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How to replace the ten in the washing machine

An ordinary tubular electric heater (TEN) is responsible for heating water in the machine, it is in all models of washing machines, it can be LG, Samsung or any other brand. It is made in the form of a metal tube, the ten may have a different shape, when passing through it, the electric energy is converted into heat, and as a result the water is heated.

Almost any malfunction can be calculated by a specialist even without diagnostics, defective heating element is most often accompanied by the following signs:

  • machine does not warm water. to check it, just touch the door with your hand, through which the loading of laundry. washing in this case becomes impossible, the programs in this case can be performed in standard mode, in modern models, information about the heating error is displayed on the display;
  • It happens immediately after start-up or after 8-12 min. After turning on the heating. This often occurs when the coil in the heater is shorted;
  • The machine knocks out the RCD after switching on or during the process of heating water, this situation is typical for a short circuit of the heating element to the housing or leakage of electric current to the housing due to poor insulation;
  • Continuous washing for a long time.

The listed signs are considered indirect, the master has the right to change the heating element after checking the device with a multimeter. Replacement of the heater does not take long, the procedure takes no more than 30-40 minutes., less in the case of professional craftsmen.

Change of heating element in the washing machine

The tubular electric heater (TEN). a heating element of the washing machine. It is the heater that heats the cold water coming from the water supply in any washing machine.

If the machine heats poorly or doesn’t heat water at all, the heating element is likely to malfunction or has already burned out.

If the THEN is still working, it is enough to clean it. A failed electric heater cannot be repaired and must be replaced with a new one.

Can someone unfamiliar with technology check and replace the heating element in a washing machine?? How to Replace a Heating Element?

Preparation for Part Replacement

To replace the heating element in your unit, you will need the following tools:

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First of all, to replace the part, you need to buy a serviceable heating element. In order not to miscalculate with the suitable brand and model, remove the broken heater and together with him go buy a new one.

The heating element is most often located at the bottom of the washing machine tank. Sometimes it is not possible to find it out immediately, because in devices of some manufacturers the access to the heating element is made through the back side of the case, while in other manufacturers it is done through the front side.

The heating element is available in various shapes (W or U) and located in different areas of the appliance, depending on the manufacturer

To predict the location of the part in your appliance, you can carefully inspect the body of the unit. The presence of a bulky back cover can indicate that the heater is located in the far side of the machine. The similar location of a detail is characteristic for devices of firms Indesit, Ariston, “Atlant”, Zanussi, Candy and Electrolux. And here you will most likely have to dismantle the front panel to replace the heating element on a Samsung washing machine. Also in the front of the unit heaters are often installed by LG and Bosch. The process of removing the front of the appliance (as opposed to the back) is more difficult and time-consuming.

To access the heating element of a vertically loaded machine you need to remove the side panel

Once the necessary element has been found, carry out the following steps:

  • Remember (or better yet, take a picture) the position of the wires on the heater pins. If later the part will be connected incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging it, as well as the power supply of the machine.
  • Unclip all connectors and remove the wires from the part, then slightly unscrew the nut of the central bolt.
  • Push the bolt inside to unseal the seal and take out the heating element by hooking the heater seal with a flathead screwdriver.

Many experts recommend first making sure that the heating element is faulty, checking it with a tester before removing it. It is quite possible that the heating element is not broken at all, which is why the laundry is washed in cold water

After taking out the part go to the store and find a similar one for replacement. It is also desirable to check the purchased element for proper operation to avoid installing a broken part.

Where is the heater in a Samsung washing machine

The heating element of the automatic machine is located under the laundry compartment. It is a bent M-shaped tube which is connected to the wires inside the device. The configuration of the part defines its name: electric tube heater (TEN).

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How to replace a 12 Hole Paddle Lifter on a Hotpoint,Indesit or Ariston Washine Machine

In Samsung machines, it is located at the front wall, but in some models it can be in the back. When checking the heating element, first unscrew the fasteners on the rear wall, i.e.к. The removal of the front panel is more time consuming. To remove the rear lid, simply unscrew the 4 screws that fasten it to the body.

If there is no heater at the back of the machine, proceed to disassemble the front:

  • Remove the panel covering the bottom front of the appliance. Unscrew the filter and drain the water. Do not pull out the filter cover completely.
  • Pull out the powder hopper, press the button inside the hopper and pull it out of the opening.
  • Unscrew the fasteners, located behind the container. Remove the screw on the control panel. Slide the front panel without removing it completely.
  • Use a thin screwdriver to pry up the clamp that holds the seal between the tank and the stoking door. Turn the rubber cuff inside the drum.
  • Unscrew the fasteners near the trash filter. Remove the panel by prying it with a screwdriver or other fine tool.
  • Grasp the bottom of the front wall and lift it off the 2 hooks. Push aside the wall to be able to reach the heating element, but do not remove it far from the machine.

The contacts are on the end, so it is not necessary to remove the heater to check for conductivity. However, to diagnose a mechanical breakdown (fistula, sludge, etc.) it is not necessary to remove the heater.) It is necessary to take out and examine the surface of the part.

How to change the heating element in a washing machine

Stains on the clothes after the washing are left? The laundry smells musty? Your machine is probably washing with cold water. It happens when the tube heater is broken. How to replace the heating element in a washing machine to make the repair was fast and efficient? We are going to tell you all the secrets of self-checking and replacing the heater.

How to connect the heating element in the washing machine

Laundry is poorly washed? Unpleasant musty smell? The machine is probably washing with cold water. A tubular element (TEN) is responsible for heating. When it fails, the water temperature does not rise, the powder granules do not dissolve well. As a result. stains on things are not removed. To help you resolve the situation, we will tell you how to replace and connect the heating element in the washing machine.

How to fix a washing machine by yourself: remove and replace the heating element

The most frequent breakdown of the washing machine is a failure of the heating element of the heating element. You can fix the problem yourself, and it does not require any sophisticated tools. CHIP will tell you how to determine the problem, remove the element for inspection, prevention or replacement.

Breakdown of the washing machine can be called the biggest tragedy in the home in the domestic sphere, t.к. Laundry is washed quite often, and many people have already forgotten how to do it by hand. Along with other malfunctions, the most common failure is the heating element. the heating element. Both the quality of water and the composition of detergents contribute to this. Over time, lime scale adheres to the surface of the heater tube, which forms a thick rocky crust that prevents the passage of heat to the water and, consequently, causes overheating and burning out of the heating coil.

Another cause can be electrochemical corrosion of the tube heating element due to the high concentration of anions and ions in the water passing through the water heater. Loss of air tightness of the tube with a heating spiral leads to a short circuit and TEN failure.

The element durability is also affected by the tube metal (preferably stainless steel), and the quality of water, and reliability of grounding the body of the washing machine.

How to correctly remove the heating element from the washing machine

Laundry is poorly washed? It is possible that the reason is the absence of heating? To be sure of a breakdown, you need to know how to remove the heating element from the washing machine (CM). After that you can make a diagnosis and replace the element. We will tell you how to perform the work with your own hands at home.

Defining the location of the heating element

Manufacturers of washing machines can place the heating elements in different places. both in the front and in the back. As a rule, the heater of Atlant, Zanussi, Whirpool, Electrolux, Ariston, Indesit and Candy washing machines can be located at the back, but Bosch, LG and Samsung often place this element at the front. For automatic machines with vertical loading access to the heating element can be through the side wall. The easiest way to clarify where the heating element is located in a particular model is to study the instruction manual or by making an inquiry on the Internet. Very often in the network is placed a detailed video of how to change the heating element in a washing machine of a specific model.

Another option is a visual inspection of the back of the washing machine, because to improve the repairability of the designers have provided a fairly easy access to the heating element:

  • Ø almost all of the rear area is in the removable part. more likely that the heating element is mounted on the back
  • Ø the removable part of the small area. in this case it is necessary to disassemble the front panel, it is a bit more complicated. In fact it is necessary to remove the top cover, remove the powder (detergent) tray, partially disassemble the laundry hatch and only after that remove the front panel itself.

In principle, you can remove the back cover immediately (it is easy, you only need to unscrew a few screws/bolts) to see which side is the heating element.

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