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How to run the boiler a gas boiler Navien

How to set up a gas boiler Navien. operating instructions

Errors in the operation of the boiler are displayed by the appropriate codes on the control panel.

  • E01. Overheating of the boiler. It occurs when the circulation pump fails, less often when the filter of the coolant is polluted.
  • E02. The error of circulation of the coolant. Indicates the formation of leaks of the system or the boiler itself (compounds).
  • E03. Lack of flame on the burner. Testifies either to failure of the coils of ignition, or the absence of gas in the system.
  • E04. Parasitic flame. A gas leak arose or slips a spark between the flame sensor and the electrodes of the ignition.
  • E05, E06. Cliff (KZ) of the temperature sensor OV (heating water). It occurs when contacts are closed, most often due to the presence of condensate or other moisture on the board with the sensor.
  • E07. DEPLICTION OF HBS heating sensor. It is required to check the contact or quality of attachment of the sensor.
  • E08. Short circuit of the heating sensor. It is required to replace the sensor or the entire controller.
  • E09. Fan. Check the contacts, if necessary. replace the fan.
  • E10. Squeezing system. Usually occurs due to blockage of the chimney ice from condensate.

NOTE! There are other errors that arise when certain problems appear. The full list can be studied in the user guide for this device.

Types of wall boilers

On the domestic market there are three types of wall heating devices of the class in question:

Each of these positions needs a separate consideration.

Atmospheric gas boilers

Units of this type have an open combustion chamber. Represented by the Navien Atmo model. It is intended for operation in conditions of uneven gas pressure (its differences can reach 8-17 MBAR) and the coolant itself-from 0.6 to 8 bar. The power of the proposed units varies from 13 to 24 kW. At a working temperature of 80 ° C, the coolant heats hot water to 60 ° C with a production volume of 10 liters per minute. To withdraw combustion products, they are equipped with typical chimney.

The heating circuit in atmospheric boilers is made of copper, and the heat exchanger case is made of stainless steel.

Only double.circuit aggregates in wall and floor execution are received to the markets of Russia and the countries of the former USSR. A portable remote control is used to control a gas boiler. All samples of Navien Atmo products provide for protection against freezing of the coolant, their efficiency is about 86%.

Turbocharged units

The group of the second.type units (with an isolated combustion chamber) includes models of the following series:

  • Prime, represented by boilers with a capacity of about 13-35 kW;
  • Deluxe, the declared power of which fluctuates from 13 to 40 kW;
  • Modern Smart Tok models with an indicator of 13-35 kW.
boiler, navien

Portions of air into the isolated combustion chamber are compulsory. they are pumped out through a special fan installed in the coaxial pipe. Thanks to this, units with a design type Coaxial have a higher efficiency, sometimes reaching a record number of 93%. Deluxe gas boilers from the Navien series are able to withstand significant changes in the supply voltage, since they are equipped with a built.in stabilizing device. In addition, they provide an option to automatically maintain the temperature of the media at a level of not lower than the “cooling point” (6-9 degrees).

boiler, navien

Condensation boilers

The third type of Navien gas boilers is represented by samples of equipment from the NCN and NCB series. Due to the additional heating of the carrier, their efficiency with the heat of condensate was lifted to 99%. The functionality of these units is even higher than that of turbocharged boilers. the controller built into them allows you to set temperature parameters for a week in advance.

The Navien NCN series includes four varieties with a capacity of 22 to 40 kW, and the NCB is the same number of products with indicators of 24-40 kW. The water in them heats up to 65 ° C, and the coolant circulating through the pipes is up to 90 ° C. These units are able to withstand the carrier pressure up to 10 bar.

The air supply in the equipment of this class is organized by means of coaxial or ordinary chimney.

Navien gas boiler repair instructions: from its device to step.by.step actions with your own hands

Gas boilers of the South Korean company Navien are well known to Russian users.

They have an optimal combination of price and quality, adapted to Russian climatic and technological conditions.

The manufacturer made sure that the boilers can withstand drops or low water and gas pressure, and independently compensate for up to 30% of the voltage drop in the electric current network.

Consider the technology of settings and methods for eliminating the most common errors that arise during the operation of the units.

The main settings of the boilers are performed simultaneously with the initial installation.

boiler, navien

Connecting to all necessary communications and systems:

  • Gas supply.
  • Water supply.
  • Joining the direct and reverse pipeline of the heating system (OV, coolant).
  • Power supply connection.
  • DIS supply system (wiring into parsing points).

The primary setup of the boiler is carried out using diplomatic transmission and resistor that regulates the supply (pressure) of the gas. They are located on the unit control board.

How to adjust and start correctly

  • The boiler starting procedure begins with water filling. Gas double-circuit units do not need to install additional devices, so you just need to open the firmware valve and bring the pressure to 1.5-2 at.
  • After that, the valve closes, air traffic jams are removed in the system and at the unit itself, for which Maevsky’s taps are used on radiators and an air valve in the boiler.
  • Then you need to drop the air from the circulation pump. The casing is removed, the water heating regulators are turned on. Specific sounds appear that indicate the work of the system. A screw in the middle is gradually unscrewed on the pump, until the water appears. This procedure must be done 2-3 times, after which the air will be completely removed from the pump.
  • As soon as the circulation pump is brought into working condition, an electronic launch of the burner will occur and the heating system of OV will begin to function.

This is where the primary launch and adjustment procedure is completed.

User manual

The operation of Navien gas boilers is carried out in automatic mode, in which human participation is minimal.

The owner only requires observation of the indications on the display and the timely reaction to the emergence of the error code.

In addition, the user determines the mode of operation. summer or winter:

The display has a button with an appropriate icon (designation of snowflakes or sun).

If you need to configure the temperature of OV or other parameters of the heating system, the winter functioning mode should be turned on. OB temperature adjustment is made with a flashing radiator icon.

If it burns smoothly, the display shows the existing temperature. By clicking on the Radiator button, so that the icon is blinked, click on the “” or “-” buttons to change the set temperature of the coolant.

The icon stops flashing after a while (a few seconds), and the boiler will begin to heat or cool the coolant in accordance with the received instructions.

Starting self.diagnosis

The Navien boilers self.diagnostics system are constantly operating and does not need a separate launch.

The likelihood of a refusal of one or another node exists at any time, so the sensors give signals about the state of certain elements in 24/7 mode, never stopping.

If the sensor stops working for some reason, the corresponding error code will immediately light up on the display. This is an important function that contributes to the preservation of performance and the timely elimination of the malfunctions.

The main error codes and their decryption

Consider which error codes can appear on the unit display:

Error code Type of malfunction
E01-02 Lack of coolant in the system (function of the duct sensor)
E03 Lack of flame
E04 False certificate of flame (breakdown of a spark on the sensor)
E05 OB temperature
E06 KZ temperature sensor OV
E07 Tempenship temperature sensor
E08 KZ sensor temperature sensor
E09 Fan failure
E10 Squirrel system failure
E13 KZ sensor OB duct
E15 Malfunction or refusal of management fees
E16 Exceeding the permissible heating temperature of the boiler
E18 Overheating of the smoke removal sensor
E27 KZ or an air sensor break

The appearance of most errors is accompanied by stopping the operation of the boiler, which is dangerous in winter, so they should respond to them as quickly as possible.

Frequently encountered malfunctions and their elimination

Consider the main ways to eliminate the errors:

E 01-02

This error indicates the overheating of equipment due to the absence of OV in the system. The solution to the problem is to clean the pipelines or check the pump. As an option, it is necessary to remove air from the system (primarily from the pump).

Check for the performance of the flame. Cleaning of ignition electrodes.

It is also necessary to check the presence of gas in the highway or cylinders.

The temperature sensor failure is eliminated by checking its condition. The sensor resistance is measured at a certain temperature. If the indications correspond to the reference, it is necessary to clean the contacts.

If the sensor readings do not correspond to the tabular values, replacement with a new, efficient copy is required.

Setting up a gas boiler Navien

Next, we consider how to configure the gas boiler Navien Deluxe with your own hands. Manipulations are carried out using a remote remote control that has a built.in room temperature sensor.

Heating tuning

To configure the heating mode and set the temperature of the coolant, you should clamp the button with the image of the radiator until the same icon appears on the screen. If the picture “radiator” flashes, it means that the set temperature of the coolant is displayed on the screen. If the symbol does not flas it, then the actual level of water heating is displayed.

To install the desired temperature, use the “” and “-” buttons with a flashing icon “radiator”. The possible range is in the range from 40ºC to 80ºC. After setting the temperature, it will automatically remain. For several seconds, the Radiator icon will blink, after which the actual temperature of the coolant will be displayed on the screen.

Heating with air temperature adjustment

To configure the desired air temperature in the room, you need to clamp the “radiator” button until the image “House with thermometer” appears on the screen. It means the mode “Heating with air temperature regulation in the room”.

With a flashing symbol, the “house with a thermometer” is displayed on the screen the desired temperature in the room. With a non.extinguishing icon on the display, the actual room temperature is displayed.

When the icon flashes, using the “” and “-” button, the desired level of heating in the room, adjustable in the range of 10-40ºC. After that, the temperature is automatically preserved, and the icon stops blinking.

Hot water temperature settings

To configure the temperature of hot water, you need to clamp the “Fool with Water”, until a similar flashing symbol appears in the right corner. After that, you can set the desired temperature of hot water in the range from 30ºC to 60ºC. The settings will be automatically preserved and the symbol of the “crane with water” will stop flashing.

note! In the mode of “hot water priority”, the water heating temperature is adjusted differently. Now consider how to configure the gas boiler Navien Deluxe in the “Priority of Hot Water” mode

To activate it, clamp the “water tap” key until the “crane and light” symbol appears on the screen. Now you can set the desired temperature using the keys “” and “-“. During the change in the temperature of the hot water over the symbol “crane and light”, the “crane with water” should flash the icon

Now consider how to configure the gas boiler Navien Deluxe in the “Priority of Hot Water” mode. To activate it, clamp the “water tap” key until the “crane and light” symbol appears on the screen. Now you can set the desired temperature using the keys “” and “-“. During the change in the temperature of the hot water over the symbol “crane and light”, the “crane with water” should flash the icon.

The “Hot Water Priority” mode involves the preparation of the water supply of a given temperature even if it is not used. It allows you to serve heated water to the consumer a few seconds earlier.

The mode “outside the home”

The “outside home” mode involves the operation of a gas boiler only for preparing hot water. To transfer the unit to this mode, click the button that shows the arrow and the tap with water. The emerging symbol of the “water crane” on the screen means that the “outside the house” mode is established. The actual temperature in the room is displayed next to it.

note! This mode is convenient for use in the warm season, when hot water supply is necessary, but there is no need for heating

Settings of the Timer mode

The Timer mode is necessary to set the time for stopping the operation of a gas boiler within borders from 0 to 12 hours. The unit will work for half an hour, turning off for the duration of the given interval.

To set the “timer” mode, the “radiator” button should not be closed until the “watch” symbol appears. With a flashing icon using the keys “” and “-” set the time of the interval. The displayed value is preserved, the “clock” stop blinking, and the actual air temperature is displayed on the display.

Navien boiler No circulation in the system. Errors of Navien boilers and their setting

The gas heating device is today popular among apartment owners and private houses. It is functional, effective, and work processes are fully automated.

Heater of the Korean company Navien in this series leads. Components and electronics are produced in Korea and Japan, which guarantees their high reliability.

The gas boiler Navien is equipped with a self.diagnosis and protection system, which simplifies maintenance and repair, and also increases the safety of operation. Automation in the case of a serious malfunction will turn off the boiler independently or warn the user about possible problems.

Features of gas boilers Navien

The double.circuit gas heating device Navien among a huge number of competitors is released by compactness and an attractive design.

Even if low.quality gas is used, subject to the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer, the gas boiler Navien will delight the owner with a reliable and long work of the complex and expensive repairs.

Gas Navien boiler is able to maintain functionality with voltage drops up to 30%, a drop in gas and water pressure in the supply trunk. Navien boilers, regardless of the type, are equipped with systems that guarantee uninterrupted operation in various operating conditions. The freezing protection system will not allow water to freeze in the cold season.

The control system is intuitive and regulated by remotely. The design uses steel heat exchangers guaranteeing high efficiency and a long service life.

The air pressure sensor applied in the circuit provides complete combustion of fuel, which leads to a decrease in costs. The water heating mode is turned on simultaneously with the opening of the hot water crane. The burner automatically includes in the work, and when the crane is closed, the system is transferred to the waiting mode. The boiler heats water only for the heating system. Winter-summer mode automatically translates the system to a hot water or vice versa.

The boiler has a closed combustion chamber. The coaxial smoke removal system excludes the ingress of combustion products into residential premises.

A wide range of temperature settings, both room and hot water, makes the cauldron of Navien competitive even with representatives from high price categories.

Varieties and advantages of Navien gas boilers

Navien company supplies products in several episodes that differ primarily by the installation method:

  • Floor. This type is mostly used for installation in private houses, since it requires a separate room. The power of units produced by two series varies from 11 to 60 kW.
  • Wall. These are used everywhere due to compactness, simplicity of design and unpretentiousness. These boilers are presented in five versions with a capacity of 10 to 40 kW.

The constructions of the boilers are not much different. They are dual.circuit with a closed combustion camera (except for the ATMO series). The difference is only in equipping with electronics, in terms of control.

The advantages of the equipment are as follows:

Gas heating boilers Navien: structure and technical characteristics

The leaders in the production of boiler equipment are considered to be Europeans. But, unfortunately, recently, having acquired such a miracle of technology, you have to pay more for a popular brand than for the desired quality. Gas heating boilers of Korean.made navien are an excellent and less expensive alternative to offers from Europe.

Photo of the heating apparatus provided by Navien

When choosing a boiler for your home, you should first pay attention to the following points:

  • Functionality and performance. That is, the technical capabilities of the device, including its power and additional devices.
  • Durability and the availability of warranty service. If you invest money in the equipment, you want to have guarantees that it will last you long for a long time.

The possibility of calling a specialist in the repair and commissioning of the boiler at home is very important

Based on this, let’s analyze the advantages that gas mounted gas.mounted Navien heating boilers provide to its owners.

The main advantages

Steel heat exchanger with anti.corrosion coating

Tip: It is recommended to make a purchase only in official representative offices to avoid acquiring a fake and have confidence in the legitimacy of the guarantee provided.


Navien gas heating boilers have the following structure:

Designation in the figure The name of the element
one Temperature sensor
2 The sensor of the heat carrier duct
3 Tail for the coolant
4 Gas-burner
5 Additional heat exchanger
6 Manometer.
7 Automated air vent
eight Three.way crane
nine Circulation pump
ten The supply of heated coolant
eleven The filter of the transported fluid
12 Return of cooled coolant
thirteen Protection valve
fourteen Collector for combustion products
fifteen Central heat exchanger
sixteen Electrodes performing ignition and ionization
17 Roser transformer
eighteen Fan
nineteen Managing fee
20 Gas valve
21 Hot water supply sensor
22 Differential relay
23 Gas connection point
24 Cold water supply
25 Hot water supply

Additionally, for the sake of a better understanding of the operation of the device, it is worth making out the purpose of several of its components:

Tip: you need to periodically remove the filter and clean. Otherwise, as a result of its clogging, the equipment is overheated.

You may meet abbreviations and special symbols on the boiler itself or in its instructions:

  • OV. heating water.
  • DHW. hot water supply.
  • HVS. cold water supply.
  • A triangle with an exclamation mark inside warns about a threat to life in case of non.compliance with safety rules.
  • The transceptic circle indicates the ban on action.
  • The exclamation mark in the circle indicates the mandatory performance of these actions.

Also in the configuration there is a remote control that has the following structure:

Designation in the figure The name of the element
one Screen
2 Emergency indicator lights up in red in case of malfunction
3 Selecting the temperature regime of heating
4 Turning on and off the “outside the home” mode, with the functioning of which only a circuit fuel for household needs works
5 Gas burner burning indicator, sunbathing in green when it is turned on
6 Temperature and timer regulation
7 Setting the required water temperature
eight Turning on and off

Features of operation

Warranty service is, of course, it is good, but it once ends. In addition, breakdowns may occur that will require long.term repairs during which you will be left without a boiler. Therefore, it is better to observe some operational rules that will allow your gas apparatus to work for a long time and properly.

Precautions of the freezing of the coolant in the system in winter

Heating of a cold water supply pipe by an industrial hairdryer

Cleaning of the case

The boiler should look aesthetically pleasing, for this you should monitor its appearance and periodically perform cleansing work:

A rag for removing dirt from the boiler housing

Filling water before starting operation

If the contents of the device are not filled with liquid or at least filled with half, then the emergency light will glow red, and the boiler will not start working.

Therefore, after its installation, we do this:

After this procedure, you can run the device. If at the same time, after removing the air, an automatic air tier, an emergency light lights up again, and the display will show the error code “02”, then you should repeat the described procedure again.

Closing liquid from the boiler

In this case, it is also better to adhere to a certain sequence:

Heating water filter cleaning

Filter of the flow coolant Navien

Navien’s gas heating boiler is an excellent alternative to more expensive European analogues, not inferior to them as and durability. Above we have sorted out the main advantages of this equipment and operating features.

Features of the design of gas boilers Navien

Navien manufacturers produce devices of different capacities, floor, wall and with the function of supplying hydraulic. They can be connected to both the centralized highway and gas cylinders. Units have a modern appearance that allows you to enter them in any home interior. Navien gas boilers are equipped with a security group, which includes:

  • Modulating turbocharged;
  • protection against freezing of the coolant;
  • SMPS chip that protects against voltage jumps;
  • The temperature sensor control panel that allows you to adjust the operation of the unit to certain circumstances.

The most common model of gas units Navien is Deluxe, so let us dwell on them in more detail.

Features of setting up the boiler Navien

All settings with a remote control are performed, equipped with a room temperature room sensor. It is included in the device. All teams are Russified, simple, which greatly facilitates the control of the boiler. You can activate the device with a remote button, it can also suspend the operation of the unit.

Set it simply: you should hold the radiator button until the image of the “house with the thermometer” appears. While he flickers, the desired indicators are introduced. You can set the desired parameters with the buttons minus/ plus. Temperature range. 10 to 40 degrees. The settings are saved automatically.

How to connect a gas boiler to the heating system

Water heating from a gas boiler is the most economical version of heating of country houses. But initially the system of the system will require large one.time costs: the boiler itself, a strapping to it, laying a water circuit.

You can’t do the insert into the gas line with your own hand, only a qualified gas service employee has the right to do this. But all other installation procedures can be performed on your own.

How to connect a gas boiler to the heating system?

Navien Combi-Boiler Installation In Chicago

The main stages of the installation of the boiler are installation and mount, connection to the water pipeline, connecting to the gas pipeline, the device of the chimney (about heating schemes of a private house with a gas boiler). As well as ensuring full ventilation of the boiler room or other room where the boiler is installed (overview of the types of gas heating boilers for a private house).

Installation and mount

Your actions depend on which model you have acquired, floor or wall. For a floor boiler, it is required to allocate a separate room, preferably on the basement floor.

The boiler has large dimensions, the weight is also large, you get a large load on a wooden floor. In addition, most of the floor models are open. In residential premises, they are not recommended for environmental considerations.

Plus the floor unit. he does not need fastening. The main requirement: the boiler should be put on a non.combustible base at a certain distance from the walls and igniting objects.

When connecting a wall gas boiler to the heating system, you also need to observe fire safety requirements: a section of the wall on which you are going to hang the boiler should be closed with a metal sheet, asbestos fabric or other non.combustible material.

  • To mark with the level of place for mounting brackets (both the brackets themselves and the metizes should be included in the boiler set).
  • Fix brackets at a height of at least 0.8 meters.
  • Hang the boiler.
  • Note the location of the future chimney. If the boiler with an open firebox, the chimney is removed through the ceiling to the roof; If with a closed one, they make a through hole on the coaxial pipe in the wall next to the unit.
  • Remove the boiler, arrange a hole, return the unit to place.

An important point is to correctly determine the slope of the chimney. Otherwise, the condensate formed in the process will drain into the boiler, and this is fraught with the refusal of equipment.

If the chimney passes through the overlap, it is recommended to install a condensate venture.

Water circuit connection

Regardless of what pipes heating contours are made (polypropylene, metal.plastic, etc.D.), directly to the boiler nozzles, supply and return, connect pipes from metal (about the principle of operation of the gas boiler).

It is advisable to do this through t.n. Americans: if necessary, dismantling the boiler in an emergency case, the pipeline will easily block. A pressure gear is installed on a double.circuit boiler.

If the boiler is used only by warm floors, the pump can be installed on the supply pipe (selection of a pump for a warm water floor). When at least one hot radiator circuit is present in the heating system, the pump is put on the return on the approach to the boiler, and a coarse filter is installed in front of it so that the contaminated coolant does not disable and the pump itself, and the boiler itself.

The filter is put on the return and if the pump is placed on the feed.

Immediately after the boiler, an expansion tank is installed on a hot pipe, the purpose of which is the discharge of excess pressure and drain excess of the coolant.

Previously, only open.type tanks existed, they were put at the top of the network (for example, in the attic). Today, mainly membrane closed tanks are used, for them the upper location is optional.

Gas supply

This part of the work is performed by gas workers. Even if you are a professional, but have completed the insert without appropriate permission and on your own, you are facing administrative responsibility.

Navien’s Condensing Combi Boiler

If you are an amateur, your actions can lead to a serious accident.

What should be paid to when the gas supply is made:

  • installation of locking valves. a gas crane that will block the supply;
  • Behind the tap, according to the relevant standards, a gas filter is installed;
  • Through the filter to the highway, a pipe from the boiler is connected, strictly metal. It is preferable to use in this capacity a flexible corrugated stainless steel pipe;
  • The pipe is connected to the corresponding boiler pipe using a rug nut with a parony card sealing;
  • The joints of the elements should be sealed. For sealing these sites, packages and paint or their modern analogues are used. Synthetics is excluded.

Which is recommended to take into account when choosing and installing the boiler

The power of the unit is usually chosen at the rate of kilowatts for ten meters of square.

About 30% of the reserve must be added to this figure, especially if the house is large: in winter, gas consumption will be higher, this can lead to a drop in the pressure in the network. T.e. to reduce the heat efficiency of the boiler.

In accordance with SNiP standards, the minimum size of the room for the boiler room is at least four squares, and the ceiling height is at least two and a half meters. The optimal volume of the room is from eight cubic meters with a boiler power of not more than 30 kilowatts.

The front door is not 0.8 meters already. These requirements must be observed when connecting boilers with open furnaces. If the chimney is coaxial, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules described in the instructions for the boiler.

All the elements of the strapping must correspond to each other according to the technical characteristics. Otherwise, either the efficiency of the boiler will be lower than the design, or the system will work on the verge of an accident, up to the rupture of the pipes.



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