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How to turn off the humidifier Scarlett sc

Humidifier repair: typical breakdowns and effective ways to fix them

When the humidifier breaks, the microclimate in the house immediately deteriorates, the air becomes dry and filled with extraneous odors. It is unpleasant and annoying, we agree? You want to repair your humidifier as quickly as possible, and return a comfortable and healthy atmosphere to your home.

But it is not always possible to “calculate” correctly where in the device there is a problem. We have taken this into account and prepared a review of typical failures with ways to fix them. With detailed information about the most common problems, you can easily identify them, and you can fix most of them with your own hands.

Why the humidifier breaks?

Household humidifier. a reliable device with high durability. It withstands intensive workloads and operates normally around the clock.

Failures are most often caused by the following reasons:

To prevent voltage fluctuations do not cause problems and did not destroy the various equipment, we recommend picking up a voltage regulator.

Failure to replace filters in time and limescale formation also lead to breakdowns.

Install the original filters from reputable brands in the humidifier. They are made of high quality materials, better retain dust particles, bacteria and allergens, guarantee effective cleaning

Even premium-quality appliances suffer from improper use. To avoid malfunctions and fuss with repairs, carefully study the rules for using the appliance, described in the data sheet.

Strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do not violate them. Then the humidifier will work long and will maintain a comfortable microclimate in your home or apartment.

The main thing is to keep it wet

Optimum humidity in your home is important. It’s good for everyone, including children, adults, pets, plants, and even your furniture and hardwood floors. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to maintain optimal humidity year-round where you spend a lot of time:

  • Health: if you get sick more often (more frequent cough, runny nose). dry nasopharynx mucosa does not retain viruses and bacteria;
  • dry skin (weakened its defenses, faster processes of aging), dry stuffy nose;
  • Allergy sufferers in the house: in humid air, dust and other allergens settle more quickly on the floor (do not forget about timely cleaning);
  • Static electricity: if touching various objects in the house you feel like you are being electrocuted, a humidifier can help: moist air minimizes the likelihood of this effect occurring;
  • Plants in the house: If leaves are drying, yellowing, and falling off, humidity is especially important for tropical plants;
  • Wooden furniture, parquet or solid wood floors, wooden musical instruments, objects of art. all deteriorate because of insufficient humidity.

It is wrong to think that humidifying the air is only important in winter, during the heating period, when the humidity in our homes can drop to 20% or less. Firstly, even in summer the humidity in your home or office (especially where there is central air conditioning and purification) may be insufficient. this must be monitored and if there are problems turn on the humidifier.

Humidity of the air is important. The optimal level in your home or office is 40-60%

Secondly, a frequent phenomenon in the summer. forest fires in different regions, smoke, smog. The humidifier will help remove particles of carbon monoxide from the air, reduces odor: when exposed to moisture particles of dirt, as well as allergens become heavy and settle on the floor (but, of course, the problem is not completely solved humidifier. you need a good air purifier).

Details about the Scarlett humidifier

Scarlett SC-AH986M10. classic ultrasonic humidifier. What it means? Inside there is a membrane that vibrates at a very high frequency (ultrasonic vibrations). The membrane is fed with water and produces a kind of water cloud (a cool mist of the smallest water particles). A fan draws in dry air from the room, which absorbs the moisture particles and carries them back into the room. The intensity of the humidification can be adjusted.

Usually water is supplied to the vibrating membrane from a removable tank with a special valve at the bottom, which automatically closes when the tank is removed from the humidifier. In fact, usually around the humidifier are formed mini puddles and drips. water is leaking, dripping from the container.

Daniel Golovin, editor-in-chief of The Byt:

Surprisingly, the removable water tank in humidifiers is not a fictitious problem. I know it by experience, and friends confirm it: the need to remove the tank, go to pour water into it, then install it in place, dripping around, for many inconvenience because of which the humidifier is used from case to case, when you are not too lazy to do it all. And this is not right.

So, in the Scarlett SC-AH986M10 this problem solved. The design has been changed: there is no longer a removable container and water supply to the membrane through the valve. Everything is in one stationary tank: water and membrane. A special grated plastic module (a sort of elevator shaft) is installed above it, inside the module there is a converter, which forms a steam jet from a water cloud. The directional jet is supplied to the atomizer in the tank’s removable cover and can be turned to the desired side.

Fragment of the test humidifier Scarlett SC-AH986M10 The humidifier, in fact, have simplified, freeing the user from the need to carry a removable container. Now you can add water directly into the humidifier from any convenient container. Absence of water supply valve, by the way, the humidifier eliminates the periodic bubbling, which bothers many people (especially at bedtime).

Returns / exchanges of goods of improper quality

In the event of a defect in the purchased goods, the purchaser has the right, at his choice, to assert one of the claims referred to in Art.18 Law of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 On Protection of Consumer Rights.

turn, humidifier, scarlett

If the goods can’t be returned and exchanged for a defective one, the buyer must pay for the repair or replacement of the defective goods in accordance with Article 11 of this Law. The Decree of November 10, 2011. N 924, then specified in Art.18 claims can only be made within 15 calendar days of purchase.

After 15 days, you can make the above claims if:

The product may not be used for a cumulative period of more than thirty days during each year of the warranty period due to the need to correct manufacturing defects.

Product Quality Check

If you make a claim, the seller has the right to inspect the quality of the product. We therefore remind you to deliver the purchased product with your claim to a return service point or to let the seller take the product to an authorized service center to confirm the shortcoming.

Delivery service employee fixes the fact of receipt of the goods for diagnostics by the relevant act, filled in two copies, one of which remains with the buyer in his hands.

Based on the results of this quality inspection, the Seller will provide you with an answer to your claim.

If you do not agree with the results of the quality control inspection, you have the right to submit a written request for an independent examination of the goods. The expertise is at the merchant’s expense. You have the right to be present at the examination. If the examination finds any defects that are not the fault of the store or the manufacturer, you must reimburse the store for the costs of the examination, as well as the costs associated with the examination.

Model range

The manufacturer Scarlett today produces a variety of humidifier models. Let’s look at the technical characteristics of the most popular and demanded products in the brand range.


This ultrasonic model is designed to humidify the air in a room of not more than 45 square meters. It is equipped with a handy LED display. The sample also has a compact thermometer.

AH986E09 is available with a small capsule for adding aromatic oils.

Equipped with foot control, temperature indication, adjustable humidifying intensity.

turn, humidifier, scarlett

Comfort SC-AH986E08

This humidifier is also designed for a room of no more than 45 square meters. The volume of the product reaches 4.6 liters. Touch control of the device is equipped with LED display. The appliance switches off automatically if there is no water.

Features a system to regulate the intensity of humidification. It also has a special indication of the intensity of humidification, timer on and off, and a fragrance dispenser.


This ultrasonic humidifier is designed for a maximum area of 35 square meters. It is equipped with a ceramic filter. Also, the device has a humidity control, timer off. The device can work uninterruptedly for 8 hours.

This humidifier model has a 2.65 liter water tank. Power consumption is about 25 W. The weight of the device is almost one kilogram.


This unit has a water tank with a capacity of 2.3 liters. Power consumption of the device is 23 W. Equipped with aromatizer, humidity regulator and automatic shut-off in case of total absence of water.

SC-AH986M17 can work uninterruptedly for 8 hours. The device is controlled by a mechanical type. The type of humidification is ultrasonic.


The device is designed to humidify the air in a room with an area not exceeding 30 square meters. Mechanical type controls. Continuous operation time is about 12 hours.

Water consumption during operation of the unit is about 300 milliliters per hour. Power consumption reaches 20 watts. The total weight of the model is almost one kilogram.

SC-AH986M12 has humidifying controller, aromatizer, shut-off timer.


The device is characterized by its small size. It is used to humidify the air in small rooms (area not more than 3 square meters). The unit can work continuously for 7 hours.

The water tank capacity of this model is 2.2 liters. The weight of the product weighs up to 760 grams. Water consumption during operation is 300 milliliters per hour. Controls of mechanical type. This device is equipped with a special button illumination.


This ultrasonic model is designed to humidify the air in the room area of 20 square meters. м. It can operate continuously for 6.5 hours. The volume of the water tank is about 2 liters.

The model has a mechanical type of control. Its power consumption reaches 20 watts. The weight of the device is about 800 grams. Comes with a fragrance dispenser and timer.


The unit is used for the rooms with an area of 35 sq.m. м. It can work uninterruptedly for 15 hours. Water tank capacity of about 4.5 liters.

The power consumption of this model is 30 W. Its weight reaches 1.21 kilograms.

The device has an option of automatic shutdown in case of total absence of water.

Instructions for Use

Included with each unit are detailed instructions for use. This sets forth the basic rules for operating the humidifier. So, it states that they can not be placed in bathrooms or just next to water.

It also stipulates that before you switch on the appliance, you must always check that the specifications of the appliance match those of the mains electricity supply.

Every instruction tells about breakdown of the device. Their repair should be carried out only by special service centers or the manufacturer.

You should be especially careful with the power cord. It should not be abruptly pulled, twisted or wound around the body of the product. If the cord is damaged, you should immediately contact a professional.

Common malfunctions and troubleshooting

Repair needs a tester or multimeter, electrical knowledge and soldering skills. If you have all of these, read about the most common faults of climatotechnics and repair methods.

No steam coming out of unit

  • Damaged alternator;
  • oxidation of the board contacts;
  • The fan is broken;
  • Membrane in ultrasonic humidifiers is damaged.

To fix it you need to replace the damaged parts: oscillator, fan, diaphragm, or clean the board contacts.

The unit does not turn on

  • Clogged filter. If it is clogged replace it.
  • Problems in electrical parts: wires, power supply board and control unit. If the wires are damaged, replace them. The board can be darkened. Check it with a multimeter to find and replace the damaged element.
  • Voltage on motor winding. If there is voltage, the problem is in the fan and it must be replaced. If there is no voltage, the problem is in the circuit board.

Humidifier is leaking

In case of a leaky humidifier check leak tightness of the water system. Open the case, pour the water in and see where it may be leaking: in the tank itself, the tubes or the pan.

Check the fastening of the leaky element. If you couldn’t fix it and the leakage remains, replace the element.

Excessive noise during operation is most often found with a dirty fan. To fix it, open the case, clean and lubricate the fan with thermal paste.

Unpleasant odor

Unpleasant odor during humidifier operation is caused by bacteria or mold growth.

To fix the problem, wash each part with special antibacterial agents. Do not use aggressive cleaning solutions.

A weak solution of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide can be used as a improvised detergent.

Most humidifier malfunctions can be repaired by yourself. Difficulties arise at the stage of damage detection. You may need special tools for this: a tester and a multimeter. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and timely change and cleaning of the filters, repairs will not be necessary.

All equipment, no matter how reliable, sooner or later malfunctions. Household appliances will not be an exception. Today we will consider some of the reasons why the humidifier does not work and possible methods of their elimination.

Immediately tell you that, before taking on the repair of such devices, you need to have some knowledge and practical skills in the field of electrical engineering, to have special tools and work with them confidently, as well as to comply with the necessary safety measures, the main of which. disconnect the device from the mains before carrying out repairs

It is extremely important, because otherwise the consequences of repair can be quite the opposite.

The device failure

So, the humidifier does not turn on. Checking begins with the serviceability of the socket, including in it a working equipment. If everything is all right with the socket, proceed to visual inspection of the device for mechanical damages.

Next, making sure that the body is intact, we move on to the electrical part. The first point in this case. the fuse in the mains plug. This is the weakest link in the chain, yet replaceable. If the fuse is intact, check the connection of the power cord to the device.

This is the second point of diagnosis. The cord is usually connected to the device by either a connector or screws. If the plug is damaged, which is very rare, the cord should be replaced. If the screws are loose, which is not often the case, just use a screwdriver to tighten them all the way. In doing so, it is necessary to calculate the moment of application of force, so that the wires under the screws do not start to break from excessive pressure.

The next, third point of diagnosis is the control board of the device. Visually inspect it for the characteristic blackening of parts and the quality of soldering. If these factors are found, the damage must be re-soldered and the burnt parts replaced. Here again, recall the knowledge and skills mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The second reason. no steam from the humidifier. What to do with it? In this case there are several causes, depending on the type of humidifier. They are similar in some ways and different in others. Let’s briefly consider some of the signs.

Lack of steam

If the device is equipped with a hot steam function, the heating element may have failed. You can check this by plugging in the unit, and waiting for the allowable time according to the instructions before the full operation. If there are no signs of heating fluid, the device should be disconnected from the mains and replace the heating element.

The next factor in the lack of steam is a broken fan or turbine drive, that is, the electric motor. It is not serviceable and must be replaced.

Если же слышен характерный звук работающего двигателя, а крыльчатка турбины или вентилятор не вращается, следует проверить деталь следующим образом:

If the part rotates with a lot of tension or jerks, check and if necessary clean it from the formed fouling. This problem can occur in any type of humidifier.

Also, the absence of steam in the ultrasonic system can be caused by a rupture of the membrane, which can be replaced by yourself. Or it is a result of a defect in the electrical part of the appliance.

And finally, the simplest accident is a clogged filter. It is easy to replace with a new one, and the mesh next to it should be rinsed in clean, warm water.

turn, humidifier, scarlett

Turning on and off

The next question customers ask when purchasing a humidifier. how often to turn on the device? Here it all depends on the climate conditions in the room, built in additional functions in the system and, finally, the humidifier performance.

Most modern designs are equipped with functions of automatic maintenance of set parameters and protection when there is no water in the tank. That is, simply put, you can turn the device on and control it every few hours by refilling the water.

All the rest the system will do automatically, and if for some reason the occupants could not fill the tank in time, the device will shut down on its own.

Possible causes of humidifier not generating steam

There are several reasons why steam can stop coming out of the humidifier. Among them:

In order to determine the quality of its operation it is necessary to remove the cover on the bottom side of the device. Carefully plug it in for a few minutes.

Warning !

Proceed with extreme caution. Do not touch the inside of the equipment when performing the above action.

Then turn off the unit, be sure to remove the plug from the socket and touch the heatsink of the transistor located on the electronic circuit. If it is cold, it means that the generator does not work.

  • Oxidation of contacts.This can be caused by liquid inside the humidifier.
  • Fan failure.It is worth using a multimeter to check the operation. It is used to measure the voltage on the turbine windings. If it is present, but the fan does not function, then this is the problem. Requires replacement parts. It is important to choose a fan of suitable size.
  • Damage to the membrane.If you notice a gurgling sound without steam escaping, there is a problem with the fan. Otherwise, the absence of such sounds means that there is a problem with the diaphragm.
  • Problems with the air intake filter.The presence of a characteristic gurgle and fan operation means that it is worth checking the filter. Sometimes steam problems occur because this part is clogged. The air intake filter needs to be replaced.
  • Power supply board malfunction.If by measuring the voltage of the turbine windings its absence was detected, it means that the problems are connected with the power board.

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– 2. The data is hidden

Pros: It sprays water, the design is nice
Cons: Can not see the water level, there is a frank glitch hygrometer, strange water filter (stained water), at maximum power water accumulates around the device, also at maximum the indicator blinks unpleasantly bright red lines.
Response: This is my third humidifier. The design is nice. Otherwise, there are some oddities, I will still have to deal with the service center. The joints are as follows: 1. I poured, as in the others, bottled drinking water (transparent, from this water has never been plaque). I put it to work for 2 hours in a 15 sq. m. room.м. After an hour peeked. The air is cloudy like smoke. In general, something he sprayed me in the air incomprehensible. I opened it and the water in the tray is yellow (like apple juice). It’s the filter cartridge that’s been playing tricks on me. He seemed suspicious to me right away. The pellets in it turned a brownish hue, the water stained and the whole air was like a fog for about an hour. What is the meaning of this?? As a result, the cartridge is removed completely and I use it without filter for now, everything is normal, there is no fog. Humidity is. 2. The hygrometer doesn’t work. Shows 31%, sometimes blinks and jumps to 2-3%, then 31% again. I have a separate weather station, for example, it was already 48% and feels humid, and he has 31%! It’s kind of weird! You can’t see the water level. The tank lid jams every time you open it. Whether the fan is weak or the hole for steam is small or poorly shaped, but around the humidifier at maximum power a puddle forms. ♪ I had to put newspaper underneath ♪. I think that such a device is not thought out and not finished. What is claimed, in addition to the ultrasonic water splitting, is not guaranteed and it is not nice.

– 2. Kochetko Catherine

Pros: Humidifies.
Cons: The hygrometer only shows 29-31%, regardless of the intensity and operating time. Makes a puddle of water around itself when set to the desired humidity of 50-60%. Loud bubbling, noisy. After about 6-7 months it started humming when working, stopped turning off automatically when there was no water, puffs trying to evaporate the leftovers. It is inconvenient to fill the tank with water, t.к. The lid is on the bottom. Slimy buildup inside.
Feedback: Uncomfortable thing.

– 2. the data is hidden

Cons: One disadvantage
Review: Complete crap, given to me before the birth of a child, plowed all day long in a closed room, and the humidity rose by 1-2 degrees. When you wash the floors on the built-in hygrometer immediately increased by 10 degrees. As a result, I hate to throw it away or buy a new one. A puddle forms at top speed, which is clearly not good for laminate. and more inclined to Boneco. We’re about to go to day care. you have to prepare thoroughly

– 2. Jkz Jkz

Cons: One drawback
Review: The complete crap, given before the birth of a child, plowed all day long in a closed room, and the humidity rose by 1-2 degrees. When you wash the floors on the built-in hygrometer immediately increased by 10 degrees. The result is a pity to throw out, and you can not buy a new one. At maximum speed a puddle forms, which is clearly not good for the laminate. I’m leaning more and more toward Boneco. We are going to kindergarten soon. You have to prepare thoroughly

– 2. Anton Shveinov

Pros: There is a beautiful mode of light illumination of the tank
Cons: Current humidity sensor is useless and always lies. I walk into a room, there is nothing to breathe anymore, the windows are all already in condensation as in a bathhouse, and the built-in indicator of the current humidity confidently shows only 39%. I have no idea how to use this product in the morning, it just sprays water all over the floor, it doesn’t mix with the air, it just lays down on the floor, it’s not very good, even on a high table
Review: This device does not humidify but just sprays water around (a feature of all ultrasonic humidifiers). These are absolutely useless gadgets and this one was no exception.

– 2. the data is hidden

Pros: humidifies well
Cons: The buttons suck
Review: Bought at the request of his wife would not buy it worked two days humidified well kids asleep not even heard a sniffle but then all stopped responding buttons in general not refined Chinese junk now I sit and choose again.my advice is reviews in general honestly do not mean anything here as a lottery is not the fact that the expensive model will work long all good luck.

– 2. ryzhkin viktor

Pros: good humidifier
Minuses: buttons sucks
Review: I bought it because my wife asked me not to buy it. It worked for two days and the kids were sleeping well but then they all stopped responding to buttons, so it was not refined Chinese junk and now I have to choose again.my advice generally speaking honestly do not mean anything here as the lottery is not the fact that the expensive model will work long all good luck.

In purchase humidifiers of this brand can be in such organizations as:

  • “Techport:
  • website: http://www.techport.ru;
  • telephone: 7 (495) 228-66-69.
  • website: https://www.mvideo.ru
  • phone: 7 (495) 777-77-75.
  • website: https://www.eldorado.ru;
  • phone: 7 (800) 250-25-25.

In St. Petersburg

The following stores sell Scarlett appliances in St. Petersburg:

  • “Ozone”:
  • website: https://www.ozon.ru;
  • phone: 7 (812) 494-06-06.
  • site: https://www.maxidom.ru;
  • phone: 7 (812) 324-55-55.

Обзор увлажнителя воздуха SCARLETT SC-AH986M04

  • website: http://sidex.ru;
  • phone: 7 (812) 389-30-52.

So, Scarlett air humidifiers are very popular with the majority because of the low cost and wide range, but because of the frequent cases of damage, buying a budget unit can be quite unprofitable. That is why when choosing a technique is recommended to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality.

Pros and cons

Scarlett air humidifiers have a number of important advantages.

  • High quality level. The products work efficiently, make the air softer and lighter.
  • Low cost. Products of this company-manufacturer is considered a budget, it will be affordable to almost anyone.
  • Beautiful design. These humidifiers have a modern and neat design.
  • Easy to use. It does not require any special knowledge and skills. Simply press the button to start the humidifier.
  • Aromatization function. These appliances can quickly spread a pleasant fragrance in the room.

Despite all the advantages, Scarlett humidifiers also have some disadvantages.

  • Presence of noise. Some models of these humidifiers may make loud noises when in operation.
  • Low durability. Many models can not operate properly for a long time.

Product Range

Manufacturer company Scarlett today produces a variety of humidifier models. Consider the technical characteristics of the most popular and popular products in the brand line.


This ultrasonic model is designed to humidify the air in a room of no more than 45 square meters. It is equipped with a handy LED display. Sample also comes with a compact thermometer.

AH986E09 comes with a small capsule for adding aroma oils.

Model is equipped with the option of foot mode, temperature indication, regulating the intensity of humidification.

Comfort SC-AH986E08

This humidifier is also designed for a room area of not more than 45 square meters. The volume of the product reaches 4.6 liters. Device control is touch-sensitive, with LED display. In the absence of water, the technique automatically shuts off.

It has a system for adjusting the intensity of humidification. It also has a special indication of the intensity of humidification, on and off timer, fragrance.


This ultrasonic humidifier is designed for a room area not exceeding 35 square meters. It is equipped with a ceramic filter cleaning. Also, the device has a humidity control, timer off. The appliance can work for 8 hours uninterruptedly.

This humidifier model has a water tank capacity of 2.65 liters. Power consumption is about 25 W. The weight of the device is almost one kilogram.


This device has a water tank with a capacity of 2.3 liters. Power consumption of the device is 23 W. It is equipped with aromatizer, humidifier, automatic shutdown option in case of total absence of water.

SC-AH986M17 can operate continuously for 8 hours. To control the device of a mechanical type. Type of humidifying. ultrasonic.

Увлажнитель воздуха SCARLETT COMFORT


The device is designed to humidify the air in a room with an area not exceeding 30 square meters. Mechanical type control. Operating time is about 12 hours.

Water consumption during operation of the unit is about 300 milliliters per hour. Consumption power reaches 20 watts. Total weight of the model is almost one kilogram.

SC-AH986M12 has humidification control, fragrance regulator, shut-off timer.


The device is notable for its small size. It is used to humidify small rooms (up to 3 square meters). The unit can work for 7 hours without interruption.

Water tank capacity for this model is 2.2 liters. Product weight reaches 760 grams. Water consumption during operation is 300 milliliters per hour. Control of mechanical type. It is equipped with a special button light.


This ultrasonic model is capable of humidifying a room area of 20 square meters or larger. м. It can work for 6,5 hours continuously. Water tank capacity of approx. 2 liters.

Management of the model is a mechanical type. Its power consumption reaches 20W. The appliance weighs only approx. 800 grams. The device is available with a flavoring and a timer.


The device is used for a room with the area of 35 sq.m. м. It can operate for 15 hours continuously. Water tank capacity of approx. 4.5 liters.

The power consumption of this model is 30 W. Its mass reaches 1.21 kilograms.

The unit has an option to automatically shut off in the absence of water.

The Scarlett SC-AH986M20 air humidifier

The color may be different from the actual picture.

Rated based on 11 customer reviews

Specifications Scarlett SC-AH986M20 Humidifier

General characteristics




Size and Weight

Complete information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical features and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

turn, humidifier, scarlett

AdvantagesSwitches off automatically if the water runs out of the tank.

CommentThe humidifier works in the living room. It has a handy handle, can easily be moved to another room. Steam intensity control switch. 4L tank., lasts a long time. We often put aroma oils in the capsule.

AdvantagesShell shaped body, built in carrying handle, automatic shut off in case of absence of water, large tank

CommentI bought this humidifier a month ago specifically for the country house, the batteries dehumidify the air and thoroughly. It copes with its task perfectly, controlled by the regulator on the body. In the tray there is a capsule, I add a few drops of aroma oil to create a pleasant atmosphere.

CommentWe tried one version for a week, the effect was positive, we ordered 10 more pcs. for offices. Quiet in operation, or rather no more than the noise of the computer system units. Simple, high quality equipment.

StrengthsThe steam intensity can be adjusted with a knob.

CommentA handy ultrasonic humidifier, we use it in the house. Pour tap water. It has a handle, so it is easy to carry in the bathtub to fill up. It has an aroma capsule in the tray, I use it for therapeutic purposes. The water tank is big enough for 13 hours, but if I forget to add water, the humidifier itself will shut off when the water runs out. The atomizer is rotatable, pointing it in the direction I want.

AdvantagesCute design, large tank volume, economical water consumption

CommentI bought this humidifier for the heating season because of the stuffiness in the apartment. The humidifier gives a long, strong jet of cold steam in an adjustable direction. The house feels nice and fresh. Tried to add fragrance oil in the special compartment. Beautiful in general. Sits on window sill, takes steam behind curtain.

Attractive featuresCapacious liquid reservoir, variable intensity, flow direction adjustment, looks good-looking

CommentWe bought this humidifier two weeks ago in our library, in the reading room, the air is dry and book dust, and how it relieved at once. It runs efficiently, I can fill it for more than half a day.

AdvantagesVery organic design. Ease of operation. The ultrasound is much better than the steam. Doesn’t leak during use. Convenient atomizer. Quiet in operation, only occasionally gurgles when refilling the water into the tank with an ultrasonic membrane.

Disadvantages It is very inconvenient to refill the water. When you turn the humidifier from everywhere starts dripping water (the tank itself is sealed, but the water drips from the atomizer and the bottom of the wet housing). There is water left in the tank with a membrane, I do not know if this is bad or not, but it does not work until the tank is completely dry.

CommentsI like the humidifier. It fits the décor well. In the heating season, when the radiators are scorching, it is a lifesaver for house flowers. Best of all it has no drips and runs quietly. For my money is probably the best value for money.

Advantages Inexpensive if you need to slightly increase the humidity.

Disadvantages Ineffective (increases the humidity by only 10%, in a room of 18m² without draughts, all closed). Water gets in the aroma capsule for some reason.Disadvantages. very inconvenient to fill the tank with water and it leaks into the humidifier, so it needs to be cleaned more often or not to use oil. A short wire of only one meter.

CommentIf the room is larger than 15m² or you open the windows, then get something more powerful.

AdvantagesBig tank, carrying handle Reliable mechanical controls, rotating steam atomizer and presence of aroma capsule.

Advantagesoriginal and concise design, the presence of a carrying handle, roomy.

CommentaryA great device to create an optimal microclimate. The control is manual, and the tank volume is 4 liters, which is very good. I really like to do aromatherapy.

AdvantagesNoiseless operation. Our old Well kids clattered like a tractor, even during the day we had to turn it off to get a break from the noise. That’s why I’ve been looking for a quieter one for a long time. Turns out to be practically silent. I’m very happy.

DisadvantagesLength of the cord, but it can be fixed with the extension cord.

CommentAll is fine. I hope it will last a long time. I think many humidifiers have this length.

Your review will help someone else make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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