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How to set the redmond electronic floor scale

Redmond Electronic Scales: Accuracy Matters

Electronic scales are so widespread today that they have almost completely supplanted their mechanical predecessors in most applications. The international brand Redmond, a manufacturer of home appliances and electronics, is no exception. In this review, consider the electronic floor scales of this company, including diagnostic and Smart models.

Modern devices measure the mass using special sensors. Redmond’s electronic scale has four sensors that respond to changes in pressure applied to the platform. The electronically converted weight value is shown digitally on a special screen.

Maximum weight and measurement accuracy

The Redmond Floor Scale has a capacity from 150 to 180 pounds. In this case, experts do not recommend loading the device to the maximum, leaving “in reserve” 10-20 kilograms. Some models have an overload indicator which is very useful because the system will give an audible (light) signal or display a message on the screen when the maximum load is exceeded.

If you follow the rules of operation and with care, the floor scale Redmond RS-738 will last more than a year

All scales (electronic and mechanical) have a certain error of measurement. In digital floor-standing appliances for determining weight, this characteristic is 50 to 100 grams, depending on the model. This high precision is achieved by using high-sensitivity sensors and digital electronics.

Diagnostic models

Most models of Redmond electronic floor scales have diagnostic functions. Digital filling makes it possible (in addition to the basic function of weighing) to determine the percentage ratio quite accurately:

In addition, the test allows you to know the proportion of fluids in the body.

Determination of tissues and liquids in the scales “Redmond” is carried out by passing through the body of low-current electric pulses. A voltage is applied to the feet through special electrodes fixed in the platform of the device. The signal is processed by the circuit and the final result is displayed. It is worth saying that the low-intensity voltage used is absolutely safe for health and is not actually felt by the person.

Redmond RS-750 scale calculates fat and fat-free mass, this analysis is necessary, for example, to control in the process of losing weight

Synchronization with mobile gadgets

Some Redmond scales have the ability to synchronize weighing and diagnostic data:

Bluetooth is used for connection. It is also necessary to install the appropriate application on the gadget.

Materials and prices

The Redmond scales use a wide variety of materials to make the bodies:

All models have tempered glass panels.

The material of RS-761 housing and platform has no impact on functionality and accuracy of weighing

The price range on the Redmond Floor Scale is wide. Inexpensive devices have no extra features, such models have a larger accuracy and use cheap materials. The mid-priced scales are additionally equipped with diagnostic options and have a larger and more accurate measurement range. The more expensive models have an additional option of synchronizing with mobile digital gadgets.

Photo gallery: model range of floor scales Redmond

Floor scales RS-728B are specifically designed for those who watch their health and fitness RS-730. the novelty with high accuracy and a special function to determine the ratio of bone, muscle and fat tissue, fluid content in the body Scales Redmond RS-735 with convenient low battery indicator, automatic on and off Model RS-751 is ideal for the whole family. easy and convenient to use scales Redmond RS-707. a bright solution for those who watch their physical shape Scales Redmond RS-710. a distinctive feature of floor scales Redmond scales are designed for people watching their health, Advanced technologies for precise weighing are a distinctive feature of floor scales Redmond RS-710 The floor scale Redmond RS-715 combines accurate measurement, striking design and easy handling Power of model RS-719 is powered by photoelectric cells and scales work from any light source RS-726. it is convenient and easy to handle, The wide range of functions and reliability of the RS-733 is a creative and stylish model with a rugged tempered glass body and a large, comfortable LCD display

Overview of popular models

Consider in detail three popular models of floor electronic scales firm “Redmond“.

Redmond RS-713

Electronic scales Redmond RS-713 are ideal for people who care about their health and watching their physical shape. This model features a mass analyzer as well:

  • Measures the ratios of water, fat, muscle and bone tissue;
  • Special modes for athletes. indication of the character of body constitution (normal/ deviation).

Four high precision sensors on the corners of the platform for accurate measurements of under 50 grams. Scales memorize individual parameters of eight users.

Other advantages of the Redmond RS-713 include:

Vet Scale Calibration OP-902/ Err6

Scales Redmond RS-713. it’s modern weighing technology, ease of use, wide functionality and stylish design

Customer Reviews

I bought these scales to control my figure (after the birth of a child), the old scales always give different results. And how glad I was that this scale always shows accurate results, and in different places in the apartment (I checked with salt). The scale has a handy feature to remember the weight, just put the result of weighing in memory and then follow the changes in weight. The case is well made, when you stand on the scale there is no creaking or cracking (as I had on my old scales), although I do not weigh that much.

Katerina Spiridonova


Glitches: 1. If I weigh myself, they accurately show the weight, but the ratio of water, fat and bones doesn’t show it, and just the letters P1P6 instead. 2. If you lift them up on a shelf, for example while cleaning, and then put them on the floor and weigh them, they show a steady 1.6 or 1.9 kg more. Then when the reading goes out, you can get up again and voila you are almost 2 lbs less. 3. It is a pity that the data is not saved. Have to keep a separate chart of how much you weighed yesterday/the day before. Dynamics is not shown on the scale in any way.



Redmond RS-708

Electronic scales Redmond RS-708 may be a godsend for people who care about their physical shape, but do not want to overpay for extra options. The platform of the device is made of durable tempered glass, it also has an LCD display for displaying information. Additionally there is a battery level indicator.

Redmond RS-708 is ideal for those who watch their physical shape, but do not want to overpay

Reviews of this model

This time I especially chose scales without any, as it turned out, not very necessary functions, like a fat analyzer, etc.д. This time I staked on the accuracy of measuring 100 grams and so far I am satisfied: after a good snack the scales really “see” an increase of a few hundred grams. This model also attracted by its ease of use, low price and laconic design. Although the floral design on the platform, in my opinion, a little out of place. The glass plate raises some concerns, but the scale does not look fragile.

redmond, electronic, floor, scale



My husband and I have been climbing for over a year. I bought the scale to control my weight. I tend to lose weight after intense physical exertion, stress. So for me it is important not to lose weight, to maintain it. We have been using the scale for about a year. I bought the scale for what it looks like and what it costs, I just needed the weight measurement. No disadvantages revealed during use, but the scales should be placed on a flat surface so they do not wobble. Otherwise will show incorrect weight.



Redmond SkyBalance 740S

The Redmond SkyBalance 740S is an advanced model with Ready for Sky control technology. Built-in microcomputer detects data during measurement and transmits it to a mobile device. For synchronization of gadgets uses a special application. The software allows you to view measurement charts, calculate individual rates and parameters, and create personalized weight correction programs. Redmond SkyBalance 740S remembers and analyzes data from multiple users, and you can track and adjust all information in one app.

Among the disadvantages of SkyBalance RS-740S can be noted:

  • scales can “glitch” when synchronized with the phone (in particular, after software updates),
  • The branded mobile app is poorly translated into Russian.

Responses of users

We bought these scales in summer, we were very satisfied until the “revolutionary update” came out (somewhere in August), after which any synchronization with the phone is out of the question. The accuracy of the measurements is questionable, it happened that my muscle mass changed by 1-1.5 kg per day, but in general, the figures are similar to those I got after the bioimpedance analysis in the clinic.

olesya klimova


Advantages: Cute. Disadvantages: Everything else! Just bought and the only thing they do is show weight. All other features do not work. Tambourine connected to my phone through the app (crookedly translated app) and that’s it, doesn’t even want to sync in the app. Standing, waiting, waiting and all, the phone pretends to wait for something and nothing comes. Comment: I will never buy products of this brand again.

Redmond RS-713 Specifications

Below you will find Redmond RS-713 product specifications and manuals.

Type Personal electronic scale
Maximum capacity (weight) 150 kg
Auto Off Yes
Memory Functions Yes
Body mass index (BMI) measurement Yes
Overload indicator Yes
Accuracy 50 g
Technology 4 sensors
Units of measure kg,lb,st
Number of users 8 users.
Fat analysis Yes
Body Water Percentage Yes
Muscle Ratio Analysis Yes
Bone Mass Analysis Yes
Sport Mode Yes
BMR measurement
Product Color Black


Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? You can find the answer to your question below in our frequently asked questions about Redmond RS-713.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is a simple tool to determine if a person is at his or her optimum weight. BMI below 18.5 means the person weighs less than necessary. A BMI between 20 and 25 means optimal weight. A reading above 30 means the person is overweight and obese.

The possibility of using the scales with wet feet depends on the type of scales. the scale may display incorrect information if you weigh with wet feet, using a scale not designed for this.

The product is safe to use after proper cleaning. Remove the battery, wearing gloves, and clean the battery compartment with a toothbrush moistened with vinegar. After drying, install new batteries in the device.

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Looking for instructions? ManualsPDF.ru guarantees that you will find what you need in seconds. We have over 1 million PDF manuals from 10,000 brands in our database. We add the newest versions of manuals daily so you can always find exactly what you need. It’s that simple: just enter the brand name and product type in the search bar, and you’ll be able to view the necessary manual for free and instant.

Redmond RS-728B Specifications

Below you will find Redmond RS-728B product specifications and manuals.

Type Personal Electronic Scale
Maximum capacity (weight) 150kg
Auto power off Yes
Memory function Yes
Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement Yes
Accuracy 100 g
Units of Measurement kg,lb,st
Number of users 8 users.
Fat analysis Yes
Percentage of water in the body Yes
Muscle Ratio Analysis Yes
Bone Mass Analysis Yes
Sports mode Yes
Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) measurement
Product color Aluminium,Black


Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? You can find the answer to your question below in the frequently asked questions about the Redmond RS-728B.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is a simple tool to determine if a person’s weight is optimal. A BMI below 18.5 means a person weighs less than necessary. BMI between 20 and 25 indicates your optimal weight. A reading above 30 means that a person is overweight and obese.

The ability to use the scale with wet feet depends on the type of scale. The scale may display incorrect information if weighed with wet feet, using an unintended scale.

⚖️KitchenAid Dual Platform Food Scale My Review So Far

The product is safe for use after proper cleaning. Remove the battery, wearing gloves, and clean the battery compartment with a toothbrush moistened with vinegar. After drying, install new batteries in the device.

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Looking for instructions? ManualsPDF.ru guarantees that you’ll find what you need in seconds. Our database contains more than 1 million PDF manuals from over 10,000 brands. We’re adding the newest versions of manuals daily, so you can always find exactly what you need. It’s that simple: just enter the brand name and product type in the search bar, and you’ll be able to view the necessary instructions instantly and free of charge.

Redmond RS-750 Floor Scale. review

Last November I had an interesting thought: why not change the floor scales??

My good old ones with the failsafe hand inexorably stating the fact of a few extra kilos or three, were very compliant. If the result of weighing is disappointing, it is possible to come to terms with them, turning the wheel on the arrow to minus 1 kg, and the result is almost acceptable. That’s how we lived.

But it was time to get ready for the New Year and there was to be no compromise. And the question of buying a new scale came up.

I will say right away that I learned long ago to exclude unnecessary options from the requirements for technology (any). I do not need to calculate fat mass, bone mass and all other parameters. And the memory in the device, capable of storing data for up to 4 people, is not required. Applications for statistics on the phone. also bypassed. I’m not an athlete, I intend only to watch my weight. And if I decide to go on a diet, I need the scale to monitor my weight loss.

I thought long and thoughtfully chose a device for honestly controlling my kilograms. And finally the choice fell on

  • glass platform
  • load up to 180 kg
  • very accurate measurement
  • Auto power on, auto power off
  • battery charge indication

Do without batteries and solar panels. They are powered by the built-in generator, which generates enough electricity for one measurement at the push of a special button.

Inside the box I found the manual and the warranty card. I bought it in DNC on sale,

The scales in the box wrapped with another layer of cardboard for safety, the platform of tempered glass requires careful storage.

The weight of the device is about 1.5 kg, size 30x30x3 cm.

I was looking at a lot of pictures of the scales when I was buying them online. Colorful blotchy photos as a decoration did not appeal to me at all. I’m too picky in this regard (peccionism is my middle name). When I saw one without any drawings, that seemed like the best decision.

Redmond RS-750 has no pictures on the platform, near the button information is a sticker, which can be easily removed, in my place so far, I do not plan to remove it, because it does not interfere.

Sturdy white plastic body with a metal rod. Parts are flat on the bottom, joints without gaps. Done well.

In the corners are round rubberized feet that prevent the scales from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Redmond RS-750 mechanical floor scale. The principle of operation is as follows: at the bottom of the platform there is a button, when you press it, the device briefly recharges. The power up time is 5 seconds.

During this time the digital indicator on the top of the platform is loaded.

I press the button 1 time with my foot, wait 5 seconds while the screen shows the loading process. Standing on the platform while the scales are being turned on, when the device is not yet ready for operation. It will not read the weight. I get on the scale after it is fully loaded (the screen reflects the numbers 0.0 ), they measure the weight and show the data on the screen.

The device works from the moment the button is pressed for 60 seconds (the number of presses does not affect the working time). After this time the empty battery symbol on the display flashes and the scale runs for another 15 seconds, after which the display goes out.


I really like the look of the scale. Look extremely stylish. The snow-white glass platform gives the impression of cleanliness and quality. By the way, it is easily cleaned of dust and dirt.

I hear a quiet “squeak” sound when I press the button, it’s audible but doesn’t bother me.

The numerals on the liquid crystal display are bright and large, so you don’t have to look too closely, and everything is perfectly legible.

The enclosure is solid, nothing is loose inside and outside, no knocks, no backlash.

The scales are convenient to use: the built-in generator does not require replacing the batteries (I am pleased with the long 2-year warranty from the manufacturer). But if the mechanism stops working after two years, the whole device will have to be replaced, I think.

For accurate weighing it needs to be placed on a flat surface. How accurately it measures weight I can’t comment on with any certainty. I think they lie from time to time. Because in the same place at the same time they may show different results with an error of more than 1 kilogram, I may not have a flat surface.

For example, weight of two dumbbells of 1 kg each is shown by them differently, from 2.0 kg to 2.2 kg. However, despite my suspicions about the inaccuracy of the scale, it can be used to track the trend in weight loss or gain.

Again, I think the scales are not accurate, but I’m not sure I’m putting them right. The linoleum at home is too soft.

Large memory capacity

RS-746 model has 12 memory cells in which different users can store the data of previous measurements. All family members, members of a mini fitness group or yoga studio will be able to watch their bodies change.

Large LCD display, crisp and large numbers on the scoreboard will allow you to see the scales without having to lean into the platform of the device and without confusing readings. Quickly select the memory cell you need and load the data into it the touch control panel reacts to light touches.

Accuracy of measurement

The model has 4 built-in high-sensitive sensors that provide accurate measurements up to 100 g and measuring range from 3 to 180 kg.

People of about the same build may have significantly different ratios of muscle to bone, fat to water in the body. The scales will calculate these parameters for you so that you can, for example, increase the proportion of cardio workouts and get rid of excess fat, or, conversely, increase the intensity of strength and increase muscle volume.

Redmond SkyBalance 740S Floor Scale. Synopsis by

Good day, my dear readers!

I’m already used to be perpetually dissatisfied and criticizing everyone and everything. But there is no other way, because we want to say what we have.

So, the well-known brand Redmond began to produce “smart” appliances. We already have two of these devices in the house: a kettle and a scale. If it weren’t for app glitches, we would have splurged on a smart multicooker as well, but alas and ah! Redmond itself willy-nilly loses profit as it makes poor quality products that either don’t contact the app properly or the app doesn’t contact it properly. But what we have is what we have.

Scales I wanted for a long time, I think to explain why the house needs scales is not necessary. Along with the kettle, we bought a scale and a toaster at the same time. My husband is under the influence of sales assistants, so we were shoved all the “smart” things.

REDMOND. an international brand of various small home and kitchen appliances, as well as smart devices.

The Redmond brand is particularly popular on the market thanks to its multicookers. Today the company constantly updates its product range, anticipating the desires and needs of the buyer.

REDMOND products can be attributed to the medium and high price segment. High quality, advanced technology, great performance and elegant modern design make REDMOND devices so popular among consumers.

In our city we have an official Redmond store, which is where we bought appliances until we ran into a strange situation.

Then we finally chose a multicooker, I do not remember the model, but on the Internet it is quite popular. It has a removable lid, it’s a pressure cooker, it’s white and a little bit elongated. The price is in the neighborhood of 10,000r. About a month ago in most stores it was a good discount and the price was almost everywhere the same 8500r. This news made us very happy and we went in search of the product.

It turned out that it wasn’t in stock anywhere else, you could only buy it online, like on ozone. But in the official store the same multicooker was, but at the usual price, or even more expensive, somewhere in the region of 12-13 000 p.

That is, tacitly the store tells you, “You want to buy online, for God’s sake! But we have to pay extra on the spot, because the model is only available here!”This is a shame.

After this incident, I will know that in the official store the product is likely to cost more. I won’t go there again and I would advise you to do the same.

We bought a completely different multicooker, also Redmond, but simpler and without the “smart” function with a useless app. Our multicooker is also popular on the net, I’ll tell you about it soon, I’ll designate all the pros and cons.

The scales are in strict man’s colors: black and gray, with a rather large and bright black and white screen. You can see everything from a height.

One thing I can’t help but mention is the styling. I don’t think angularity is in fashion anymore. Redmond, look at Apple or Xiaomi. The scales look ok, but like they are from the dashing 2000’s.

At the bottom of the rave with the application designation. I think the app icon needs some work too, because it should somehow demonstrate its affiliation with home appliances, not some mysterious Martian symbol. Although we may not know anything about Redmond, and in fact it’s alien technology that’s watching us from under the nightstand? Who knows?

You have to put in three batteries at a time. It’s probably best to insert batteries from the same brand, not like mine. hodgepodge.

By the way, after my photo shoot with the batteries, the scale stopped turning on and I had to remove and put the batteries back in to make it work. So put the batteries in, cross your heart and don’t touch them again.

In this paragraph I will not insert screenshots of the characteristics, I think they are not particularly necessary here.

  • The scale is smart and has the ability to connect to an app to calculate your fat, water, muscle, bone, BMI. In the app, you can also set yourself a goal, for example, to achieve less or as in my case. more weight
  • and of course the main feature. your weight!

These scales we bought at the end of February 2018, that is, they are now 1.8 months. A little over six months.

The scales started working right away, they initially connected to the app normally and without difficulty, everything was fine.

?However, as I wrote in another review of redmond appliances (I’ll link to the end of this review), the app often dropped out, I had to constantly enter my data, and as a consequence, I just stopped using the app altogether.

Today I tried to connect again and this is what I got.

This is what a fully working app looks like, this was in February right after I bought it. I could see this data through the “History” button.

However, after a while the app was hard to reach.

Redmond SkyBalance 740S Floor Scale. Feedback

I am a person who is constantly losing weight, regardless of the time of year, health and mood. And that would be okay, but other than that I’m a nervous person, and I get off on the goodies I could afford before, all the time. One candy bar comes at me from around the corner, then the cake, I do not have time to fight back. So that’s what I mean.

Today we have a lot of smart technology in our lives, whether it’s a kettle you can control from your phone or a smart watch. To say that it is convenient, is nothing to say.

How nice that now came into vogue a healthy lifestyle, everyone now and then tries to get better yourself, eat right and do sports. Well, how in this business without a floor scale?! And if they are smart they are really worth it!

And when I had the opportunity to try the SMART scales “for a taste”, without hesitation, I agreed and waited. Yes so expected that in the night I ran to meet the courier

And here they are, my beautiful, my favorite REDMOND SkyBalance 740S smart floor-standing scales

Where to buy? In the webshop [link]

Originally the Smart Scales are packed in a cardboard box on which, by the way, you can see all the information you might need.

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S smart floor scales. an innovative development that seamlessly combines an ultra-strong, ultra-slim aluminum and tempered glass case, a precise and reliable weight measurement mechanism and advanced Ready for Sky remote control technology. Floor Smart Scale synchronizes with the mobile app Ready for Sky, saving all body measurements.

And the cardboard box, very nice and stylish. The eye is delighted to look at such things, the same can be said about the scales themselves. They are unreal!

They are made of tempered glass, which allows them to withstand a person weighing up to 150 kg.

And even here there is some information and a QR-code, by which you can easily download the application.

On the reverse side. 4 small feet, the shortest possible information and a place to insert the batteries, and that’s basically it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Another UNIT button, which is required for synchronization with the phone. It is required only once.

Also, the package includes instructions and books in which you can read all the information.


The scales mirror, so you have to be careful when creating a photo in the diet reviews, so as not to capture anything unnecessary.

The LCD display is large, very large. For me, who used to have to bend over to look at the display on other scales, this is just mega convenient.

Also, I want to say a huge thank you to the backlight on the display! Now I can weigh myself at any time of year, in any weather, 24 hours a day, and the numbers will be visible.

The SkyBalance has a handy backlit LCD display, auto-disconnect function, overload and low battery indicator. Most importantly, you can easily keep track of your achievements related to weight changes!

By the way, the smart scales work on three AAA batteries, which come with. I read in the reviews, before ordering, that the batteries in the kit are not found in all, what is the reason. is not clear. I did not encounter this, thank God.

They are easy to close and when you move the scale anywhere the lid will not fall off!

WHY Smart Scales Know So Much About Us? You can read more if you open the quote:

All the “magic” is provided by BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) or bioimpedance analysis.

How it works: there are electrodes on the surface of the scale which must be stepped on barefoot during the measurement. The weak electrical pulse that the scale sends out, after passing through the human body is analyzable.

Every biological component of our body-bone, fat, muscle, or water-has a certain resistance. For each component, the magnitude dependence on resistance is unique and this allows each component to be isolated and measured.

The scale runs a current through your body (very weak, generally intangible) and the Ready for Sky app will display how much muscle, bone, water, and fat you have. I will tell you more about the app below.

Questions and Answers

You have a question about the Redmond RS-726, but you can’t find the answer in the user manual? Perhaps ManualsCat users.com will be able to help you and answer your question. Fill out the form below. And your question will be displayed under the manual for Redmond RS-726. Please make sure you describe your difficulties with the Redmond RS-726 in as much detail as possible. The more detailed your question is, the better the chances are that another user will answer it quickly. You will automatically be sent an email to inform you when someone answers your question.

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Page: 2

Dear customer! Thank you for choosing REDMOND appliances. REDMOND stands for innovation, quality, reliability and attention to our customer’s needs. We hope you will continue to choose our products in the future. Floor electronic scales RS-726 with a body composition analyzer will help you find out not only your weight but also instantly determine the ratio of fat, muscle, bone tissue and water in the body, as well as calculate the daily caloric intake depending on the gender and age of the person. The REDMOND Electronic Floor Scale is designed for the health-conscious consumer.

Page: 3

Technical Data. 5 Contents 5 Design. 6 I. Before you start using it. 7 Safety Precautions. 7 Before you switch it on for the first time. 8 II. Operation of the floor scale. 9 Simple weighing. 9 Using the Body Composition Analyser. 10 Individual Adjustment of the Scales 11 Weighing with Body Composition Analysis. 12 General information about body composition analysis results. 14 Error messages. 16 III. Care and Storage. 16 IV. Warranty Commitment. 17

Page: 4

FOREWORD Scales RS-726 5 Specifications Unit of measurement Kg, lb, stone Maximum weight 150 kg Scale accuracy 100g Body composition analyzer is Body fat measurement is Body water measurement is Measuring of muscle mass is Measuring of bone mass is Power source 1xCR2032 Platform material Glass, metal plates Liquid crystal display One-touch switch-on is Auto shut-off is Battery low is Overload indicator is. CR2032 battery 1 pc. Instruction manual 1pc. Service book 1 pc. THE MANUFACTURER HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE DESIGN, EQUIPMENT, AS WELL AS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PRODUCT IN THE PROCESS OF IMPROVING ITS PRODUCTS WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE OF THESE CHANGES.

Page: 5

6 MODEL 1 DEVICE. Top panel 2. LCD display 3. Metal contact plates 4. ▲. button to select / increase parameter value 5. SET. button to set individual parameters 6 Button for selecting / decreasing the parameter value 7. Bottom panel 8. Battery compartment 9. kg/lb/st. button to select the unit of weight (kg, lb, st) Display unit Indication of the individual settings 1. USER. user profile selection 2 Selecting the user’s floor 3. cm. user height setting in centimeters 4. AGE. setting the age of the user Body Composition Analysis Indicators 5. FAT = body fat 6. BW. body water 7. MUS. muscle mass 8. BON. bone mass 9. KCAL. recommended daily calorie intake in kilocalories Unit of measure 10. in % of gross weight 11. kg. kilograms 12. Pounds (lb), Stones (st:lb) 456 1 3 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 12 2 8 7 9

Page: 6

The scales of the RIGHT scales RS-726 7 I. Before you start using the appliance Please read the instructions for use carefully before using the appliance and keep them as a reference ■ Before you start using the appliance, read the instructions for use carefully and keep them in a safe place. Correct use of the device will significantly extend its service life. The device is designed for domestic use only. 11 This device is not intended for commercial or medical use. Unit of measure 10 ■ Only use the device for its intended purpose. Using the appliance for purposes other than those specified in these instructions is a violation of the operating instructions. Do not leave the weighing scale in the vicinity of heaters, in direct sunlight or in humid conditions. Do not immerse the weighing device in water. Failure to observe these precautions could result in damage that is not covered by the warranty. Do not allow foreign objects to fall on the device. Protect the device from knocks and falls on hard surfaces. Keep the surface of the scale and your feet dry when weighing. The wet surface of the scale becomes slippery, which may result in a fall and injury. When cleaning the appliance, strictly observe the instructions given in the “Care and Storage” section ■ When cleaning the appliance, strictly observe the instructions given in the “Care and Storage” section. The appliance is not intended for use by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they are supervised or instructed by a person responsible for their safety. Attention! The use of the Body Composition Analyzer is contraindicated for pregnant women, people undergoing dialysis treatment and people with implanted medical devices (pacemakers, etc.). п.). Do not make any repairs or modifications to the appliance yourself. All repair work must be carried out by an authorized service center. Unprofessional repairs may cause damage to the appliance, personal injury and property damage.

Page: 7

8 Warning! Do not use the appliance if there is any malfunction. The manufacturer is not responsible for malfunction due to non-compliance with safety regulations and operating rules of the appliance. Before turning it on for the first time 1. Carefully remove the appliance from the box, remove all packaging material and advertising stickers, except for the serial number sticker. The lack of a serial number on your product automatically voids you of any right to warranty service. 2. Wipe the housing with a damp cloth. 3. Allow the device to dry. 4. Remove the battery cover by sliding it with light pressure towards the edge of the device. Insert the battery, observing the polarity (with the marking facing upwards). Close the compartment lid. The numbers “0” will appear on the display.0″ and the kg indicator. Appliance is ready to use.



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