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How to test the air conditioner compressor for serviceability with a tester

Initial Diagnostics of the CU Compressor Before Installation

Often, for lack of spare parts or high cost of a new air conditioner compressor, motorists choose budget way to repair the car air conditioning system. Buying a similar air conditioner compressor at a salvage yard, t.е. Used Compressor.

Such a way is justified by the cost of used compressors, it can be bought up to 10 t.р. The compressor may look good and inspire confidence. But to put such compressor on a system without making any diagnostics is a mistake which can turn into expensive repair with repeated compressor replacement, replacement of radiator and receiver of dryer.

Used air conditioner compressor, why and how to check it?

The reason is that the compressor may have been stored with the channels open before sale and during that time the oil in the compressor can become very wet. which comes into contact with the steel components and causes them to corrode. But that’s not all, oil may have been added to the compressor before it was sold and often the wrong viscosity or worse, the wrong type. It can cause a chemical reaction and detachment of the spraying materials, particulate buildup in the oil.

If you put such a compressor on a faultless system, it will be immediately contaminated, the compressor will fail with the formation of metal shavings. To fix the consequences of such a compressor will not be easy at all. Therefore, we strongly recommend performing basic CU compressor diagnostics before installing it on the system.

Types of electromagnetic coils

With the tester. check the resistance. If less than 2 ohms, there is a short circuit inside the winding.

Apply 12 volts from a battery or any power supply, check the. You can see the spark when shorted to “”, the coil should be magnetic when voltage is applied.

How to repair the coil

The simplest and most correct is to replace the electromagnet with a new one, with elimination of the cause of the faulty breakdown. The cost of the magnet is not great, you should not save on it. If the mileage of the car is more than 100 000 km, the most correct decision is to replace the electromagnetic clutch as a whole, t.к. By replacing the entire assembly, you prevent subsequent problems with the compressor solenoid clutch (bearing noise, abrasion of the drive plate and pulley contact surfaces)

But if you need a more budget variant. you can melt the protective layer of the winding, find the thermal fuse and change it or replace it with a wire (but then there will be no compressor protection from overheating). Then fill everything back in with epoxy or heat resistant glue. The method is complicated, but, in principle, working.

It is also possible to rewind coil winding, but we do not recommend to do this.к. You can’t do it well in nonfactory conditions. Rewound coil will not hold long. The more so, that its price is almost equal to the price of a new coil.

If you go to the car service, make sure that in case of breakage of an electromagnet, exactly replace it with a new one, and not repair it in the most budgetary way.

How to check automobile conditioner with your own hands

Every car owner has to deal with car air conditioner check. It is easier to fulfill the procedure in the car service center, where the specialists will estimate and eliminate the appeared problems. But if you want, the work can be done with your own hands. For this you need to know what to do and in what sequence.

A car equipped with air conditioning is much more comfortable to drive, because you can set the desired temperature in the cabin in hot weather. But since the air conditioning system consists of several mechanisms that over time wear out and fail, it is important to know and be able to check their performance. It is necessary to speak in detail about how to do it.

Checking air conditioner operability from inside and under a cowl

Diagnosis of the auto air conditioner can be performed as follows:

    Start the engine and activate the cooling system. If the car is equipped with climate control, they set the minimum temperature.

Visual inspection of air conditioner tubes

In a visual inspection of the tubes and hoses, the aim is to detect leaks. Leakage can be caused by corrosion of aluminum tubes, mechanical damage of hoses and tubes as well as the radiator. The most common form of corrosion is in the aluminum tubes where they are attached to the body. There are cases, when depressurization occurs due to rubbing of tubes and hoses, which depends on the design features of the under-hood equipment layout. In this case, the aluminum elements are repaired by argon welding, and the rubber hoses are replaced with new ones.

It is not always possible to visually detect leaks, but in service conditions this procedure is simplified.

Leak check

Leaks in most cases show up in the form of reduced cooling efficiency. In this case, check it:

  • the tubes along the entire length;
  • Freon pressure sensors;
  • connection assemblies of receiver-dryer;
  • condenser tubes, evaporator tubes;
  • compressor seals and service valves.

Checking the air conditioner compressor

The compressor is a pump with an electromagnetic clutch and a pulley. It provides circulation of freon in the system when the air conditioner is on. The most frequent problems with it are the following:

If after switching on air conditioner some noise occurs which is not peculiar for normal operation of the system, the most probable reason is sheave bearing damage. This can be due to a number of factors: the poor quality of roads, improper operation of electronics and the lack of performance of individual components. If such breakage is revealed it should be eliminated as soon as possible because it causes damage of electromagnetic clutch. In order to check the clutch, start the engine and press the button of air conditioner. The engine speed will slightly decrease, and you will hear a characteristic click, indicating that the clutch is engaged. If it does not occur, it is necessary to understand the reason of a malfunction.

Testing an ac compressor clutch and clutchless AC compressor, how to use a 3156 bulb to test.

Checking the air conditioner radiator

Condenser or radiator of air conditioning system is located before the main radiator of the cooling system of the power unit. Using a vehicle is inseparably connected with radiator contamination by insects, dust, lint, etc. п. As a result, the heat exchange deteriorates, which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner. It is manifested by a weak flow of cold air into the passenger compartment. Diagnosis of the radiator is reduced to an external inspection of the device. To do this, assess its condition through the lower radiator grille. In case of heavy dirt clean it with compressed air or a brush.

When supplying compressed air jet, pressure must not exceed 3 bar.

If the radiator is seriously damaged, which can be a result of a stone, you should visit the car service to assess the problem and further repair.

Checking the Evaporator

The evaporator of air conditioning system is usually located in the cabin under the panel. Getting to this device in case of need is quite problematic. If the node is heavily contaminated when you turn on the air conditioner, there will be an unpleasant smell in the cabin. Clean the air conditioner by yourself or at a service center.

The evaporator of an air conditioner, by analogy with a radiator, often gets clogged with dust, leaves, etc. п., and cause a foul odor in the passenger compartment

Check for damage, dirt, and traces of oil

During the diagnostics of the system in question, first of all, attention is paid to the following defects:

  • mechanical damage, cracks;
  • contamination of the device, which can be caused by wear and tear of various parts;
  • due to improper use of the air conditioner on its component parts may show traces of corrosion;
  • wear and tear on system parts (bearings, relays, brushes, etc.). д.).

According to the detected defects take certain steps to eliminate the fault.

Checking of car air conditioner for serviceability in winter

The air conditioner of the car is equipped with a special sensor, which does not allow starting the device, if the temperature overboard is below zero. It is conditioned by an increase in the viscosity of the oil, which at low temperatures almost loses its properties. Therefore if there is a necessity to diagnose a conditioner in winter, it is necessary to find a warm parking place and to warm units of a considered system by leaving a car there for some time. After a while, you can check the air conditioner from the cabin and under the hood, as described above.

The important component in work of an automobile conditioner is its charging with freon. Lack of this substance leads to incorrect functioning of the system and insufficient cooling. Therefore it is important to know how to define a level of coolant so as to top up it if necessary. The check is performed in the following way:

  • We open a hood and wipe a special sight and then switch on air conditioner on maximum.
  • At the beginning we can observe the appearance of liquid with air bubbles, then they diminish and almost disappear. This indicates that the freon level is normal.

Knowing how to diagnose the air conditioning system, you can independently sort out the nuances that have arisen and determine what caused this or that malfunction. To check with your own hands no special tools and devices are required. It is enough to read the step-by-step steps and follow them in the course of the work.

How to check oil in compressor

When the compressor is running, the oil circulates through the system; after the air conditioner is turned off, some oil remains in it. We check the oil level in the compressor this way:

  • let conditioner work in a cooling mode for about twenty minutes;
  • we check oil level in the compressor through the sight glass. it should be on a mark higher than the lower point, but higher than 18 height of the sight glass

Why does it happen that conditioner cools worse??

One of the reasons of bad work of air conditioner is absence of freon or decrease of its quantity. Freon gas itself wears out sooner or later and it is quite normal. That is why once in 2-3 years one should recharge it. But also freon can evaporate due to a breakdown of the radiator. And though it happens more often in automobile conditioners, in usual air conditioners too such breakage can happen.

An air conditioner can be badly operated because of different reasons. So the most important thing is to call the service and invite home a master air conditioner repairman. If the technique is on warranty you can ask for help in a store, where a breakage will be repaired for free.

Conditioners ” How to check air conditioner compressor

    In this article, we will look at troubleshooting the electrical part of the compressors. Very often at repair of an air conditioner one blames on the compressor, but as a result it can be not in it at all. So how to properly diagnose the compressor?How to find the resistance of the windings described in this article.

Diagnostics of air conditioner compressors

The most common type of compressors in air conditioners are single phase compressors with starter winding.To get access to the pins of the compressor you need to disassemble the air conditioner so that you have access to the compressor. Usually the contacts are protected by a cover that is screwed on, you can find it by the wires that are connected to the compressor. After removing the cover you will see three contact pins with wires on them.It is necessary to remove the wires and measure the resistance between the leads with a multimeter. Set the switch on the device to the resistance measurement function (indicated by the letter Ω). If multimeter shows infinitely high resistance between the terminal C and the rest, it means breakage, in the case of built-in protection, make sure that the compressor is not overheated and the protection is not triggered, otherwise, and if the protection is external, the compressor is defective. If the resistance tends to zero it means a short circuit and the compressor is also faulty.the exact value of the resistors depends on the compressor capacity, the accuracy of your device and can vary within a range of approximately 1-20 ohms.As you can see from the diagram, the resistance between terminals M and S should be equal to the sum of the resistances between terminals S and C and between M and C.As a rule, the operating winding (M-C) is more powerful, so its resistance is lower than that of the starting winding (S-C).Each compressor has a thermal protection circuit but it can be built in as shown in the diagram or placed under the lid next to the compressor terminals.If it is not built in, so called “tablet”, then it can be tested separately and replaced in case of failure (it should be closed in normal state, it opens when you reach a certain temperature 90-120 ° C ).I have to tell you right away that we can not detect short-circuited turns this way, there are other devices for this (but they are not stable enough for detecting short-circuited turns either).

Measurement of insulation resistance with a megohmmeter

It is not possible to check the insulation breakdown with an ordinary tester, as it measures resistance at a low voltage of 3-9V. The megohmmeter allows you to measure resistance at a higher voltage of 200-1000 volts. But it is still necessary to “probe” the winding with multimeter, as it is impossible to measure the resistance with megohmmeter in case of short circuit of winding to the frame.You can select the voltage used to measure the resistance and the time during which the windings will be tested.It is necessary to measure the resistance between one of three outlets on the compressor and, for example, copper tube, which is coming out of the compressor with voltage 250-500 V. Resistance should be within 7-10 megohms. If not, also the compressor is to be replaced.Before measuring carefully read the instructions to your device, high voltage is used, so if used incorrectly you can get an electric shock or damage the device.

Diagnostics of the refrigerator compressor

In domestic refrigerators, low-power compressors are used in which the start winding is connected for a few seconds through a starter relay with the help of a posistor or electromagnetic relay.Circuit with electromagnetic relay: In this case, current flows in series through the coil of relay and operating winding of compressor. Starting current is always greater than operating current, using this principle, the relay is designed so that the starting current closes the relay contacts and connects the starting winding of the compressor, which starts. The current flowing through the operating winding and the relay winding decreases and the contacts open, disconnecting the starter winding.As a part of relay there is also a thermostat which cuts off power supply to compressor in case of its overheating.Diagram with a posistor:On the diagram a posistor is marked with a temperature sign t0. and the thermostat number 6.The principle of operation is as follows: at room temperature, the posistor has a low resistance and directly supplies voltage to the starting winding S. A current flows through it which heats it up, when heated, the internal resistance of the posistor increases, effectively shutting off the start winding a few seconds after the compressor starts. The posistor cools down only after the compressor is off and reconnects the starter winding at the next start cycle.

Checking the starting and protection relays of the refrigerator

The round black “pellet” with terminals is a thermal relay, which is closed at normal temperature, and opens only with a strong heat. It can be checked with ohmmeter. resistance should tend to zero or with “dialler” mode. there should be a sound signal when holding the probe to the terminals.The same concerns also to a posistor. in a normal condition it is closed. It is located usually inside the relay, between the S and R terminals of the compressor. (In the illustration above these are the terminals on the white base).

How to check serviceability of a conditioner compressor. Repair of a car with your hands

Significant component of split system, of course, is a refrigerating compressor. It is thanks to this component of the technological scheme of a household or other machine to get the effect of cooling, as well as the effect of humidifying the air.

If it happens that compressor unit does not work for some reason, split system, in fact, turns into a usual wind “mill”. One cannot get the desired effect from such “mill” and the owner of a system should think about the repair.

However, in order to repair, it is required to know how to check the compressor of a split system air conditioner for malfunction. Let’s consider this problem.

What to do, if a conditioner does not switch on in your car?

If your air conditioner has stopped working properly or stopped switching on, you do not need to call for help from specialists. You can figure this out on your own. The information in this article will help you.

So, in order to understand what to tackle first, you need to study the main causes and symptoms. And only after that one should take some measures to make an air conditioner work as before. These are:

  • Compressor failure. You can tell when the compressor is broken by the noise and oil leakage on its body. Frequently the compressor of the conditioner does not turn on because there is a leakage of such substance, as refrigerant. Causes of leakage are cracks in the housing, breakages of the line, and wear and tear of the rubber gasket. Less common causes can be a loose tension belt, worn shaft seals, electrical circuit malfunction and dirt;
  • Failure of condenser. It is designed to cool the refrigerant so that it cools the air in the car. The problem occurs when the condenser is heavily contaminated. As a result, cooling occurs incorrectly, and it happens so that air conditioner starts to switch off by itself, up to the fact that it stops to switch on. When this happens you need to clean it immediately, otherwise there will be overheating and increased pressure in the cooling system;
  • Failure of evaporator. If you start to notice that your auto conditioner stops working normally, and there is water and strange smell in salon, then be sure that the evaporator is at fault. The reason for this breakdown is simple. corrosion, which was formed due to dirt and clogging of the pipe to drain the moisture. It occurs more often in winter;
  • Dehumidifier malfunction. This element is also called a receiver-dryer. Its task is to remove moisture in the system, as well as to purge the refrigerant from the different products of the compressor. Causes, on which there can be such problem, can be non-observance of technology on air conditioner filling. In order to determine this malfunction, it is enough to check the hoses. they should not be frosted, and because of this the auto air conditioner can shut down on its own;
  • Malfunction related to the thermostatic expansion valve. It is necessary to regulate and control the refrigerant in a conditioner, depending on two factors: temperature and pressure. The symptoms of valve defect: inconsistent supply of cooled air, the auto conditioner is working intermittently, the hoses are freezing. Failure of the valve can be provoked by mechanical damage, incorrect adjustment, ingress of dirt in the system;
  • Fan failure. Its task is to provide additional cooling of the refrigerant. But since this element is not used in every air conditioner, this problem does not occur often. And still such breakdown can happen. In the case of a defect, the high noise from fan operation or its complete absence of rotation is the symptom of a fan failure. The reason for which this trouble could arise, can be: a worn bearing, the violation of the electric circuit and various mechanical damages;
  • Pressure sensor failure. Its main function is to turn off the system in case of critical pressure of the refrigerant level. In this case, the failure may be hidden in the electronics. The first manifestation of malfunction will usually be unstable operation and spontaneous shutdown of the system.

Considering the above-mentioned main faults, you can confidently proceed to the fault location and repair. And after it, your car will work as before, and the auto air conditioner will turn on.

Compressor repair

Before repairing the compressor, you need to stock up on the necessary tools. To fix the compressor, you will need:

To be sure that it is the compressor that is broken, you need to check its fuses. In case of malfunction they need to be replaced. In the case where the fuses are okay, you need to continue troubleshooting. The second action will be to check all the wires that connect to the compressor. It is also necessary to check the fastening and tension of the belt.

If a problem is found in these areas, it should be corrected by tensioning the belt or replacing the wires.Also the electromagnetic clutch should be checked. It is diagnosed and repaired in the following order: first check that there is grease on the rotor and the pressure plate. Next, check the bearing for grease leakage and unusual noise. Use an ohmmeter on the coil to check the resistance.

If it is necessary to replace it, if resistance is lower than the norm.

If the bearing of drive pulley is out of order (it can be defined at appearance of extraneous noises when autoconditioner starts working) then in this case it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

Next I recommend that you check the refrigerant in the compressor for leakage. Such check can be made with the help of fluorescent lamp. It can be purchased at almost any auto shop. It should be placed in the low-pressure hole, which is located in the canister of the air conditioner. Then you have to wait a little while. After that, the air conditioner can be carefully inspected, using an ultraviolet lamp.

The final action will be to seal the mechanical damages on the body. You will need welding to seal them up. After that the compressor needs to be refilled with a new refill kit.

If you have identified errors and made an independent repair, and the problem disappeared, but not completely, then in this case you should seek help from a specialist. Be sure that after the specialist your car will work absolutely anew and the auto conditioner will be switched on by you and will not turn off by itself. Remember that just the negligence and ignorance is the reason of compressor fast wear and tear and as a consequence the frequent repair.

How the auto air conditioner compressor is designed

In order to have clean and fresh air in the cabin of the car, the air conditioner is used. It consists of several major parts, which include the compressor. When it works properly, it creates a comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. But when malfunctions occur, there is a serious problem that requires an immediate solution.

According to the design of the discharge element, compressors are classified into the following types:

  • Piston compressors;
  • Axial piston;
  • Axial piston pumps with an oscillating bevel washer;
  • Rotary (vane or plate);
  • Spiral (also called snail compressor)

Structure and principle of operation of the compressor of the car air conditioner

The auto air conditioner compressor is an important part, which is a pump with an electromagnetic clutch. It is equipped with a metal pulley. The principle of operation of the compressor is simple. When the car engine is running, the pulley rotates at no load. The freon is not affected. When the driver turns on air conditioning system, the clutch is magnetized. With it the torque is transmitted to the pump. During these processes, the refrigerant moves inside the system and cools.

The auto air conditioner compressor is the device that is the “heart” of the air conditioning system. When it is actuated, the driver and passengers escape the heat. This provides the driver with the best conditions for a comfortable and safe trip.

Frequent malfunctions of the auto air conditioner compressor

As long as the air conditioning system is working, the driver does not have to think about anything. But at one point, the system fails and no longer cools the air in the cabin. Most often an unpleasant situation occurs due to failure of the auto air conditioner compressor. Major faults include:

If an unusual sound appears when you turn on the air conditioner, it means that the pulley bearing has failed. Such malfunction should be corrected as soon as possible. Further it leads to breakage of electromagnetic clutch. To make repairs, it is necessary to use a special tool for auto air conditioning repair.

Causes of malfunction

Why repair of an auto air conditioner compressor is a widespread problem? Because the important detail of climatic system quite often fails. There are various reasons for this.

They include bad roads, incorrect operation of electronics and wear and tear of individual components. These are the main causes of compressor malfunction, because of which it is necessary to apply in service stations or to eliminate the problem independently. In the second case, you need specific knowledge and skills.

If the situation is critical, the compressor must be replaced. It should be entrusted to professionals.

There are a number of conditions that cause the compressor to shut down:

  • Excessively high or low pressure in the refrigerant circuit (emergency situation). Determined by pressure sensor signal;
  • No signal from engine rpm sensor;
  • Switching off the climate system from the control panel;
  • Engine economy mode activation;
  • Ambient air temperature drops below 3°C;
  • Automatic transmission control unit signal (activation of “Kickdown” mode);
  • On-board network voltage drops below 9.5 V (discharged battery);
  • High coolant temperature (over 119°C);
  • Control signal from engine control unit;
  • Control signal from automatic transmission control unit;
  • Malfunction of the fan on the condenser of the climate system;
  • Malfunction of electromagnetic clutch;
  • Malfunction of control valve (both mechanical and electromagnetic).

In order to determine the specific cause, it is recommended to use the diagnostic program. It can be as original service diagnostics from the car manufacturer, as well as an ordinary multimachine scanner. In the latter case, you should be prepared for the fact that some errors may not be read.

Methods of auto air conditioner compressor troubleshooting

Compressor design and repair is a question of interest to many car owners. To identify and repair faults special equipment is needed. It is presented in the section of equipment for car air conditioners. These are stands for diagnostic measures, pneumatic flushing stations, testers. With such equipment, the troubleshooting process is greatly simplified.

How malfunctions of the compressor are eliminated? Let’s list a few options:

  • If the fuse has blown, you need to eliminate the cause of the short circuit and replace the part. After that, you can enjoy a comfortable environment in the cabin;
  • If there is no contact on the electromagnetic clutch, the magnet or the whole part is replaced;
  • If the cause of freon leakage and climate system malfunction is a worn bearing, it must be replaced.

To prevent the car air conditioner from failing, you need to know the rules of safe operation of the compressor. They include timely diagnostics and service. Then there is no need to install the compressor of auto air conditioner. The climate system will work smoothly for a long time.

How I Troubleshoot an Air Conditioner Compressor

How to check freon level in air conditioner of a car?

In some cases this window is banal covered with mud and-or dust. Accordingly, it should be wiped with a rag. To check freon it is necessary to start the engine and turn on air conditioner at full power. After that it is necessary to look through the aforementioned peephole to see a condition of freon.

To independently determine whether there is freon in the refrigerator, you should defrost and dry the device. If after it will be turned on, the cold is not gained in the chambers, the condenser grating is cold. the freon is out.

How to check the efficiency of a domestic air conditioner compressor?

You can check release of electromagnetic muff of the compressor without freon in system and even without a driving belt. For this purpose disconnect regular plug from it and connect a contact with plus terminal of accumulator with a piece of wire. The clutch must engage and “pull” the pulley so that the belt can rotate the compressor axle.

How to Diagnose the Compressor

In this article, we will look at troubleshooting electrical problems with compressors. Very often at conditioner repair they blame on the compressor, but it could be not in it at all. So how to correctly diagnose compressor?

How to find out the resistance of the windings told in this article.

How to check air conditioner functioning. Maintenance rules for air conditioners

It often happens that the owner of air-conditioner has a suspicion that something goes wrong with functioning of air-conditioner. It’s either not working or it’s broken. And it is necessary to call a master, and you have nothing to tell him, except for “I think that conditioner began to work worse”. I will tell you what you can find out in this case about conditioner independently, as a result of preliminary diagnostics

It often happens that the owner of conditioner has a suspicion that conditioner somehow does not work properly. Whether it does not cope or it is broken. And it is necessary to call a man, but you have nothing to say except “I think that conditioner became worse”. Now I will tell you what you can find out by yourself in this case about conditioner, as a result of preliminary diagnostics.

Only I ask you to be more careful. being near a malfunctioning air conditioner for a long time is dangerous for your health. you may catch a severe cold. Really imagine that capacity of air conditioner has decreased and conditioner is not able to cool a premise well. So, we will receive a thin stream of cold air in a hot premise. the main reason of a cold. I warn you once again. be careful. I myself have fallen ill so several times.

So, how to check conditioner work. First of all it is better to hermeticize a room where conditioner is installed. It means. close all windows and shutters, switch off and close the forced ventilation, if it is present and works, close the door in a room, switch off heating elements. Generally create normal conditions of conditioner’s exploitation.

For information. a domestic air conditioner cannot normally work in a room with an open window or door if it has no essential reserve of power. As the refrigerator with the open door will not keep products, and conditioner with the open window will not provide you with the necessary quality of air. Now switch conditioner in a mode of uninterrupted cooling, with maximum capacity and with maximum speed of fans work.

It is better to direct slits of blinds vertically downwards or maximally close to this position. In this mode it is necessary to let conditioner work for 15-20 minutes and meanwhile you have a walk somewhere not to catch a cold.During this time air conditioner has to cool air in the premise.

If in this mode conditioner in some time will not be able to cool air in the room up to the set temperature (a deviation of 1-2 degrees Celsius is acceptable), then this is a definite indicator that air-conditioner does not have enough power. or it was chosen incorrectly from the beginning or its power has dropped because of the filters pollution (it is necessary to clean filters of air-conditioner) or because of the freon pressure fall (it is necessary to charge air-conditioner up) or because of any other malfunction (it is necessary to check conditioner comprehensively).Temperature in a premise with air conditioner is defined by measuring temperature on the top surface of air conditioner, where there are slits for air sucking and on the outlet of air conditioner, where the louvers are. Difference of temperatures, as it was already written, should not exceed 1-2 degrees.

How to check conditioner efficiency

Usually check the quality of installation of a new air conditioner or the quality of work before the beginning of a new season.Checking of air conditioner installation

It is possible to supervise both process of installation and already result of work on installation. At different stages different moments that affect the normal operation of the air conditioner are checked.

1 Checking the outdoor unit: because of the constant vibration during operation, this unit must be installed on a level and solid wall, and the installation must be done using a level. The distance between the outside unit and the wall must be not less than 10 centimeters, otherwise there will be overheating of the compressor and shutdowns in summer. It is better to use anchor bolts and brackets to fix the unit.

In winter icicles must not fall on the outdoor unit and it must not be covered with snow, so check if you have the necessary protection in the form of awnings. 2 Copper tubes should be processed with a pipe cutter and a rolling mill. The use of a metal hacksaw will produce shavings, and the smallest particle of metal can put the compressor out of operation. 3 Outdoor and indoor units must be accessible for maintenance after installation.

You will have to clean the filters of the indoor unit about once a month, check if you can get to these filters. 4 The distance from the indoor unit in the apartment to the first obstacle (furniture, wall) should be at least 3 meters, for normal air circulation. 5 The air conditioner removes up to 2 liters of water per hour from the air during operation, so you must consider installing a drainage system.

It should be laid with a slope so that water could flow down on the street not in the apartment. If you use conditioner at negative temperature on the street, the drainage system must be with heating in order not to have water freezing. 6 After the installation work, workers who carry out the installation of the air conditioner should vacuum. Vacuuming is done to remove air from the freon pipes.

If this is not done, then compressor will not work stably and can break down, and its price is the main part of price of the whole conditioner. And if you are told that the air will be simply blown out when you fill it with freon, you should know that you cannot remove all the moisture from the pipes that way. And blowing freon can’t remove non-condensable impurities.

But it is possible to say that today a lot of conditioners are installed with application of simple blowing off with freon and such models work for several years. So it’s a case of one thing at a time. But, of course, vacuumization is more reliable.

7 The difference in the height of installation of outdoor and indoor units should not exceed 3-20 meters, depending on the brand of unit.

Checking for performance before the start of the season

Before hot days come it is necessary to check air conditioner operation. You need to create normal conditions in the room for the machine to work. Switch off all heating elements, close all windows, switch off ventilation systems. Turn on the air conditioner for about 20 minutes. During this time, it should reduce the temperature in the room to a predetermined value.

Rules of correct exploitation

No one will dispute the importance of climate control equipment in a car. This device is indispensable in hot weather. But in order the installation can work as long as it is possible, you should know some rules. If you follow them, you will prolong a resource of all parts of a cooling complex, including the compressor. Here is a small list of useful recommendations.

When it is scorching hot outside, it is advisable to open all doors for ventilation before turning on the air conditioner. It is enough to wait from 3 to 5 minutes, and then you can go on a trip, turning on the rescue cooling system.

Do not roll down the windows, including the sunroof (if equipped), or open the doors (when the vehicle is stationary) while the equipment is on. A stream of counter air, penetrating inside of a saloon, reduces the efficiency of all system and forces the compressor to work at full capacity. Thereby increasing the wear and tear of parts and reducing their life. In addition, fuel consumption increases with open windows.

Long idle of air conditioner without use leads to unfavorable consequences. metal elements will start to corrode, elastic gaskets will be destroyed. To avoid it one should turn on air conditioner at least for 8-10 minutes once a week. This is enough time to fill all the parts of the unit with oil and keep the system in working order.

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Serviceability check before the beginning of the season

Before the onset of hot days it is necessary to check how the air conditioner works. You should create in your room normal conditions for appliance’s work. Turn off all heaters, close all windows, turn off ventilation systems. Turn on the air conditioner for about 20 minutes. During this time it has to lower the temperature in the premise up to the set value. If it does not happen, you should clean the filter, and if it does not help, it is possible that conditioner’s capacity has decreased because of Freon leakage or because of defects of air conditioner itself. In these cases it is necessary to apply in a service department. You can check if the compressor is on by simply putting your hand on the outdoor unit. When the compressor is on it should vibrate a little. Also check if the fan in the indoor unit is running. Put your hand in front of the louvers of the indoor unit, you should feel the air flow, and when the air conditioner is working normally, this air flow will be cooled. Of course it is necessary to adjust everything correctly with the help of a remote control and the remote control itself should be operable.

Usually it is necessary to have not more than 10 minutes after switching conditioner into a normal mode of work, when it starts to deliver a chill, otherwise it does not work properly. If the copper pipes of outer block are covered with frost. it means the Freon leakage. In all these cases it is necessary to switch off a conditioner and immediately to call a worker of service.

If you defined that conditioner is working not in a usual way, it is desirable to apply to a specialist at once, because the repair cost depends much on the stage of a breakage detection. And often the timely detected defect can be quickly repaired for a small sum of money. And if you go to the service center late, the repairs can already cost a lot of money. After all, the compressor, working in the wrong mode, deteriorate over time, and if time to fix the problem, it will not threaten the operation of the compressor. They are such malfunctions as freon leakage or moisture formation in the freon pipes. Such malfunctions do not lead to an immediate stop of a conditioner, but with time can cause a compressor failure.

Usually serviced twice a year (spring before the season starts and fall after the season ends) by a technician.



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