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How to thread a Janome machine

How to thread an old sewing machine

Many people are familiar with an old machine from childhood, but if you’ve forgotten how to thread such a spool, follow the instructions.

  • Place the spool of thread on the spool pin.
  • Slide the bobbin holder/cap securely onto the rim of the bobbin so the fiber does not become tangled.
  • Press the bobbin winder pin to the far left, if it is not already there.
  • Pass the thread from the bobbin through the thread guide.
  • Pass the end of the thread from the inside through a small hole in the rim of the bobbin.
  • Place the bobbin on the pin.
  • Press the bobbin winder pin to the right. This will stop the needle from moving.
  • Holding the end of the thread, press the speed control to start the machine until the desired amount of thread is wound. (Winding stops automatically when the bobbin is full).
  • Cut the thread; push the bobbin to the left and remove it from the bobbin winder pin.
  • Cut the fiber from the end of the bobbin.

Sewing machine Janome Anna color white reviews

Sewing machine Janome Anna. Easy operation and a wide range of functions!

Janome Anna makes buttonholes automatically in one step.

The sewing machine performs 25 operations, including overcasting, decorative, blindstitch and stretch.

thread, janome, machine

Maximum stitch length is 4 mm and width. 5 mm: you can sew all kinds of fabrics. Simply press the reverse button to sew in reverse and reinforce your stitches.

Presser foot pressure can be adjusted and you can sew both light and heavy fabrics.

Includes foot for undercasting and zipper stitching.

Loose hose will give the opportunity to remove part of the hose platform for the treatment of circular areas.

Threading a Sewing Machine

With the needle threader to tuck the thread into the needle is not difficult.

Built-in lamp allows comfortable work in difficult lighting conditions.

Display no
Type of shuttle vertical oscillating
Automatic needle threader available
Maximum height legs lifting 11 mm
Maximum stitch length 4mm
The maximum stitch width 5 mm
Sewing with a double needle there is
Adjusting the sewing speed smooth
Automatic thread trimmer no
Disabling the fabric feed mechanism available
Automatic threading the bobbin thread no
Electronic pin force stabilizer no
Needle position switch (up/down) no
The scope of delivery Sewing machine, foot pedal, foot universal, undercutting foot, foot for sewing zipper, buttonhole foot automatic, bobbins, needle kit, tucker, documentation

Attracted by its functionality and the number of operations. It also has automatic loop piercing, you do not need to constantly move the presser foot and the product. The machine is convenient, easy to use, the power is enough even to stitch thick overalls. I have been using this product for two years and have no complaints, never once failed, sews and sews. Not at all regretted the purchase, I advise everyone, you will be satisfied.

Comfortable with the right set of features, I as a former seamstress can safely recommend this model. The vertical hook gives a plus when sewing dense fabrics, handy reverse lever, removable work surface, oooh very easy to operate. High quality at a high level. I hope to use it for many years.

I searched the internet and compared to other models about a month, also watched the reviews of masters to repair sewing machines and sewing machine opinions, not about this particular model, but in general about sev.machines and all these reviews and various articles loomed a certain model with the right functionality, Janome Anna fully fit this established sewing machine format.

thread, janome, machine

Small size, easy to use, has a handle. Good for carrying. Regulators with tips, handy reverse button, vertical shuttle (more convenient than the horizontal), backlight (which is important for vision), all included, all in sight. any beginner can cope. The wire is long enough to the floor, the cord is a meter and a half.

I’m happy with the product. It’s perfect for household needs! Simple, handy. I recommend it for everyone.

Threading your front loading sewing machine

I’ve been dreaming about this sewing machine for a long time, to sew quickly and well at home. I had a foot sewing machine before, and at first I was worried that I would not be able to learn this new one quickly. The instruction manual is very clear, so I was able to properly tuck in the box and thread the first time and now I learn the basics. I like that the machine performs all kinds of stitches, for this there is a rotary knob and different parameters. Very pleased with the knit stitching, you can fit a jacket with them without any problems at all. The stitches are all straight and the sewing machine is very quiet. I really like the built-in light and thread guide. Without it, I don’t know how I would have done it. I have mastered sewing face masks and have already made a lot for the house: I hemmed sheets, homewear, kitchen towels from fabric scraps. I will continue to learn all the features of the machine, very satisfied.

It would be even better if the machine would have a cover. But that’s not a disadvantage, it’s just an addition.

I recommend this model to everyone, it is suitable even for beginners seamstresses and all will be useful at home.

Good sewing machine for beginners in the sewing craft. I bought it for my wife when she retired. I’ve never done this before, but now I’m hooked. The machine allows you to do sewing things in full variety. Despite the many knobs, it is intuitive and easy to use. Low noise, local lighting by the way.

Came across a small defect. the sliding lid on the bottom of the base did not click and slide off the latch. I even had a thought. Replace the product, temporarily wrapped on the latch of the tape, and so got used to.

The machine has been in use for three months, everything spins, everything works, for non-professional use is just fine.

In April 2020 I bought a machine “Anna”, it is not the first, but a very decent machine, works quietly, all very accessible description, not complicated, still not quite figured out a buttonhole, but all to come. When she started sewing for the first time thread began to break, as it turned out the needle is thick and not suitable for the tissue (my old machine this was not), moved the needle thinner and everything was great to sew (I do not know if good or bad, you decide). This is my beauty

Stable, the ability to sew with a twin needle, even winding of the thread on the bobbin, threading, safe thread trimmer, easy to use.

Bought this model of sewing machine for home use. I was very pleased with the machine, it works flawlessly, it’s stable and easy to use.

Compact, easy to use, sews great.

Of the many machines chose the Janome Anna and I am very pleased with the purchase. Does the job perfectly, detailed instructions, good equipment. Jeans and fabric in several layers sews great.

I bought it based on the reviews. Bought it for the home sewing. I like this machine. I broke 4 needles while learning how to sew. The booklet says everything is clear and understandable. It is worth the money. Enough features for the home. In operation for almost a month.

Built great quality, reputable company. Sewing well different fabrics, performs 25 operations for every taste. Comfortable arm platform, it is possible to lower the rack. Good lighting for the work area, the bulb gives a white light. The threading attachment is great, you can thread it easily. Automatic buttonhole. Handy Handle for Reversing. The pedal is smooth, you just need to get used to it. Three handles switch, for any fabric can be adjusted all the way. On the front body has arrows. tips on how to tuck the upper thread, very convenient. Price and quality are right.

Plastic bobbins, not metal. The ornamentation is faded, it feels faded. No case, have to store the machine in a box.

I have been wanting to change my manual typewriter for a long time for a newer, modern typewriter. The machine for home use is excellent, I recommend to buy.

Beautiful, lightweight, comfortable, compact, with the necessary functions for a housewife

Cool machine. I’ve wanted to buy a sewing machine for a long time, t. к. I think that any housewife should have it (well, who at least a little bit knows how to sew and wants to learn). My skills with the sewing machine from the distant past, so I wanted a machine without much extra fancy features, well, at the same time with all the necessary home use. I chose the machine based on reviews and functions. Wonderful machine, nice appearance, intuitive, easy, comfortable. sat down for the first time at her fear that I can not cope, I do not remember that hard. Everything worked, everything is clear, accessible instructions. The purchase is very pleased and recommend to buy. Do not regret it, like me. Now I do all my sewing by myself, I mean sewing of the essentials, not sewing atelier and hemstitching and spending money. And then maybe for clothes sewing, especially since this model has all the necessary features.

I’ve been looking for a long time for this machine and finally bought it. It makes almost no noise when it’s working, the pedal easily changes the speed, the kit has everything you need for sewing. I was pleased with the option. threader, for people with vision problems is perfect. The price and quality is right.

Have not found it yet, but I would like to see the overlock foot.

Even a beginner will understand this machine. Already sewed a dress, tablecloth, bag. Next are the curtains. I recommend not being afraid to start sewing yourself, just take it and do it)

25 operations, needle threader, vertical spool rods

I’ve been looking for a machine for home use in the 11000-13000 range. I chose the Janome Anna. I can not assess all the advantages of the model yet, tested some of the stitches. So far I am satisfied, it is possible to sew with a twin needle (bought separately). The weight of the machine is 5.6 kg. A separate song “needle threader”. Everything is up to date. I hope to use it for a long time.

Sew different types of fabrics without any problems, the main thing is to choose the right needles and thread. It has enough light. Pedal is soft. After the “Seagull” machine is comfortable and easy. The instruction manual is clear, a beginner will understand.

Took a long time to find it. I wanted a Janome and an upright. I am satisfied with the choice.

Sewing machine meets the stated parameters. The stitches are straight, easy to operate. There is nothing superfluous. Easy to use, easy to configure. The cord is long, it is useful, it simplifies the work. Compact in size. I am satisfied with the purchase. No disadvantages when using it. It’s a good combination of price and quality.

I recommend to buy. I use it with pleasure

Great sewing machine. Suitable for beginners. Performs a sufficient number of operations. I use a year and a half, no complaints. Easy to use. The manual says everything in detail. The needle threader makes it easy to work and saves time. Included in the machine a large number of interchangeable legs. Really useful.

I am very happy with this machine. Sews good quality. Lightweight. Not very noisy. Recommended for purchase

Good typewriter. There is a threading device, many types of stitches. Compact. Large storage compartment for needles, bobbins and tools. There is a nozzle for making a buttonhole to the size of a button.

Good for beginners and professionals alike.

A lot of stitches, accessories. Lightweight, has a handle. The most detailed instructions, we worked out with my daughter, she is 6 years old. memorized, she learns to sew on her own. Sewing is very easy, all stitches are marked.

No. Too bad that the case is not included, that when stored would not dust.

Price, build quality, number of operations, easy to operate.

No storage case and display,but that’s not a problem.

Janome Anna sewing machine is easy to operate and with a wide range of functions, even a teenager can understand it. Makes buttonholes in automatic mode at once. This machine has twenty-five operations, including overlock, decorative and blindstitch. There is a built-in lamp that allows you to easily replace the needle or insert a thread. Also has a needle threader. Canoe is vertical, swinging. Sewing foot lift height up to 11mm., Stitch up to 4 mm., width 5 mm. Double-needle sewing ability. Also have: countersunk stitching and automatic buttonhole, but no system to measure the size of the buttons. Speed adjustment is smooth. The fabric feeder shutoff is also present in this model. Accessories compartment and sleeve platform. Power consumption is only 100 watts, and weighs 6 kg., You can tell it’s light weight and efficient. In the kit you get the foot pedal, legs regular and podrobochnaya, foot for buttonholes, a set of needles, bobbins, vaporizer and foot for sewing zippers. And the two year warranty will also surprise you. Everyone who does sewing, I recommend this model for purchase.

Beautiful, light weight, comfortable, compact with the necessary functions. Attracted by its functionality and the number of operations.

The bobbin is plastic, not metal. The light bulb is a little dull. No carrying case for storage, have to store in a box.

Of the many machines chose the Janome Anna and I am very pleased with the purchase. Does the job perfectly, detailed instructions, good equipment. Jeans and multiple layers of fabric sews great. Recommended for purchase.

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What to do if you have a new technique?

Many needlewomen have old-style sewing machines in their homes. Some of such equipment is inherited from their mothers or grandmothers, but not everyone knows how to work with it, and instructions for use have long been lost. They’re pretty much up to the task and it’s left to figure out how to tuck the thread into the manual sewing machine.

Non-ancient technique has a similar threading scheme. The difference lies in how the thread is attached to the machine.

thread, janome, machine

IMPORTANT. The needle thread is threaded into the groove along the needle. Identify it by running your finger over the needle.

How to thread a sewing machine. Mini JL Janome

Tuck the machine in according to the diagram on the cover. For rotary machines has its own scheme, because they are units of the old type.

The algorithm for threading into the old machine, is as follows:

  • Secure the spool.
  • Extremely carefully extend the thread element in the tensioner, which is located on top.
  • Thread it through the spring. It looks like a hook.
  • Thread the thread into the thread guide, it also has a hook for this.
  • Now it remains to go to the needle fixer.

A fork is used in this type of technique and it allows you to cast on the thread.

Electromechanical sewing machine Janome Juno 513

Household electromechanical sewing machine with vertical hook.

Number of programs: 15 sewing operationsThe hook mechanism: vertical shuttleMethod of sewing a buttonhole: in semi-automatic modeDestinationFor sewing and repairing garments in nearly all fabrics ManufacturerJapanAssembly: Thailand

Electromechanical sewing machine Janome Juno 513 easy to operate and reliable assistant. This household sewing machine will suit the needlewoman who likes to engage in sewing and repair clothes. The machine uses a vertical shuttle device. The vertical hook is notable for high reliability, as all its parts are made of metal. Sewing machine Janome Juno 513 has 15 sewing operations. Buttonholes overcasting in semi-automatic mode. Has a needle threader that lets you thread effortlessly through the eye of the needle. Another added comfort feature is the quick presser foot change. One press of the lever on the presser foot holder to remove the presser foot. Foot is also quick to install. The machine has a stepless adjustment of stitches. Adjustable stitch length up to 4 mm and stitch width up to 5 mm. It is also possible to control the tension of the upper thread. For the convenience of threading the upper thread on the body of the Janome Juno 513 is marked scheme with a sequence of operations. For the convenience of the tailor in the dark, there is lighting of the workbench with LED backlighting. LED lighting is very bright, but much more economical than incandescent bulbs. The arm platform allows you to process narrow circular items.

Sewing machine Janome Juno 513 has a metal frame, which collected all the parts and components of the machine. On the outside, it is all covered by a beautiful plastic housing. Metal frame provides the sewing machine reliability and maintainability. Beginner tailors will also be satisfied with the Japanese sewing machine Janome Juno 513. As it is reliable and easy to learn, it performs all basic functions.



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