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How to set the time on the oven gefest

GEFEST DA 122-01 instructions, characteristics, breakdowns and repairs

In the presented list of manuals for a specific model of Built-in oven. GEFEST DA 122-01. You can download instructions to your computer or browse online for free or print.

The found instructions for GEFEST DA 122-01 in Russian

If the manual in Russian is not complete or if you need more information on this device, if you need additional files: drivers, additional user manuals (manufacturers often make several different documents for each product technical support and manuals), the latest version of the firmware, you can ask a question to administrators or all site users, all will try to respond quickly to your request and help as quickly as possible. Your device has the following characteristics:Oven: electric independent, Capacity of the oven: 65 l, Dimensions (HxWxD): 59.5 х 59.8 x 54.8 cm, Grill: 1500 W, Convection: none, Controls: Rotary, see next page for full specifications.

Useful files and software

For many products you may need various additional files for work with GEFEST DA 122-01: drivers, patches, updaters, installers. You can download online these files for a specific model of the GEFEST DA 122-01 or add your own for free download by other users.

Instructions for similar built-in ovens

If you can not find the files and documents for this model, you can see instructions for similar products and models, because they are often slightly different and complementary.

Reviews for the GEFEST DA 122-01

Be sure to write a few words about the product you bought so that everyone can read your review or question. Be proactive and let as many people as possible know the opinions of real people who have already used the GEFEST DA 122-01.

A good oven. Bakes evenly. I am satisfied.

Hello! Could you please tell me if you have a copy of the instructions for the GEFEST DA 122-01 Oven?

Hello, could you please tell me the instructions for the GEFEST 122 01 oven?

I have only recently used it. I like it very much

Has been running smoothly for nearly 10 years

I have been using it quite recently. I like it very much

Seems like a nice oven, I have not used it yet

Oven has been running for 10 years without problems

How can I write a review if I’m trying to understand how it works?!! It’s logical to assume that I haven’t used the oven yet.

No experience with it, can’t turn it on)))

Very handy oven, I love it. )))

Very handy oven. I like it.

It is a very good looking oven. I’m excited.

To start using this wonderful oven, I need an instruction manual!

Good oven, comfortable and bakes well

Our oven is about 8-10 years old. The door seal is torn after 4-5 years. One of the overhead heaters broke recently, the other day. Oven takes a long time to cook. Probably the reason why.

The oven is not working. And in general if it was possible to rewind everything and at the risk of death would not have bought this horror.

Haven’t used it yet, no manual

Good afternoon. Must be a good oven. How to download the manual ?

It’s great I’ve used it for 10 years and I’m so pleased I lost the manual, it’s full of features I want to try everything

Haven’t used it yet.no user manual

Good day makers of this miracle cabinet is a total sucker. Very hard to turn on before it works. Total crap your Products are shocked to have spent money on your product.

Can’t start using it as there’s no manual

Characteristics GEFEST DA 122-01

The basic and most important characteristics of the model are gathered from reliable sources and similar models can be found.

General specifications
Oven electric independent
Oven capacity 65 л
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 х 59.8 x 54.8 cm
Grill is, 1500 W
Convection no
Switches pivoting
Timer yes, with shutoff
Display there is, digital
rotisserie no
Oven door hinged
Oven Cleaning Hydrolysis
Other features and functions Lighted interior, cooling fan
Clock is, electronic
Cabinet color black

Major breakdowns

Here is a list of the most common and frequent breakdowns and malfunctions of built-in ovens. If you have such a problem then you are in luck, it’s a common problem with the GEFEST DA 122-01 and you can ask a question how to fix it, or read the Q&A below.

Name of Breakdown Description of Breakdown Action
Constant Voltage Dips Question
Insect or rodent infestation Question
Faulty heater question
Thermostat Failure Question
Error Codes Question
Auto ignition Turns On When It Fancies And Cracks Till It Dies Question
Stop light does not turn on Question
Except Charms Nothing Works Only blinks Frequencies Q&A
Door won’t close Q&A
Door Handle Illuminates Auto Mode On Display How do I remove the door to screw the handle back on?? issue
Clock Does Not Work, Heating Does Not Switch On, Fan Does Not Blink question
Oven Knob Recessed Oven Door Handle Does Not Work Oven Knob is Recessed And Does Not Return to Operating Position issue
Auto is lit Auto 00 Mode illuminated on display.00 Oven won’t turn on Q&A
Timer won’t turn off question
After another baking the panel suddenly turned off and does not turn on, when I turn the breaker off I hear a click, but the panel itself is dark Do not light up anything Question
It doesn’t work Hooked up correctly. Wires are charged, but nothing works Question
Bulb Light Does Not Work. How to Repair? Question
Bulb doesn’t light and heater won’t work Light Bulb And Heater Don’t Work Together (Heating Does Not Happen When I Set the Temperature And Mode). But when selecting the Mode, the fan is working. Last time I used the oven, it worked, but the light bulb went out and illuminated several times Question
Resetting the Set Mode Timer to the Initial State. Periodically the Timer and Preset Baking Mode are reset during Program Run. Q&A
Cracked Inner Glass After another wash, it just shattered into small pieces?What to Do and Where to Order?? Question
Temperature does not rise to the set temperature When turned on, oven heats up more slowly and does not reach desired temperature Question
Error code F12 Error code F12 is lit, what does it mean?? Q&A
Electronic Digital Timer, Electronic Programmer Touch Buttons ,,-, When You Walk Quickly Past the Timer Nearly Beeps. What’s the Problem and How to Fix It Please Help Or Is It Normal. Email [emailprotected] Email How to Fix This Problem in Detail If It Can Be Done Question
It does not turn on Automat kicks out Q
No sound Beep does not work Question
Err18 is flashing Error Err18 is showing on the display Question
How to Disable Demo Mode Q&A
Error code E-03 After testing Er-03 on the panel Q&A
Only Function Knob is Working. When Turn On Functions And Nothing Else Question
The clock on the display goes out Question
Error code Er-01 Question
Lower burner doesn’t work While holding knob lower burner is lit. Just release it and it goes out Question
Pomilka Er-2 Er-2 Question
Cooling fan Plat After I turned on the power to the oven with the plate Cooling fan plate does not turn off All the time is running at one speed, and when the oven is running Can turn on and two speeds Please tell me where to look for faults Q&A
Hansa Boei68490020 LED Error F04 Clock Settings But Touch Buttons Not Turn On Q:

Services specializing in repair

There are 18 353 registered services in 513 cities in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

GEFEST DA 602-02 reviews

Advantages:It bakes perfectly. My wife is happy with it and the whole family.For the price, it’s a piece of cake.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Fits great in the new kitchen, cooks fast and bakes on all sides (convention rules)

Pros: For this price it is a great oven. Easily manageable in all modes.

Disadvantages: All have the same disadvantage, no temperature sensor.

Advantages: Looks great!Bakes and fries great!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Just super!This is my second electric stove from this company, the quality is great and the price is affordable!

Disadvantages:A little hard to deal with the electronic timer, but I think this is a matter of time.

Advantages: Inexpensive, small size, lots of functions

Drawbacks: ugly switches

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Oven is great. Built well. Many functions, such as automatic mode. It has a plug, not bare wires. No unpleasant smell. Bakes very well. For the dough baked a loaf. Good browning and even cooking. The door heats but not too much, does not burn.Overall I am very happy with the purchase

Disadvantages:Inconvenient clock and timer settings.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Not bad overall, it performs its function

Advantages:Nice oven. The cheesecake is great.

Advantages: Many modes, the quality of cooking, price

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I’ve been using it for a month, it cooks great. Everything fits the description. For the price. oven is great!

Advantages: It’s a good oven. it bakes great. It heats up quickly

Disadvantages:Unattractive handles switch. The glass warms up a little too much

Advantages:I was pleasantly surprised that it takes 25 minutes to cook chicken (legs). instructions on the door. it’s a thrill. the chicken was good. Roasted just right. I could see everything when cooking without opening the door. Perhaps this is an advantage of course all new ovens, but I first learned about this and 25 minutes sitting and watched through the door as the chicken is cooked

Disadvantages:1) small volume, apparently a lot of space the rotisserie motor.2) Makes questionable noises when cooking3) Not very convenient that you can not see how long to cook. I have to keep poking at the touch screen display and toggling the timer to see the remaining time.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: for a low-cost option is great, there are some flaws, but its money alone is worth it, I recommend buying, I do not have such a cool oven before

Cons: Beautiful, classy, works great!

Comment:Already tried the oven. The pie turned out great!

Advantages:It is an ordinary oven. When buying focused on the company Gefest.

Disadvantages:Very bad touch menu ! It is inconvenient to display the cooking time. Does not go off right away. Need to hold my finger. to turn it on. Does not work when time on the scoreboard is on. If it shuts off. the alarm goes off. It is hard to start the oven a second time. The oven was delivered and installed on February 28. This is my third time baking. It’s my first time baking chicken. My son helped me with the menu. Baking a pizza at the moment. With the first one, by trial and error, I somehow got it right. I put the second one in the oven. And the menu doesn’t go into automatic mode. Had to time and monitor myself. Very uncomfortable !

Disadvantages:The timer did not seem convenient to me.

Advantages: Works as it should. What we wanted from the oven, all received.1. Upon receipt of the goods found convenient handles for carrying and installing.2. To plug into the mains there is a plug! (not like a hob with bare wires)3. 2. fryers, 1. the grid

Disadvantages: The first time we started cooking, when we started cooking came out a strong smell of heated metal and ceramics. Then after 3 or 4 cooking sessions, the smell disappeared and was replaced by the smell of cooking.AH YES! The instructions are generic for the entire lineup, so setting the clock and dealing with the timer is something else.Installation requires a prepared fixing point on the side of the oven. We had a slightly wider opening and needed something to fix the sides to screw in the fixing screws.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: What can I say. great oven. We are satisfied. Everything cooks, everything works. It turns out delicious.

So how to properly bake in a Gefest gas oven?

First you need to know what kind of oven you have. There are two types of gas ovens:

1) No thermostat. There is a degree scale on the panoramic glass, and there is a temperature indicator (red arrow) on the door. These stoves include the not expensive segment, in which a control faucet with a gas-control device is installed, without automatic flame control:

Of the modern models produced today, these are:

Gefest narrow gas stoves with table width of 50 cm.Model numbers: 3100-08, 3200-08, 3200-06, 3200-05, in all colors.

Wide Gefest gas stoves with a table width of 60 cm.Cookers: 1200 C5, 1200 C6, 1200 C7, 6100-01 in all colors.

2) With thermostat. There is no degree scale on the panoramic glass and no temperature indicator. On the collar of the knob of the oven control tap or on the front panel are the numbers of the temperature scale. These stoves differ in price upwards due to the installed “smart faucet”, which itself maintains the set temperature in the range of ± 15˚ C degrees.

Of the modern models produced today, these are:

Gefest narrow gas ovens with a table width of 50cm.Model numbers: 5100-02, 5100-03, 5100-04, 5300, 5500, in all colors.

Wide Gefest gas stoves with 60 cm table width.: 6100-02, 6100-03, 6100-04, 6300, 6500, 6700.

Instructions for baking in GEFEST gas ovens.

1) Remove all foreign objects from the oven (the oven must be empty).

2) Place the rack in the center of the oven by volume:

63 liters (series 1200, 1300, 1500)-4 shelves counting from below;

52 liters (series 5100, 5300, 5500, 6100, 6300, 6500, 6700)-3 shelves counting from below;

42 liters (series 3100, 3200, 3300, 3500)-3 shelves counting from below.

3) Always preheat the oven for 20 minutes at maximum temperature “max”.

4) Bake only on the aluminum tray, or in the specially designed dishes placed on the rack.

GEFEST 1300 K39 РЕМОНТ ТАЙМЕРА (Газовая плита внутри). TIMER REPAIR (Gas stove inside)

5) Quickly place the aluminum tray with the food on it on the rack in the oven.

6) The tray must be placed in the middle of the rack and all the way to the back of the oven (there must be gaps on the right and left of the tray, preferably the same).

Turn the knob from “max” to the setting corresponding to the cooking temperature

9) Do not open the oven door during baking. Observe through the sight glass. At the end of the baking process, you can open the door a little and assess the readiness of the product.

In order to determine the cooking temperatures in your GEFEST oven, you can use the temperature indicator on the pan on the oven. You can determine the correspondence of temperature as follows:

Bake the cake with yeast dough at 180-200 °C,

WARNING. Be aware that once you have placed the foods to be cooked in the GEFEST oven the temperature gauge does not show the actual oven temperature. Therefore, do not take its readings into account and do not change the setting of the knob under any circumstances. Do not interfere with cooking!

JV “Brestgazoapparat” produces Gefest stoves with oven thermoregulator (TUP), which automatically maintain the desired temperature in all conditions! In these stoves it is guaranteed that, for example, the temperature on the third division of the TUP knob corresponds to (160±15)°С, on the fourth division. (180±15)°С and in this case it is not necessary to find the cooking temperature.

The instructions for baking in a GEFEST oven with a thermostat are identical to those for previous ovens, the only difference being that you do not need to make adjustments to the tap. On point 8, you simply turn the thermostat knob to the desired temperature and do not open the oven door until the cooking process has finished.

How the electronic programmer works

The electronic programmer is designed to control the functions and modes of the oven. The timer displays the exact current time. After each function is finished there is a beep, and then the oven switches off.

The oven will not function without a time setting

The programmer has the following functions:

You can start the process of setting by pressing the function key. In a few seconds set the time, using the ” ” and ” ” buttons. The same keys can be used to correct the time if the time has been set incorrectly. Keep in mind that a short press on the plus or minus buttons adjusts the clock by one minute, a long press speeds up the process.

Depending on the model of the oven, the instructions for setting the time differ

When the oven is first plugged in, a blinking indicator light should appear on the display. This means that you have to enter the current time.

To select the necessary additional function, the setting lever put on 0, put on the timer the time, then turn the setting knob to the desired function.

How to light the oven in a Gefest gas stove: the rules of ignition and the principle of operation of the gas oven

It’s no surprise that the procedure of lighting the oven causes some difficulties for some users. Just not everyone has had to deal with modern gas stoves. Using older models of gas equipment and electric ovens may have spared such an experience.

Let’s understand how to light the oven in the “Gefest” gas stove, so that owners do not have the slightest problem in this area. We get to know the main and extra functions. As an example, let’s take a unit designed for cooking in the home.

In the article we offer you useful information about the construction and operation principles of this type of household equipment. We will tell you about common breakdowns. You will learn what you need to do to avoid malfunctions and irregularities in the oven and the hob itself.

How to set the time on the gefest oven

1) Instruction for baking in an oven with a thermostat

JV OAO Brestgazoapparat produces Gefest stoves with oven thermoregulator (TUP-ohm), which contain

The desired temperature is automatically maintained under all conditions!

In these stoves Gefest is guaranteed that, for example, the temperature on the third bar of the knob TUP corresponds to (160±15)C, on the fourth. (180±15)С

and in this case it is not necessary to find the cooking temperature.

Gefest stove with an oven thermoregulator (TUP)

When baking in a Gefest oven with a TUP, the following recommendations must be followed:

1) There must not be any foreign objects in your Gefest oven (it must be empty).

2) Put the rack in the center of the Hephaestus oven (for 600 mm wide Hephaestus frame ovens 4 shelves counting from below),

For a 500 mm wide Gefest frame oven. and the stoves 6100. 3 shelves counting from below).

3) Before baking, the Gefest oven must be preheated for 20 minutes at maximum temperature.

4) Bake on an aluminium baking tray.

5) Quickly insert the aluminum tray with a dish laid on it into the Gefest oven.

6) The tray should be placed as far as the back of the Gefest oven and in the middle of the grid

(there must be gaps to the right and left of the tray, preferably equal).

7) Quickly close the door of the Gefest oven;

8) Turn the knob of the knob of Gefest oven from max to the point corresponding to the cooking temperature.

9) Do not open the door of Gefest oven during baking. Watching through the sight glass.

At the end of baking you can open the door and check if the product is cooked through.

Corresponding temperatures and the thermostat position of your Gefest oven are indicated in the table in this manual

Bake yeast dough at 180-200˚C,

2) Instructions for baking in the GEFEST oven without the thermostat

Information on baking dishes in the GEFEST ovens.

The GEFEST oven with an oven control tap (without thermostat)

When baking in a GEFEST oven with a tap, the following recommendations must be followed:

1) The GEFEST oven must not contain any foreign objects (it must be empty).

2) Place the rack in the center of the oven (for 600 mm wide GEFEST frame ovens, 4 shelves counting from below),

For 500 mm wide GEFEST frame stoves. and stoves 6100. 3 shelves counting from the bottom).

3) Before baking, the GEFEST oven should be preheated for 20 minutes at maximum temperature.

4) Bake on an aluminium baking tray.

5) Quickly insert the aluminium tray with the dish on it into the GEFEST oven.

6) The tray has to be inserted as far as possible into the back wall of the GEFEST oven and in the middle of the rack

(there must be gaps to the right and left of the baking tray, preferably the same gaps).

7) Quickly close the GEFEST oven door;

8) Turn the knob of the GEFEST oven from max to a position corresponding to the cooking temperature.

9) Do not open the door of your GEFEST oven during baking. Observe through the sight glass.

At the end of baking you can open the door and assess the readiness of the product.

Due to the fact that on GEFEST ovens with an oven control tap, the temperature in the oven depends on

If you have a problem with the settings of the gas grid (pressure, calorific value of the gas, etc.). д.), then in the same position of the tap knob

Different temperatures are set in the GEFEST oven in different regions.

  • In order to determine the cooking temperatures of your GEFEST oven in relation to your operating conditions
  • you can use the temperature indicator on the panoramic glass of your GEFEST oven.

It is possible to determine the correspondence of temperatures as follows:

which will show the temperature in the center of the oven for this position of the tap control knob;

Bake yeast dough at 180-200˚C,

WARNING. It is necessary to know that after placing in the GEFEST oven the food to be cooked,

the temperature gauge no longer shows the actual oven temperature.

Therefore, its readings should not be taken into account and under no circumstances change the set position of the valve handle.

How to set the clock on a gas stove gefest

In this article we asked a master to answer the question: How to adjust the clock on the gas stove gefest?, and give useful recommendations What has come out of it,

Let’s look at this function as an example. Let’s say you are expecting guests at 18 o’clock.30. Your

Your signature pie is cooked for exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes in the “volumetric heating” mode at

at a temperature of 200°C. Set the program correctly and the timer will do the rest.

Return the knob of the oven and the thermostat to the zero position.5. Press buttons at the same time

Плита газовая GEFEST ПГ 3200-06 Видеоотзыв (обзор) Яны

to switch the oven control to manual

Connect the oven to the power supply. The electronic display should be flashing

Correction of “running out” or lagging time should be done according to p. 2.

or. Set the time after which

When the timer is set as an alarm, an icon lights up on the display

The alarm will sound for 7 minutes unless it is turned off by pressing any of the 3

You are about to cook a dish right now and you know exactly the mode, the temperature and

cooking. This will cause the “” symbols to light up on the display

Set the chosen heating mode, for example “volumetric heating”. heating the top and

Как зажечь духовку газовой плиты (Гефест)

the bottom of the oven, and the temperature of heating. 180

Oven will turn on for the set time in the preset mode. After

The oven will stop heating at the set time, a buzzer will signal the end of cooking, the symbol

Turn on and at the appointed time to turn off a working

Repair of gas stove with your own hands is prohibited by law True, the criminal liability has not yet been provided, if an accident occurs, foresee trouble. In the hero city of Volgograd, a smart guy put combustion products from a water heater into a vent. Four people were killed. Authorities classified the case under the article causing death by negligence. Masters of the gas service are empowered to make equipment replacements, perform service work. Relevant, beginning with the supply lines, ending with switching to another type of fuel. Here are a couple of recommendations, not a user’s manual, just general techniques.

Darina, Hansa, Ardo. so different and the same at the same time. Repair of Gefest gas stoves resembles Ariston repair like two peas in a pod; gas stoves are made up of typical assemblies. It’s enough to look at a single device to understand the diagram. Stock up on a reference book to get the correct gas pressure. When properly adjusted, the flame is even, blue in color. Orange bursts indicate imbalanced fuel mixture. At wrong settings there is a failure of a flame (especially peculiar to horn ovens).

Those who have read the reviews at YourTechnic portal regarding gas instantaneous water heaters, self-repair of gas stoves will seem like child’s play! You can’t do it yourself, but you can clean it. Clean the master will be the candles, combustion sensors, burners, sometimes nozzles. There’s a lot of interesting stuff inside the gas stove. Mastering the proper cleaning of the equipment should understand what we will see inside. Under the table of the gas stove:

  • Burners. Often bolted to the gas stove hob table. Each burner consists of a cover, flame-spreader, injector (nozzle). Under the table are not rigidly fixed, each fit a steel or copper tube, fastened like an American-style. You will need a wrench of approximately 13 to remove the products. Easier to clean if something clogged inside. Beware of tearing off the head, the thread. you’ll have to replace it. After assembly, check for leaks by washing off. The procedure consists of applying foam to the disputed nodes.
  • On the perimeter of the burner two candles. One serves as the ignition (due to the piezo element or electronic circuitry), the second is a thermocouple included combustion control circuit. It is quite simple to distinguish. High-voltage ignition spark plug has a ceramic caftan, so that the spark does not strike below a predetermined level. When the arc flows, you can see the tongue of discharge licking the burner body. Gas stoves with electric ignition master correctly ground. Beware of using plumbing fittings, connectors, pierced with metallic filaments. When installing from the riser hoses are separated by special gaskets. Failure to follow the rule will easily provoke an explosion in favorable situations. We have written in detail, we remind you once again. The thermocouple candle is clad in a bronze caftan that conducts heat. The faster the semiconductors cool down, extinguish the flame, the more reliable is the protection that cuts off the gas supply.
  • often there is a manifold under the table. Thick tube, from which any burner is connected. Gas current is controlled by solenoid valves. The number usually equals the number of burners. When the burner’s flame goes out, the rest will burn. The expediency of the decision may be challenged, but it is done. Each solenoid valve contains an inductance coil. The thermocouple heats up, an EMF (tens of millivolts) appears, holding the devices open. Complete procedure to turn on: turn gas regulator, press. We press the piezor-ignition button or the electronic circuit makes a complex of procedures independently. Hold the knob for a fixed time. The thermocouple heats up, begins to produce an EMF, the solenoid valve is held open by the phenomenon opened by Seebeck. As soon as the gas goes out, the sensor plug cools down and the gas supply stops. The process is inertial, we believe, one day soon, the gas stoves will use the ionization flame sensors, allowing the protection to work instantly.
  • Similar to the gas manifold inside the distribution armature. Single high-voltage wires are dispersed to each ignition electrode. Another way to distinguish the thermocouple: the sensor is pulled by two wires, with a thinner cross section. The spark breakdown goes to the housing, the second ignition wire is superfluous. Without grounding the gas stove, there’s a chance of getting an electric shock. Possible fatalities. an additional reason to entrust the installation to a professional. The manifold is connected through connectors. Protected against improper orientation of the plug, you can easily swap plugs. When you open the burner, the spark will jump on the other flame arrester. Not very nice, flames can flare up.
  • If the charge is electronically generated you will find inside a simple thyristor, diode, capacitor, fuses. Operating circuit, powered by capacitor charge with subsequent release of energy by spark gap. Repair of electric ignition of gas stove concerns the listed elements. Easy to spot the fault. Burned elements are black or similar in color.

Gas is endowed with two significant characteristics:

  • Heating power is determined by the composition. Above methane, below the parameter. In the case of natural gas the calorific value is predetermined by the place of extraction of the natural resource.
  • The pressure is determined by the type of gas. Liquid requires higher. On the mains, the typical value is 13 mbar. Parameter ensures the correct operation of solenoid valves, injectors, burners.

If the pressure is too high, the gas will not burn completely, there will be soot, orange flames. Malfunction of the system is possible. Came across instructions recommending using a pressure reducer to obtain a 13 mbar cylinder gas. There may be restrictions. It is not unreasonable to put two cylinders in parallel. Note, the main gas is actually liquid, fed through a pressure reducer. It is pumped from the tanks in the tank from which the houses are supplied. Find out the wiring diagram of the house where you live. There is natural gas, distributed centrally, which has a lower cost, pressure, calorific value. It is assumed that the pressure is 13 mbar. An aspect to be considered when installing and repairing the gas stove.

Reason to call professionals for installation and adjustment. craftsmen know the parameters. Of course, the person with the certificate is also aware of local conditions. Now imagine what happens if you do not know how to connect the equipment correctly! This is gas, leave the jokes. Especially true in the backcountry, where neighboring houses may have different connections. It is recommended to buy a set of replacement injectors for different gas pressure. Described the process of making your own bore nozzles, mentioned: the law prohibits refinishing. The work is not safe. Before buying, check with the gas company for the parameters, and ask at the store if the equipment is suitable. It’s not too late in the next cleanup to make inquiries. It is not a fact that everything is done correctly.

How to adjust the nozzles. Changing the size of the center orifice. Smaller pressure, bigger hole. Verticality and centering must be maintained, otherwise gas will flow to the side and cause an accident. It’s worth reminding you that old Soviet gas stoves have jets buried deep inside the cavity of the stove. The design of burners is unusual. Between the nozzle and the dissector is a tube with a pair of ears, attached to the frame. There is one for every two burners. In pairs, the tubes are attached by the ears inside the housing. A bowl with a nozzle is placed at the lower end, a flare is inserted into the upper end. Gas stove works by jetting. Butane gas is heavier than air.

The peculiarity is that there is a tube with a radial cutout in front of the nozzle. Needed to unscrew the hexagonal nozzle without using a long socket wrench. In modern gas stoves, the nozzle is below the flame. Different location improves the draft and discourages regular people from climbing inside the stove. Repair of gas stove with your own hands. a dangerous business.

Electric stoves today and for dacha residents look more appropriate option.

The GEFEST DA 622-02 B manual for the independent electric oven has Russian language pages.

Jump to the download page for this manual: Download PDF

on and off at the designated time

Lock the oven on (childproof lock).

Watch. 1. Connect the oven to the power grid. On the electronic display should

Press ” ” and ” ” buttons simultaneously and, turning the knob “

If the time has run out or the time is behind, adjust it according to the “Time” in the “Alarm” section of the display. 2.

After 2 minutes the alarm will sound.

When the timer is set as an alarm clock, the ” ” mark lights up on the display,

that flashes during the buzzer.

The alarm will sound for 2 minutes unless it is turned off,


Maybe you have an opinion on how to adjust the clock on the gas stove gefest? Write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Gefest electric ovens: inexpensive gastronomic pleasure

What don’t the Belarusians produce: gas and electric stoves, gas and electric cooktop. Individual models of these devices from the manufacturer of kitchen appliances Gefest, we have already reviewed in several previous reviews. However, this list would be incomplete without getting acquainted with the ovens, produced under the same brand.

Standard dimensions of all such units from Belarus. 59.5×59.8×56.5 cm (height, width, depth). This allows you to build them in any place according to the interior of the kitchen set and personal preferences: put them under the hob, as in the usual and familiar to us stoves, or hang them with brackets, so that you have to bend less when cooking (and that children can not reach).

Built-in appliances are also good that there are a lot of options for its mounting, and you can not use the space of the floor. And independent connection allows you to purchase a complete set of cooking plates of the same manufacturer. as well as any other, as long as you find the option that best suits the price, appearance or function.

For example, for this money you can buy one of the simplest models DA 602-01. Nevertheless its volume is the same as in conventional ovens (52 liters), and a set of different operating modes for cooking all kinds of dishes is definitely good. With a standard load, the device consumes 0.92 kW·h and belongs to energy efficiency class B. Not as economical as A, of course, but for an electric appliance very good.

Mechanical control panel above the hinged door with two glass panels are three knobs responsible for cooking programs, timer and temperature. The former allows you to turn on the back light and set the desired cooking mode:

  • Grill for a crispy crust, like a campfire;
  • Lower heating, which allows you to slowly simmer the food or keep it hot until desired time, as well as for browning at the bottom;
  • Simultaneous heating by upper and lower heating elements which allows to practice cooking on several levels at the same time and prevents mixing of smells.

You can select a suitable temperature for each program (the minimum for slow simmering or the maximum for searing) and a specific value within the range of 100 to 250 C. Electromechanical timer automatically turns off the oven after a set time (but not more than 120 minutes), and you can not worry that you will forget to take the food out in time, as it is accompanied by an audible signal of 48 dB. Not loud enough to be annoying, but guaranteed to be audible even in the other room. It is worth noting that in order to turn on the appliance, the timer must necessarily be switched to manual mode or set for some time. Otherwise the heaters will simply not start, even if a program has already been set and the temperature has been selected.

  • a flat baking tray for baking or roasting meat and poultry;
  • grate, on which you can lay meat or set small dishes;
  • a skewer for cooking home-made kebabs or whole roasted poultry or rabbits;
  • A deep pan (roaster) for collecting the fat and juice released during cooking on the grill or spit.

With even such a seemingly simple model as DA 602-01, you can cook almost any fried or baked dish at home, as if it was made on the coals. And the availability of several color options (white, black, brown, stainless steel) will allow you to pick up variant to match the interiors of your kitchen.

True, these “several variants” pale next to the Gefest DA 622-02, for which you will have to lay out at least 15 000. Here the manufacturer approached the matter creatively and issued such a variety of external coating. It’s a real eye opener. In addition to the same monochrome colors of the glass front, as in DA 602-01, there are silver and beige, and you can pick up any of them with a pattern like wood, with flowers, with ornaments. In short, almost any taste.

In terms of energy efficiency, this device belongs to the very economical class A and consumes only 0.79 kW·h, which should not be too burdensome for the wallet. This was achieved by changing the way of heating: unlike the standard method of the previous oven, the DA 622-02 uses forced air circulation with a fan that reduces cooking time and allows to save electricity substantially.

The mechanical control panel has not undergone any major changes: the shape of the controls has changed, and the timer buttons have. with touch-screen. But there are more functions to choose from. In addition, convection for uniform baking and crusting and turbo grill that directs hot air to the food enveloping it from all sides and ensuring that the meat inside remains very juicy and does not dry out appeared in addition to the already described functions. By the way, the last function is quite realistic to use and to defrost products, if you set the temperature regulator to 50 C.

Touch-sensitive timer can display the time, act as an alarm clock and turn off the appliance after a set time. It is set by touching the control zones and the information about the selected mode or time is shown on the display for 7 seconds. A 53 dB audible alarm sounds at the end of cooking.

The double oven light creates a good visibility, illuminating the interior and allowing you to follow the cooking process closely. The wire shelves can be fitted with the supplied trays (enameled, flat and grease tray) and two racks, as well as a telescopic shelf. It slides the cookware out of the unit so that it’s easy enough to stir the contents or add new ingredients without getting burnt. The hood of the fan has a grease filter that protects it from grease drips and other dirt resulting from cooking.

The main feature of Gefest DA 622-02. This, of course, is the unusual colors and patterns on some of the models. However, the practicality and functionality is not affected in any way. On the contrary, with this device you can greatly diversify your home menu, delighting the household with a variety of tasty treats.

Next in line is the oven. Gefest DA 622-04, and it costs about 20 000. Its equipment is more complicated than the previous ones and deserves the most careful attention.

First of all, the control panel is fully touch-sensitive. Touch zones are located in two rows on both sides of the liquid crystal display. On the left side are:

  • The on-off button that activates and deactivates the control panel;
  • Stop button, with which you can stop the work of any program at the right moment;
  • timer menu. Clock, alarm clock, timed shut-off, and “I-cook-switch-off” function that allows you to start and finish cooking at a pre-set time even if you are absent at that moment. You’ll be back just in time for a freshly cooked, hot dinner;
  • Adjustment of temperature mode in the range from 50 to 250 C;
  • “” and “-” zones to set desired timer settings and other settings.

No less useful control zones are located on the right:

  • The “Up” and “Down” controls to view the cooking modes, which at this time will be displayed alternately on the display, as well as the temperature available for each particular program;
  • Child-proof, locking the control panel, so that the little helpers could not change the settings during cooking;
  • Go key, which starts the cooking process in the selected program mode;
  • Fast heat” function, which activates the turbo grill to accelerate the heating of the appliance;
  • Switching the volumetric lighting of the camera on and off.

Some options you can also program yourself with the “” and “-” keys. For example, the tone of the buzzer, the sound of touching the touch zones, the time mode (12 or 24 hours). In addition, in order to save energy, you can set the unit so that it automatically shuts off when it is finished working.

The display shows all the options you select: cooking mode, screen lock, timer settings, current time, temperature and heating process scale. So you can always refresh your memory of the settings you’ve put in, just by looking at the screen.

The DA 622-04 is as fully equipped as possible with all the functions you need during cooking. In addition to those already described in the two previous models, this is still a fan-grill for quick baking with the formation of crispy crust, as well as a special program for defrosting food (fan and backlight), plus the ability to maintain a temperature of 80 C (the lower and upper heating elements) to keep food hot. In addition to the electric roaster, on which you can bake large chunks of meat or whole bird carcasses, this model is also equipped with a kebab. The latter device is a construction of two discs and six skewers, which is attached to a rotating spit, allowing the meat to roast evenly on all sides. So you can enjoy delicious kebabs right at home at any time of year without exhausting yourself with a long trip out of town through all the traffic jams.

Gefest DA 622-04 with sensor control. The most modern electric oven of this manufacturer. The maximum set of functions implemented in it makes the cooking of any, even the most complex dish possible and provides easy and comfortable operation.

It remains to add that regular maintenance of such devices will extend their life, and use them will be much more pleasant. Clean all of the above with a soft sponge with a non-abrasive and non-chlorine and other non-aggressive detergent (such as dishwashing detergent or aerosol. to remove the grease). By the way, it is much easier to clean an oven that has not completely cooled down. And for convenience, you can remove the door, grease filter and wire guides. You can find detailed information about this in the instructions.

Well, since we have taken a detailed introduction to the products manufactured by the company Gefest, the topic of the next review will be another type of kitchen appliances of this brand. air cleaners (hoods).



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