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How to set the clock on the oven Hansa

Hansa FCCX58208 instruction manual online. page 12

Instructions Hansa FCCX58208 for the device electric stove contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of these instructions: Download PDF

Remove parts of the packaging before turning on the stove for the first time,

empty the drawer, clean the oven cavity

warm water with the addition of liquid for

Turn on the ventilation in the room or from-

Clean the oven cavity only with a soft lukewarm water (e.g-

The oven cavity should only be cleaned with

Warm water with the addition of a small quantity of hot water and a few drops of boiling water

amount of dishwashing liquid.

Mechanical minute minder timer M Minute minder timer does not control the operation of the stove.

It is just a sound alarm device,

духовой шкаф Hansa BOES68427. Инструкция по эксплуатации

reminder to perform

short cooking actions. Diapa-

Time zones range from 0 to 60 minutes.

Need to use the timer range from 0

To set the timer to 10 minutes, first turn the knob 90º to the desired

the timer knob and then set the selected-

operating mode.Mechanical Minute minder timer is designed to control the work of the

ovens. It can be programmed in the range of-

0 to 120 minutes. After the set time has elapsed

time a buzzer will sound and the oven will

Programming. turn the knob on the hour knob to-

Turn the ceramic hob clockwise and set the required time.

When the knob is set to “0” position, the dual function knob must be disabled-

If you do not intend to use the

Use the timer in the range from 0

clock, oven, hansa

up to 10 minutes, you must first turn the

First of all you need to turn the timer knob 90º, and then set the-

Control the operation of the ceramic hob burners-

Correctly selected types of cookware must have a “”, “-” or “-” setting

The value and the shape of the approximately corresponding-

The surface of the burner to be used. For

Cookware type “caterpillar” is applied spec-

The oval-shaped burner measures 170×265.

Do not use cookware with large or

convex bottom. Do not forget that the cookware

must have a carefully selected lid.

Use cookware with a thicker, heavier consistency than the standard cookware

cast bottom. Contaminated burner surfaces-

Selecting the heating powerThe burners have different heating power-

of the knob works internally. It can be adjusted by turning the

3 MAX. Rapid heating, fast

It is allowed to turn on the burner by turning

Turning knobs clockwise strictly clockwise. Turning on in the

the opposite direction can damage the

the switch.Rice.6nIn range “0 1 2 3” the knob works internally-

The lower heating surface and the heating field can be infinitely adjusted, thus reducing the danger of heat build-up-

the amount of heat applied to the cookware.

(“caterpillar”), activates the outer field. From now on

the amount of food on the plate can be infinitely adjusted

the heat of both heating fields (external and

internal) because the internal switch-

The heater switches off both fields only after the

The indicator of heating fieldWhen the temperature of the burner exceeds 50 ° C,

Hansa stove instructions how to turn on the electric and gas

Now almost every housewife in the kitchen you can find an electric stove with an oven. As it turns out, the stove is no longer interested in everyone. Such appliances are indispensable in everyday life. Modern electric ovens are equipped with many functions timer, hooks for kitchen towels, cleaning systems. A certain amount of time is allocated for the preparation of various dishes according to the recipe, it can be regulated by a timer. Inexperienced users of such appliances often wonder: how to set the time on the stove “Hansa”? To understand the rules for use and how to use it, you must first read the instructions for use of the kitchen unit and act according to instructions. You will find it in this article.

To turn on the oven Greta turn and press the knob, keeping in this position for 15 seconds, then release. If necessary, after no earlier than 1 minute, repeat the procedure with the oven door open.

When the programmed time is reached, an acoustic signal sounds.

  • Press the button repeatedly. until the icon and three digits on the disc begin to flash.
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-“. to set the minutes.
  • Press the button again

Press buttons 2 and 3 at the same time, then press and. to set the time. Light indicator S1 illuminates, it means the appliance is operating in manual mode.

  • Press and hold down the ” ” and ” ” touch key. The LED on the dashboard will flash and the LED on the ignition key will flash
  • Select the required cooking time using the or. keys.
  • Two beeps will be heard, slowly
  • Select cooking function and value
  • When the cooking time expires, the oven

To set oven time

When the stove is first turned on or after a power outage, the user will need to reset the clock on the oven. It is necessary to know this, because the programming of the clock should be done after each disconnection of the device from the mains. If the clock is not set, the display will show a zero reading and the letters AUTO will blink. To set the time, press the middle button under the display once. Next, use the left and right button to adjust the time. Once the correct parameters are set, they will be stored in the memory. Without setting time parameters the oven will not turn on.

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Nowadays, almost every housewife in the kitchen you can find an electric stove with an oven. This technology is indispensable in everyday life. Modern electric stoves are equipped with many functions timer, hooks for kitchen towels, cleaning systems. For the preparation of various dishes according to the recipe a certain amount of time is allocated, it can be regulated by a timer. Inexperienced users of such equipment often wonder how to set the time on the stove “Hansa”? The first thing you need to do to figure this out is to read the instructions for your kitchen appliance and follow them. You will find them in this article.

Electric stoves “Hansa” on the type of hobs are divided into two groups:

  • Cast iron cooking surface is considered the most durable in use, as it does not deform under serious mechanical stress.
  • The glass ceramic hob is considered to be the safest hob option, as a strong heat is only felt when the panel comes into contact with the cookware. These models are very popular on the market due to their good quality and optimal price. In addition, they include more than ten cooking modes.

Both models are in high demand on the market because of their excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Press and hold the soft key. until the AUTO indicator light flashes and the.
  • Select the cooking time value using the touch keys or
  • Two beeps will sound, slowly.
  • Select cooking function and value.
  • After the cooking time has elapsed, the cabinet

So, to set the time, you need to unplug the oven for a few minutes. After you turn it on, the clock icon on the panel should blink. You use the plus and minus buttons to set the time precisely. Wait until the clock stops flashing. the time is fixed.

Safety instructions, English, On installation

Child Safety, During Use, Maintenance, Environmental Protection

These cautions are given in the interest of safety. You MUST read these carefully before you install or use this appliance.

All operations that involve the fixed connection of this appliance must be performed by a qualified technician in accordance with the standards and regulations in force.

It is dangerous to modify the technical specifications of the oven in any way.

After unpacking the instrument, make sure that it is not damaged and that the electrical cable is in perfect condition. If not, please contact your supplier before attempting installation.

This household appliance was designed to be handled by adults and children under the supervision of. DO NOT allow small children to touch the controls or play with the oven or near the oven.

When using this appliance, some parts of it that are easy to reach may become hot. Keep children away from the oven until it has cooled.

This appliance was designed for cooking only and should NOT be used for any other purpose.

For health and safety reasons this appliance must always be kept clean. Accumulation of fats or other foodstuffs can cause a fire.

When the oven is not in use, remember to make sure that all controls are in the “Off” position.

If you plug any electrical equipment into an outlet that is near this oven, make sure that the electrical cables do not come into contact with the oven and keep them far enough away from heated parts of the oven.

If the oven is not working properly, disconnect it from the power supply.

Do not leave cookware containing food, such as grease or oil, on or inside the oven. If the appliance is turned on accidentally, it could cause trouble.

When cooking meat and using the grill, place a drip pan to catch the fat. Put a little water on the drip pan to prevent smoke and unpleasant odors.

It is very important to keep these instructions close to the oven so that you can refer to them when necessary. If you are going to sell or give away this oven, be sure to include the instructions with it so that the new owner can learn about the functions of this appliance and the relevant warnings.

Always use an oven glove when removing hot objects from the oven.

Disconnect the oven from the power supply before performing any cleaning or maintenance work on it.

Some oven parts are covered with a protective film when delivered. Remove this film before using the appliance for the first time.

This appliance is designed for single-phase 230 V connection.A single-phase 400 V connection without an earth connection will damage the oven and hob (if installed).

If the above safety precautions are not observed, any damage caused as a result of such non-compliance will not be covered and any claims for defects which may arise as a result will be excluded

Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair this appliance yourself. Repairs by inexperienced people can cause injury or serious malfunction. Contact the nearest Zanussi Service Centre authorised by the manufacturer. Always insist on the installation of genuine Zanussi spare parts.

After installing the oven, dispose of the packaging in accordance with safety and environmental regulations.

When disposing of the old unit, make it unusable by cutting off the power cord.



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