over. Defrosting will take seven to eight minutes per pound, depending on microwave power and product size and thickness.

When defrosting food in the microwave, the edges of the food may begin to heat up or brown slightly while the inside of the food remains frozen. Uneven defrosting is a major food safety problem, which is why you should cook food immediately after defrosting.During defrosting, the microwave oven raises the temperature of foods, and if they get into the danger zone, between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria begin to grow and multiply. Remember that frozen foods still contain bacteria, even if they are inactive. When the temperature of the food rises, the bacteria become active again. Timely cooking of defrosted foods will kill most bacteria. It is unsafe to defrost food in the microwave and then place it in the refrigerator or cooler for later cooking or grilling. Always cook foods defrosted in the microwave immediately.Be sure to use a food thermometer to make sure the food reaches the correct internal temperature during cooking to prevent foodborne illness.

Microwave. A truly beloved kitchen appliance, whether it is heating, cooking or defrosting, the convenience can not be surpassed. To understand how to safely defrost foods, especially various cuts of meat, using the microwave, you only need to know a little about how to defrost, cook and serve delicious family meals.

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Suddenly the mica in the old Panasonic microwave burned out, and for the evening I needed the microwave to feed the dog and reheat dinner. Mica had no time to deal with, and did not know what yes, how and decided to buy later, so the purchase of a microwave oven Samsung MS23K3513AS was completely random. Bought in Eldorado for 7000t.p according to the power level.

Seems like a nice microwave with a simple design

In my opinion, for me, all these functions are unnecessary, because I need it only for heating and defrosting.

Has a bioceramic antibacterial coating

The most important characteristics:

Internal volume of 23 liters

Dimensions (WxHxD) 49x27x37 cm

Diameter of the tray 288 mm

The inner coating of the chamber bioceramic enamel

Weight 12 kg

Microwave power 800 W


Defrost mode to defrost

Automatic cooking has

Number of recipes 20

Automatic defrosting

Number of modes of defrosting 4


Other features and functions

Equal microwave distribution system, cavity lighting, odour-removal mode, child-proof lock

The first time I used it it was hard to understand what to do because there are so many buttons to press to heat/defrost the food, and I do not know what to do.The old oven was a bit easier to control. Now I figured it all out (even explained the family how to use it) and I press it without looking, if I need to heat it up for 1 minute, I press it twice for 30 seconds.

Another thing I would like to mention is the bright display, at night it shines like a real night light! Another positive side is that you can go to the kitchen and drink some water without turning on the light, but it is not very bright, although you can turn it off by pressing the ECO button.

Minuses I noticed when using the microwave:

How to use the grill?

It is advisable to read the enclosed instructions before using them, since the microwave oven capacity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consequently, different models exhibit different performance when cooking in grill mode. According to the average, it takes about half an hour to cook a grilled chicken: 12-15 minutes on both sides when cooked on a grill. For a rotating spit, the cooking cycle is continuous.

Remember that the operation of the microwave oven requires the use of special dishes. Generally accessories such as a removable spit, grid, rack and tray are included in the oven. For example, place the vegetables in suitable containers and put them on the rack with feet: since there is less space between the vegetables and the heating element, the food is cooked faster and has a browned appearance. As for creating dishes with fatty or juicy foods such as meat and fish, it is better to use a special tray into which the liquid will drip. This will help keep the appliance clean.

The grill function is easy to use: simply select the required mode by pressing the “Grill” button, set the time and press the “Start” button. The following rules must be followed to have a successful experience:

  • Before you start, you should warm up the chamber for 1-3 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to leave the device unattended until the end of work.
  • If the dish looks cooked but still tastes raw, you must switch from the grill mode to normal mode, place a small container of water in the chamber and thus finish cooking.

Tip: a combination of two modes “grill” “convection” will give a characteristic crust to dishes. Usually this function is realized with a separate button with the fan and fan above it.

Golden crust cooked through a combination of grill and convection

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Samsung ME88SUW package and functions. Pros and cons of this model of microwave oven. Instructions for operating and cleaning the appliance.

Microwave is a useful gadget that makes cooking and heating easier.

Today’s devices are equipped with a variety of functions and modes that allow you to expose your produce to microwaves at optimum power.

This product takes up little space and can be installed in almost any kitchen.



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