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How to set the time on the kuppersberg oven

  • It is necessary to press and hold from 3-6 seconds the “Key” button.
  • Most often, when the temperature reaches 50°C, the stove will automatically lock itself and the “Lock” sign will also appear on its display.
  • Check the voltage of the power grid
  • The oven will not turn on if the sensor is touched for more than 10 seconds (milk is stuck, the cookware is on the sensor)
  • Try to turn off the power for a while, let the stove “rest” for 10 minutes, and then just turn on the device.

How the “electronic brain” thinks?

The oven has an “electronic brain”. If not, you would not be able to cook in different modes and use such convenient functions. Once the oven clock is set correctly, the display will show the current time and you will hear a beep after each task.

Changing the time refers to the possibility to set the current time, select the cooking time, program the end of operation, set the clock.

Among the safety features are the automatic switch-off and the childproof lock, when the buttons of the oven are blocked in order to prevent small housewives from turning on the stove or knocking out the mode.

To start setting the time on the oven, press the function knob. Then use the next buttons ” ” and ” ” to set the time. You can also use these buttons to change the clock if it has not been set correctly before.

Hint: if the ” ” and ” ” buttons are pressed briefly, you can change the time by one minute. A long press speeds up the process.

If you have connected the oven for the first time, you will immediately notice when the indicator light starts flashing on the display, this means you need to set the clock. If you want any additional function, turn the knob to ” 0 “, set the time and then turn the knob back to the required function.

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Setting the time in the oven

  • The current time is set on the front control panel of the oven
  • In order to start using the oven you must set the current time
  • Using the or buttons. set the correct time of day (for example, the current time is 15:59)

To set the time: Press touch 1 (MENU). The “Steam pan” symbol must light up. After 7 seconds we set the actual time using the sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right). After you finish setting the time, the new data will be entered into the memory.

How to connect a Kuppersberg oven

Kuppersberg built-in ovens are characterized by quality, reliability and ease of operation, without taking up unnecessary space. Before you connect the Kuppersberg oven, you must take care in advance about the right place for it: in a niche or a column. Regardless of the model, whether Kuppersberg RC 699 with full mechanical control or HH 6612 W with electronic display, the connection is made in the same way. All devices in our online Hausdorf store come with detailed instructions and installation diagram with measurements.

To know exactly how to connect the Kuppersberg oven you need to study all the necessary information. First, you need to unpack the appliance properly by pulling the tab on the bottom of the box. Under no circumstances hold the device by the door handle moving it, only by the side holders. When checking the drawings, make sure that the back of the furniture, where you plan to install it, has no protruding parts. Get an adhesive for the plastic covering of your headset that can withstand at least 85 degrees. Compare the mains voltage information with the nameplate on the equipment; it should be the same. The electrical installation must comply with the maximum rating.

When making the connections, refer to the wiring diagram. Do not forget about the need for grounding, this will make it easier to disconnect the Kuppersberg oven for maintenance. Do not use adapters and extension cords. In accordance with regulations, connect using an omnipolar circuit breaker of the same size as the current consumption. Make sure that it will not disconnect the grounding conductor. Consider unexpected emergencies or the replacement of lamps and provide a contact gap of at least 3 mm to ensure safe disconnection.

установка времени на духовке

After all the aforementioned steps, turn on the oven and check that all electrical parts are working properly. If for some reason you have trouble, contact our Coopersberg Service Centers.

Kuppersberg ovens use two elements for fast heating: the bottom heating element and the grill on top. This allows you to bring the temperature to the set level as quickly as possible.

I tell you how I was able to set the clock. Set the current time. Unplug the oven for a couple of minutes or turn off the breaker. Turn on. The clock icon on the stove flashes. buttons and. Set the time. After a few seconds the clock icon stops flashing. the time is saved!

Marking of the modes of Kuppersberg ovens

Multifunctional appliances Kuppersberg allow you to make cooking easier and more comfortable, the labels of Kuppersberg ovens will be clear to any user. You can grill meat with golden browning, bake a tasty pie or make julienne. the only limit is your imagination. For example, a classic model Kuppersberg RC 699 ANX with rotary knobs and analog programmer has 9 modes, and Kuppersberg FH 911 W with a fully touch screen control. 11 modes. Kuppersberg HO 657 B ovens with digital display and Kuppersberg HO 656 T have 5 programs.

grill. With this mode, you can achieve great browning. Steaks, fish, meat on the ribs, croutons, turn out just perfect.

Lower heating element. Only the lower element can be heated. Suitable for a wide range of dishes, including baked products.

Grill and lower heating element. It heats the lower element and the grill, thus greatly speeding up the cooking process. Useful for heating up the oven quickly. defrosting. Suitable for gently defrosting cold or frozen foods.

Grill and fan assisted bottom heating element. Filled pies and pie crusts are perfect in this mode. Traditional heating. Use for making pies, biscuits, and other pastry loaves and cakes.

Traditional heating with a fan. For roasts and pies, the fan evenly distributes the air inside the oven.

maxi grill. This mode engages the whole grill heating element. High power allows you to significantly reduce cooking time.

maxi grill with fan. Even large pieces of meat are perfectly cooked and crispy.

turbo mode. You can cook on different levels at the same time. The heat from the heating element on the back will spread evenly inside the oven thanks to the fan. Suitable for defrosting when the programmer is positioned at zero. Lower heating element with fan. Ideal for pies with jam or other fruit fillings.

All Kuppersberg Ovens in our Shop come with detailed instructions. Labels may vary depending on the model.

Kuppersberg Oven Reviews

Needless to say that this oven with an original design, that is what attracted me, but in use it is also good. The electric oven is much more convenient, it cooks better, the crust turns out crispy and baked, and the inside of the dish is cooked perfectly. Of the additional modes convection and grill, the. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SR 669 W

I cook often and I like the telescopic rails, so it’s good. Holds heat well Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HA 657 T

Very good enamel is used (easy to clean), telescopic rails, two trays (deep and standard) Good performance oven, bakes perfectly, I use it very often, so far all is satisfied.

I chose this model together with my friend, he knows a lot about ovens (cook) That’s why we decided on this model. We were satisfied with everything, as it turned out, and even has a 2-year warranty!Assembly in. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HGG 663 B

The pan deforms when heated, returns to its original state when cooled

The most average oven Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SB 663 W

The cabinet is good, you can take it. However, the quality of controls, namely the handles themselves are not very. All in all ok.

The thermostat broke on the third day, it was replaced under warranty. Masters said that this is an exception, the technique of this brand is broken rarely very.

The color is not white, but more of a beige. Keep in mind when buying. The photo shows a comparison with the panel of the same brand Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HO 663 F

It has been two months of use, writing a second review for people. Found out that rustling behind the panel removed the touch panel, rustling glass when pressing (this panel in the factory production is additionally attached to the housing with double-sided industrial adhesive tape, so it had to replace it). Surprised the other day that my wife was baking meat on a thin tray, it was bent because of the small holes in the knobs. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HO 663 T

The glass on the door heats up, you need a three-layer one; the cabinet under the built-in oven gets very hot. When you call the master the temperature was measured at 70-80C, which in principle is normal, since no more than 100C, but really touch by hand hot and this is in all models of this company. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SR 669 B

Perfect on the stove. Lots of glass to avoid burning, looks quite elegant, good grill. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg RC 699 C Bronze

Necessary programs, namely, cooking of different dishes on 2 levels without mixing of smells, self-cleaning is the best. I have never had any problems with the baking, and in general with any cooking, the door is cooled by a special cooler, it’s very safe!Totally happy with it.

I looked through several models from different manufacturers together with my wife. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HA 663 T

Perfect design, high enamel (easy to clean), good equipment, everything you need for cooking is present, neat and quiet telescopic rails, no rattling as in some cabinets, very good build, by the way in Italy.Good power of the oven, bakes just great.

All products are under warranty for 2 years, not just a single part, it’s reassuring. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg OZ 969 WH

The depth of the front panel is 3cm instead of 2cm

Sticks out of the whole kitchen by 1cm. The horror. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SR 663 B

Good baking, beautiful appearance, the technique is reliable

All kitchen appliances are gradually replaced by Kuppersberg, a very cool brand and make stylish things that are a pleasure to use. Recently changed the oven as well, as always a stylish look, quality is top notch. No problem with it, bakes super no matter if you bake a cake or chicken. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HO 658 W

Kuppersberg brand is one of the pseudo-German brands, invented for Russia. The brand has no in-house designs. This model, for example, is a clone of Hansa BOEW64090015, look here on Yandex.Marketplace. It’s cheaper ) Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SR 663 W

It’s the first time we bought this brand and we don’t even know if it’s worth it. But I really liked the oven, the design, color. The size is perfect for the kitchen. In general, took a chance, bought it, in the end, no regrets, everything is great, works great, easy to rotate control, there is a timer. My requirements are met, the quality is not disappointed. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HO 657 T

Poor performance bottom heating element. The cabinet itself warms up the walls of the niche in which it is installed.

I was extremely disappointed with the model, after the old killed post-Soviet oven, I expected more. The bottom heating is very weak,you can wait forever for the desired temperature. Expect successful results only when you set the grill mode and the bottom heating element with veins. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HG 751

It happens that the gas goes out if the oven is not at maximum 6 months or so I glued 2 silicone window softeners, and the glass when closing the oven a bit hit the body of the oven in general is satisfied with the oven perfectly baked pizza just otadet electric grill on high, to grill cheese on a pizza need 5min Read all reviews

Kuppersberg HO 663 E

I have an oven with 6 modes, that is, the top is a grill, but no built-in, hidden fan. Nowhere was found a warning about this when buying, and sellers are silent as fish on ice. Only realized I bought it when it was already installed. The oven is not satisfied unambiguously. I love to bake but in two years I still haven’t gotten used to the oven. Anything beyond 180 degrees is not for. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SR 669 C BRONZE

Worked for a year and a half and stopped working for no reason

I like my oven but I still have not mastered the oven. at first we were happy with it but all of a sudden it started to malfunction. at first the light was on and not all modes, then a week later it stopped blowing on one fan and that was it. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SG 751 B

Very loud timer, scares pets, no cleaning system

The oven is very happy, I use it more than two years, it bakes perfectly, evenly, the gas grill works wonders, the ignition goes off in a few seconds, and the oven is ready to use. seconds, good visibility, lighting, the outer glass is not hot, the handles do not get hot at all, the cooling system nicely blows warm air out of the oven. Check out. Read all reviews

Kuppersberg SGG 663 C Bronze

I would like to say something about the disadvantages, but I did not see

We have a light kitchen, so we were looking for a light version of the oven, so that at least somehow harmonized. It so happened that when renovating the kitchen and replacing the furniture, the oven was not changed, we thought the old one will still be used, but a year he has absolutely stopped working, so I had to buy a new one. Kuppersberg first of all fit the size. Read all reviews

Personal tips. for different ovens

Of course, different models of ovens have their own peculiarities, and the setting is made according to them. In order not to make a mistake, it is better to act according to the instructions that come with any technique.

Next we will tell you how to set the time in the most popular manufacturers of ovens:

  • To set the clock on an Electrolux oven, you need to unplug it for a few minutes. Then, after turning it on, the clock icon will appear on the display. Use buttons ” ” and “. ” to select time and wait till numbers stop flashing. Or you can set the Electrolux oven without turning it off, but simply by clicking on the time icon. But here many users get confused, switch to the timer and nothing happens. For this reason it is better to unplug the oven first, plug it in again and set the time.
  • If you have Siemens or Ariston, here you need to set not only the time, but the day (the famous PM and AM). Once the oven is plugged in, the display will show flashing numbers. Then either use the knob or the buttons to set the day. Now we can move on to the clock. Press the icon with the dial, set the hours, press the icon again to set the minutes. If confused about what you are currently selecting, hours or minutes, look at what pairs of numbers are now flashing. Once you have selected the time, don’t forget to click on the dial icon again and wait a few seconds.
  • Setting the clock on a Bosch oven isn’t hard either, if you know how. On the first power on, zeros will flash on the display. Press ” ” and “. ” buttons to set the time. Wait a while, the numbers should stop flashing, and then you can start delicious cooking.

Set the time on the Hansa oven, again, unplug it from the mains. Zeros will appear on the display. The word AUTO will start to flash.

Next you have to press ” 1 “, and you will see the icon of a steaming pan. Now use ” 2 ” and ” 3 ” (arrows) to set the time. After a few seconds the “brain” of the oven will remember it.

If you want to re-set the clock on the Hansa oven, you can also edit the time with the arrows.

You can set the Gefest oven by plugging it in. Zeros and the word AUTO appear on the display. Next press the arrows or MENU, AUTO will change to a pan with steam. Again, use the arrows to choose the current time.

We remind you once again that modern ovens do not work without a set time. This does not mean that the equipment is faulty or out of order. All you need is to set the clock correctly, and now you know how to do it correctly.

My next review I want to dedicate not to a new shampoo or makeup, but. ovens. My new assistant was just so cool that I just can not not tell you about it.


  • Model: SR 663 C;
  • Series: Classic;
  • Color: beige;
  • Where to buy: direct link here;
  • without discount. It cost 36881 with a discount;
  • Number of modes: 9;
  • The size of the niche to be built under the countertop (HxWxG), mm: 600x560x570
  • The size of the niche to be built into the column (HxWxG), mm: 585(10)x560x570

I bought this oven to go with my new kitchen. The timer is always a great help! My husband and I decided to buy Kuppersberg oven and all the appliances we buy. Then for his classic kitchen, we have already chosen a set. In this review, I will tell you about the oven.

We have an oven mounted in a column, with a microwave above it in the same style.

We ordered the equipment from an official dealer. For the set we were given a 15% discount, which was very nice, I think you should agree.

The cabinet was packaged very well. It is a cardboard box from a dense cardboard, foam plastic inside, a package. all as it should be.

Included as standard instructions in different languages and warranty card.

I usually do not even look at the instructions, since all electric ovens have approximately identical operation. But not this time. precisely, the control in terms of on / off did not cause problems, here all elementary. And here adjustment of hours and a timer I studied directly on points.

And yes, the oven is equipped with a clock. They are discreet, also in a classic style, fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

The timer is also a nice bonus, a very useful thing.

To start it, you have to select one of the programs on the left switch:

Light indicator on the left side lights up when the oven is switched on.

The handle is made in the same style as the switches (which is understandable)

The instructions give you tips for preparing all kinds of meals. operating mode, temperature and time.

Oven comes with a grill grate and two trays. In principle, this set-up is pretty standard.

I was pleased with the telescopic rails (2 levels), this was important to me, as it is really very comfortable with them.

This model has a glass front and 2 glass panes in the door. By the way, Kuppersberg has models with 3 panes.

This oven is the dream of every housewife when it comes to cleaning. Crystal Clean easy-to-clean enamel finish is washable and very easy to operate. The oven is easy enough to keep pristine clean.

The glass on the door is also very easy to clean. Again, I have small children who are trying to leave fingerprints on the front. But it’s all easy to wash, and most importantly, without streaks.

And, of course, cooking, because this is the main function of the oven. And here, too, for me, this model is a delight. I cook a lot of things in it. from pastries and biscuits to cakes to meat. Somewhere in between are the pizzas, in our family it goes without a hitch.

In the instruction manual, by the way, there is a detailed description of each mode, and remind you that in this model there are 9 modes.

The oven heats up quickly, that’s a big plus. The meat (and other dishes) turns out fried evenly.

Especially the chicken wings are good. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this dish, but not every oven is capable of making them so juicy and fried at the same time.

Muffins and biscuits for cakes are great. Quick and delicious.

And also, the oven has though a short, but pamatya:

Electric oven KUPPERSBERG SR 663 to buy and use RECOMMEND.

  • Design;
  • A harmonious set with a microwave and a gas hob;
  • 9 cooking modes;
  • 2 telescopic guides included;
  • European assembly;
  • Glass doesn’t get hot while cooking;
  • Clock, timer;
  • Easy to clean.

That’s all, I hope the review was helpful. Thank you for your attention and see you again)



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