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How to shave hair with a nipple with your feet

Hair removal on the legs using an epilator

The use of the epilator has long become familiar to many women, but in some cases, ladies are still afraid to use it because it is very painful. Possible irritation plays a role. Many complain that after the procedure the skin itches. The bikini zone is really very sensitive, and it is unlikely to be able to process it without using an anesthetic spray. Another thing is the legs. This is one of the least sensitive zones in which unwanted vegetation is removed. However, in order to do everything right, you need to know how to shave your legs with an epilator.

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The epalator is a mechanical device in which rotating disks with forceps are installed. There are these devices from batteries or from an electric network. Under the influence of current, the disks rotate, and the forceps open and close, capturing and pulling out the hairs with the root. As a rule, on modern epilators, you can choose the necessary speed limit. The price of the device is small, and almost every woman can buy it now.

At first, the devices were used to make smooth legs, but at present their scope has expanded significantly. Now they are used to hair armpits and bikini zones.

Special nozzles have been developed to reduce pain, make hair removal to better quality. Of course, the price of the device increases from this.

For example, massage nozzles are very popular, which allow tweezers to capture hairs in the most uncomfortable places. They also knead the skin and make it softer and more supple. Subsequently, such a massage helps to avoid irritation after hair removal.

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And when using cooling nozzles, it is not so painful to carry out the procedure. This is especially true for the bikini zone.

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How to shave hair with a nipple with your feet

Almost every woman at least once in her life comes to the realization that there is no more desire and effort to remove unwanted hair with a razor. The thing is that this procedure itself is not problematic or complex, but skin irritation, ingrown hairs and the need to repeat the procedure every day, few people will delight and inspire. That is why women have long been looking for a universal remedy for painless hair removal. In order to most effectively reduce pain during the procedure, some methods must be applied.

The epalator has become a useful assistant in everyday life for many women, because it is quite quick and effective hair removal in various parts of the body, and if we talk about pain, that is, a lot of methods that will simplify this procedure. If you do not know which one to choose the epulator, then be sure to listen to the advice of consultants in the store, because they are well versed in the functions and features of each name.

Today, manufacturers of the epilators directed their efforts as much as possible to create a unique device that will allow a woman to forget about pain, but at the same time the quality of removal of unwanted hair should not suffer.

If you firmly decide that you want to use exclusively an epilator at home removal of hair, then study all the nuances to be savvy in this case.

The epalator can become a real ally in a complex struggle with unwanted hair, but only if you acquire this device in accordance with your skin characteristics and pain threshold. Some girls are generally not able to endure even minimal pain, so in this article it is worth considering excellent options for painless removal of unwanted hair on the female body.

The most popular method to facilitate the procedure for removing unwanted hair. freezing. Many years ago, mankind learned that the cold that can be used for various procedures can significantly reduce pain. Based on this fact, manufacturers have created unique epilators for simple home use that cool your skin.

The epilator itself has a certain form for filling with water. It is easily disconnected from the epilator, because you must place it for a certain time in the freezer. Water in the form freezes and turns into ice, now you must put this form in place in the epalator itself. Ready, now you can start a painless hair removal procedure. Cooling skin will perceive the pain much less, so you are much faster and easier to remove unwanted hair.

Massage. This method will also greatly help you reduce pain in the area of ​​hair removal, so relatively recently there have been epilators with massage nozzles on the market. When you prepared for the hair removal procedure, carefully apply a light layer of moisturizer or massage oil and start working with your epilator.

A special nozzle perfectly relaxes the skin, makes it more elastic, because this is what allows you to leave the bulb much easier and faster than the hair. Already a huge number of women around the world have evaluated the advantage of such a epilator, because now you not only effectively remove hair at home without pain, but also get an excellent massage.

Skin pressing with a special disk. If you were at least a little interested in the process of hair removal, then you probably know that the pain during epilation. This is a skin stretch that occurs involuntarily when the hair leaves its onion. Then how to solve this issue? And here experts have developed an interesting type of epilators that press your skin with special massage disks and prevent the painful skin stretching of the skin. The system is quite simple, but effective. To create such an epilator, a lot of means and technologies were not needed. Only high.quality knowledge in the physiology and anatomy of man.

shave, hair, nipple, your, feet

Local anesthesia. This is a very affordable procedure that requires only a small financial investment at the initial stage. You need to buy an anesthetic in the pharmacy of local purpose. This is usually a spray that freezes your skin for a certain amount of minutes. Use this method if you have a rather low pain threshold, because such sprays and aerosols cool your skin quite strongly.

As you can see, a fairly large amount of funds can be used in order to remove unwanted hair with an epilator without pain. If you know very well the level of your pain, then you must ask the consultant to provide you with the newest type of epilators that perfectly anesthetize your skin.

There are also a number of folk methods for hair removal without pain, therefore, be sure to pay attention to them.

Of course, women are constantly faced with difficulties in the process of caring for their body, but if there are excellent methods to make certain procedures easier faster and reduce the level of pain, then why not use them? If you use the above rules in your home hair removal, you will soon see that in fact extra hair. It’s not a problem. Turn up positively, choose the best and perfect epilators in the stores of your city and start from the advice that experienced specialists in the field of hair removal and cosmetology give you.

What are the methods of removing unwanted hair with a laser?

In fact, there are two methods of laser hair removal. Contact and contactless. The contact method is more preferable, as it allows you to control the process of cooling the skin by installing and avoid unwanted burns. Contact installations work alternately. first cool the skin, then act with a laser. Naturally, such intermittence does not always provide reliable protection of the skin from burns.

The network actively discusses the types of lasers and divide them into diode, Alexander, neodymium, ruby, etc.D. All these are physics professionals read with a wide smile on the face, since only the length of the wave of laser radiation is valid. The resulting effect depends on it.

In our country, laser installations with all these types of waves are now produced. This is Magic One 755NM, Magic One 1060NM and installation for all types of laser hair removal Magic One 755NM; 808nm; 1060nm. The advantages of Magic One laser from a commercial point of view are described on their website. In this article, we will not consider the commercial component in more detail.

Popular models

Available cost of epilators intended for home use allows you to purchase the device to anyone who wants. Using the device, the skin on the legs can be made smooth and silky, which every woman strives for.

Manufacturers of epilators annually develop new, more advanced, good models. and it is difficult to keep track of this. However, according to consumer reviews, several models of epilators are popular with popularity.

Among the shortcomings of the tweezers, increased noise is distinguished during operation and the unreliability of the mounting of the massage nozzle.

  • Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL PL 5014. The female photoepier is equipped with a powerful and durable lamp with built.in sensors, which automatically determine the optimal intensity of light rays. The epalator has a wide range of application, providing the fastest and high.quality removal of unwanted hair. The operating modes allow you to regulate the force of exposure.

The disadvantage of this model is the relatively high cost.

  • Rowenta Silence Soft EP 5660. The twin multifunctional model works almost soundless. For pain relief during operation, the device is equipped with a special ball system, which makes hair removal as careful and neatly as possible. The kit has a trimmer for grass, a razor nozzle, peeling nozzles and sensitive areas, brush for cleaning. The epalator operates at 2 speeds, has a backlight.

The device is designed only for dry hair removal.

Armpit zone

For the first time, this is the most difficult area:

It would seem so much torment, but in fact they are not in vain. After using the electric power, the hair grows much slower (from two to four weeks). Hair grows not like that, it becomes thin and soft. Therefore, their subsequent removal will be more and more pleasant. From the machine, they grow within a few days.

Don’t worry if the first time did not work. Try and honing your skill. The pain will not go away either, you need to get used to this.

How to prepare for the procedure?

How to prepare for hair removal?

For the first time, before using the epilator, to arrange a steam bath for the skin. Especially if you are going to care for the bikini zone. And rub yourself well with a washcloth or display to remove dead skin. Thereby you will improve the result of epilation.

Instructions how to use Philips epilator (suitable for other models):

  • Start from your feet. Select the nozzle, focusing on your threshold of pain. If the skin is sensitive, then do not experiment, immediately take a delicate (and only choose it for the first procedure).
  • Launch the epalator at slow speed. As soon as you get used to it, you can accelerate.
  • And after the legs go to the bikini and armpits. It is also better to choose a delicate and non.elaborate pace here. The skin in these areas is even more responsive.

To reduce the pain, including if you use a home laser epilator, will help:

  • Steam bath in front of the procedure. And if the epalator is not afraid of water, then they can work right under water. Such models have, for example, Remington. Warm affectionate water helps to relax, reduces friction and risk of irritation. But if your epilator works from the network or it without moisture protection, then you can’t remove hair in water.
  • Try massage nozzles. They improve blood circulation, thereby reduce sensitivity and pain.
  • Choose models with cooling. And if the epilator does not have such an option, you can take ice.
  • And you can try gels with lidocaine. They freeze the skin and also relieve pain syndrome.

Pay attention, you can use the epilator along with drugs only after consulting a doctor.

  • Take a summer shower.
  • Wipe the processed areas with chamomile or ice cubes.
  • Moisten the body.
  • And it is worth regularly scrubbing the skin to remove its old layer.

Features of the use of the epilator to prevent hair creep

How to use an epilator so that the hair does not grow? The device must be used clearly according to the instructions. Basic principle. it is held to the surface of the body at an angle of 90 °. Processing begins in small areas, then move to large.

The epilator model may not be intended for humid hair removal, in this case, the steamed skin must be well dryed before the procedure with a towel.

Before the procedure, use the piling nozzle. It can be replaced with abrasive scrubs, based on coffee or crushed apricot seeds. But the nozzle itself is very useful, moreover, it saves time.

There are models with interchangeable nozzles that allow you to quickly exfoliate the skin after the procedure.

IMPORTANT. If during the procedure the painful sensations are too pronounced, you should refuse hair removal with an epilator and find another method.

How to reduce pain

Many are interested in whether it hurts to remove the hair with an electric power in the area of ​​a deep bikini, axillary depressions. As practice shows. yes, in sensitive places the procedure will be painful and uncomfortable, and all areas of the skin are attributed to such areas with the exception of the legs. How to anesthetize hair removal or at least reduce pain? There are special techniques that will help to make hair removal less painful and achieve the desired result.

The question of how to reduce pain when hair removal in intimate places remains relevant from the first days of the appearance of this device. Since then, the recommendations of manufacturers and the experience of many users have helped to figure out how to conduct a session so that it would not hurt.

  • It is allowed to use various cooling accessories: anesthetic lotions, cooling mittens. For lack of the right, ice cubes, cold water are suitable. It is recommended to pay attention to waterproof models with particularly sensitive skin, such devices can be removed by vegetation under water.
  • It is not recommended to intensively process large areas of the skin, you need to approach the procedure with patience and methodically epilate the selected zones.
  • At first time, using the epilator should be careful, do not remove the hair at high speeds, it is better to start with the first and gradually increase. Over time, the follicles will become weaker, the skin will get used to the procedure and the use of the epilator will become very familiar, without pain.
  • During depilation (before shaving your legs, armpits or shaving hands), using a razor nozzle, lotions, cream or gels that increase sliding should be used. this is how the probability of irritation decreases.
  • After hair removal, the skin can be “calmed” with the same cooling pillow or special cosmetics (cream, gels, lotions after hair removal).
shave, hair, nipple, your, feet

For very sensitive skin, especially in the deep bikini area, you can purchase a delicate nozzle for the epilator. The size of such an accessory is much smaller, the processing speed will also be lower, but this will reduce the pain as much as possible.

In conclusion, you can add only one council of cosmetologists: do not use the epalator if pain or epilation consequences cause serious discomfort. Each organism is individual and not excluded cases when such a method of hair removal is not acceptable.

Useful tips

No matter how perfect the electrical appliance is to perform hair removal, this procedure remains rather painful, but at the same time it is rightfully considered one of the most effective and easy.to.performance.

  • After the skin is prepared, treat it with a thin layer of baby powder or talc. This will accelerate the process of hair removal and make it less painful.
  • In case of irritation in the form of red dots, do not panic. This is the skin reaction to exposure, and after a few hours everything goes. When irritation does not pass for more than 2 days, this suggests that your skin is too sensitive, and this method of hair removal is not suitable for you.
  • To teach the skin to irritation with an epilator is worth gradually. If you start carrying out the procedure with the most sensitive places. in the armpits, under the knees, in the bikini and the inside of the thigh, then you can already process the remaining part of the skin completely calmly, without responding to discomfort.
  • Choose a quality and modern model with various types of nozzles. In this case, the savings are inappropriate. The device must carry out its work quickly and with a minimum pain effect.
  • Before starting the epilation, carefully inspect the surface of the skin for the presence of moles, warts, papillomas. These places cannot be treated with an epilator, and hairs near these formations must be carefully removed using tweezers.
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to use products that slow down hair growth. Using them regularly, you can reduce the frequency of epilation sessions, and the effect of smooth skin will be enough not by 2-3 weeks, but for a month.
  • Steamed skin is better and painless more amenable to the process of hair removal. And in order to reduce pain and eliminate irritation, it is best to use a cold compress from a decoction of chamomile.
  • If the use of the epilator is not suitable for you due to too sensitive skin, wax depilation, shugaring or hair removal can be an alternative, performed using a laser beam.

You may be useful to the recommendations of cosmetologists that will help to facilitate hair removal at home.

When purchasing an epulator, you should be prepared for the fact that the procedure cannot be made completely painless, but if you follow the recommendations of cosmetologists, then unpleasant sensations can be significantly reduced. It is noted that with the regular use of the epilator, the skin gets used to such procedures, and there is no strong discomfort during the session.



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