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How to test a dyson hair dryer for authenticity

How to tell a fake Dyson from the original?

Hair care is an integral part of a woman’s daily routine. The better the care, the healthier the hair. And for quality care, you need good products. The Dyson hair dryer has won the hearts of millions of girls around the world. It provides gentle care for your hair, but also allows you to do professional styling at home. But it has one disadvantage the high price. That’s why you can often find advertisements in online stores for the sale of goods at a suspiciously low price. Or the price will match the original, and here’s the product. No. So how do you tell a fake Dyson hair dryer from the original? Let’s discuss in more detail in the article.

  • If the nozzles are hot after even 5 minutes at maximum = fake.
  • There should be a white “O” painted on the power button.
  • Under the nozzle where the air comes out, there is an inscription about the voltage and the crossed out tub (do not throw the hair dryer into it). underneath them should be flat and smooth.
  • Cord. it’s soft and cuddly.

Cylindrical Vacuum Cleaners The serial number is located on the body of the vacuum cleaner at the bottom or behind the cyclonic system with the container. Portable The serial number is located on the body of the vacuum cleaner behind the filter or behind the container. The serial number is located on the underside of the case beneath the base.

Do not use a hair dryer without a filter cassette. Soak the filter cartridge in a solution of dishwashing liquid in warm water for at least 30 minutes, or leave it overnight. Using the included filter cleaning brush, rub the wet filter cassette thoroughly to remove all clogs in 15 seconds.

The Dyson Supersonic creates a powerful, targeted stream at a 20° angle, so you can dry and style your hair gently and thoroughly.”. Subjectively, yes, the airflow from the Dyson Supersonic is more powerful (at maximum and even at medium), and more concentrated than any of my hair dryers.

THANK YOU for choosing a DYSON Dryer After registering for a 5-year warranty, your Dyson Dryer is covered for 5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the conditions and exclusions stated in these instructions for use.

The Dyson hair dryer is different: its balanced weight, ergonomic design, well-measured dimensions and low engine noise during operation make it more comfortable to use. And it also helps to avoid overheating your hair, which preserves its structure and helps it stay shiny.

Review: Hair dryer Xiaomi Ulesm. A great alternative to DYSON Supersonic, or how to make a great gift for the female gender!

Do you know the feeling when you like something, but to buy for yourself, sorry, but to give as a gift just fine? And then I apply protective oil to my tips and blow dry my hair. Meet the usual hair dryer Xiaomi Ulesm, but how nice it is to use.

And then a little digression. Cunning Chinese long ago realized that if you want your product grabbed like hotcakes, be sure to add the name Xiaomi. That is exactly what many do. When deciding to buy this product I was confident that it was a salesman’s trick and it has nothing to do with Xiaomi, as there is no mention of the famous brand either on the box or in the instructions. To find information on the Internet that Ulesm is a sub-brand or a subsidiary of Xiaomi could not, although all sellers indicate Xiaomi. Just in case the name of the product is the same as the sellers name but at the same time I would like to warn potential buyers. Not exclude the possibility that the Xiaomi hair dryer Ulesm has nothing to do. But that doesn’t make it worse.

The box is big, so it was photographed against the coffee table.

The protection was given maximum attention, but it lacked presentability. If you give a gift to a loved one, the factory packaging is good, but for the business partner is better to pack more.

The usual corrugated cardboard with the usual molded tray.

Stamps for punching were calculated very accurately, so nothing rattles, does not ring, does not wobble. The box doesn’t make a sound.

Minimalism in everything, even in the description. No features or characteristics.

Upon receiving the gift and taking a quick look at it, the man said, “again some Chinese garbage was ordered? But looking ahead, after trying this gadget out once, Braun and Philips were put away for a long time.

The delivery is very simple: a hair dryer, two nozzles and instructions.

And the instruction of such a low quality, that it immediately catches the eye.

As well as the absence of any other language except English.

It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered such poor quality.

The good thing is that it is an ordinary hair dryer and it does not have any details, everything is clearly shown in the schematic drawings. At this point the unpleasant feelings are over, and only positive emotions follow.

The fork is well made and striking right away.

On the website of the seller the plug is specified as Chinese, but the European plug is delivered.

The wire itself is 2.7 meters long, thick and pleasant to the touch. Even the pictures easily convey the quality of the workmanship.

Additional tips are made qualitatively.

Magnet Holder is used for attachment.

It is convenient that the nozzle rotates 360 degrees.

It holds firmly and does not fall off while using it.

Brushed finish, just darling, no fingerprints. But the thing that clings right away is the through-hole.

The camera easily focuses on the flower through the hair dryer.

A front view which clearly shows the magnetic ring for the nozzles.

When you see for the first time such small holes and the hole in the middle, you can not hide the skeptic look. Few people believe this little guy can dry anything. Watching the skeptic’s gaze change is a pleasure that cannot be conveyed in words.

In the gold ring are built in LEDs that show the selected mode.

I am sure you were wondering where this miracle gets the air from if there is a huge hole in the center.

Air. The hair dryer draws through a special hole in the handle.

This is where the filter is built in, also by the way on magnetic holders.

A very comfortable and functional solution. And it’s easy to clean, and it holds firm. The filter really works, trapping hair and dust.

The quality of workmanship is flawless. The Chinese are a great nation, capable of copying any thing in a short period of time.

But what they always have a problem with is the translation or accuracy. The most attentive probably noticed that the box flaunted 1300 W.

And on the device itself the number 1500 is proudly printed.

For many this section is still not important, but it is the main answer to the question, where did such a price come from?? And if many manufacturers print all their innovations proudly on the box, the Ulesm about it is silent, although the hair dryer turned out not just stylish, but very advanced. And how else to call the use of negative ions technology, which removes the static electricity and softens the hair. Not every hair dryer has it. In addition to technology of negative ions, a high-speed motor is used, capable of accelerating a 13-blade wheel to a speed of 110.It has a fan speed of about 000 rpm, so it blows hard and fast. In layman’s terms, this hair dryer is able to dry a horse’s thick mane in a short period of time.

This Focus with the ball can repeat any hair dryer.

Once you put the hair dryer on the table, there is no way to repeat it.

But this is a trifle, try to repeat the same thing with a tennis ball.

Turns out? Do not suffer, probably not enough power flow and the ball is unlikely to rise, and the hair dryer can burn out.

Ulesm copes with this task easily, but as the surface of the ball is not smooth and there are seams, the ball goes up and immediately flies away, so it was only possible to catch it in the frame.

Even Blackout curtains can not resist the onslaught of this baby.

At first speed, it dries comfortably and very quickly. We don’t have the time, but it is many times faster than a normal hair dryer.

And at third speed it looks like this.

Not to mention the noise level. Chinese works much quieter than their classic counterparts. When someone dries their hair with a regular hair dryer with the door open, it’s not comfortable to watch TV, talk, or read a book. I always ask to cover. This is not the case with this appliance, you can easily dry your hair with the door open and watch TV in the next room.

There is of course protection against overheating, so the hair dryer can be used by several people one after another. The body is not heated, but if the hair dryer gets tired, it just switches off and you can’t turn it on again until it has a rest. But I can’t get it to work so it turns off.

And it has some kind of temperature control system. Why Anything? Because I still do not understand how it works. To put it simply, the control is as follows. If you dry your head with a regular hair dryer at maximum power, then the scalp becomes hot and uncomfortable after a certain period of time. That doesn’t happen with this hair dryer. There is no word about this in the manual, so I searched the Internet to find at least some explanation of what is going on. And honestly, I still can not believe what I read, although it really works. There are some sensors inside the hair dryer, which read the heating status of the head at a rate of more than 40 times per second and adjust the temperature flow depending on the data received. It distributes the heat evenly over the whole surface of the head, to protect the roots of the hair from the excessive heat.

I do not know how the Chinese put it into practice, but it really works, and it works so well and of such a high quality that the manufacturer is not afraid to give a 2-year warranty on its product.

It’s a shame to buy this product, but it’s a pleasure to use it. And this pleasure begins from the moment you press the ON button for the first time. After the first time I do not want to pick up a classic hair dryer. And it doesn’t matter whether you have Philips or Brown, except that Dyson Supersonic can tip the scales in its favor, provided that it was given to you as a gift. If you pay for it your hard-earned money, you’re likely to give preference to the unknown ULESM, because the price is much more interesting. It can do the same and loses to its older brother only in name and recognizability. Purchase is completely justified, although it did not produce the expected effect of wow at the time of the gift. But for the last six months in the hands you can see only purebred Chinese. Kids also like this device much more than a normal hair dryer.

Moving on to the pros and cons, again I’ll start with the minuses, because there is only one, and that with a great stretch.

The design can argue, it is beautiful or not, but the astonished looks attracts;

manufacturing quality.- Everything fits together so perfectly, there are no cracks, backlashes or creaks, and the materials are top-notch;

the speed of flow not everyone needs it, but here as with the Internet. Some people need 1 megabit, and some people need a hundred not enough;

temperature control.- A really cool gadget that can get rid of overheated scalp;

low noise level noise and bustle are so fed up that more often want peace and quiet;

If you are looking for a gift for his business partner of the female sex, or for his second half, then I definitely recommend to pay attention to this gadget. Only a “toad” can stop you from buying it, but there are situations in life when you don’t feel sorry for your loved one. This is a case in point.

Hello! My Dyson hair dryer is over two years old, and I recently purchased a Dyson Airwrap Styler. And after two months I decided to write my detailed review about it. I will tell you and show you 8 nozzles, who is suitable for it, why I regret buying it, but still decided to keep it?

I wondered if I needed a styler. The commercials and the girls in the stores were telling us how magic it was, offering to try it. But I know myself, and I prefer a hair dryer and comb, and curls twirl it’s not my thing. If it’s only for a holiday and a salon. After all, all my experiences as a student ended in disappointment. I slept on my curlers all night, and it took a couple of hours to get my beautiful curls straightened out. Killed a couple of hours in the morning in front of the mirror with curling irons. By the second couple, my hair was already straightened. But they became not beautifully straight but ugly straight wavy and look like a nest on my head, because there is also a lot of hairspray. In general, no matter how many bought a newfangled “twirlers,” I was never friends with them. So looked at the Dyson styler for a year with great doubt. I just love their hair dryer, and I trust the brand, but the styler is expensive, will I use it or will I be disappointed again.

But everything was decided when my daughter on the eve of her 6th birthday sadly asked how some girls get their hair so curly. And I felt like a non-mother, not once did my daughter’s hair with curls, as her sister and friends. And it turns out she always wanted to. Took my savings and went to order a styler. Why I purchased Dyson, I will explain below.

The place of purchase: in general, when it comes to expensive equipment, I’m in favor of official stores or large resellers like Mvideo. But there were no discounts, and I was stifled by greed. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it all the time. Anyway, I decided to take a chance. I chose one of the stores where the cost was a little lower than the officers, several times talked with different managers, tortured them with a thousand questions about the officially products and decided. I ordered it by phone, so I even did not have the email and I can not say in what store I bought it((

When the courier delivered the product to me I checked it with the original number of the product through the official Dyson site. Originality confirmed. Then I called the operator on the official contact line. The operator also confirmed the originality of the product.

Packaging: a large beautiful box)) packed for the conscience, makes a statement in appearance, and will reach you in one piece.

I have a set with leather case (eco leather), which is not really needed, but rather takes up space. Inside the case is black velvet.

I keep the hair dryer without it, and as for the styler. so it’s easy to put the nozzles in their places. But it takes a lot of space.

Under the lid is another leather insert. What it’s for. unclear. And underneath is a little visual instruction.

LifeHack #1. In general, I strongly advise to go to the official website and there already see a short video on how to use each nozzle. It takes literally a few minutes for each, but you know exactly how to use them. It’s much faster, clearer and more informative than watching any blogger’s video.

My kit includes the styler itself and 8 nozzles to it. This is the maximum package, but how much is needed. you will find out below when I tell you about the nozzles in detail.

The nozzles themselves were without any kind of package, and the body styler protects a special film.

What is the Dyson Styler?

This is the base, in which the motor and the “brains” of the device are enclosed. And it is already attached nozzles that perform different functions.

I would also like to mention a very convenient cord, or rather the place where it is fastened. It is rotary and the cord will not be twisted in use.

The styler itself with any nozzle in your hand is very comfortable! It is quite light and ergonomic.

Life hack #2: always make sure that your hand is holding the device by its body and not by the ventilation windows. The fact that if you cut off the air flow to the device, it will simply turn off. I hope it does not break.

In fact, I consider it to be the most important. Why? You can’t use any other without it. That’s because you have to dry your hair at least 50% dry before you can use either attachment. You think I’m kidding? No. Even with a brush attachment, which has to do both drying and styling in tandem, you can’t get round without that first attachment. Because it’s the one that really reduces the time of any styling.

Another fallacy: A hair styler with a hair dryer attachment can replace a Supersonic hair dryer. To be honest, even I initially succumbed to this misconception. Yes, they are very similar in form. But no, it is nothing like a hair dryer in terms of power and drying speed.

It was designed specifically to pre-dry your hair before styling with the other attachments.

My first experience with it was horrible. I didn’t think that I needed to dry my hair beforehand, so I went ahead and blow-dried and styled it with that attachment. It was long, painful, and very annoying. Speed of drying. Tortoise, styling creation. zero. The grip on my hair is bad, I have to use my other hand to help her. Even after 5 minutes there was nothing interesting on the head.

Although even the word “some” sounds loud for it:

But I have to admit, it does have some volume, but the ends are just awful. I did not like this attachment at all. Neither the work nor the result. Although, please note, I have a great haircut that is very easy to shape.

Which I then did by taking my favorite hair dryer and my usual round comb. Half a minute and my style is done:

There are two of these in the kit. However, it is designed for very curly hair, the other one straightens more gently. Their description from the manufacturer:

Makes hair smoother and more manageable. The stiff bristles are specifically designed to style unruly, frizzy hair.

Soft hair straightening brush. Smoothing out your hair with airflow.

That doesn’t sound very interesting to me. As my hair is naturally quite straight, although if you dry it without a hair dryer, there is a slight wave, which does not look very neat. And my haircut also has twisted ends, and sometimes I want my hair to be straighter. That’s why I decided that the second attachment would be interesting for me from time to time.

I’ve learned from experience, I first used the hair dryer, dried my hair and then used the nozzle brush. I wasn’t expecting a wow effect.

But surprisingly, it was nice and easy to use, not the brush head. It has a good grip on the hair and feels good from the roots to the ends.

Turns out it was the Coanda effect:

The Coanda effect draws the hair towards the surface of the brush and the air passes along the strands, mimicking the styling technique used by stylists.

What you end up with? Well. Straightens hair, but not categorically, but rather gently. And, if your ends are cut with a pullback, that is, are designed to curl inward when the hair is dry, this nozzle can not take them. That is. At length it will work:

But on the tips not so much. And it turns out that some of the ends are straightened, some of them stick out in different directions:

But then, when my hair had already cooled down, I combed it out with a regular comb and got this style:

In my opinion it is quite tolerable. On the length of the hair is really straight, well, and the ends are arranged according to the haircut. I can’t say it’s dramatically straighter than my usual style, but straighter. Therefore, this attachment, and for the convenience in the work, I find it acceptable for the styler.

The hair curler/curler attachments.

There are four of them in the kit. At first I wondered why so much. But then it turned out to be necessary for curling in different directions. Unexpectedly))

It’s very handy to use! This is where the innovation lies. Because the fact that the hair dryer does not damage the hair. We have already gone through the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, and here in addition to this there is also a unique curling system. The strands are attracted and curled by themselves! It looks like a miracle)).

test, dyson, hair, dryer

Lifecycle #3. When using this attachment, it is critical that the hair is dry but not dry. Since wet hair can not curl, too long and uncomfortable. And dry hair will not hold, and even if it does, it won’t curl.

How do I curl my hair??

It is necessary to divide the hair at least visually into strands and then work one by one. If the strands are drying out, you need to spritz them lightly with water. Then you bring the strand to the working styler and the nozzle itself attracts hair and you just bring it to your head, thereby setting the length of the curl. By the way, it is very convenient to create volume at the roots.

Then you wait 5-15 seconds for the strand to dry from the hot air and then turn on the supply of cold air for 3 seconds. Then you turn off the styler and gently lower it down.

Really. Once you see a video of how it does it and once you try it. That’s it, you do the curls yourself easily and quickly. In my opinion this technology allows you to make curls faster than with conventional curling irons. And the hair is not traumatized, thanks to Dyson technology. I am satisfied with these nozzles!

They differ in radius and a little bit in shape. The producer himself describes their characteristics as follows:

The Airwrap 30mm cylindrical extensions create and hold curls or waves.

And indeed, as a result of the use are obtained tight voluminous curls. I used it to curl my daughter’s hair up to her shoulder blades. The baby withstood the procedure firmly, and the result was just squeaking with delight!

I have also curled my hair with it, not as canonical as with long hair, but it was interesting! It’s true that my hair is stiffer and more willful and the tight curls unravel rather quickly. But with my current length, I’m not going for high curls)).

Cylindrical 40mm Airwrap nozzles create and lock in sloppy curls or waves.

I like this attachment better on my hair! The curls really are more voluminous and sloppy than with the previous nozzle.

The hair turns out romantic, breezy and stylish. This is exactly what I like)).

Don’t judge, I’m not a pro in these matters and have done such curls less than 10 times in my life))). I like the classic styling for every day. But I like the results and want to experiment more with these cylindrical extensions!

Another option, when you want to diversify your daily styling, it is enough to curl a couple of strands and comb. It comes out very gentle.

Why are there so many ads on Yuletide and Avito for used stylers?

Before buying a new device I was very tempted to “fall for” my greed and buy the device by hand through the well-known applications of YuLa or Avito. I even picked up ads and talked to sellers. All said the same: “Bought / received as a gift, but not inspired / lazy to use. The device is in perfect condition, used a couple of times. Even many had receipts from reputable stores.

Of course, I had my doubts, since there were so many unhappy customers, would I be satisfied with the styler. Thought, thought. I decided to take a chance.

And, as a terrible overreactor, I decided to get a new one.

Why did I decide to keep the appliance, even though I give it a low rating?

test, dyson, hair, dryer

Do I use it myself personally?? I think so, but definitely not all attachments! I really like festive hairstyles with curls, but I do not like to do them myself from the word go. I thought it would make life easier. And it really makes it easy. True, the price tag is terribly boring and calls its charms into question.

In principle, you can use the straightener, if the haircut allows it. But it gives a pretty standard effect.

And I leave this device for my daughter! I don’t want to ruin and burn her lovely hair. They’re thin as it is, and to mock them with a pair of curling tongs would be sacrilege. In this styler and Dyson technology to protect the hair from heat damage, I am sure. My experience with their hair dryer proves it day after day for two years now!

Who needs this device?

As you have already understood from my description of the nozzles, the purchase of this styler is very questionable. However, there are people to whom I can recommend it.

▶️ And this is true for those who have weak hair or hair in not the best condition, but still want to have curls.

Also relevant to people who curl their hair every day.

Even if you throw tomatoes at me, but I am absolutely sure that no curling iron, not a single iron will not be as safe for your hair as the styler from Dyson.

▶️ I would also recommend it to mothers of daughters. Take care of their hair since childhood. They still have time to ruin them for themselves and with wrong student nutrition and experiments)))). We’ve all been there, girls. And healthy and beautiful hair is an ornament of any woman, so let our daughters will always have exactly those!

Comparison Dyson Airwrap Styler and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

They both look gorgeous. Stylish, futuristic, innovators in their fields. Dyson really are good!

Both fit comfortably in your hand and are a pleasure to use.

Well thought out not only in terms of design but in terms of function as well.

❌ However! I love and adore blow dryers, but I regret the purchase of the styler. With the hair dryer and comb, I can have a great style in about 5 minutes on any length of my hair, and with the styler is definitely not fast enough. The functions of half of the nozzles are questionable, I can safely recommend only curling nozzles.

▶️ So for me personally hair dryer wins in a comparison unambiguously, here he is for me and my family is definitely worth its money. And the styler is not a necessity, but rather a pampering, which is not necessary for everyone.

Conclusion: it was difficult to decide on the rating of the styler. I really liked the look and the quality of the styler, the curling nozzles, and the technology to protect the hair on high. Half of the hair extensions are disappointing. And with that and the huge price, I gave it a score of 3 out of 5 and decided NOT to recommend it for purchase. As I wrote above: there are those for whom this styler is really relevant, but in most cases it is a waste of money.

️ P.S. I strongly advise to look at the review on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. The health of my hair is worth it!

Thank you for your feedback! Have a nice shopping!!

Philips photoepilator. A year of use on practically the whole body: results and tips.

Lebel Japanese dye. Shine, staying power, and five years of really healthy hair.

Laser hair brush. Helps stop hair loss at any stage of urgency!

No, I thought, of course, that the Dyson appliances and their cosmic price. it’s a genius scam. Sort of like the famous facial brushes. All this story about a unique and patented development of British engineers and rave reviews from bloggers were impressive and skeptical at the same time. But I really wanted to try it. Finally, I have a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. And from the very first application, it was clear that the British engineers. Great job.

I’m worried about the quality of my hair, but I am not afraid of devices for hot styling: hair dryer, curling iron, curling iron. It’s better to cut off what’s damaged as you go along than to walk around in weird-looking cords, hoping to grow out as much of them as possible. For the last 6 years I have had a good Rowenta hair dryer with ionization and a gentle effect on the hair. Plus it has the ability to adjust the air temperature. I really loved it, but lately I haven’t been using it at all because I haven’t had time to style at all. It’s much easier and quicker to dry my hair naturally, and then use the hair dryer to blow-dry it in 5 minutes. The effect is much better, the hair is smoother, which is more difficult to achieve with a regular hair dryer.

But there is a question of choice: the economy of time or the health of the hair. Burning them with a flat iron every other day, no matter how good it is, is bad. By the way, I have an iron from Gama and it is cool. Anyway, the Dyson hair dryer solved the dilemma. It saves time, and it styles and smoothes hair just as well as a blow dryer, honestly!

On the official website of the brand, the cost of this hair dryer. 31 990

But you can buy an absolutely identical product, most importantly, the original, much cheaper. In my review of the Iphone7 I wrote that the official dealers in our country sell only products that have passed Rostest. But there are unofficial stores that only sell products from the Eurotest, that is so-called gray goods. We overpay a significant amount for Rostest, but essentially there is no difference. Eurotest products are covered by the same official manufacturer’s warranty. The only difference is that on Rostest it is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, and on Eurotest. since the product’s release.

As proof, I’ll give you a concrete example. My husband and I have Eurotest iPhones, bought noticeably cheaper than the official store. After about half a year of usage my husband’s phone broke and was returned under warranty to the official Apple service center, where it was absolutely easy to replace the phone for a new one. Again, the iPhone was not purchased from an official (but also not from a market or suspicious site) and did not have a Rostest certificate.

The story is the same with Dyson. My hair dryer cost 25,000 and it is 100% original.


There are a huge number of counterfeits of these hair dryers on the internet. Even among the proposals on Yandex Marketer. Typically they are sold through one-page sites, the owners who buy in China such hair dryers for 100 and these fakes are flying around like hotcakes.

How you can tell a fake? Very Simple. by serial number. It is unique to each item. over, you register this number at the time of purchase on the official Dyson website. Therefore, before you buy, you need to ask the seller for the serial number, call Dyson Support and they will tell you all the details of this number. The information on it should coincide with the actual (usually the color of the hair dryer), the number should not be registered on anyone else and the date of manufacture should be relatively fresh. If all of these terms and conditions match, be sure to compare the serial number on the box and on the label that is attached to the cord when you purchase.

  • hair dryer;
  • diffuser nozzle;
  • The nozzle for a wide directional air flow;
  • The narrow airflow nozzle for a targeted airflow;
  • non-slip mat;
  • storage strap.

The original case on the official website costs 4,999, and it does not have a rigid frame. I think it’s a similar story to the iPhone cases. You can greatly overpay by buying the original. But why, if you can order on Ali covers of good quality?

Of course, the main distinguishing feature visually is the through hole in the body of the hair dryer. The hair dryer has a motor in the handle.

airflow intensity control (3 speeds);

100°C. Fast drying and styling

80°C. standard drying

60°C. Gentle drying

28°C. cool air flow

the button with the blue dot, as I understand it, is for cool air.

Attachment on the magnet, held on to the magnetic ring on the hair dryer with one hand.

It does not make much noise, but it does not work silently.


The first time I used it I had 2 mishaps.

I started drying the hair in my usual way, giving it a strong downward flow first and then using the spray head to start styling each strand. When I tried to go through the first part with the flow on full blast without the spray head, it instantly knocked my hair into a big nest. Luckily it was easy to untangle the hair, it did not cling to each other. It dried instantly, so I didn’t have time to dry it into shape. So with this hair dryer such Focus does not work, at full power flow, I do not use it, and it is not necessary.

After about a couple of minutes of drying, the hair dryer started to turn off for a few seconds, then kept going again. Of course, I freaked out and first tried to read the instructions and then called Support. They knew right away what was wrong and pointed out that I was probably blocking the mesh screen with my hand, the place where the air is sucked in.

My hair is porous, damaged by melting and unruly. It’s always frizzy, tangled and gets unkempt quickly after styling. I used to use a lot of products to try and get smooth hair. But only a curling iron could achieve a “hair to hair” result, and then there’s this laminating gel. In all other cases, it took 10 minutes after drying to show up.

This is what my hair looks like after drying it naturally. This is a photo I took for another review, right after I tinted my hair. Now the tint has washed off, the color is more yellow and it’s even drier.

And this is what my hair looks like after a standard Dyson blow-dry. And mind you, I didn’t do it as elaborate as a salon style. Just blow-dried my hair on a round brush.

You know, I immediately think of hand dryers in shopping malls, by the way, also Dyson, where a powerful stream of air blows water from the hands in a couple of seconds. It leaves my skin in a normal condition, not like a normal warm-air dryer, which makes my hands terribly dry. I think the principle is the same. The powerful flow dries my hair very quickly but without drying it out.

The main PLUSes of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer:

Only one disadvantage. price. Do I consider it excessive?? For all the advantages of this hair dryer, yes! But what can you do, it is a patented development of the British. There will probably be a large number of more affordable counterparts in a few years. In the meantime, you have to pay a pretty penny.

But I still recommend this hair dryer, if you think about buying it. The thing is definitely cool and of high quality.

Welcome to my honest review of the overpriced Dyson hair dryer! Minimal emotion, only facts and a sober approach to an expensive toy. Is it a toy?? Or a necessary tool for healthy hair?) The review is written after six months of use, and below is an update after a year and a half!

I’ve always felt bad about wasting time in front of the mirror, but I’ve always felt it was important to look good, even if I don’t have to go anywhere. In years past, my standard hair style took 15-20 minutes, but I’ve always wanted to go faster! I even bought a professional Valera 2400 Watt hair dryer four years ago. For me it was the power = speed of drying the hair that was important. The speed was down to 10-15 minutes, but that seemed like a lot.

And then one day I heard from a commercial on the web that there is a super trendy and expensive novelty. Dyson hair dryer, with a stunning space design, it seemed to come off the covers of magazines from the future. And they promised it wouldn’t just dry my hair super-fast, it would make it healthier! I wanted? Very! But the price stopped me.

The Dyson Supersonic dryer continuously monitors and regulates the temperature of the air it delivers.

Takes 20 measurements per second to prevent excessive overheating and hair damage.

For a year and a half I hissed at my desire, even did not watch video reviews so as not to get upset, and then gave up.

Place of purchase: Mvideo.

Price: at the end of May 2018 the cost was 29 990

Packaging: a large beautiful box)) packed for good, it will get to you safe and sound.

The nozzles are packed in separate convenient boxes.

And the gloss of the hair dryer protects a special film.

How it looks: the manufacturer offers us to buy either just a hair dryer or a hair dryer in a case. The price is the same. Of course I could not resist to buy a hair dryer with pink bag. Although in fact there is no point in it))) The case itself is nice, the top is made of artificial leather, and the inside is velvet, but essentially useless for the hair dryer. To store it in it is not profitable, because we constantly have to dig to get it out and then put it back in. And it is not convenient to transport in it, so the hair dryer will take up much more space in the suitcase.

The appearance of the hair dryer is very attractive to me! So futuristic and unusual, it’s hard not to fall in love)). At least, I am subdued.

Only 4 buttons on the body: on/off, cold air, power control, airflow heating temperature control. Nothing superfluous

I would also like to mention the quality cord. In my opinion, no child, cat or hamster would chew through it.

It was a real pleasure to use this machine! Initially, of course, it was a wow. Including from the very feeling of possessing such an unusual “thing from the future”! The hair dryer is so unconventional, lightweight, stylish. Fits perfectly in your hand! It was fast and easy to dry my hair, no arms getting tired, no hair sucked in! Yes, I had that “silly” moment from time to time when you’re doing your hair and all of a sudden zap. hair caught in the fan. No matter what you swear at, you can either cut it or rip it out if you keep relying on your good luck and try to unhook it for a long time.

▶️ And the speed. that’s the speed! The most real drive))

My husband turns it on before work in the cold season for just a minute, no, 20 seconds at the most! And his short haircut is dry. Swept his hands through the hair with gel and the style is ready. Good for men =)

My 4 year old daughter is also excited about this “cool dryer” =) Quote verbatim. It can look through it like a spyglass and even try to stick your hand in it! Now you can dry your hair even faster and have an extra minute for another bedtime story.

The 4-month-old wasn’t scared of the hair dryer to begin with.

▶️ The sound is not loud, but specific. It really feels like a plane is taking off))) Although, if you’re in the next room and don’t know that the hair dryer is on, you’d think it was a vacuum cleaner. I got so confused myself once and asked my husband why he was turning on the vacuum cleaner.))

▶️ The handy attachments for every taste. I usually use my hair dryer without the attachments first, if I don’t have a lot of time to dry my hair naturally. Then I take one of the two nozzles, which create a well-directed air flow, i.e. the concentrator nozzles.


But I do not use the curly nozzle. I tried to use it to create volume at the roots, but it didn’t work. It’s just sitting there.

How long does it take to dry your hair??

I’ve been meaning to time my hairstyling for this review, but haven’t gotten around to it. I was always in a hurry and didn’t have time to. But one day when I just washed my hair the phone rang and it turned out that I had an urgent need to run to a meeting. Panic.

I usually let my hair dry out on its own first, at least 50%, although my hairstylist insists on 80%, but I don’t always have time. And then I put the protective oil on the tips and proceed to style with a comb and hair dryer.

It wasn’t about that. Totally wet hair, which only wiped with a towel, immediately started drying. And not just a jet of air, but I wanted a normal normal styling.

This style took exactly five minutes. Instead of the usual 10-15 minutes, it’s now 5 minutes. Am I happy?? Yes, quite. And if you just want to dry your hair, you can remove the styling attachment and dry it with a regular blast of air. This reduced the time to only two minutes.

But there’s a catch. It’s a strange thing with hair.

Immediately after styling, hair is stiff! No balm or oil can save my hair. That’s not the point. If you run your hand over the hair, which looks smooth and styled, you can feel a slight “sandpaper. I can’t explain it any other way.). My personal explanation. When drying quickly and powerfully, the scales open up and stay that way. And after about 5 minutes of drying, it’s back to normal. My hair was soft and perfectly smooth. I will try to show it in a photo. You see, there is a kind of “frizz,” which gently calms down after some time:

I would have thought I was drying my hair wrong. But dried in different ways, different nozzles, searched for information. But no one talks about that.

After a year and a half of use I am ready to make some completely sobering conclusions!

I read a lot of what is the love of this hair dryer and craftsmen, and ordinary people)) Yes, it really is the technology of the future! The intelligent temperature control system, the compact new generation motor, ergonomic shape, unique weight, etc., etc. I agree, manufacturers HAVE to be proud of)).

After a year and a half of use I am still happy with the hair dryer! I’m ready to add a couple of tips to this review!

Life tip # 1. If you want to dry your hair quickly, then before styling, remove the attachment and literally half a minute dry your hair with just a hair dryer without attachments. It achieves maximum airflow and my hair literally dries in front of my eyes.

Life trick #2. If you want curly volume, you have to dry it down for half a minute with the head down. It not only dries hair very fast, it gives my hair a lift at the roots and adds volume. And after that you can safely do styling with any nozzle.

▶️ Lifecycle #3. To keep my hair from going rigid, as I said before, I had to use the medium drying speed instead of the maximum speed. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but it feels much nicer.

We use the hair dryer every day, and sometimes more than once, as all family members love it. And no problems have been detected.

Conclusion: I am glad I decided to buy this hair dryer. Now laying takes the shortest amount of time possible! My hair is in great condition. No cutting, only shine and density. Perhaps it’s because of the Japanese quality paint, which I have been using for 4 years now (link to detailed feedback at the bottom of the text). But the hair dryer plays a role, too. Since my hair stylist once did my hair in my home, she was impressed with this hair dryer and wanted one for her work. Said that it is very handy and, due to the speed and lack of overheating, the hair will really be much healthier than when using a normal hair dryer. So yes, it is an expensive toy that you can do without, but it is the only one among other hair dryers that will keep your hair healthy! If you can afford it, I recommend it.

P.S. Decided to purchase the Dyson Airwrap Styler. A detailed review of all 8 nozzles with hairstyle options.

Thank you for your consideration! Have a great shopping experience!

Japanese Lebel Dye. shine, stability and 4 years of really healthy and vibrant hair.

Laser Hairbrush. Helps stop hair loss at any stage of urgency! PHOTO!

Beware of THIS serum. It says it’s for hair loss but it says it’s FOR hair loss.

A delightful shampoo that surprises everyone without exception! Pleasantly surprised))


The quality of materials and workmanship of the original Dyson is top notch. Counterfeit units have the appearance of. The design of this hair dryer is perfect. Fake shows flaws, bulges, crooked seams.

The model designed for hairdressers weighs 30g more than the home-use version.

See table for a description of the original Dyson.

Indicator The feature
The color For home models the colors are: silver, white, black, fuchsia, purple. The silver-colored device was designed for professional purposes.
Frame. Made of durable, pleasant to the touch plastic with an even spray of paint. No irregularities, deformations, cracks.
Cable Non-removable. The model for home use has a cable length of 2.7 m, for professional use 3.3 m.
Buttons Molded design. The spots are perfectly centered. In fakes, the badges on the buttons are glued on.
The nozzle 3 types: diffuser, wide and narrow concentrator nozzles. Made of material that does not heat up.

The two models look indistinguishable. Their body is made of durable plastic with a glossy finish. At the bottom of the rounded handle there is a lanyard and a filter grid, which requires periodic cleaning.

There is a ring on the top for magnetic fixation of the nozzles.

When the hair dryer is turned on and off, the cold airflow is selected with two buttons on the body. Two buttons on the ring adjust the speed and temperature of the airflow.

The original model has two buttons on the body



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