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How to set up a cassette air conditioner LG

I ventilating the room, adjusting the fan rotation speed, adjusting the direction of air flow

In this mode, only a circulation of air of the air indoor is performed without a temperature.

In the air circulation mode, the cooling indicator will.

Adjusting the speed of the fan.

the style of natural air.The fan speed is controlled automatically.

Adjusting the air flow direction

To adjust the direction of streaming horizontally, press

Air flow direction is automatically.


To adjust the direction of streaming vertically, press

Air flow direction is automatically.

You can use the function of the energy conservation timerdl and the use of the Contractor more efficiently.

the heading of the direction of the air flow turned not to be supported.

the air of the air can lead to a fault of the device.

The previous direction of the air flow has been selected, so the air layer may not match the indication on the remote control. Vett with buttons

j adjust the direction of the air again.

Energy saving tips

Here are some tips that will help reduce energy consumption during the operation of a given air conditioner. This air conditioner can be used more efficiently subject to the following appraisals:

Do not overcool the air indoors. This can harm health and bring-

When using the air conditioner, close direct sunlight with curtains or behind-

When using the air conditioner, close the doors and windows tightly.

For circulation of air in the room, adjust the direction of the air flow in

vertical or horizontal position.

Increase the speed of the fan rotation for accelerated cooling or on-

Air heater in the room for a short period of time.

Periodically open the windows for ventilation, since the quality of the air in the room-

boiling can deteriorate when the air conditioner is working for several hours.

Every 2 weeks clean the air filter. Dust and dirt accumulating-

stuffy filter, can block the air flow or worsen the functions of cooling/air drainage.

Attach the check to this page so that you can confirm the date of purchase, and also use the guarantee. Write down the model number and factory number:

They are indicated on the passport plate on the side of each device.

Recommendations for use

There are special rules on the basis of which the operation of the air conditioner is carried out at home.

  • It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the external unit, especially the grate at the input.
  • All windows and doors should be closed when the system is turned on. Such measures allow you not to overload the product.
  • You can not use the air conditioner constantly during the day.
  • Timely maintenance increases the duration of good operation of the split installation.
  • When clogging the dust of the internal unit settled, users can independently remove, rinse them and dry them in a natural way without using a hairdryer so as not to damage the delicate mesh.
  • It is allowed to connect several internal devices to one outbound block.

To follow these recommendations, it is enough to carefully read the instructions that are designed for each air conditioner model.

How to use the air conditioning control panel?

How to use the air conditioning control panel?

Now let’s talk about how to configure the universal remote control to the air conditioner. To do this, you need to understand the meaning of the buttons on it:

  • Power, ON/OFF. help turn on/off the device.
  • Mode. by clicking on this button, the system will begin to immediately supply air. And if you press twice, then you use the remote control, set up the air conditioner for the cold.
  • Swing. blinds will begin their movement to better dissipate the air through the room.
  • Dry. the air will be supplied dry.
  • Fan. the system will begin to slow down or, conversely, accelerate.
  • Turbo. Air conditioning will work at full power.
  • TEMP. you can configure air conditioning for a warm or cold mode.
  • Smart Saver. as soon as it becomes at home as many degrees as you put up, the system begins to work like a fan. This can significantly save energy.
  • Auto Clean is a self.cleaning function when the device gets rid of excess moisture. She should use her once a few days.
  • Sleep. night mode when the cold “flies” on the ceiling.
  • On/Off Timer. a button is needed to work a timer.
  • Clean Air. to launch ionization.
  • Ok. confirm the action.
  • Cancel. cancel the selected action.
  • Reset. make a reset to factory parameters.
  • Lock. Blok from babies.

Settings for air conditioning parameters

Modern technique is equipped with many useful functions, one of which is the installation of a timer for a week. This parameter allows you to run the device on a certain day. To perform a certain operation, you need:

  • Press the timer button.
  • Click this button to install a weekly timer (the “weekly” field will blink).
  • Then use up / down keys to determine the number of weeks (1 or 2). The timer will start on the established day and time. You can set a value for one or two weeks at a time.
  • In addition, by pressing the same keys, the time of the day is set (before or after noon).
  • Use the buttons left / right to select the time value for the device.
  • The instructions for the remote control panel for the air conditioner LG Inverter say that after performing the above operations, it is necessary to set the shutdown time.
  • To complete the setting and perform the command, you need to click the confirmation button or cancel.

Using the above commands, you can configure the automatic operation of the air conditioner for every day.

Important! The internal block will work at a given temperature. If this parameter was not specified, the device will automatically return to the temperature, which was used before the equipment is turned off.

The night timer is launched similarly. For example, in the instructions for the remote control of the air conditioning LG Inverter, this function is launched in the following order:

  • Use up / down keys to choose time in watches (from 1 to 7).
  • The OK button confirms the input of parameters.
  • Press the button of this program until the “Sleep” field appears on the display.
  • First you need to go to the timer programming mode.

Important! If you get out of the settings without confirmation, these parameters do not work. Upon completion, the device will automatically turn on and turn off.

Settings of configuration of any air conditioner

P.S. If in the room the current temperature corresponds to the configured, then the air conditioner will not be cold (or warm depending on the regime).

Repair of air conditioners LG

Sooner or later, but any air conditioning can fail. The user will help the user will navigate the errors of the air conditioners LG (in a different way of error codes), which are displayed on the instrument display or on the remote control for the air conditioner LG with any breakdown. The malfunction is also indicated by the flashing of the LED lamp, a certain number of times for each error. In internal and external blocks, generally accepted digital and letter designations are completely different. In multi-split systems, they differ from the values ​​of ordinary splittes. There may be differences in the type of split.

For example, in the internal module of the split system, a short circuit or a break in the circuit of the air temperature sensor is transmitted by code 06, in the external-44.

Full information on the errors of LG air conditioners is contained in the technical documentation that is attached to the device, or in the service center.

Any breakdown involves the call of masters who diagnose the problem and, if necessary, repair the air conditioners, carried out both at the facility and in the service center itself, depending on the complexity of a particular case. Among the most common causes of malfunction of LG air conditioners, breakdowns are distinguished:

In any case, the repair will require spare parts for the air conditioner LG, which in turn are much cheaper than buying a new device.

To make it easier to look for one or another detail, it is worth remembering that each spare part for the air conditioner LG has its own party number. For example, the control board for LG V48LH has number 6871A10025L, and the compressor for the air conditioner LG, working with Freon R22, is Qp442PBD.

The savings of money still depend on quality diagnostics. The repair of the start.up capacitor will cost much cheaper than the replacement of the compressor of the air conditioner LG, since the difference in the price between these spare parts is very significant.

Regular service will help to avoid repair of LG air conditioners, which includes a full range of preventive work to eliminate premature breakdowns. cleaning the drainage system, the radiator of the external module, filter systems, and so on. This is especially true for devices installed in places of great crowding of people.

LG Multi Split Introduction


Universal control panel

If there is no control panel for any reason (in case of loss or breakdown), you can use manual control. To do this, press the button on the front panel of the device. But if the technique is in an inaccessible space or it is impossible to set the mode on the panel, there is an opportunity to choose a universal remote control.

This feature is also possessed by LG air conditioners. The remote control instructions are selected depending on the model. The setting of a replaced control device is carried out in two ways:

  • Code programming. To do this, button S is held on the new remote control, then commands from the proposed list are entered. After coding, the correct selection of the cipher is checked. If the commands are performed incorrectly, the next code is applied and the operation is repeated again.
  • Automatic selection. This option is used if there are no data on the manufacturer. For coding, you should hold the S button for 4 seconds. The remote control will automatically sort out existing ciphers until the right.

Important! Universal PDU can be used as an original replacement, and is also used to diagnose malfunctions and check the remote control to which the device does not respond

Energy.saving cooling mode (additionally), display brightness (additionally), forced mode

Testing, operating instructions, 14 wall.type air conditioning

Energy.saving cooling regime (additionally)

The energy.saving cooling regime ensures electricity savings and provides

effective work of the product in cooling and dehydration modes. In this case, the process occurs

adaptation of the body to temperature over time, as well as the possibility of automatic installation

the required air temperature in the room

Turn on the product by click on/off button

Open the lid on the remote control. Select the mode

Press the energy.saving mode button

To cancel the energy.saving mode re.press

Button of the energy.saving cooling mode, product


will resume work in the previous mode (cooling or dehydration)

The brightness of the display can be adjusted using the remote control panel.

LG Round Cassette AC

Open the lid on the remote control, press the 2ndf button and then the button



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