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How to sharpen the sover knives

How to sharpen the sover knives

It is advisable to carry out proper sharpening on the first attempt.

If you use several attempts, then you will remove a large layer of metal, and from this the blade may break during the use of ice discovery.

Even if you know how to handle the machine well, this does not mean that there will be no burrs on the blades. Therefore, at the end of the processing, you can process the blade on the grinding stone.

How to sharpen a knife on an electric toe.cutting machine

When using models equipped with an electric drive, the basic requirements for the performance of work that allows you to perform proper sharpening are similar, as in the case of using a bar or sharpener stone.

Sharpening of cutting faces on a sharpener using a device that provides the necessary angle of sharpening

But, besides this, there are additional requirements that can be formulated as follows:

  • water should not be wetted with water, but the surface of the processed knife, which is explained by the fact that the water is not preserved on a rapidly rotating circle;
  • the blade should not be overheated, which can lead to its damage, which occurs with a severe press of the processed faces to the surface of the abrasive;
  • For a strict fixation of the angle of sharpening, additional devices can be used, installed hard to the housing of the grinding machine or in the user’s hands;
  • When working on industrial sharpening machines, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment, which are gloves and protective glasses.

How to sharpen a knife at home correctly

The fact that the knife should be sharp, and for this it needs to be sharpened, everyone knows, but how to do this correctly, not every user is known for not every user. It should be noted right away that for the correct performance of work it is necessary:

  • Know sharpening angles for each type of knives and other cutting tools.
  • Be able to work on various equipment or using the available devices.

Glass and pasta goy

This is also a kind of abrasive, only very small. It will take a lot of time and patience to sharpen the blades, but the results will be very good.

It is important to remember that the knives on the ice drift are put only in pairs, new with new ones, repeatedly sharpened by the same. When editing knives in place, if you were “lucky” to get on the sand in the ice without removing them, we produce right movements, only on the cutting surface, from our own. But at home, you still have to re.drag.

When sharpening, various options for subfilles with diamond spraying can be sharpened. Here you should be neat, since, unlike the above methods where the entire working surface is processed immediately, the supra.films capture only its small area.

Accordingly, a violation of the straight braid line of the blade is possible, which can lead to its breakdown when drilling the hole.

We examined the most common ways to sharpen knives for ice blocks of a “direct” shape. It is worthwhile to make out options for sharpening the so.called “Swedes”, in which the cutting part of the curvilinear shape.

There are also two options: manual and mechanical sharpening:

  • Manual processing requires: small vise, strips of abrasive paper H4-H6, 3-4 Washing Machine width and semicircular file. Movements to yourself, at the same time changing the angle of inclination of the file, with a “skin” mounted on it, we carefully rule the cutting part of the knife. By risks from the abrasive, we determine the thoroughness of processing. Test for severity, also check by cutting paper.
  • Having at hand a small, hand machine designed for polishing, grinding and milling work, it is very easy to and quickly bring the cutting part to an ideal state. Bor-Fraser is taken, repeating the shape of a blade or an abrasive mini-disk. The part is clamped in the vice, the processed part, for a better vision of the work done, painted with a felt.tip pen and gently bring to the desired state.


If you have to return the severity to the kitchen instrument yourself, you have to take care of the assistant. In the absence of a man who can be entrusted with an important matter, a lady can entrust the sharpening only to a grind. electric or manual.

Reference. High.quality processing of the blade will be provided by an electric steering wheel. She herself will determine the desired angle of inclination, quickly and efficiently perform work.

A woman only needs to insert a knife and turn on the sharpener. It is better to perform actions, following the instructions.

Overlock grade 51. How to sharpen and install knives. Video 19.

Working with a manual model is only necessary to apply physical strength. And of course, more time will leave.

sharpen, sover, knives

The choice of a sharpener tool

To bring the blade to the desired severity, you need to choose the right materials and tools to drag it. Among them can be highlighted:

  • sharpener bars;
  • Musata;
  • electric grinding machines;
  • abrasive machines;
  • grinding machines;
  • mechanical sharpeners;
  • Electric power plants.

To understand the features of each of them, you should consider them in turn. Current bars are the oldest tools that allow you to really make a knife sharp, like a razor. Experienced craftsmen know about the existence of various types of sharpener bar, which have a different size of grains (the smallest abrasive particles that make up such bars), different hardness and density.

If you need to sharpen the knife as well as possible and grind the blade, then you will need to use at least two sharpeners. The first should have large grains, the second. small. You can find out according to their marking or less accurately determine the difference by eye.

Musata, as well as mechanical sharpeners, belong to kitchen everyday life. Through them, they are not so much sharpening knives as their amendment, to remove microskols and give minimal razor to an insignificant period of time. It is enough to work a couple of times with the device and the blade will begin to dull again, since Musat and sharpeners do not have the proper effect on the steel surface of the product.

Electric power plants save a person from the use of significant physical effort when sharpening blades, but they also do not provide full acute acuteness. A special sharpening and grinding machines will help to give their cutting property as soon as possible, but the disadvantage of such equipment is the overlay and unsafe storage and use of their house. Such machines catch up with dust, are quite noisy and energy.consumed. But thanks to them, any knife can be provided with the necessary acuteness quickly enough, effective and with minimal efforts.

Specialists are recommended not to engage in such work on a machine.wound equipment, if there is no proper experience in the field of tooling. There is a possibility not only of the final damage to the blade on the knife due to the overhabitation of its or non-compliance with the correct sharpening angles, but also the risk of a dangerous injury when inept handling of equipment.

Sharpening knives for overlock

For some reason, some tailors still think that sharpening knives for overlock is some kind of mythical service. And all because not everyone knows that such elements of this indispensable sewing equipment can be sharpened, and not buy a new set each time, which is not cheap. If the knives are swept away, then they will inevitably spoil the fabric and become an obstacle to the appearance of even lines. Naturally, not a single tailor wants this, so it makes sense to contact our company, the specialists of which will definitely do what cannot be done independently, namely, to sharpen the sover knives.

Yes, at home, such an operation is simply impossible, because it requires the availability of specialized equipment, which allows not only to fix the knife reliably, but also sharpen it at a strictly defined angle. That is why you should turn to professionals who know how to properly extract knives, sharpen them and install them in place.

Thanks to the efforts of our experts, the practical experience of which allows them to perform more complex work, no longer needs to buy new knives for really indispensable equipment. Why spend money if the sharpening of the overlock knives cost much cheaper?! Such an operation costs a funny amount, and its duration is no more than 20 minutes. This means that a potential client will not suffer either serious financial expenses or temporary, and this is a good reason to contact us right now. We are the only ones who sharpen the overlock knives.

Knife sharpening

If the knife is dumb, then the mushroom will break more than it will cut. And in general it’s a shame when not a piece of pizza not to cut off a cheap knife, because it is stupid. And a completely different matter when pizza is cut off with the box. The topic I think will be interesting to everyone who has a bunch of knives at home, which periodically need to sharpen. The question as it turned out is not very widely disclosed on the Internet.

Of course you can just sharpen a knife with a stump of a bar, which accidentally survived at home. Can be sharpened with a new bar. But all this is wrong and compared to a new knife, after such sharpening the knife seems stupid.

Search for the correct technology of sharpening the knife leads to the fact that you need to sharpen the blade with different bars and at a certain angle. You can make a device for sharpening yourself. And you can order an almost ready.made option from the Chinese. ruixin.If the knives are ordinary, then enough regular stones.If the knives made of hard steel ala Damaskaya or X12MF, then ordinary bars will not be enough and diamonds will be required.

In a good place of contact with a knife blade, you need to seal with blue isolet. If the island is different, then the knife is not sharpened. Without island, you can easily scratch the blade. Some glue the masking tape on the blade, but I’m lazy.It will also be useful to fasten this bent piece of iron on some wooden support so that it goes less and is heavier than the knife. But here too lazy is stronger than me.Two plates include, you can clamp the blade of both one and with two plates.The thick plate is enough to clamp an ordinary kitchen knife. Thin not so much reliably holds the blade. If the blade is thick, then you will already have to complicate the mount.

The butt of the knife is a little more than 4 mm, the bolt is enough to come on. The lower piece of iron serves as a level for the blade, but not very convenient.

Soak the stones begins with soaking stones. Stones the so.called “wet” t.e. require soaking before use. Without water, they crumble easier and dust more.

There is an opinion that you need to sharpen on neutral oil. T.e. Wet stones and blade in neutral oil and sharpen the blade.

Preparations for the same will need a marker. Draw the entire cutting edge with a marker. This is necessary in order to understand with a stone to understand if the entire cutting part is sharpened and whether the angle of sharpening is chosen correctly. If there are any grooves, then the marker will clog them and when sharpening will also be visible.

The main stages of sharpening 4. we form an edge, form a burr on the edge, grind the burr, final grinding.The order of the passage of stones on the blade is important. As practice shows, the result depends on it.

When sharpening a knife, it is important that the stone walks a strictly perpendicular cutting edge if possible. Large pressure on the stone is not required. The stone will be faster from this, and the blade can bend and the angle will be lost. This is especially the problem of long soft knives.It is important that the stones are straight. Therefore, they will also periodically demand alignment, otherwise the angle of sharpening will leave.If the shape of the blade is complicated, then you need to sharpen it in parts T.e. each even section of the bending blade of the point as a separate knife.If the knife is very long, then it will most likely also have to sharpen it in parts T.to. the length of the handle may not be enough, and the angle will go away from the center of the mount.You need to work carefully with stones, avoiding shocks to the edges of the cutting edge. If this happened, you will have to start all over the beginning.In the process, it makes sense to periodically moisten the stone and turn it over so that it at least somehow grows evenly.

Formation of cutting cromcicen 120. The first stage of sharpening is the formation of the cutting edge. At this stage, a strip of marker is drawn on the blade, check the correctness of the spinning angle, the entire marker with the cutting edge should be removed from the passage of the stone.Sharpen in both directions both along the blade and against.We make as many passages on the knife as it will be necessary that all defects and the strip of cutting edge of the knife are left to be lonely even. And the cutting part itself looked like a sharp cone, as if to express it, the blade should not have the shape of a pyramid without a top.Perhaps this is the most time.consuming part T.to. Sharpening for a long time not new knives can be very curved.Some before sharpening, I recommend “letting go of the blade” t.e. Hammer the cutting edge on the anvil with a hammer. This can remove large defects.

The formation of burrs is 320. After both sides of the blades are straightened, we begin to form a burrs. The movement of the stone is only on the blade. After several passes, it can be felt with a finger on the other side of the blade.

Grinding burntsamen 600. Now you need to remove the burr on both sides. Therefore, we sharpen only against the blade. The cutting edge is becoming more and more like a picture. It is advisable to achieve a homogeneous smooth state on both sides. Playing with a blade in the light can clearly see where evenly and where there is no.

Politskene 1500 or 2000. The final stage. Sharpen only by blade. We polish until we achieve a flat smooth mirror edge of the knife.Some after bringing the blade on the skin with paste, as well as sharpen the blade. But even without skin and with a stone 1500, a knife is already like a razor or close to this.

Actually everything. The knife is ready. We disassemble the device. I wash stones, it is important to wash the dust dust of the stones. We dry.

Learn How To Sharpen: Episode 16. 70/30 Edge Chef Knife (Revisited)

This is what the cutting edge looks like before sharpening or after sharpening on a piece from a grinding circle:

And this is what the cutting edge looks like after the Chinese thing:

You can check the sharpening on a piece of paper or tomato. The usual notebook sheet knife after sharpening shreds at any angle. The tomato is easily cut without a hint of puffing. The fur on the arm also shaves, but not on my.Now you need to be careful with knives.to. The cut can not be seen immediately, but somewhere in the middle of the nail or when the blade rises into the bone on the finger.Housewives from such sharpening are delighted, and then fright t.to. The knife requires careful handling.For personal sharpening experience for 5-7 months.Sharpowing is just a bar with only a month of not very comfortable work with a knife.And so that the sharpening lasts longer, then you do not need to cut something more rigid than metal knife, such as iron or FAOR.

Installation of overlock knives 51 classes

General recommendations for installing knives.The lower knife should be on the same level with a needle plate. The upper knife should with the entire cutting edge tightly pressed against the lower knife and drop (go) behind the edge of the lower knife by mm, no more. Just in case, we give fragments of the factory instruction. With the fifth attempt, it will already be easier to understand her. Cm. Overlock grade 51.

How to remove and replace overlock knives

Below we give a photo instruction on how to remove and replace the overlock knives.

The pressure of the covers of the overlock knives is regulated only by the spring of the upper knife (see. higher). Adjustment (horizontal displacement) of the lower knife is used to increase the width of the stitch. Out of the left. the stitch will be already and vice versa. This adjustment is not for all overlock models.

sharpen, sover, knives

To turn off the knife to unscrew the fastening screw, just just turn it up.

And this is already a fastening of the upper knife. If you unscrew the screw, you can remove the knife from the overlock.

sharpen, sover, knives

Please note that the hole of the lower and upper knife has an oval shape. This makes it possible to regulate it. Overlock knives can be different, each company has its own differences.

How to sharpen knives to razor severity at home

To make cooking comfortable, the knives should be well sharpened. The set of knives today is an important attribute of not only professional, but also home cuisine. But even if you have a high.quality set of knives in the kitchen, over time they will lose their sharpness. Therefore, you need to learn how to sharpen them correctly. It is much easier to process any products with sharp knives. To sharpen knives more often, it is best to learn how to do it with your own hands. In this case, if necessary, you can easily cope with such a task at any moment, and you will not have to contact someone for help.

Victorinox Dual-Knife Sharpener: Quick Look

If you have a knife, you can safely throw it away. This device is useless. You can sharpen the knives at home and without it qualitatively.

Current stone today to purchase high.quality sharpener stone is not so easy. Previously, they could just be bought in a store. It’s not easy to find such a stone now. If you still managed to find a stone on sale, be sure to buy it. This thing must be protected, and you can even transmit your children.

Such stones differ from each other by the degree of rudeness. If the stone is hard, then it will sharpen the knives very sharply. But for use in everyday life, you can buy a block of medium stiffness. To sharpen a large blade of a kitchen knife, it is convenient to use a metal musat.

But if you still do not know how to sharpen knives, then you need to practice precisely on such bars.

Factory sharpening kitchen knives that are on sale already have a factory sharpening. As a rule, you will only need to maintain the sharpness of the edge. To cope with this task, it is necessary to understand how angle the cutting edge is located. In the process of sharpening, the angle should be observed. If you sharpen a knife from a different angle, such a job will take a lot of time, and will bring a blade more harm than benefits.

The correct angle of the sharpening time of the tool should be borne in mind that the angle range should be laid in 12-25 °. And the greater the angle will be, the sooner the knife will lose its acuity again. It is observing the angle that is the most difficult moment in the process of sharpening the knife. To achieve a good result, it is necessary to make the right movements in the process.

The movements of the effective sharpening of any kitchen knife need to know how to make movements correctly. The hand should move arched at the moment when the stone and blade of the product are in contact. To sharpen a kitchen knife well, it is necessary to learn to perform these arched movements, and at the same time observe the angle of sharpening. To keep the desired slope, at first you can put the coin under the blade of the knife. Over time, the coin will no longer need.

Oil and water to sharpen the knife even more efficiently, you can use the oil. It must be added directly to the stone. Oil is needed only a drop. The greased blade will slide on the stone much better. You can use both olive oil and a special mineral. But for better gliding, you can use water. In this case, in the process of sharpening, it is necessary to moisten the stone from time to time.

When we sharpen the knife at home, we try to make it as acute as possible, bring it to an ideal state. But this is a common mistake. Too sharp blade can easily cut the paper, but when cutting products will quickly lose its sharpness, and soon you will have to sharpen it again.

If the edge is a little rougher, then it will additionally press on the fibers of the product that we cut. It is very convenient to cut meat, as well as vegetables and many other products with a rough knife. But it is best to cut fish with a sharply.mounted knife.

Replacing knives

If your overlock does not cut the edge of the fabric, you can try to replace the set of cutting elements yourself. But you need to remember that almost every machine is suitable for its own type of blades. Before buying, make sure that the selected are suitable for your device.

To do this, you need to know that the cutting of the edge on the overlock is carried out by two steel plates: the upper (mobile) and lower (motionless). By the way, the upper is made of softer material. Therefore, it is more often susceptible to wear, faster is stupid. If you just want to turn off the upper blade, just turn it up. If you need to remove it, unscrew the screw that fastens the metal to the holder. Similarly removed the lower blade.

It should be noted that the openings for fastening the plates have an oval shape. This makes it possible to regulate their position.

The installation of a knife on the overlock provides for the following actions:

Which knives cannot be sharpened on your own

To begin with, it is not recommended in the absence of experience to sharpen on their own at home those blades that are of some value or especially convenient and necessary in work. Imprisoned them incorrectly, you can seriously ruin the blade. It is better in such cases to gain experience on any less valuable samples, and then, if there is a skill and appropriate tools, do processing of other copies.

In addition, difficulties can arise with the grinding of serreators. knives with a gear or wave.like cutting edge. Of course, there are domestic sharpeners intended for such blades, but there are many varieties of serreators, other models can restore the sharpness of the edge on their own only with experience, specific skills and suitable tools, and this is not always possible.

As you can see, the process of sharpening knives is not so simple. When taking up it, it is necessary to imagine the order of action, strengths and weaknesses of one or another sharpener, as well as the properties and purpose of the blade itself. If all this is available, there will be no problem with the grinding.



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