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How to turn off the heating on the boiler Buderus

BUDERUS Logamax U072-24 instruction manual online. Page 6

Instructions BUDERUS Logamax U072-24 for the device wall mounted gas boiler contains pages in Russian.

File size: 476.84 kB. Consists of 8 pages.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

Freeze protection for the heating systemThe freeze protection for the heating system is only guaranteed if the heating circuit pump is activated, t.е. The flow of water through the heating system is ensured.

Leave the heating system switched on.▶ Set the maximum supply line temperature to

-or. if you want to leave the boiler switched off:▶ Have a professional add antifreeze to the heating water

(see. The manual for installation) and draining the DHW circuit.

Anti-frost protection: The anti-frost protection function switches on the burner and the heating circuit pump when the flow temperature is below 5 °C. This prevents the boiler from freezing.

Have the heating system thermally disinfected by a specialist (see “Operating Instructions for heaters” on page 155). installation instructions as well).

Economical heatingThe boiler is designed so that gas consumption and pollution are the lowest and most comfortable. The gas supply to the burner is regulated according to the heat demand of the apartment. If the heat demand decreases, the boiler continues to operate with a smaller burner flame. Experts call this process constant regulation. Constant regulation ensures slight temperature fluctuations and an even distribution of heat in the room. With this type of regulation, it is possible that the boiler will operate for a long time, but will use less gas than a boiler that switches on and off continuously.

Inspection/Maintenance To keep the gas consumption and environmental impact as low as possible for a long time, we recommend concluding a contract for annual inspection and necessary maintenance with a company authorised to do this work.

Regulation of heatingIn Germany, according to § 12 of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), heating systems must be equipped with a room or outdoor temperature controller and thermostatic valves.

Further recommendations are given in the installation and operating instructions for the control system.

Thermostatic valvesDo fully open the thermostatic valves until the desired room temperature is reached. If the temperature is not reached for a longer period of time, the room temperature setpoint can be changed on the controller.

AiringDo not leave the windows slightly open when airing. In this case, heat will constantly escape from the room and the air quality will not improve significantly. Better to open windows fully for a short time.

Close the thermostatic valves when airing.

Hot waterSet the hot water temperature as low as possible.The lower hot water temperature set on the temperature controller means greater energy savings.In addition, the high temperature of hot water leads to increased calcification, which negatively affects the operation of the boiler (longer heating time or lower consumption of hot water).

Circulation pumpIf you have a hot water circulation pump, set the pump program according to your individual needs (e.g. turn on in the morning, afternoon, evening).

Further information can be found in the operating instructions for the heating regulator.

NOTICE: danger of freezing of the heating system. In summer mode/standby mode, only the boiler frost protection works.

DescriptionThe deaeration function is active (approx. 2 minutes).Summer mode (frost protection)

Question. Answer

Your questions are answered by ThermoStudio experts.

Good day, I have a boiler Buderus 24kWlogomatic 2107. The error Heating Def began to appear. The boiler stops working accordingly. On auto mode or manual mode is the same. By trial and error, I noticed that the STB triggers. If you press the STB reset, it works again, but not for more than a day. Then the error repeats. Please advise what to do or what the problem could be?

Good day, the temperature fuse (STB) is probably out of order or there is no circulation. You need to check on site. Contact us, we will arrange a visit of our service engineer to solve your problem.

Boiler buderus lomano 234 logomatic2107, when the hot water circuit does not work the radiator circuit and the red thermometer shows 40g, and the blue one 60. As soon as you turn off the hot water in the service level, the radiators are immediately turned on and the readings on the thermometers change.

Hello, please check if you have the flow pipe mixed up with the return pipe. Red thermomanometer for supply temperature indication and blue for return

Hello, boiler Buderus s111, installed everything as per the book, flooded, set the temperature 50 reached a temperature damper closed, the temperature rose to 90, turned on the pump dropped after a while rises again.what can be?extra air inlet?Looked everywhere all screwed up tight.

temperature fluctuations. Normal process, especially at start-up, as in any transition process. If you can not cope, please contact us

Good afternoon. The situation is as follows. Boiler Buderus logano g234ws two-circuit. The DHW is heated directly from the boiler. The rest of the heating circuits are heated from the collector through the water heater. All circuits have their own actuators. Now everything has been switched to vacation mode. However, the boiler pump continues to run the coolant through the hydrostring during the periods when the D.H.W. is being heated. Question. Does the boiler has the ability to switch to dual-circuit mode. Well, so that in vacation mode, it understands that the collector does not need heating and would only heat DHW. Thank you in advance

The boiler circuit pump (up to the arrow) cannot be switched off on the 4000 series automatics. And here the new automatics of Buderus EMS can in the described case to shut off the pump of a boiler circuit when cooking only DHW

Logano g124 ws in Summer mode when heating the DHW circuit is also heated heating circuit, the pump in the heating circuit is not activated, the DHW pumps are working in normal mode. The temperature in the boiler is set to 60 degrees Celsius. What to do? You can at least just shut off the coolant flow to the radiators?

Standard solution. Install a 3-way mixer with a servo motor control system on the heating pump group. Then when switching to summer mode when the DHW loading pump is running, the radiators will not be heated. Or close the heating circuit manually in the spring and open again at the beginning of the heating season

Good day! There is a problem. 2 to 3 degrees C higher actual room temperature than the set point temperature. Configuration of the system: G124-28WS RU TOP boiler, MC110, RC310, RC100 (configured as a remote control OK1), 1 heating circuit without mixer (radiators). The room temperature set point for a long period is entered correctly. on RC310 via the user MENU (OK1, temperature setting). Mode of operation. From outdoor temperature, influenced by room temperature. The room temperature influence coefficient is 5. The system is running in MAN mode on RC310. No faults (errors). Please advise, where can be an “ambush”? Which settings must be changed at user and service level?

Change the setting from “outdoor temperature” to “room temperature” In the control panel item specify rc100 2.Select “Room temperature threshold” 3 in the downgrade type item. And it is worth operating the system in auto mode instead of man, setting the reduced (night) temperature by 2 degrees below the comfort temperature

The boiler Logomax U054-24 with a boiler of indirect heating. Controlled by the native RC-35 room temperature controller in the house. Wooden 2-storey house 160m2. In operation for about 10 years. Every 1-4 weeks error P2 (too big temperature difference). About 5 years ago it didn’t happen at all. The probability increases if:. Hold the door in the hallway (where the radiator is) open for 2-3 minutes. If no one is home when the outside air warms up suddenly (the biggest problem, t.к. I have to go and press RESET). if you turn on the floor heating (it is off the last 5 years)

Cleaned the dirt filter. does not help. We are thinking of flushing the system. In the service manual read “check the pump and bypass line,” but how to do it.

Leonid, Good afternoon! We recommend that you sign a service contract with us and look on the spot

Good afternoon! Buderus Logano g234. Set the maximum cutoff temperature to 75 degrees. Burner works until the set temperature is indicated on the display, t.е. 75 degrees. After the burner switches off and the temperature goes up to 95 degrees. What is the problem and why does it happen?? There is water in the system. Two circuits. radiator and underfloor heating. Indirect boiler (there with temp. all ok). The underfloor heating coil is supplied with 40 degrees (when the maximum temperature is set). 60). Outside.1С.

The water trap is clogged or the boiler. 2. Incorrectly assembled hydraulics, possibly mixed up straight and return connections. 3. Wrong boiler output.

Good day boiler Buderus Logamax U072-18k started on the second try. The boiler is 2 months old

Call a specialist, you need to take a look on site. Atypical situation

Afternoon! Boiler Buderus logomax U072-18! Two-circuit!The heating is switched off when turning on the water!

What is the maximum temperature can be put in the winter time?

Afternoon! I have a boiler Buderus Logano G234WS. Error appears. HOT.WATER DeF. Respectively, the hot water heating stopped working. What needs to be done?

Good day, replace the hot water temperature sensor or check the boiler to boiler feed pump. Better yet, call a service engineer 7-495-933-71-72

Hello! This question is strange of course, but what happens if the boiler brooderos loga shut off the water supply through the circulation pump, and the same with the return.it will crash, give an error? It is not possible to disconnect the boiler from the network.

It is very likely to have an accident. Lack of circulation at low temperatures and, as a consequence, a high temperature in the boiler, outside can lead to triggering of protection in the form of a temperature boiler. Especially for cast iron boilers. High thermal inertia

Hello. I have a Buderus Loga boiler. All the settings have been set. All filters, fan and 2 hoses, chimney cleaned. But the heating is silent and the hot water is on, the flame is on. i put a new fuse on the board on the cover, but the flame does not light, 60-50 put a new one, no result, i am from Kazakhstan, i am writing from SMS Chimkent, our servos are absent at all. 10 neighbors installed I through youtube Buderus.

We recommend to find someone from the service in your area, who can physically look at what is wrong there.Remotely give advice is not the best way.

Hello, I have a boiler Buderus 24kWlogomatic 2107. Error Heating Def. The boiler stops working accordingly. It’s the same in auto mode or manual mode. By trial and error I noticed that the STB is working. (or so I think) If you press reset STB, it works again, but no more than 24 hours. Then the error repeats. Please advise what to do or what the problem may be?

Sergey, hello, our colleagues in St. Petersburg will contact you and solve the problem

Is it possible to replace the external temperature sensor on the resistor in a boiler Buderus Logano G 125. to exclude the weather dependent function. Large variations in temperature, the boiler starts working in different ranges and the house overheats, despite the priority setting of the room temperature. If yes. what resistance will correspond to a constant temperature of minus 5 or 0 degrees

Good afternoon, it would be better to just set it correctly. Please check the settings or call a specialist. This problem can be solved by the settings if the automation is working properly

When you turn on the hot water boiler HGS-100SD the boiler turns on, the burner is lit, but the water temperature on the remote control on the contrary drops

Hello! No tips, we deal only with equipment Buderus

Hello, the display shows HOT WATER.Then the burner symbol, faucet and def, what to do?

Automation signals you that the hot water (DHW) is no longer heated. The causes :. The DHW loading pump is out of order;. AS1 sensor is out of order

Good evening, the boiler Logamax Plus GBO 7224 is off, does not react on/off. Off. Turns on by itself after 10-15 min.and shuts down

Good afternoon, the 230 W pump has a high starting current, it is desirable to isolate their inclusion through a relay and the pump starter

Good afternoon. Boiler UO72-18/18K works properly for three years, but there is one unclear reason. Water from the faucet is current, not too much, but sometimes “tingling”. No malfunction on the electronic board. I am hoping for some kind of sensor. Please advise. What can it be?? Thank you.

Afternoon, 4211 automatics can control 4 circuits with and one without mixers. This is the circuit without the mixer, it is the 0th. It makes sense to use it for the highest temperature consumer, such as radiators or ventilation. The other circuits with mixers regulate the temperature relative to the boiler and the 0-th circuit with a decrease due to the mixing of the return line.

Afternoon! On a boiler Buderus Logomax U072-35 sometimes completely drops the water pressure, this happens randomly, once a week, then once a day. In case of power failure also resets to 0. The heating is fine, no visible leaks

Good day, check the integrated expansion tank. It looks like it needs to be replaced

Hello! For a house of 600 sq.I installed a floor standing gas boiler Logano G 234 WS, 55 kW capacity with 200 liters of boiler and pump group. Can you please tell me why, when working in day mode on the “family” boiler turns on, heats the coolant to a predetermined maximum temperature, shuts off and at intervals of three to five minutes turns on again, while the coolant temperature is maintained in the range of 50 to 75 degrees? Is it normal boiler operation or not? And one more question: why in the night mode the boiler does not turn on until the temperature in the room decreases below the set temperature on the additional unit “buderus”, and the temperature of the coolant is reduced to a temperature below plus 26 degrees, and the boiler may not turn on more than two hours (unlike the day mode)? Is this normal operation of the boiler or not? Is it possible to operate the boiler in this mode, when the coolant temperature drops below 26 degrees (when you turn on the boiler coolant is heated to a predetermined temperature)?

Hello, yes the night temperature drop is a standard function of the automatics for all factory programs variants.

This is done to save fuel. The automation monitors and maintains the room temperature in the room where the remote control BFU is installed. Reducing to 26 at night is also normal, in the morning when you switch to day mode, the automatics will quickly work the transition through the zone of condensation and raise the temperature.

Frequent daytime activation can be tried to change through changing the overall building insulation settings

Hello! I have a 234 floor boiler. I have a “DATPODLINE DEF” on my head. It’s not an error, I don’t understand! And the pump group responsible for the floor heating, began to live its own life ( servo drive inadequate of some kind). Thank you for the answer

Hello, supply line sensor failed. As a consequence, the failure of that servo driven pump group

Logomacja boiler u072-35 paired with a boiler cos.Heating and room temperature sensor control. How to turn off the hot water for a long time?

Afternoon, lower the DHW temperature to the minimum

Hello. Accidentally overfilled boiler water in G215. The manometer was out of the green zone and shows a pressure of 3.7 bar. How can you depressurize the boiler? Thank you.

Good afternoon, the easiest thing to do is to open the fill/empty tap and wait for the pressure to return to the green zone of the pressure gauge. Or through the safety valve. This is a less desirable option, t.к. The number of safety valve actuations is limited.

Afternoon. I have a boiler Buderus 60 KW. Gas. Connected through a STIHL R 1200 stabilizer. Installed in 2014. During work on the power substation in the house there were sharp fluctuations in voltage. After the work at the substation, the boiler turned on, but the date and time in the electronic head zeroed and, accordingly, the boiler began to work in the summer of winter and night. I manually reset the date and time and the boiler works fine. Please tell me what caused the date and time data to “go off” in the program? Maybe this regulator is not working and should be replaced? If so, tell me which one? Thanks.

Stabilizer here. Probably has nothing to do with it.

Your settings are stored in the non-volatile memory of automatics. Over time, it loses its ability to save the entered values. Call us, our engineer will see on site what is better in your case

Good afternoon. In the Logomax U 072 manual there is a p.2.bf “Heating delay for hot water preparation (solar collector heating mode)” Is it possible to apply this without having a solar collector. For example, from the boiler water goes through the electric storage tank (which is disconnected from power) and at a small flow of water (wash hands) boiler does not turn on to produce hot water. Thank you.

If you do not have a solar collector and there is a delay in heating for DHW, the water in the tank is not heated by even 1 degree. This feature is needed when there is an alternative source of heat. The boiler is switched to DHW mode to avoid parallel heating.

Good morning! Does your company have experience in implementing individual heating of apartments in a multi-storey building?

Connection to the gas mains

The process of connecting the boiler to the gas mains must be performed only by qualified professionals from the gas service or other organizations that have a license to perform this type of work. Self-connection to the gas mains is illegal and threatens the owner of the premises with a heavy fine at best, but at worst it can lead to a tragedy.

The first step in the process of gasification is to contact the gas service. After submitting all the necessary documents you will be developed individual specifications (TU), fulfillment of which is necessary for connection to the gas mains.

Once you have the specifications in your hands, you can safely start looking for a certified specialist, who in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities will perform the design of the gas pipeline and connect your heating boiler to it.

Picture 5: Connection of wall hung boiler to gas mains

Gasification of the premises can be carried out by underground and aboveground method. For the underground part, corrosion-resistant polyethylene pipes are used, while the above-ground part is made of steel pipes, which enter the room directly at the location of the gas heating boiler, at a distance of 1.2-1.5 m from the floor.

Attention! When using multiple heaters, gas supply to each of them is carried out separately. It is strictly forbidden to lay gas pipelines inside the premises.

When you take over the installation work, you should pay special attention to the fact that the sealing of all connections should be made with oakum or paint. The use of sealing tape or FUM is not permitted due to the low degree of tightness of the connection. A gas filter must be installed on the cut-off valve to protect the boiler from small debris and condensate. It is recommended to connect the gas boiler directly to the valve using steel pipes. It is allowed to use a special corrugated stainless steel hose, but pipes are still preferable, since when using them there is no reduction in the cross-section of the gas channel.

For more information on connecting and strapping of wall hung gas boilers see

On how properly connected the wall gas boiler depends on its life, efficiency, as well as the safety of its owner. We hope you found our brief overview of the basic steps of connecting and piping useful.

  • Connect all pipes:
  • The direct (left) and return (right) lines of the heating circuit;
  • gas line;
  • Plumb to hot water supply.
  • Connect the boiler to the power supply. It is necessary to use a special socket that has a grounding electrode in its construction.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the boiler is plugged into an outlet with a functioning grounding electrode. Otherwise, the boiler will either not turn on or will shut down immediately after start-up and lock out.

At this point, it’s also important to protect the control board from power surges. Electronics is sensitive to such surges and may not work properly or cause the boiler to shut down.

To protect against voltage fluctuations, use a standard Buderus voltage regulator (ideal) or a product by another manufacturer (may be less effective).

The normal operating pressure for heating systems is 1-2 bar. After filling the system with water up to 0.8 bar and its heating by the boiler, the volume of liquid will increase and will be just within the norm.

IMPORTANT! If there is insufficient pressure and more water needs to be added, shut down the boiler beforehand and wait until the heat exchanger has cooled down completely. Filling a hot heat exchanger with water can cause it to crack and break the working unit.

If you forget to do this step, the display will show an error. To reset it, after venting, press and hold the OK button. Repeat the steps until the error is no longer displayed.

turn, heating, boiler, buderus

Unless absolutely necessary, we recommend not doing so. The potential gas savings are actually quite small. Or no pressure at all. Yes, sometimes you can save a few cubes, but it negatively affects the operation of modern equipment. The reason is that it is during start and stop that the system is subjected to the heaviest load. Accordingly, the heating equipment wears out faster. If it is still necessary to switch off, there should be a long interval between several switchings.

Especially detrimental effect on the system has a start-up after the coolant. For example, if you have turned off the boiler for the weekend and coolant (water) during this time is completely cooled. In this case, after ignition condensate can form on the heat exchanger and burner. And over time it can provoke failure of the equipment.

Many owners in an effort to save money do not turn off the floor or wall mounted boiler, but only screw down the gas valve. This is firstly, inefficient, and secondly, also adversely affects the operation of equipment. Gas burners can operate properly only at a certain level of gas pressure. If the pressure drops, the burner can work further, but the fire will come much closer to it, reducing the service life.

Important! We strongly advise not to change the factory settings of any gas equipment.

Setting up the boiler Buderus: what parameters to set for the first start

Settings of gas boiler Buderus are set at the first start of the equipment, at switching on after service maintenance, after an emergency stop or modernization of the system, if the same errors are repeated constantly or the performance of the equipment is reduced. Activities consist of several consecutive operations: checking and debugging the ventilation and chimney, testing the automation, inspecting the fuel supply and electrical systems, warming up the unit.

Wall mounted gas boiler Buderus https://eurosantehnik.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/kondensacionniy-gas-kotel.jpg

Binding of gas boiler in the heating system

After the wall mounted gas boiler is installed and the heater is placed on the wall, the first thing to do is to connect it to the heating system. Depending on what model is installed single-circuit or two-circuit, there are different piping schemes. We will consider the connection process on the example of a wall mounted dual-circuit gas boiler.

Photo 1: Wiring diagram wall mounted dual gas boiler

As is known, two-circuit boiler, in addition to heating, is able to produce hot water for household needs. Structurally, this is realized by installing a bi-thermal or two separate heat exchangers. Two-circuit boiler does not produce much hot water, but it is enough for 1-2 points of distribution (e.g. kitchen faucet and shower).

Modern wall mounted gas boiler is very compact and already contains the basic elements necessary for the functioning of the heating system with forced circulation, such as a circulating pump, expansion tank, safety group, etc. In heating systems of small private country houses this is more than enough, but if necessary, you can install an additional expansion tank or another pump.

In the bottom part of any hinged two-circuit boiler there are 5 pipe connections. They are connected to: the supply and return lines of the heating system, DHW supply and return, and mains gas. The gas inlet is usually centered and painted yellow. All other lines can be arranged in any order, depending on the model of the gas boiler. So before fitting, you need to clarify the function of each of them in the instruction manual.

Photo 2: Wiring diagram of a wall mounted two-circuit gas boiler

Binding of the wall hung gas boiler is performed by polypropylene or metal pipes. Cross-section of heating pipes are usually larger than DHW pipes 3/4 and 1/2 inch respectively. Connection of the heating system to the boiler is made through the “Amerikanka” nuts. Ball valves are installed on each line, for easy removal of the gas boiler without draining the coolant and to isolate the boiler from the heating system if necessary. To ensure sealing, all connections must be made with sanitary FUM-tape or flax.

In the return line of heating and hot water supply it is necessary to install filters of coarse filtering. For the convenience of their flushing and cleaning, they are also cut off by shutoff valves. Often, in order to increase the life of the secondary heat exchanger of a two-circuit boiler, on the DHW supply magnetic fine filter is installed additionally.

The boiler does not heat water for heating

So, let’s look at the main reasons why the gas boiler does not heat water for the heating system and what to do in this case:

  • air lock. It is necessary to examine the heating system for the presence of air in the radiators. To avoid such a problem, you need to install an air vent. The principle of its work is similar to the work of the expansion tank, but it is able to keep the pressure in the system. It is necessary to bleed air from the system using air vent. It is important to inspect the valve itself for mechanical clogging. there may be scale there;
  • Corrosion in the radiators. Determine a clogged heater can be determined by draining the water from the system. If the water has flowed dirty, it is necessary to flush the system until the water is visually clear;
  • connection errors. Hot water may not be available if the diameter of the pipes is not as required by the project or the manual. It is necessary to check the compliance of the piping, the correctness of connections and the quality of installation of shut-off valves;
  • Insufficient pressure in the network. You should try to add water to the heating system, because there may not be enough pressure to activate the automatic ignition of the burner;
  • Scale build up in the heat exchanger. The first sign is a prolonged heating of the coolant and heating the batteries. It is necessary to get rid of deposits and conduct a boiler water treatment. To do this you need to disassemble the boiler, and remove the heat exchanger unit.

Before this it is necessary to shut off the gas and water supply to the appliance. Then the flexible connectors from the pump are connected to the heat exchanger and it is flushed with the composition with a special cleaning agent, which can be purchased on the market. After that the parts are flushed with water.

It is important to understand that adding chemicals to the coolant prevents and reduces the appearance of deposits on the parts. But before using chemicals must be familiarized with the instructions of the boiler, because some manufacturers, such as Ariston, Electrolux, Buderus, Navien or Arderia, do not provide for the use of chemical additives in the coolant. In this case you can use water filters or distilled water.

Some manufacturers allow the use of antifreeze instead of water in the heating system. This substance can be used in the following boilers: Baxi, Vaillant, Protherm, Beretta, Korea Senior. However, you should understand that each manufacturer recommends using an antifreeze of its own production;

  • clogged filter. If the filter screens are clogged with mechanical debris, radiators can also heat poorly. Therefore, the filter should be regularly checked and cleaned by flushing with water. If clogging occurs too often, such a part must be replaced;
  • wrong setting. First of all, if the heat is low or absent, check the settings on the control unit. The temperature may be set insufficient and the gas does not heat the water;
  • malfunction of pumping equipment. If the pump is not powerful enough to provide good circulation, it may shut off if overheated. This can happen when you turn on the DHW circuit;
  • Improperly selected heaters. If the system has radiators with unsuitable heat dissipation and design, this can also lead to poor heating;
  • wrong pipe slope. This problem occurs most often in systems with natural circulation. Regulatory documentation specifies that the slope of the pipes must be 10 mm for each meter of pipe. If these requirements are not met, circulation may be disrupted and as a consequence, there is no heating due to low flow of the coolant.

Management and settings of boiler Buderus

In operation recently installed gas wall mounted boiler Buderus logamax U072-24k dvuhkonturnyy. House 80 sq. м., 2 floors, non-permanent residence, heating system Leningradka, additional pump on the return. At the first start-up it constantly turned on and off, the house was heated to 24 degrees. After the control ZONT with sensors of supply and air temperature was installed. Comfort temperature 26 is set. The boiler turns on once every 3-4 minutes, heats the coolant to 80 and drops to 26. The temperature in the house does not rise above 20. Not all radiators are heated. Pump speed 2. Power of the boiler is reduced by 50%. Installed by the type of professionals. Where to get good ones, I do not know. What could be the reason, the settings of the unit or ZONT? Should the boiler be turned on so often?? Why can there be such a big difference between the temperatures in the flow and return??

Clean sediment trap, reduce power to 30-35% (for now). With your area the second pump is not necessary. Unless something is wrong with the heating. And the built-in with a 2-3 reserve is enough. Turn off the 2nd pump for now.

Made installation and connection of a gas boiler Buderus Logamax U072-24K (single circuit with the ability to connect the boiler). I plan to install an indirect water heater. 1. I do not have an active boiler mode now. It will then need to be programmed or as soon as I connect the sensor to the boiler, it becomes active? 2. What sensor should be used in the boiler for this unit (ideally with a code, may be analogues or sensor parameters)?

Buderus Logamatic Controls 2107: Setting the Reference Temperature

The sensor is better to get a Buderus, when you connect the sensor the boiler itself will detect it, you may have to turn off/on. do.

If we shut off the pump, it’s without a bypass, it’ll slow down the circulation? Reduce power. ZONT control, maybe turn it off at all? What about the circulation?? The first time we started without Zont, it heated all the batteries, but it was so strong.

Umbrella has nothing to do with it. It just tells the boiler to heat until it reaches the set temperature. Take it away, put a jumper. It’ll be the same, and then it’ll be worse. The fact that the boiler heated the room to 24 the first start confirms the theory with the strainer. Clean it! And when things get back to normal, still consider buying an Open-therm to Zont control.

Can you tell me if Logomax U072-18K has a washer under the coaxial chimney? Looked at the manual, not a word about the washers. And it doesn’t come with washers.

It won’t fit. You set the fan speed.

Serviced a wall mounted boiler logamax U072-24k. The sump has been cleaned. Was almost clean. The boiler has been working for a week in a frost-free mode, periodically zont sent a message “the temperature is below the threshold”. Turned up the temperature yesterday, room only got up to 12 degrees (last time it was 20). On arrival, the monitor showed the error CP, but the boiler is still on and off. No boiler, why this error is unclear. Reset it did not work. Cleaned the strainer and disconnected the zont to make sure it was not the problem. Boiler stopped working at all, SR is still on. What to do?

Check and set the parameters in 3.1A or do a factory reset in 2.8E. If you have disconnected the umbrella, have not put a jumper. Boiler will not turn on. In relay mode (your current) the zont is only a remote jumper switch for the boiler. you can work, forbid to work. And how to work with what temperature of the heat carrier. all in the boiler settings. So your problem is not the umbrella! Boiler settings, hydraulics, heat output of radiators. This is where you need to look. Your anti-freeze mode is set to 6 degrees, and the boundary of the air temperature sensor is 5 degrees, and the mode of operation. Relay on / off, the coolant temperature is limited on the boiler.

Yesterday I connected to the boiler Buderus 072 thermostat CR12004 with opentherm. Specialists in this forum write that this thermostat is not just a programmer on and off the boiler, but also a smart device that sets the temperature of the coolant based on its own calculations and algorithms. Is it true? And how does it all work? Is it necessary for the completeness of the settings to have an outdoor temperature sensor, which I do not? From the apparatus is fed by a branch to heat water and caisson for the well pump. This branch is insulated and buried at half a meter. runs 20 meters underground from the house to the caisson. The boiler turns off when the room temperature is reached, and after some time the pump turns off. which for me is a danger of freezing water for the caisson. I can increase the shutdown delay to 10 minutes, but I’m afraid this will not fix the problem. Is there any way to leave the pump always on?

Can you advise which boiler control unit to choose by room temperature? I have a wall boiler Logomax U052-24K. At a minimum, I need temperature control, the weekly programmer is secondary, only if there is little cost between the two.

Control units RC10, RC25, RC35, RC100, RC200, RC300

If the D.H.W. exchanger is clogged, can I close this circuit and install an indirect water heater for the heating circuit?? I have a 24 kW boiler is now set to 10 kW, more than 60 degrees, I do not warm the coolant. In the house of 140 meters the first floor is heated from the warm floor through the mixing node, the second floor of 5 radiators Kermi with thermostatic head and towel rail. In summer the boiler only heats the towel, but it would also heat the water in the boiler. The boiler can be connected via a three-way valve. We don’t need a big boiler, we don’t have a bathtub. About 100-120 liters is enough. Working scheme?

Yes, it’s working. To the boiler also a pump and emulate a flow sensor. Pump for heating. In bithermics, the boiler pump in domestic hot water mode is disabled. The flow sensor is the one that tells the boiler what to heat for heating or DHW. If DHW 30-40 max will do, then instead of a 3-way pump.

Who can competently describe the algorithm of single wall mounted boiler Buderus logamax u072-24k with BKN? I did not find a manual just for single. circuit boiler, the instructions are common and there is no schematic diagram. Do I understand correctly, the unit has 2 pipes to connect the heating system (supply and return) and 2 pipes to connect the BKN coil circuit (also supply and return). A thermocouple from the boiler is connected to the boiler. The boiler operates in heating mode, say at a set temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. The pump is pumping coolant through the heating system. The water temperature in the boiler is set separately. Let’s say 65 degrees Celsius. Then we open the hot water tap, the water temperature in the boiler drops, the thermocouple informs the boiler and it transfers a three-way valve to the boiler coil circuit, the boiler goes to maximum power (?) And the same pump now runs coolant through the coil. Is everything correct in my understanding? What thermocouple can be connected to the boiler? A special one or from any BKN? Or they do not come with the boiler. Can you advise me a BCH for 100-120 liters with the possibility of wall mounting and a thermocouple?

Thermocouple is a slightly different device. And so is used NTC temperature sensor, as1 or as1.6. Only floor standing boilers, e.g. Logalux S120.

In single-circuit Buderus 072, the loop coil BCH heats the same heat exchanger that heats or the same as the 2 circuit which is on the DHW?

Can you advise from experience, how on the secondary heat exchanger Buderus logamax u042 scale is formed? Is it only in the area of the heat exchanger or are there also deposits on the pipe?? The condition of the tube in the area of the flow sensor can indicate the degree of clogging of the secondary heat exchanger? Are there any secondary signs that help determine the state of the heat exchanger?

Scale builds up on any bi-thermal heat exchanger. Scale formed in the water circuit provokes local overheating and deposits in the heating circuit, which in turn leads to an increased deposition of scale in the water circuit. The drop in flow rate is already.

Started the gas boiler Buderus Logamax U072-24K. After completion of DHW operation sound of pouring water. When switching to heating in sec. 5 the noise stops. No noise when operating in DHW mode. Is it supposed to be like this, or something is wrong? The boiler has been in operation for 5 months., The pump was changed a week ago (because of the constant sound of pouring water)? Current flow rate on the turbine. 8-8,4 l / min.

The reason for poor pressure was trivial, the grid in the mixer is clogged (even though I cleaned it just a month ago). One of the faucets (thermostatic) has never been cleaned in 3 years and when I removed it, I saw this. As I understand it is a deposit from the boiler. After cleaning the pressure has returned to its previous level. What do you think?? There is a dirt trap, flush and main mechanical 5 microns.

Set the temperature of hot water on the boiler to use it without a mix of cold water, and I think that the device will work until it is morally outdated. It is necessary to put a sump after the boiler.

Can you tell me if the Buderus 072 modulates the fan synchronously with the modulation of the burner during operation?? Or modulation only in the form of setting a step parameter depending on the length of the chimney?

If I am not mistaken, it is modulated. The current speed at this point in time can be viewed in the service menu, parameter 2.9b.

In automatics Logamatic 4211, can not turn on the STOP mode. I set the days, the room temperature, press AUTO. But the boiler hasn’t turned on even once after a day or so. I don’t like one thing. The room temperature is set, but when I start flipping through the menu, it says that the room temperature.0! Although, when I look where the temperature setting is, the temperature is what I set. To check, put the temperature higher than it was in the room to check the performance. And nothing. What is the fault? Oh, and another thing. The outside temperature I have (is an external temperature sensor) but the internal temperature, nowhere to be seen. In MEC2, should be a temperature sensor, if I am not mistaken or it only works when the MEC2 is in the wall mount? BFU-no. MES2 is in 4211. What is the problem? In the beginning, the type of reduction was OFF. Then I turned on LOWER. Or maybe you need to connect the BFU? Although MEC2 is also designed for this. Where is there a description of how to do it right. Heard something about the threshold for freezing temperature, although I have not changed this value, may be the question?

It needs a boiler. Gas, single-circuit, with a closed burner, wall mounted, 24 kW, with the possibility of connecting cascade. advise model?

We connected and put into operation the boiler Logamax U034 dual-circuit. If the flow of hot water for a long time. The pressure in the heating system is dropping. It seems that somewhere is squeezing water from the heating circuit into the DHW circuit. advise where to dig and what it may be? The system is filled from the same water main with a pressure of 1.5 no more. At the open tap of hot water in a contour DHW pressure is naturally less. The tank is normal. in the absence of hot water discharge, the pressure does not change with the temperature in the heating system, and with prolonged discharge (half an hour to an hour) drops to 0.

Close the cold water inlet of the boiler and open the hot water tap. Start the boiler and observe. (1,5 atm. in the water pipe. You should have told right away about this anomaly, the norm is considered 3-5).

And you can control the temperature of the water in the boiler? Boiler Buderus Logomax 072.

Yes, according to Opentherm. Minimal temperature 21 degrees. When installing below. Heating was stopped. But there’s one thing. Previously, the boiler temperature through the bus was not given by the boiler. So if you want to see the actual temperature, you need an additional sensor Zont DS1820.

Is it possible to connect four more pumps to the automatics logamatic 2107, where there is already a pump group for the radiator circuit, so they work on automatic mode as the main, we want to split the heating to separate circuits.

You can, but only through a magnetic starter. Otherwise the relays in the automation will burn out.

Tell me, to the U052, as I understand it, without additional pumps, I need to use a separate pump. You can’t screw in a weather remote? What is the minimum set of remotes you need for this?

Control module RC200 (7738110073) and FA outdoor temperature sensor (05991374).

In operation wall boiler U052-24. With the casing removed and the control panel fixing screw unscrewed, it cannot be tilted forward because of the short gauge hose (consequently, it is impossible to unscrew the rear cover of the control panel). As far as I understand, you can only get to the terminals by disconnecting the hose from the manometer. But if the system is under pressure, how then?

Pressure gauge is carefully pulled out of the front cover of the control panel. It is attached with two plastic petals.

Logomax 52-24 began to dump water through the alarm, even at two pressure. A couple more times the boiler itself raised the pressure to three, in general, look for a fault?

That at a small pressure it starts to work, it seems to change it. If it reaches three, then you have something with the circulation. And the expansion tank looks like it needs to be replaced as well (or it’s not pumped right).

Assembled and installed a boiler Logamax U052-24K, he works when cooking hot water as a flow-through. The boiler manual mentions the possibility of connecting an indirect water heater. Need the same boiler on the cottage, but be sure to connect the boiler indirect heating. In the store consultants said that it is impossible to connect a boiler to this boiler t. к. it is two-circuit. Is this true??

You need Logamax 052-24. Single-circuit turbo with the ability to connect the boiler. Still need a boiler sensor AS1.6 and preferably a room regulator.

There is a problem with the boiler logamax u042 in DHW mode. I open the tap of the hot water, the water flows well, but the burner does not turn on immediately. This may go on for about 30 seconds, then the burner turns on and heats water for 3-5 minutes, say, then turns off again, at that moment the boiler display shows two bars on the heating circuit temperature sensor (after 3-5 seconds, they go out alternately). Second 40-60 seconds the burner does not burn, in the presence of water flow, of course, from the tap flows already cold water. Then the burner lights up for the next 3-5 minutes. And t. д. During this time, only the hot water tap is open. The regulator always sets the DHW temperature at 45 degrees Celsius. What can it be? It seems that the burner is turned off by the overheating sensor of the heat exchanger.

If the heating mode is OK, it may be a flow sensor, temperature sensor. Probably for the overheating of the heating circuit. Low flow through it.

I am currently negotiating with a specialist who will install the CO, CB and boiler room in a private home. Wall mounted boiler. Logamax U072 (single-circuit), indirect heating boiler, electric boiler Rusnit (as a reserve, if something happens to the gas boiler). The company has made an estimate for the purchase of equipment. I did not find any safety groups in this estimate (except for the safety valve for the boiler). To my question. Where is the safety group for a buderus boiler, they replied that a safety group for this boiler is not required.

The safety valve is built into the boiler, an additional safety group is not required. But if during the operation of the electric boiler will be (overlapped logamax), then you need an additional safety group (If russit does not have an emergency reset valve). Look at the passport.

There is a house of 200 square meters, 3 floors. Need to connect the heating. Which boiler Buderus and a boiler to choose and which automatics? What I want: separate control of floor heating in the hallway and bathrooms (3 or 4, is it possible to regulate each separately), separate temperature control on each floor. Automation is needed, of course, weatherproof.

Boiler U052 or GB072, water heater SU160-200l, automatic control RC300 module MM100 on the 2nd and 3rd floor RC100/200. This can be done by servo drives on the manifold with a temperature sensor, t.е. to attach a little overheated circuits, but the “total” temperature in the TP is better regulated by the boiler automatics (rc300mm100).

Water supply. well. The boiler Logamax u042-24k (under warranty) after almost a year of excellent work, in winter periodically displays an error: three blinking LEDs. I read in the manual: “Too rapid increase in supply line temperature (differential control). The heating mode stops for two minutes (2E)”. Now the boiler is working only for DHW. The heating is off. The error does not flash. But the water heating is not uniform: first, it is a long cold water, then very hot, then cold again and then hot again. To equalize the temperature adjust the handle of the faucet in the bathroom. I called a specialist from the service organization, he said that such boilers can not be put on the well water supply, they do not work with low water pressure and periodically give an error, buy another machine. The certificate does not say anything about the well or other. Only the range of the minimum and maximum pressure is written. The pressure in the water system is 2.4 bar. It is a water accumulator for 100 liters. The sensor turns on the pump when the pressure in the system drops to about 1, 6. 1.8 bar. I keep the pressure in the boiler between 1 and 2 bars. Can you advise what the cause may be, has anyone experienced similar problems?

Zebra on DHW. Low water flow (turn on the tap with hot water, put a 3-liter can and measure how long it fills). 2E-most likely clogged return strainer in the heating.

Additional information on gas boiler models: Characteristics, operating functions, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.



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