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How to turn on a washing machine without laundry

Can the washing be started without any laundry?

Specialists recommend to run the machine idle in at least two cases: an additional cycle at the end of the washing or the first start of the machine. If you can still do without drum cleaning, then it is better not to neglect “test run” to avoid unnecessary troubles will help you to avoid the first idle wash.

Mix a small amount of water and baking soda in the ratio of 1 : 1 and pour the solution into the detergent compartment. Pour a little vinegar into the drum itself: no more than 400 ml. Set the temperature to maximum and let the machine do most of the work for you. Then remove the remaining dirt with a sponge and wipe the drum dry.

How to start the first wash?

For the first wash, it makes sense to select “Cotton 60°” mode on the control panel. Listen to the noise of the machine when it’s running, its measured humming. There must be no rattling or banging noises.

If you have any questions about whether you can start the washing machine without any laundry, the answer is yes. The opinion of experts is that the first wash in a washing machine should be “idle”. Often machines are subjected to various tests, so there may be residual dirt and oil in the drum.

Check readiness

The readiness of the washing machine for work is determined by performing a preliminary preparation. Following the recommendations of the instructions to the appliance, the machine must be plugged in and checked for voltage on the washing machine. This is indicated by the indication on the display. It can be the indicators of the button “On / Off”, “Power” and other.

After switching the machine on, the drum should be loaded with laundry, not exceeding the norm, and the required washing mode should be selected. To do this, it is recommended to look at the instructions to determine what type of items, at what mode to wash, and then do so.

Speaking of the readiness of the washing machine for work, it is useful to check the hardness of the water in the water supply, which is planned to be used by the machine. Depending on the chemical state of the water, in a special compartment for washing powder is poured the required amount. If necessary, housewives usually add special water softeners or bleach.

What you should pay special attention to

When starting the machine for the first time, as well as during its further operation, it is necessary to follow certain rules that will help the washing to be of higher quality and the machine to work much longer.

Unusual sounds after starting the cycle indicate a malfunction or that there are foreign objects in the machine, interfering with its normal operation. The lighted indicator or the displayed error code will help to determine the nature of the error and take measures to eliminate it, not leading to the need for repairs.

Most modern machines, such as LG, Burning, Miele, Samsung, Haier, Hotpoint, Atlant models are equipped with special sensors that signalize when there is a danger of overloading the drum. In this case, you need to remove unnecessary things from it, because overloading the machine can lead to a breakdown of the cross.

The water inlet valve, especially when first turned on, needs periodic inspection and cleaning if necessary. Otherwise, small particles of sand and rust from the water getting into the machine may cause the pump to break or clog the drain system. Specialists recommend using special filters that soften the water or adding chemical water softeners from the first days of operation of a new machine.

How to use the machine?

Regardless of whether you have a new appliance or not, before you run your washing machine for the first time, you need to make sure that it is directly connected to:

If at least one connection is missing or faulty, the wires do not reach the socket, it will not work and may immediately break. Many models have an interference indicator, making it even easier to eliminate interference. You should also check the surge protector to protect the electronic module of the device, replace it if necessary. Incorrect connection. one of the most frequent causes of failure of expensive equipment.

Almost all machines are programmed similarly, have an electronic module, button locking system, equipped with a multimeter. So you do not need to ask for help from a master to turn on the automatic machine.

Getting ready to start

Now it is time to load the items intended for washing into the drum. Please note that the maximum laundry weight printed on the washer-dryer is a rather relative value, indicating the drum’s capacity. Each washing mode has its own maximum allowable weight in the instruction manual. In any case, you should not fill the drum more than halfway to ensure that it serves you for a long time.

Do not fill the drum with too much laundry

After the laundry is loaded, close the door of the washer-dryer until you hear a click. It happens that things get caught in the opening of the hatch, and the door does not close completely. Do not force it. you must remove the obstruction and only then close the hatch.

In washing machines with a vertical load first of all close the drum itself, and only then. the top cover.

The next stage of preparation is to add the detergent. Pay attention to the fact that powders and especially gels can be highly concentrated, and you should strictly adhere to the dosage indicated on the packaging of the agent.

To measure the required amount of detergent, use a measuring cup

For automatic washing machines, it is better to choose only specialized products with the appropriate marking on the packaging. Never use detergents formulated for hand washing. Foam from them will be too much, there may be a leak and stop the work of the machine.

The quality of washing will not get better if you add too much powder, but problems with excessive foaming will be guaranteed.

Before adding detergent, you need to read the instructions and find out what each compartment in the tray of the washing machine is for. The detergent is usually put in the first sector on the left, and the conditioner. in the first sector on the right.

What to do if.?

The power has been cut off

The electricity in the apartment was cut off and the machine, of course, stopped washing.

Your helper will probably continue its mission when power is restored, but not all machines are that smart. Some models have no memory.

And it happens that the washing machine remembers the washing step for just a few minutes and then shuts down the program. In such cases, the washing will be longer, because the machine will need time to heat the cooled water again.

Doing Laundry without Electricity

The machine is frozen

The unexpected happens. the machine does not respond to anything at all!

You will have to unplug the helper and wait for 15 minutes. This manipulation will reset the program, and then you can start washing again.

If the situation repeats, most likely without a specialist you can’t solve the problem, because the control module is responsible for the functionality of the programs.

When it is necessary to leave

The washing machine is considered a high-risk appliance and, of course, must be supervised.

But what to do if you need to leave urgently? How to stop the washing and leave the laundry in the washing machine?

The solution. pull the plug.

And after returning it will be enough to include in the socket and the washing will start from the moment when you stopped it.

Remember that this method is used in extreme cases, as the abuse of such an interruption in the work of the machine can permanently render it inoperable and will require repair.

Abnormal situations

There are cases when the door of the machine does not open after draining the water, or after stopping the program.

If possible. call a master, who will be able to diagnose and open the washing machine.

Otherwise you will have to perform a forced opening yourself. There are several ways to do this.

  • Using the emergency opening cable. It is in the front behind the panel at the bottom of the machine. The cord is usually orange in color. To open the door, simply pull it.
  • Opening the door, thanks to a thin cord. Take the cord according to the circumference of the door, it may be a little longer. You need to get the cord between the housing and the hatch. Pull it so that it presses the latch. Failure may await if the lock is of a different design.
  • You can use a spatula. It is inserted between the door and the case and pressed on the latch.
  • A universal method that can be used to open any machine.To open the door using this method you have to remove the upper lid and unscrew the screws. The lid is pushed back and the door latch is pushed off by hand.

Having this information, you can open the machine in any situation, but if you have doubts about your abilities, it is better to ask a specialist.

Recommendations for the care of the washing machine

In conclusion we would like to give you some tips for using and caring for the washing machine.

  • After you finish using the device, thoroughly wipe off dirt and moisture, paying special attention to the rubber seals.
  • Leave the door to the loader and the powder compartment open. This will prevent the formation of mould and unpleasant odours inside the appliance.
  • To prevent the drain valve filter from clogging, clean it regularly.
  • Use only high-quality detergents and stick to the dosage indicated on the package.

Proper care and use guarantee that the appliance will last at least the lifetime specified by the manufacturer. Follow the recommendations and take into account the nuances, then your washing machine will not be an exception.

The first start of the washing machine: preparation, step by step instructions, what detergent to use

Immediately begin washing in a new washing machine is not worth it, because because of the ridiculous mistakes at the first start you can lose an expensive device, or get on an expensive repair. To avoid financial losses, the first start-up of the washing machine must be carried out using the recommendations of experts, prescribed in the manual.

Before trying out the washing machine in the case, it is necessary to check whether all the necessary preliminary actions have been carried out. The hose must connect the machine to the water supply, with the sewage system connects corrugated hose. Cold water into the drum through the filler hose, it is necessary to check the valve. You can call a technician for installation or do it yourself. The gaps between the washing machine and the wall must be at least 5 cm.

It is necessary to check whether at least one transport bolt remains in the socket and whether the sockets are closed with plugs. They are needed at the transport stage, if they are left in the machine. the machine is very noisy and vibrating, which will lead to a breakdown.

Removing the transport bolts

It is necessary to remove the adhesive tape, which fixed the elements of the machine (door, powder hoppers) during transportation.

The drum must be empty, with no foreign objects. The appliance should be placed on a flat surface that does not vibrate when washing.

The initial start of the washing machine is made according to the instructions, which will help avoid trouble in further operation. If the installation rules are followed, the running appliance washes and spins without shaking.

It is important to know the indicators of water hardness for proper selection of laundry detergent, optimally calculate its quantity, the volume of loaded laundry.

Checking the readiness of the new washing machine for the first wash

To prepare, read and follow the above steps:

    Make a check to see if the bolts (shipping bolts) are torqued. These bolts are needed to secure the drum of the washing machine during transport. They are located on the back of the new washing machine. If you find them, it means that the machine must still not be plugged in. First, remove these fixing bolts. Next, after removing, close the holes that appeared with special plugs. They usually come with the machine.

  • Know the hardness of your water supply in advance. This will help you choose the right type of detergent, and decide on the amount.
  • Check the connection of the machine to the mains, sewer and water supply
  • Check the position of the faucet that closes the water to the fill hose.
  • Drop the dirty laundry into the tank.
  • Pour the right amount of powder into the detergent tray.
  • Select the washing program, and then start the machine from the “Start” button.
  • Don’t worry if the machine doesn’t immediately open its tank after you finish washing. Often in many models, you need to wait 1 to 3 minutes for the machine to unlock and allow you to unload the washed items.

Everything will happen in the same way as the usual washing, except that this time you will not need to lay the laundry. You should also pour a smaller amount of powder. And although all washing machines are tested before they are sold, you should still do the first wash as a trial, without the stuff. This will flush the inside of the machine and prevent unpleasant scent from the laundry the first wash.

Read the manual!

Before you start using your new washing machine, we advise you to carefully read the manual accompanying the unit.

[LG Washer]. How to use Spin only & Drain Only

Yes, most of the programs and buttons are understandable to us on an intuitive level, but it is recommended to study the information about all the subtleties of using this household appliance before starting the first wash in a new machine.

If you start to use it by following the advice and rules in the manual, you can avoid a lot of difficulties, possible defects and other troubles with your helper. In addition, proper use of the washer-dryer will increase its expected service life. To do this you should carefully read the instructions and follow all the rules for the correct use of the appliance.

And even if you are already familiar with one or more models of washing machines, we still recommend that you at least just read the tips given by the manufacturers in the manual.

Tips for doing the right first wash of your machine

So, once again, we congratulate you on the purchase of your washing machine.

Be sure to do your first wash in your new washing machine without laundry. For this miracle of technology will make your life easier and give you a lot of free time.

Features of the cycle of the first wash

To understand whether the device performs its function well, you need to know exactly the peculiarities of the cycle of the first washing in the washing machine. To do this, you need to read the instructions from the manufacturer or a specialist, as well as refer to additional information on the Internet.

Water supply

This stage should be carried out quickly and calmly. It is important to check that the hose connected to the water supply pipe does not leak.

Advice! It is also necessary to monitor the presence of loud extraneous sounds, which may indicate malfunction of the device. If any of these are present, it is recommended that you immediately contact the retailer.

When draining also should not be extraneous sounds, leaks, stops and failures in operation. If they are present, you need to contact the seller, who will send a specialist to inspect the equipment under the warranty card.


When starting up the appliance for the first time, it is important to check the power supply in the apartment. It is important that there is no blackout of the electricity or the appliance.

If the owner of the equipment encounters such a situation, you can try to use a different outlet, install a ground connection or contact a specialist.

Need to keep a close eye on the hatch in the process of cleaning the drum. It should not open by itself and should not make any extraneous sounds. In addition, during the entire washing, the hatch should be blocked, so that the owner of the technique has no opportunity to open it.

In the event of a malfunction, it is advisable to consult the instructions for use again or consult the retailer.

Loading the laundry

Do not load laundry into the drum during the first wash. During this process, the drum is cleaned of technical fluids, dust and dirt, which should not transfer to clothes.


Only special detergents marked “automatic” may be used for washing in the machine. For the first cleaning of the drum, you can purchase a special detergent which is designed to remove technical impurities. They contribute to the removal of greasy oils, unpleasant odors and hazardous components.

Where to pour the detergent and powder in the washing machine, this article will prompt.

Washing program

For the first start-up of the washing machine it is necessary to use a programme called “drum cleaning”. If there is no such program, then it is necessary to set the “Cotton” mode, the washing temperature of 60 degrees and activate the rinse function.

Popular questions

Users ask a large number of questions that relate to the first washing in an automatic machine, which are answered by competent experts.

With or without laundry?

The first wash should be carried out strictly without laundry, because in the process of its cleaning drum of dust, dirt and machine oil, which is used in production. Also with the help of the powder there is removal of unpleasant odor, which can be absorbed into clothes.

What wash mode should I use??

For the first wash, you must use the “drum cleaning” mode if available. Otherwise you need to set the washing mode “cotton”, which implies a temperature of 60 degrees. It is also necessary to use the extra rinse function.

Which detergent, how much and where to pour in?

You can use both normal powder and a special detergent to remove technical contaminants. Use the normal amount of detergent used for cleaning the laundry.

Important! Pour it into the powder container or into the drum, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

What to watch out for before loading and handling items?

Before cleaning the laundry, pay attention to the condition of the drum and the presence of odor from the device. If there are residues of industrial dirt, it is recommended to repeat the attempt of an idle wash or wipe the drum with a cloth.

Your first wash in a new washing machine

The first wash in washing machines LG, Bosch, Candy, Indesit, Samsung, Haier, Ariston, Beko, and many others practically does not differ. Experts recommend doing your first wash in a new washing machine without any laundry.

The laundry detergent will remove any remaining grease, technical odors, only take it in smaller quantities than when washing clothes.

  • Ensure the load tank is closed. If the washing machine has a vertical load, first close the drum and then the door. In a horizontal loader, just close the door.
  • Pour the powder recommended for automatic washing into the container. Powder “For hand washing” should not be used, because the increased foaming that appears from the product can cause damage to the unit.
  • Plug in the machine.
  • Select the shortest programme and press the on/off switch.
  • When you have finished washing, leave the lid open to air out the loader.

Please note that the door does not open immediately after a wash. The door lock is provided for your own safety.

Imagine if you open the door while washing, all the water will pour out on you. The good thing is that it will be cold. If it’s hot, you could scald yourself with boiling water. Locking will protect not only you but also your children from unforeseen circumstances.

The door will unlock in 1-2 minutes and you can open it easily.

If you have a clogged sink, the door will remain blocked because the water from the drain will go into the machine instead of going down the drain. So be sure to clean the sink and drain before your first wash, so you don’t get into trouble.

Preventive measures of washing machine operation

  • If you hear strange noises when washing, or the door is jammed: it does not open, or some other small malfunction has made itself felt, do not repair it yourself, but call the number you will find in the documents. Call a master, he will repair the device or take it away to replace it with a new one.
  • Before washing, check your s to make sure there are no small parts in them, because they could get caught between the drum and the loading tank, causing their movement to be impeded.
  • Do not overload the washing machine, do not fill the tank with laundry more than it should be, because the device parts will wear out faster and the life of the machine will be significantly reduced. The drum cross can be damaged. Overloading of laundry will be reported by a sensor, which are equipped with modern washing machines. Underloading the laundry can also damage the washing machine.
  • Clean the fill valve, filter constantly to prevent clogging of the drain hose and malfunction in the pump.
  • Use water softener filters or special products to prevent the heater element from becoming limescale.

Helfer Start HLR0054-First wash detergent is a quality detergent that cleans the electromechanical device of residues and destroys persistent unpleasant odors.

It is an effective tool against industrial stains, grease, soot, machine oil. By loading it into the compartment for the main wash, selecting the program and making a complete cycle of the first wash without laundry with this agent, you will wash the device as best as possible from the dirt deposits.

This tool is suitable for any washing machine. The surface-active agents, inorganic elements degrease and wash out all dirt deposits on the drum surfaces.

How and where to find out which washing mode to use?

Before washing clothes in a new washing machine, the machine must be run in the “test” mode. Select the “drum cleaning” option on the control panel for this purpose.

Pour detergent into main wash compartment. The laundry is not loaded into the drum during the test wash, because the purpose of this action is to check the operation of the new household appliance, the tightness of all hose connections.

At the end of the program, wipe the sealing collar from the inside with a clean cloth, thus removing any smallest particles of dirt.

Activating the operating mode of the washing machine for different models may differ. For more information, see the manufacturer’s instructions.

What product, how much and where to pour?

For the first start of the washing machine, experienced masters recommend using a special agent (Helfer Start HLR0054) which includes active surface substances that destroy the odors of technical oil, fuel oil.

You can also purchase special ORO tablets for the first wash. It comes with two tablets: the first (CLEAN) dissolves dirt on the inside of the washing machine, the second (CALK) is used to re-clean after thirty wash cycles.

Such a measure will help prevent the formation of lime scale on the heating element.



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