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How to turn off the heating battery in the room

Is it possible to turn off the heating radiator if it’s hot: how to block it correctly

If you are wondering how to block the battery, if there is no crane, then there is a solution here. True, here is the option with an overlap of the riser. In this case, not only a separate battery, but also part of the heating system will be blocked. In cities of small size, the practice of independent disconnecting heating is often used, just by overlapping the riser. It is turned off using a valve in the basement. In that place he approaches the sunbed. Water valves are usually in view.

Find out what fittings are suitable in order to block heating, you can in technical documentation. In addition, this should be known to experienced plumbing familiar with local communications. In most cases, the heating system is blocked using a brass valve or through a valve.

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In the event that the window sill overflows the battery, there is no single solution. It all depends on the degree of overlap. So, for example, if the windowsill completely blocked the battery, then this is considered unacceptable. This is explained by the concept of convection, in which warm air rises upward. There he replaces the cold air, which goes down, after which it heats up with the battery. Thus, the room is heated. If the window sill completely blocked the battery, then the convection process is difficult, and the room is poorly warmed up. But there is a solution to from this situation. You can make several rectangular holes in the windowsill and close them with decorative grilles.

  • So, the overlap of the batteries in the apartment can be carried out and, in some cases, you even need. It is most convenient to do this in the presence of special cranes.
  • After the end of the heating season, it is recommended to close one of them, and leave the second open.
  • On the day of heating supply, we close both taps for 1-2 days so that rusty water leaks and the possibility of blockages was excluded.
  • If there is no crane, then you will have to block the riser using a special valve or the valve, which are most often in the basement of the building, and usually in a prominent place.

The main thing is to do everything thought out and strictly according to all the norms and requirements. Do not close both taps at the end of the heating season, this can threaten deformations and cracks in them. Do not forget about the basic rules that will help you block the battery in the apartment safely and correctly.

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When necessary

Owners are required to monitor the state of the heating system in their apartment. If a breakthrough occurs, not only this room will suffer, but also the neighbors from below. In case of flooding, they have the right to demand compensation for repair work in their housing. Replacing radiators is necessary if:

  • They flowed from old age and rust,
  • Not enough heat is secreted,
  • the temperature differs in different parts of the battery,
  • It is necessary to repair the wall behind the heating element,
  • They do not fit into the new interior of the room.

To prevent an emergency, it is necessary to periodically conduct a preventive inspection of the heat supply system, especially in the houses of the old building, where cast.iron batteries are installed. In time, measures taken will allow them to extend their operation at least until the end of the heating season.

How to blocked the battery?

The answer to the question of how to disable the heating battery is extremely simple. it is enough to close one crane, leaving the second open. But what a crane overlap?

As we understand, water is supplied to the heating riser from below.

  • The upper tap is closed, and the bottom is open. If repair work is carried out from the neighbors from below or in the basement, or on a branch that feeds the house, the coolant will merge, and your radiator will be devastated. If it is steel or cast.iron, this will provoke corrosion.
  • The lower tap is closed and the upper is open. Regardless of any repairs, the radiator will be filled.
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So, we learned how to block the battery for the summer season: for this, close only the bottom ball crane.

Upon the onset of cold weather, follow the ads at the entrance about the beginning of the heating season. Then redraw both ball valves so that the garbage does not get into the radiator. let it go through the bypass. Battery rupture with closed cranes in this case does not threaten you-in one or two days a sufficient pressure will not be able to form inside the radiator. The apartment during this time also does not have time to freeze, especially, a small heating of the room will be from the riser.

How to enable the heating battery? There is nothing complicated. just open both ball valves, and the coolant will begin normal circulation through the on the turned on the radiator.

On the first day of turning on heating, when the murmur of water in the system is heard, do not rush to open ball valves. The next day you can open them using the Maevsky crane to produce air.

Attention! If you live on the top floor, you must have an air vent on the radiator. This will avoid the formation of air plugs, due to which the heating device does not perform its functions.

Knowing how to close the heating battery, you can decide how to prepare for the new heating season in the summer.This will be required

Work on installing bypas and ball valves should be done by professionals with the involvement of a plumbing that will block the water in the riser. Please note that welding and appropriate equipment will be required.

Emergency replacement of heating batteries

Ball crashes and bypass is an opportunity

  • ensure the safety of their batteries from corrosion and pollution;
  • Do not suffer from the heat with sharp warming during the heating period;
  • ensure safety in case of emergency. if the radiator fails, it can be turned off from the system, while the neighbors will not suffer from the flood or the lack of heat;
  • At any convenient time, replace the old radiator yourself with a new one;
  • Remove batteries for washing or coloring.
  • successfully use modern radiators with a thermostat without interfering with neighbors.

A competent approach to the organization of apartment heating is concern for comfort and security.

Features of disconnecting heating devices in the summer

Before you turn off the heating battery, it is necessary to study all the subtleties of this process. In the summer, the coolant remains in the system, it is drained only in case of repair or crimping. Simple cast.iron and steel heating radiators without liquid can cause corrosion formation. Therefore, in order to protect devices in their apartments, the hosts overlap the batteries using a crane between heating seasons. Such actions can cause serious damage to the radiators, and not protect them. Sometimes because of this there is a leak. And if you do not know what to do if the heating battery is dripped, it is better to immediately call plumbing.

It should be remembered that even in a non.working heating device there is a chemical reaction, accompanied by the release of gases. When they are accumulated, the pressure rises, which can lead to a rupture of the battery. If you carefully study the conditions for using heating devices, then you can understand that the performance of actions are prohibited if there is no device for air removal.

Removing air and reducing the pressure in the modern device is quite simple, for this a special manual or automatic device is installed on the radiator. In the presence of a manual version, it is enough to turn the screw counterclockwise, in the second version of the gases are removed automatically as accumulates.

Thus, in order to perform any actions with the elements of the heating system and control their operation, it is enough to install the following devices:

  • Curtain fittings in the form of a ball crane.
  • Baypas equipped with a crane.
  • Drainer.
  • Thermoregulator.
  • Air descent.

It should be remembered that the question of how to block the heating radiator, and you need to install any devices between the heating seasons.

What to do with a jammed ball crane

If ball valves do not rotate for years, then they have the ability to acidify and jam. In such a situation, do not try to resolve the issue physically and do not force the “butterfly” by plots or gas key. It is made of fragile alloy and will surely break. Act like this:

  • Unscrew the fixing nut and remove the “butterfly” type handle from the rod.
  • On most of these valves under the handle, a nut that clamps a plastic oil seal is found under the handle. Loosen it, turning the key to half a turnover. If there are no nuts, go to the next point.
  • Take a divorce key or another device that allows you to reliably grab the baldness on the rod. Without making great effort, turn it as much as possible.
  • When you feel the resistance, turn the stem back to the stop and again forward, trying to crank it a few more degrees. Work carefully and without haste!
  • Thus develop the rotation of the valve 90 °, then tighten the nut of the oil seal and set the handle in place.

The divorce key can be densely grabbed behind

Advice. If there is an aerosol lubricant WD-40 in the household, apply it to the stem and wait 5-10 minutes before rotation.

Be doubly careful, overlapping the batteries with acidic cranes in the heating season. You will rush too much and make a lot of effort. break off a metal rod or ball, and in the worst case, the valve housing will burst. A stream of hot water can hit from a crack that can burn you. While you go down to the basement and close the heating rush, the coolant will damage the room interior, and how much is the apartment repair now, you are about to guess.

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If you are not sure of your actions, call the masters. plumbers.

Disconnection of radiators without reinforcement

It is no secret that in most apartments there are old cast.iron radiators or steel convectors without any cutting off valves, which makes it impossible to block them over the heating season. over, according to the old heating scheme, the convectors in high.rise buildings are connected to risers without straight sections. bypas. Therefore, when an accident with a leak of the coolant occurs, it is necessary to act as follows:

  • Try to substitute some kind of hot water container. If the stream beats to the side, wrap a dense fabric to the breakthrough, so that the water drains through it into a bucket.
  • Call the dispatch service of your company thermal energy supplier and inform about the accident.
  • While the service staff gets, provide them with access to the basement, find the keys, open the door and so on.
  • Try to block the riser yourself.

While your water flows to the floor, the neighbors from below the stretch ceiling turn into a bubble a few words about how to correctly turn off the heating riser. Find in the basement the heat station of your entrance and vertical pipes that are cut into a high.diameter highway or into a common collector. Track where they go to determine the emergency riser, and redraw it with a crane. Contact the cell phone with one of the households who could confirm that the eighting of the Geiser in the apartment has stopped. It was not possible to find your pipe. close all the valves alternately until you find the right.

Attention! Do not try to cope with force with basement valves that jammed from rust. When they cannot be closed manually, it is better to wait for the plumbing team, they will find a way to stop the heat carrier supply. And then a very awkward situation will come out when you also break the trunk reinforcement, leaving an apartment building without heat during the repair.

An example of the access heating point and the riser connection is also worth considering the question of how to block the battery if it is hot in the apartment due to the non-compliance by the supplier of the temperature schedule of the boiler room. It would seem that in the presence of shut.off valves, the problem is solved by manual closure of the cranes. But after the temperature in the rooms is reduced, you will have to open it again. So you will be tired of twist the taps long before the end of the heating season, so you need to think about how to adjust the heat transfer of radiators. Options are:

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  • if possible, install a thermostatic valve on each battery that limits the duct of the coolant and automatically maintains a given temperature in the room;
  • Beautifully close the heating device with a deaf screen with small holes, if there is no locking reinforcement on the eyeliners.

Important. Ball valve is not an adjustment tool, it is intended only for complete cutting off or opening the passage of the coolant. In the “half closed” mode, it will not give the proper effect, but will fail much earlier.

Thanks to worn pipelines, centralized heat supply systems are famous for dirty water, which quickly clogging small ducts. Therefore, ordinary valves with thermal heads will not live for a long time, you need to buy special valves of high throughput, which produced by the well.known Danfoss and Herz brands. How to put them on an eyeliner to the radiator, shown below on the diagram and is described in this material.

Radiator thermostat installation scheme

When it is hot in the middle of the winter, but there is no adjusting reinforcement, there is nothing left for the residents, except to close the battery in the room with a decorative screen. The principle is simple: the radiator will warm the air inside the box, after which the heat transfer intensity will decrease sharply due to a small difference in the temperature of the air and the surface. That is, the coolant will give less energy, and the amount of hot air emerging from under the screen will be limited by the size of decorative openings. How to assemble and put on a heating device a pretty box made of wood.fiber plate, shown in the video material:

Why water is not drained at the end of the heating season

As you know, in heating networks, water remains even in the summer. This is explained by the fact that in this way corrosion processes are reduced inside radiators and pipelines. It is water that will help to exclude corrosion, since in this case steel and cast iron will be prone to rust much less. No matter how paradoxical it sounds, it really is. For what reasons this happens? Everything is quite simple: (see. also: how to make out a cast.iron heating battery with your own hands)

  • The water is constantly inside the heating system and does not allow the contact of the metal with air. Corrosion takes place in case of contact of a particular metal with dissolved oxygen in water;
  • Thanks to the isolation of the heating system from the outside world, the water in the shortest possible time is deprived of the dissolved oxygen. Then the process of oxidation is completely excluded, which is usually a catalyst for corrosive processes.
  • As a result of all this, the heating network does not rust at all from the inside, which can not be said about the pipeline system of cold and hot water. However, in the event that the water is removed from the system, then wet air with high m oxygen will remain. This is what explains why the pipes and batteries rust from the inside in the absence of a coolant. (Cm. also: how to calculate the bimetallic heating radiators)
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Before blocking the heating battery, you need to study the other side. According to the established standards, the heating network should always contain water. At the same time, some managing organizations in order to save often neglect this requirement. So, in the process of repairs, it is necessary to drain the water from the system, and then fill the network again, while losing time. If in one summer the batteries will be replaced and repair in several apartments, then each time the management company will have to lower and fill out the system. Therefore, in some cases, pipes for the summer are left without water at all. Due to the isolation of the pipes system, they will not be able to dry from the inside, and moisture will launch corrosive processes.

How to disable the radiator without cutting off valves

Sometimes radiators from cast iron or steel can be installed in the home. The device of these devices does not imply a cutting reinforcement. In this regard, it will not work to block the devices over the course of the heating period.

The old heating scheme involves the connection of radiators in apartment buildings to risers without bypasses. If there is no cutting reinforcement, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • You need a container where the water will drain. There are situations when the flow hits aside with powerful pressure. In such a situation, it is necessary to wind on the site, from where hot water beats, a rag.
  • It is necessary to notify the company that provides the home with heating about the situation.
  • It is important to take care of access to the basement, find the keys, open the door.
  • On your own, try to close the riser.

To turn off the heating riser, you need to go down to the heat station in the entrance. It is necessary to find vertical pipes that are cut into the highway. Then you will need to determine the emergency riser in the apartment building, for the correct overlap.

When it was possible to turn the crane, you need to call the household and clarify whether the radiator stopped leak. If the problem could not be solved, you need to open the riser valve and continue the search. It is necessary to close the available valves in turn, until the pipe responsible for the apartment is found.

Advantages and disadvantages of one.pipe and two.pipe heating systems

The main difference between the two heating schemes is that the two.pipe connection system is more effective in operation due to the parallel arrangement of two pipes, one of which serves heated coolant into the radiator, and the other removes the cooled liquid.

The scheme of a single.pipe system is a sequential type to be wiring, and therefore the first connected radiator receives the maximum amount of thermal energy, and each subsequent heats up weaker.

However, effectiveness is an important, but not the only criterion that you need to rely on, deciding to choose one or another scheme. Consider all the pros and cons of both options.

One.pipe heating system

  • simplicity of design and installation;
  • saving materials in connection with the installation of only one highway;
  • natural circulation of the coolant, possible due to high pressure.
  • complex calculation of thermal and hydraulic network parameters;
  • the problem of eliminating errors made in the design;
  • All elements of the network are interdependent, with a malfunction of one section of the network, the entire circuit stops working;
  • The number of radiators on one riser is limited;
  • adjustment of the flow of coolant into a separate battery is impossible;
  • High coefficient of heat loss.

Two.pipe heating system

  • the ability to install a thermostat on each radiator;
  • Independence of the network elements;
  • the possibility of inserting additional batteries in the already assembled fishing line for a trimmer;
  • ease of elimination of errors made at the design stage;
  • To increase the volume of the coolant in the heating devices, additional sections do not need to be added;
  • lack of restrictions on the length of the circuit in length;
  • The coolant with the desired temperature is supplied throughout the pipeline ring, regardless of heating parameters.
  • a complex connection diagram compared to one.pipe;
  • greater consumption for materials;
  • Installation requires a lot of time and labor.

Thus, a two.pipe heating system in all respects is more preferable. Why do the owners of apartments and houses abandon it in favor of a single.pipe scheme? Most likely, this is due to the high cost of installation and a large consumption of materials necessary for laying two highways at once. However, it should be taken into account that the two.pipe system involves the use of a smaller diameter pipe that cost cheaper, so the total cost of arranging a two.pipe option will not be much more than one.pipe option.

Owners of apartments in new buildings were lucky: in new houses, unlike residential buildings of Soviet development, more and more often used a more effective two.pipe heating system.



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