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How to Set the Time on a Gorenier Oven

Instruction: how to set the clock on the oven

It happens that after buying a new dream oven, everything goes as it should, but suddenly there is an unexpected problem. the oven does not turn on! Get upset early, it does not mean that a defective product has been purchased. The fact is that the newest generation of ovens will not start until you set the clock on the display.

Panic when you don’t switch the oven on, it might just be a matter of setting the clocks

Give in to panic early, if the oven does not turn on, you may just need to set the clock

Operating instructions for Gorenje oven

Modern hostesses should definitely be guided by the icons on the oven. We’ll tell you what the different symbols mean, what the sign of the convection mode is, and about the available features of the latest models of kitchen appliances.

Increasingly common today are units that offer more than a dozen different cooking options. And in order for the oven to pay for itself and justify the investment, it is desirable to use all the features provided. Some people are still hesitant to use the individual modes because they do not understand what each symbol on the touch pad says.

  • Touch the Clock sensor. The numbers indicating the hours start flashing.
  • Touching the “-” and “” buttons,
  • Touch the Clock sensor again to set the minutes. Numbers for minutes. will start to flash.
  • Touching the “-” and “” sensors,
  • To complete the setting process, again

The first time the oven is plugged in, AUTO and the numbers 0 will flash on the display.00. To set the time, press the and keys simultaneously, the blinking dot will start to blink. Set the time using the and buttons After selecting the desired value, press the middle button.

Instruction on how to set the time on the oven

After the oven is installed and connected to the power grid, the control panel lights up, usually with flashing numbers or a clock icon. Some models enable setting the time of day, others do not.

To set the time accurately, you must use the special knob or button in the case of electronic hob. Having set the required hours, press the time sign and move to setting the minutes. After adjusting the time, press the clock icon. That is all, the time is set.

As a rule, the time is set either by means of the ” ” “-” buttons or by means of a special rotary knob. After the time is set and fixed, you need to wait a few seconds.

Sometimes it happens that emergencies occur when the power supply is interrupted, in such cases the programmer does not remember the previously set parameters and after the power supply is restored the procedure will have to be repeated. Otherwise the oven simply will not start, this is a necessary condition for starting the appliance.

To switch on the Hansa gas oven, light a match, press the knob as far as it will go and then turn it leftwards to the temperature chosen. Hold a lit match to the ignition port, light the gas and hold the knob depressed for approximately 3 to 10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the procedure.

  • Press the “Dial or Clock” key. One for size 24 and two for size 12.
  • To set the values, select the “/Smaller” keys. These are indicated by “up and down” arrows.
  • Confirm action. “Clock”.

Watch how long it takes for the sheet to char and then prescribe the temperature settings. If the sheet is charred in 5 seconds, the maximum flame = 270-300 degrees. If this happens in 15 seconds, the temperature in the oven of the gas stove is in the range of 250-270 C. In half a minute. the maximum at 230-250 degrees.

  • Open the door and wait for half a minute;
  • Free both hands;
  • Light a match or a lighter with one hand and bring it to the ignition hole
  • With the other hand, press and turn the knob to turn on the oven and hold it in until the flame appears;
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  • The current time is set on the front control panel of the oven
  • To start using the oven, set the current time
  • Use the or keys. set the correct time of day (for example, 15:59)

So, to set the time, we unplug the oven for a few minutes. After switching on the panel, the clock icon should flash. Press the plus and minus buttons to set the time accurately. Wait until the clock stops flashing. the time is fixed.

When the oven is connected to the mains, 12 is shown on the display.00 and the indicator light above the symbol will start flashing. Press the and buttons to set the correct time on the clock. After the clock is set, the corresponding light stops flashing.

The first time the oven is plugged in, the display shows AUTO and the flashing 0.00. To set the time, press the and buttons at the same time, the separator dot will start flashing. Set the time using the and buttons After selecting the desired value, press the middle button.

Adjusting the clock to the exact daylight saving time is done by simultaneously pressing the leftmost buttons 1 and 2 (0.00 is lit, only AUTO blinks); subsequently, using the rotary switch (on the far right of the timer panel), the daytime setting has to be done (in this moment, the AUTO symbol

time, oven

Set time on gorenje oven

To set the exact time, it is necessary to use special rotary knob or button on the display. Having set the exact value, we press the icon for the hours and go on to set the minutes. At this time, the minute digits will blink.

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