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How to set air conditioner to cold

How to switch on air conditioner

Using an air conditioner to cool the air inside your home is considered the main task for this household appliance, but there are split products that can work in two hypostases: cold and heat. There is no difference in their installation except for some minor nuances: conditioners are installed only on the walls of the house, but modern models of split systems can be installed in the ceiling slabs.

Many users ask an eternal question how to set an air conditioner by themselves? Instruction interprets the main points, how to operate correctly the conditioner of a definite model after the installation. Set up the product with the remote control, we will tell you how to handle it in detail a little later.

Cooling mode

We use this function all the time in our homes when it gets hot, so let’s look at this process in more detail.

In order to switch conditioner on cold, it is enough to press the button with a snowflake icon and then choose optimal temperature up to which it is necessary to cool air in the premise. When the desired climate is reached the remote unit turns off automatically, and the evaporator unit continues to work, maintaining the user set parameters.

Cold air flows out of the evaporator and fills the entire space, displacing the warmer air that is sucked into the system and cooled. It is only it is worth to increase the temperature for two degrees when the outside block switches on again in order to reduce it to the optimal variant which you set with the help of the remote control on the conditioner.

There are recommendations from experts about using the “cold” function.

  • You should not cool air in the apartment below 16 degrees. You should remember that when you operate the device at full capacity, there is a risk to catch a cold.
  • The difference between the outdoor and indoor air temperature should not exceed 5 degrees.
  • Do not turn the product on cold when the outside temperature is less than 12 degrees.
  • All models of modern climate devices are configured to save energy, especially converter products are different. they automatically select the mode.
  • All conditioners in general should not be switched on when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius.

Many models of split-split-systems, according to manufacturers’ assurances, can function at 20 deg below zero, heating a premise, but one should obligatory switch them off at strong frosts not to break the fan. Especially carefully use this technique during a sudden thaw.

Heating mode

Modern air conditioning systems can supply not only cool air but also heat. To do this, take the PU and follow the prompts.

  • Press Start or On/Off key, then press Heat key.
  • If not, there is a Mode key or other key above which there are symbols: snowflake, sun, raindrop and fan. Switch modes until the desired symbol appears on the display.
  • Press or. or the up and down arrows to set the desired temperature. Its value should be 5 degrees higher than the one that is now in the room.

At first the fan is switched on and then the heating mode. In 10 minutes maximum the product will start to pump warm air into the room. If the AC does not have the buttons described above you are out of luck, this model of air conditioner can not operate in the heating mode.

There are split-systems where at first it is needed to realize all settings and then to press the start button.

During setup, any model must respond to you: beep, flashing LEDs. It is necessary to get acquainted with all its characteristics in order not to worry about it later.

Automatic mode detection function

Automatic modes are used to switch the air conditioner to cooling or heating mode, depending on what the room temperature is. Auto mode is started if the system is not started with the remote control, but manually by pressing the button on the air conditioner itself, which is usually located under the front panel of the indoor unit.

Let’s say you set temperature of 26 degrees and if the temperature in the room is higher, the cooling mode will be switched on. But if the temperature is lower than 26 degrees, the conditioner will go in a heating mode. Some models have the function of changing this value. In order to activate the automatic mode, you need to press the Auto button on the remote control.


Modern models are equipped with the similar parameters of the device.

RC panel. a small microcircuit that sends signals to the control buttons, battery pack. When you press button certain command is sent to the unit.

  • Mode. change of modes
  • Swing. change of louver position of split-system depending on air streams
  • Direction. shifting of blinds at a given angle
  • Fan. change of air blowing power
  • Turbo. setting maximum fan operation power
  • Reset to zero all parameters
  • Lock. setting the lock
  • Led. light indication
  • Clock. current time

In case the device does not react on pressing the keys, it is necessary to check its condition for serviceability.

For this purpose, first of all replace batteries, check key and screen integrity, check infrared indicator with digital technique.

Do not change the batteries one at a time. Two new batteries from the same manufacturer should be used at the same time.

When the air conditioner is not used for a long time, remove batteries from remote controller.

If the display is weak or the response of the air conditioner to the remote control is slow, the batteries should be replaced immediately.

Do not recharge disposable batteries

Do not drop the remote control

Never allow the remote control to come into contact with water

Do not operate the remote control more than 8 meters away from the indoor unit

You should periodically clean the controller from dust and dirt.

temperature range tips

Fleeing in summer from heat you turn split system on cooling.

At the same time you should not forget about elementary rules in order not to make it source of colds:

  • The temperature difference between the room and the street should not exceed 3-5 degrees;
  • It is advisable not to set a low temperature of 16-17 degrees;
  • The decrease in temperature should be carried out gradually;
  • Avoid spending long periods of time in three-meter risk zones.

It is recommended that the cooling of the room should be done in stages, avoiding contrasting changes and lowering the temperature by 2-3 degrees once every half an hour. The maximum difference with external readings in a strong heat is allowed 7-10 degrees. If possible set values in a comfortable range of 20-24 degrees.

It will be appropriate to use different shaft speed or pumping, for uniform distribution of cooled air (in any modern model there are at least three variants). You should take into consideration that if you switch on Fan and Turbo modes, the temperature on conditioner is set automatically and is not regulated.

Peculiarities of work on a cold

The most frequently used function. cooling. That is why it is worth to consider its main parameters in details.

  • Produces cooling up to 16 degrees. When the unit operates at full power, there is a threat to the health of consumers. Do not set too low parameters of the room, drastically different from the weather outside. Optimal difference should not exceed 5 degrees.
  • In weather conditions below 12 degrees, cooling should not be turned on.
  • Modern models of split-systems are adjusted for optimal energy-saving, therefore it is not necessary to set minimal parameters of its work. The biggest energy savings are provided by air conditioners of inverter type. They choose their own type of operation with minimal electricity costs.
  • When the ambient temperature drops below 0 degrees, it is not recommended to use the device.

First, let’s talk about how to classify devices according to the method of installation:

  • Window. Installed, respectively, in the window.
  • Wall. A conditioner itself represents two blocks. One is installed outdoors, and the second one is at home.
  • Floor. It is clear from the name of the device, where it belongs. on the floor. And warm air goes outside.
  • Combined.

And specialists also divide conditioners into groups, depending on their functionality:

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conditioner, cold
  • Cooling.
  • Cooling Heating.
  • Operates at both minus and plus temperatures.
  • There are additional options. humidification and-or purification of air, ionization and others.

On the device of the air conditioner depends on how to adjust its temperature.

What modes and functions the conditioner has

Modern air conditioners have a number of basic modes and additional functions that expand the operational capabilities of technology. When you buy equipment pay attention to this parameter and determine what set of functions will be useful to you, taking into account climatic conditions of the region where you live, the features of the room where you plan to install the device, as well as personal wishes and financial capabilities.

In this article we will review everything you need to know about different modes and functions of air conditioner, what is cooling, drying, ventilation, heating mode, the features of additional functions, what functions are available for protection and diagnostics of the equipment.

Principle of operation of universal remote control

Outwardly a universal remote control is no different from the original device for controlling the unit.

The plastic housing is equipped with a small display that shows all the commands used. All buttons corresponding to standard functions of the equipment are marked with English words.

The main feature of universal remotes is a large number of set frequencies of infrared beam transmission, and each of them corresponds to a particular model of equipment. You can check if the specific remote control is suitable for your climate equipment from the product manual.

Such a remote control allows not only to turn on and off a split-system, but also to adjust the direction of airflow, temperature of cooling and heating of air.

Besides that, practically any universal remote control for AC has the following functions:

  • HEAT. activates the function of heating the room up to 30 ° C.
  • COOL. switches on the cooling of the room up to 18 °С, while the temperature indicator may vary depending on the model of the device.
  • DRY. reduces the humidity level in the cooled room by reducing fan speed.
  • FAN. adjusts the fan speed according to the user’s needs.
  • AUTO. switches automatically to maintain optimal room temperature.

Universal remotes have a low cost, which can not be said about the purchase of the original remote.

If you choose a more expensive model you can be sure that such a universal remote control will work with almost all brand-name models.

All the so-called cool features will be absent when controlling a universal remote control.

In this case you can buy a new original remote control or select a more appropriate model of universal device, consulting the workers of the service center.

Features of AUX air conditioners

AUX split systems, which consumers usually encounter, refer to semi-industrial and domestic models. Industrial air conditioners are installed mainly at large manufacturing enterprises.

In the residential and semi-industrial segment of climatic equipment the most diverse in type and technology equipment is presented. The company produces conventional and inverter units. In the range there are wall and cassette split-systems, mobile floor models, etc.д.

Wall-mounted systems are usually installed in private houses and apartments, and cassette conditioners are installed in office, commercial and industrial premises. The quality of AUX air conditioners is highly dependent on OEM suppliers. It is better to take AUX equipment from specialized firms. In such companies are more likely to buy quality equipment.

conditioner, cold

AUX air conditioners are presented in several series: FJ, Legend Standart (LS), LS Inverter, Legend Design Inverter and Legend Exlusive Inverter. They are designed for different size of cooled rooms. Besides models with basic set of functions there are modernized versions.

Split-systems of all AUX series are designed for cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation of the room. Cooling function can operate at temperatures from 15 to 43 degrees, and heating function above 0.

It is not allowed to start the split-system at lower temperatures without additional technical preparation. Operation of air conditioning equipment at subzero temperatures can cause damage. Also the air conditioner in a heating mode is not considered an alternative to heating.

There are many varieties of split systems AUX. Models of air conditioners with similar abbreviations do not differ much from each other in functionality. Their main differences consist in appearance, additional options and power.



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