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How to reset the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner jet bot

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Samsung Jet Bot VR30T85513W Specifications

Below you will find the product specifications and manuals Samsung Jet Bot VR30T85513W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Samsung Jet Bot VR30T85513W.

Sorry, we do not have a manual for Samsung Jet Bot VR30T85513W available in Russian. This manual is available in English.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have studied for you all available information about the Samsung VR30T85513W. Here are the main pros and cons:

Users report ease of cleaning on all surfaces due to automatic power control.

The reviews of buyers of the robot-vacuum cleaner Samsung VR30T85513W indicate that the device sometimes behaves unpredictably (does not find the chosen path).

The device attracts attention because it is a famous brand, high quality build and components. The device does a pretty good job cleaning different surfaces. However, the cost of almost 40 thousand lack of wet cleaning and the difficulty of finding consumables many buyers are forced to consider seeking other options. Our experts have rated the Samsung Jet Bot VR30T85513W/EV at 65 points out of 100.

To find a really reliable assistant for home cleaning for reasonable money, read the expert article “How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner. A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics.

Attractive image

Robotic vacuum cleaners are similar to each other, but the Samsung Jet Bot AI is original and distinctive. During cleaning, the LiDAR comes out of the case, which resembles a small tower. And on the sides of the body there are “caterpillars”. decorative elements that actually hide the wheels.

The vacuum cleaner also has a light indicator, which enlivens its silver-white body. Samsung tried to fill the device with life and make it look like a pet, cheerful and friendly:

The backlight brightness gradually increases before cleaning, creating the illusion that the vacuum cleaner opens its eyes and looks from side to side, looking around the home space.


Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a joy to drive through: it freely drives onto the baby’s embossed orthopedic rug as it tries to clean the dust off it. There are no other high-altitude obstacles in the apartment, but taking into account the powerful tire tread and long-running suspension, I have no doubts in its road qualities.

The description of the vacuum cleaner on the Samsung website mentions that it recognizes surrounding objects using artificial intelligence. Accordingly, it will keep a safe distance from them during cleaning: this applies to BACs, cups, bowls or bottles. Also on the list were the refrigerator, washing machine, air purifier, socks and towel, and incidentally, dog feces. No critters in the house, but glassware does. I did an experiment, a vase vacuum cleaner neatly bypassed.

In general, there were no great accidents during a week of using the vacuum cleaner at home, but occasionally it gets into curiosities. For example, I once drove under a lonely chair in the hallway and tried hard to get out from under it, furiously spinning between the legs. Another time the vacuum cleaner ran over a clothes dryer and furiously pushed it forward without even trying to stop.

You can choose from three different cleaning modes. First, the vacuum moves in a zigzag pattern, going along the walls. The second mode is the reverse sequence: first. cleaning at the walls, then the area. A third option is to just drive around the house, bypassing the walls.

During cleaning the vacuum cleaner closely approaches the objects, if you fear for their safety, you can adjust the sensitivity through the application. The new 3D camera gets a lot of attention, it is claimed that it is more effective than the classic proximity sensor, it recognizes objects up to 1 cm.

The review of a robot-vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet Bot VR30T80313W: automatic detection of the floor covering and a sensor LiDAR

Samsung company always was on the top of advanced technologies. So it is not surprising that in the niche of robot vacuum cleaners, they release new products every year. This time on the market appeared Samsung Jet Bot VR30T80313W. As the manufacturer claims, this is a high-tech device that has convenient controls and the ability to pinpoint its location to optimize its path. And its redesigned brushes and powerful motor help you to clean surfaces even more effectively. Average Review and customer reviews of the robot vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet Bot VR30T80313W will help you understand whether it is worth buying or not.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have studied for you all available information about the Samsung VR30T80313W. Here are the main pros and cons:

The Samsung Jet Bot VR30T80313W is a really high-tech device that delivers high quality cleaning and boasts a great feature set, a powerful motor and all sorts of smart innovations from Samsung. Reviews of the Samsung Jet Bot VR30T80313W robot vacuum cleaner say that the unit still has a large number of shortcomings, which are unacceptable at such a high price. This robot vacuum cleaner makes mistakes when building a cleaning algorithm, does not recognize mirrors as an obstacle, does not accurately draw a map. Yes, it is quite difficult to find supplies for it. In addition, the price seems excessive for a robot vacuum cleaner with only dry cleaning capabilities.

In this price segment, you can find a device with similar functionality, but with wet cleaning and accurate navigation system. Rated 66 out of 100 by our editorial staff. And to find a robot vacuum cleaner that suits you, we recommend reading the article “A Beginner’s Guide to Robotic Vacuum Cleaning”.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Does it need to connect to Wi-Fi to make the robot vacuum cleaner work??. No, it can work without connection, but in this case it will vacuum at the default settings. For example, you can change the water supply to a rag or change the language setting, adjust the restricted areas, and increase the suction power. There are a lot of settings on the robot vacuum cleaner, and it’s all done through the app. If you don’t want to plug it in yet, but want to see how it works, just hit the “Power” button once.

I will show you how to connect to Wi-Fi on the example of Roborock from Xiaomi, so everything is done similarly on other models. Only the phone app may be slightly different. Before connecting the robot vacuum cleaner to your router, I suggest resetting the Wi-Fi settings. to do this, press the “Home” and “Spot Clean” buttons.

reset, samsung, robot, vacuum, cleaner
  • Go to Google Play or the App Store, find the application that supports your robot vacuum cleaner. Roborock and Xiaomi models have the “Mi Home” program, which works with other Xiaomi smart home devices. At the first start accept the terms of the application.
  • Almost all of the apps offer to participate in a quality improvement program. There is nothing special, just some data will be sent to the manufacturer’s servers to control the robot, the program and to identify errors. You can opt out if you find this unacceptable. Select language and region.
reset, samsung, robot, vacuum, cleaner

Samsung Jet Bot | Робот-пылесос для сухой уборки с самоочисткой | На сколько всё плохо?

  • Click “Login”. Almost all such applications use accounts. If you already have an account, enter your username and password. If you don’t have an account, click on the “Create an account” link and go through the registration process.
  • At the very end, there’s still one more thing left to do: accept the privacy policy. If you have a MaxV model with cameras, you will be asked if you have pets. This is so the vacuum cleaner can detect “surprises” left by your pet in real time.

I can’t connect to Wi-Fi. I can’t set the app

If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or initially setting up the app, try some recommendations:

  • Almost all modern robots work exclusively with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • When setting up, try bringing your phone as close to the device as possible.
  • Try to completely reset the robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, locate the “Reset” button under the cover and press it with a paperclip or needle. You should hear a message: “Reset Settings”.
  • It is the router that needs to give out Wi-Fi, not the phone. Many models do not connect to a temporary hotspot from smartphones.
  • Before setting up, try resetting the Wi-Fi again by pressing the two buttons.

First clean

In order for the robot to properly map your home, you need to do the first cleaning. Before that, let me tell you a few recommendations. Almost all manufacturers recommend doing the first one. dry cleaning. If your model is equipped with a water tank, take it out.

To do this, press the center button, and pull the unit toward you.

reset, samsung, robot, vacuum, cleaner

After that, place the robot on the docking station. Before we start, I suggest removing all unnecessary things from the floor, including wires, clothes, and thin things that the robot can get on. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also remove chairs and wrap curtains. After that, press the “Power” button on the device itself, or in the app, press the “Clean” button. The robot will begin its first dry cleaning.

Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner sensor repair

As soon as the first cleaning is finished, the app will show you a full map of your room. It will also show you the exact path of your robot’s movement.

Now let’s see how it handles wet cleaning. Open the valve on the tank and fill it with running water.

WARNING! Many manufacturers forbid the use of any chemical cleaning agents, so just use regular tap water.

Put the bracket with the cloth on top of the water tank. Then we install this whole unit back on the robot. And include another clean.

Samsung Jet Bot robot vacuum cleaner. reviews

In general, the vacuum cleaner for its money is normal, from the pluses works quietly, consumables do not require, is charged relatively quickly.Cons are that it can not always find a base, sometimes stumbles, hits obstacles.Part of the charge is spent on bypassing obstacles, before cleaning have to remove mats and other.

Hello to all who read the reviews. I received it as a gift and it is my best present ever, not once have I regretted that purchase, great vacuum cleaner perfect quality. No hassle to use. Cleans everything but the big trash and corners of the room. In general, the ideal quality for the amount of money.

Vacuums everything when it encounters corners, it turns (not cutting in), or rather, sees a corner, immediately turns, and so on throughout the house or apartment. The thing I like about it is that you don’t have to walk around and vacuum, it does it all for you.

Good day to you all? My husband decided to make me (or him and me?)gift. And bought a robot vacuum cleaner Samsung SR20M7070WD?My excitement was over, but I was not happy for long.

We live in a big house. Almost 170 square meters. I do the cleaning myself. I liked it at one time. But the moment came when I wanted to live simply, in other words to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Very long studied this topic and tried to be as responsible as possible for the purchase.

Good afternoon friends!Introducing the Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner model SR8751.Bought it in November 2014 and by now it has served us for almost 4 years.Then at M-Video. Now you can find it in stores online for about 19000.

Recently we decided to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. With the choice of brand had no problems, but what model to choose for the home. thought for a long time. In the end settled on this miracle vacuum cleaner.

My little helper in maintaining cleanliness, or how I forgot about how to vacuum and sweep the house.

Good day, dear readers. As you have already understood from my previous reviews, I am a fan of technical innovations that make life easier. So I have already bought a dishwasher at home (read its review on irecommend).rucontentkak-ya-zabyla-o-tom-.

About two years ago, my mom bought a Samsung robot vacuum cleaner Model: VR05R5050WK, every time I went to my mom, I began to notice that the house was 2 times cleaner, the robot coped with his task well, I also wanted a similar vacuum cleaner and 3 months ago, my mother gave me a robot in.

I think every homeowner will understand me now. How sometimes there is a catastrophic shortage of time for cleaning, especially when the house has a large square footage and most of the time is occupied by work.

Robot vacuum cleaner Samsung VR30T80313B/EV /Jet Bot/. review

I warn you right away that I am a fan of any technique in the house, which simplifies and diversifies household chores. I have everything, from Moulinex yogurt maker to multicooker. From Moulinex pressure cooker for the price of a good gas stove, from Tefal and Philips irons to Tefal steamer, from Samsung vacuum cleaner to Karcher steam cleaner, etc.д. But the most important thing is that I use it all regularly and not a single appliance is gathering dust somewhere far away on a shelf in the closet.

And about a year and a half or two years ago I realized that I was falling behind the times and a robot vacuum cleaner is in dire need of a robot vacuum cleaner! I take buying appliances very seriously, I study the technical specifications, I read the available reviews, I ponder, ponder, change my mind, and then I think again. That’s a long way in two years has led me to buy a robot vacuum cleaner Samsung VR30T80313B/EV /Jet Bot/.

On the Internet at the official site of Samsung equipment is a great review with video and photographic description of the robot vacuum cleaner, so I will not clutter my review amateur photos, but will focus solely on my impressions of this miracle of technology.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that buying a robot vacuum cleaner that only does dry cleaning was a condition of principle for me. I think that the wet cleaning robot-vacuum cleaner. It’s just a completely unnecessary option. Well, how can one tiny wet rag to wipe the floor even in one small room, not to mention the cleaning of the entire apartment? Or have to run after the robot during cleaning and change it periodically cloth? Well, forgive me, a complete nonsense! It’s more of an option to moisturize the floor and that’s it.

The second thing that stopped my choice in this particular manufacturer, is that all vacuum cleaners that I have, my daughter. are vacuum cleaners company Samsung. Excellent quality and performance for oooh many years. Yes, and with accessories is not a problem.

The third thing that won me the robot-vacuum cleaners Samsung. is a Jet Cyclone multi-cyclone structure, which has a powerful suction. And, the robot has an intelligent power control, it distinguishes the type of coverage and when setting the “Intelligent suction power” mode. The technique itself chooses the normal suction power on normal surfaces (tile, linoleum, laminate) and turns on the maximum power when cleaning on the carpet or in a place where a lot of dust, garbage.

The fourth thing I liked about this model of robot vacuum cleaner is the presence of a side brush (not all Samsung models have it). There is also a HEPA inlet filter on the dust canister with a large enough capacity of 400 milliliters. I want to note right away another plus: there is a spare side brush and HEPA-filter in the kit! Thank you Samsung for caring. The dust canister is made of durable perfectly smooth polished plastic, which is easy and great to clean. By the way, the plastic, from which the body of the robot is made, is quite strong in appearance and also inspires confidence, unlike other robot vacuum cleaners, such as DEXP (sorry, nothing personal, I do not want to offend anyone).

The fifth and not least advantage of the robot is that it is controlled by the SmartThings app, is part of a smart home system and connects to an external device with a voice assistant, such as a smartphone! Believe me, it is very convenient!

And another highlight in the pluses from Samsung: this model comes in two colors, t.е. you have the right to choose! There are gray-white VR30T80313W and VR30T80313B with a blue cheerful border. This is the one I bought. But to be honest, it was the price that influenced the choice of colors. At the time of the discounted price of this model was less.

Of the small minuses I can name the size of a robot vacuum cleaner: diameter of 35 centimeters and a height of almost 10 centimeters. Yes, I understood that the robot will not get under the closet, but I was ready for it. But it is immediately obvious that this is not a toy, but a real vacuum cleaner, which copes with its specific purpose.

Now moving on to the use and results of the robot.

The robot is well packaged and easy to assemble. I have already written about the optional accessories in the set. The package also includes instructions and a magnetic strip that limits the cleaning area. It is short, about one meter long. But if you control the robot with the SmartThings app you won’t need it at all. But the power cable is not short, it can be coiled in a special compartment of the docking station to the length you need. The main condition for the placement of the robot vacuum cleaner. That’s 50 centimeters free on the right and left and 1 meter in front for your assistant to find the docking station without any problems. At first I was worried about where to place this miracle, I doubted if our new tenant will like everything in this corner and I did not believe that he will find a way out of it.

He loved it. Once turned on, the robot first scans the surface with the words “Locating,” and then pulls out from its corner and begins its duty of cleaning the apartment.

The first time the robot cleaned almost 2 hours. First, it built a map of the room. And, the first time was not entirely successful. After finishing the first cleaning, I gave him the task of re-building the map and he’s already done it just fine. Again, in SmartThings, I checked that the map was correct. I saw how to set the restriction areas in the app. In the app you can choose 3 modes of cleaning (I’ll call them briefly):

“zigzag.”. The fastest cleaning. As it seemed to me, the most ineffective. Most likely this mode can be used for daily cleaning. The cleaned with this mode, the area is minimal (as you can see in the report that the robot makes after each cleaning and sends to your smartphone) and cleaning time is also minimal.

“first along the walls and in the corners, and then the whole area.”. This is the mode I chose. And I set the robot to do this cleaning at “Smart” twice a week at 9:00 a.m.00 hours. The size of the cleaned area is noticeably larger than in the first mode.

3.”first the entire area and then along the walls.”. The time and size of the cleaned area is similar to the second mode.

Problem Solution

The Jet Bot did not work at all. Check if the power switch is on.

Check if the status light is on.

Check if the Jet Bot’s battery is low.

Jet Bot stopped during cleaning. When the Jet Bot’s status light turns red and stays red, place the Jet Bot manually on the cleaning station to charge it.

When the Jet Bot is immobilized due to an obstacle such as a cord, obstacle, threshold, elevation, etc. д., Lift it and move it away from the obstacle.

Suction power is weak. If there is too much dust in the garbage can, the suction power may decrease. Turn off the power switch and clean the garbage can.

If the brush on the bottom of the Jet Bot is blocked by foreign objects, turn off the power switch and remove foreign objects from the brush.

Jet Bot cannot find the cleaning station. Check for power outages or disconnected power cord plug.

Remove any obstacles around the Clean Station which may prevent the Jet Bot from returning to the Clean Station.

Technical parameters

  • Samsung Electronics hereby declares that this radio equipment complies with Directive 2014/53/EC. The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available at the following Internet address: The official declaration of conformity can be found at http://www.Samsung.com, go to “Support” “Search in product support” and enter the model name.
  • Charging and cleaning times may vary depending on usage.
  • You can set downtime, scheduled cleaning, and restricted areas in the SmartThings app.

The software included in this product contains open source software. To obtain the source code covered under licenses which have the obligation of publishing source code (e.g. GPL, LGPL etc), please visit http://opensource.Samsung.com/ and search by model name. It is also possible to obtain the complete corresponding source code in a physical medium such as a CD-ROM; a minimal charge will be required. The following URL http://opensource.Samsung.com/opensource/VR9500_0/seq/0 leads to open source license information related to this product. This offer is valid for anyone who received this information.

Why the robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t appear online and how to fix the problem

Here are the main causes of the error and how to fix them.

No Wi-Fi connection

  • Make sure the cleaner and charger are within range of the network.
  • Check the condition of the Wi-Fi light on the unit. The green LED should be on.
  • Set up the app on your smartphone, following the prompts given by the system.
  • Restart the vacuum, phone, and router. After that you need to perform the synchronization again.
  • Check your wireless network settings. You need to try to connect another device. It is possible that the problem is not with the vacuum cleaner.

Region incompatibility

This is a common problem. For example, the vacuum cleaner writes “Offline” if the app is selected and China is installed on the appliance itself. In this case it is necessary to launch the application, select “Language and Region” in the settings section.

Permissions are disabled

The device may write “robot vacuum cleaner is not online” if the smartphone is not properly configured. You need to open the settings section of the phone, find a list of installed programs. After that it is necessary to tick all the items in the section “App permissions”.

Using official app

Standard app does not always see the vacuum cleaner or displays region incompatibility error. Clever programmers modified the official app long ago. You should try to download it and connect the vacuum cleaner through this software.

How to reset if Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner does not see the network

Sometimes the device parameters get confused, which makes synchronization with the phone impossible. You should try resetting the vacuum cleaner with the Reset button. If this does not help, reset to factory settings:

  • Hold down the Reset and Home buttons at the same time. Reset button can be pinched with a needle, toothpick or any other small object.
  • Release the Reset button. Home key is still held.
  • Wait for the LED light to turn on.
  • After the buzzer sounds, try to synchronize the vacuum cleaner with the app. In the region settings you need to specify “China”.

After performing this procedure, the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner begins to work in normal mode, and the error “Device not in the network” disappears.



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