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How to replace the burner with an electric stove Indesite

How to change the burner on an electric stove

Knowing the model of the stove. It will not be difficult to choose the appropriate burner, I will say more in the country I have an electric stove Russian woman and there are similar burners, so that the store will help you choose exactly that. what do you want. I will not dwell on that. that you need a screwdriver and pliers, since in any repair they should be at hand.

Naturally, before replacing the burner, you must de.energize the stove, then disconnect the electric wires from a faulty burner. unscrew the ground nut and replace the burner. Everything in the drawings

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Many masters advise to mark with pieces of paper and sign the wires removed. In order not to confuse, although I just can’t imagine how to make a mistake here. And then collect everything in the reverse order, but to test before the assembly, and to say it is easier, check if the new burner warms up.

Important: Before repairing an electric stove, including replacing a faulty burner, be sure to de.energize it. turn off the plate out of the outlet.

Then open the lid, for this on the stove, unscrew the screws that fix it. Before disconnecting a faulty burner, remember the procedure for the location of the contacts, and better, if there is such an opportunity, then take a picture on a mobile phone.

You can mark each wire by sticking pieces of paper tape on them, on which write which wire under which number.

Disconnect the burner: unscrew the nut that fixes the grounding wire and nut, which holds the bracket (hold the burner with your hand). Then measure the diameter of the old burner, select a new burner for an electric stove of this diameter in the store.

Connect the new burner by performing operations in the reverse order:

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How To Replace a Broken Stove Heating Element

  • Connect the burner,
  • fix the bracket with a fixation of the burner,
  • ground wire with a nut,
  • Connect the wires according to the marking,
  • Close the lid of the electric stove,
  • Check the correct installation of a new burner so that there are no displacements to the side, if everything suits, the cover of the plate can be fixed. Turn the fork in the outlet.

It remains to check how the new burner works. It is necessary to warm it at maximum power for 5 minutes (without dishes) and then cool to room temperature.

Ten does not work

If, nevertheless, the burner does not warm, then, except for switches and electricians/halogen, the wires could disconnect-their contacts are oxidized, and from constant overheating-the air inside the electric stove can reach 150 degrees-sooner or later isolation from wires will be rash. Checking the integrity of the terminals and wires, as well as the “call” of the electric spiral, each has a resistance of up to 100 Ohms, is able to identify the place of violations of the contact. Clean the terminals, replace the wires on which the insulation is impaired, restore the connection if the wire is broken.

The reason for the breakdown of the heater, which has the shape of a pancake, and not a coil, may be a design that has burst over time, in the crack of which a spiral passing inside is visible inside. Such a thermal element, most likely, will also not work for a long time.

The best way out is not to leave the “pancake” on after cooking, do not use it purely to heat the room.

Induction of induction hob

So, how the induction stove works is now clear. We go to its device. In principle, the design component of the device is not very complicated. It consists of several elements:

  • Hob. usually glass.ceramic.
  • Insulating layer.
  • Coil with which vortex induction ceilings are obtained.
  • A frequency converter.
  • Control block.

Note that all induction surfaces proposed today can have standard and non.standard sizes. This is beneficial from the side that you can choose the necessary option that will fit into any kitchen set. In this case, the plate itself can be built in the form of a panel or is a separate element.

Technical features include the number of firewood, which are indicated on the glass.ceramic surface by sections of drawn lines in the form of a circle or square

When choosing dishes for an induction stove, pay attention to its diameter. It should not be less than half the diameter of the circle drawn on the panel

Experts believe that the optimal diameter of the pan or pans is 12 cm.

As for the induction hobs itself, its dimensions do not affect the technical characteristics. Typically, large overall dimensions of the plate are a larger number of firewood, which varies from 1 to 7. Standard position. 5 fireplace. We add that the glass.ceramic surface is of different shades: black, white, gray, gold and so on. You can choose in color the option that will definitely fit into the design of the kitchen set and the kitchen in general.

As mentioned above, all functional elements of the induction panel are under the hob. The control panel is located in the front. But today, manufacturers offer models in which each burner is equipped with separate touch control buttons.

Step.by.step instructions for searching faults

The algorithm for identifying the most common equipment failures:

  • Check the presence of voltage on the terminals of the supply cable using a voltmeter. Having made sure of the power supply to the control panel, press the “Sand” button. Sound and light indication is triggered on the touch panel.
  • On an introductory machine located in the distribution panel of power supply, the voltage at the upper contacts is checked. This process is carried out using a multimeter, low voltage pointer (UNN) and a single.pole indicator.
  • The voltage supply to the mechanical and electronic control mechanism is carried out using a special unit. To check the serviceability of the hobs, it is necessary to alternately measure the electric current with an ammeter.
  • Tubular electric heaters, temperature measurement sensors, electric circuit breakers, closing and opening contacts, all kinds of regulators are checked for the presence of malfunctions and detecting the causes of the device failure.

How to replace a faulty burner

Like any other household appliances, an electric stove can also fail. The invited specialist from the service organization will take at least 5,000 for repair, but is it not better to do everything with your own hands?


Of course, problems most often arise with burners. So it happened to us: two Indesit electric stoves after 14 years of intensive operation almost simultaneously began to junk. One was very slowly heated (despite the fact that it was always “fast”), and the second completely stopped turning on.

An electric stove can also fail

Fast heating burners require replacement

Basement of fireproof in an electric stove

Depending on the equipment model, there may be a different number of firewood. With minimal configuration, there are only 2. Usually in standard electric hobs, the manufacturer sets 4 fireplaces.

Heating elements may differ:

  • Classic version: burners are installed on an enameled panel, the heating element is located inside.
  • Modern type: the panel is a continuous ceramic plane, in which various types of heaters are installed inward.

Before proceeding with the repair of household appliances, it is necessary to determine what type of fireproof those that failed. There are several main types:

  • Old burners that were released back in Soviet times. Their main distinguishing feature is cast iron elements that heat up quite slowly and cool down later;
  • Tubular spiral. They are based on a special tube, which is equipped with a hollow plane. Due to this, the circulation of warm air occurs, which significantly increases the efficiency of work. Brings of this species are very difficult to repair at home;
  • Ceramic burners. They have a fairly simple design, so independent repair should not cause any difficulties;
  • Gagrane device burners. The emitter is installed in several different places, which allows the panels to heat up quickly, while saving electricity as much as possible. But it is better to repair such equipment with a qualified specialist. Since one incorrect movement can completely disable household appliances. This will lead either to expensive repairs or to buy a new hob.

All modern models use a power wire with a special section to ensure a full.fledged supply of current to the burner. It should also be connected to devices such as a regulator and thermostat. Thanks to this, reliable protection against possible overheating in the future with constant operating the hob is ensured.

How to replace the burner burners?

Electric stoves have long become multifunctional devices. For example, the time of switching electric spirals is set along the timer, when the same food is prepared according to the same or similar recipes in the same dishes. You just need to set the cooking mode and move away from the stove for other matters. The hob will reduce or add heat at the right time. And after the end of cooking, it will turn off the mains.

Often encountered problems. burning out spirals, refusal of switching relay and switches. To change the same electric conform, there is no need to invite masters from the nearest service. possessing at least minimal knowledge in electrics and circuitry of electrical heaters of any purpose, you will change a non.working part to a new one with your own hands. The only requirement is compliance with electrical safety rules.

How is electrical tiles arranged?

In the usual design of the electric conform (electricity) are installed on a steel panel covered with heat.resistant and high.strength enamel. The heater itself is located inside, in a large round opening. it is installed on a stainless structure. The heating element is made in the form of a coil or “blank” of a closed type.

The simplest home.made slab is a couple of bricks of refractory clay standing nearby and fixed on a rectangular basis with a steel corner profile having legs in the corners. An open groove is pierced in bricks, in which a regular nichrome electric spiral is located.

Such plates do not need any additional electrician-the spiral is located and stretched so that the heat is generally enough to prepare most everyday dishes without deviations from the recipe used.

The failed spiral is easier to replace, for this you do not have to disassemble anything-the whole structure is in sight.

Modern electric stoves are assembled like a classic gas 4-accommodation plate, and are also equipped with electronics-the type of one that is installed in a slow cooker. Be that as it may, the classic burner is equipped with a 5-position switch, where the double spiral of each of the heating elements works in four modes:

  • consistent inclusion of spirals;
  • A weaker spiral works;
  • A more powerful spiral works;
  • Parallel inclusion of spirals.

The failure of the switch, the burning of the output of the heating coil (or “pancake”), where the electrical contact between spirals and switches disappears. the most common problems. In Soviet furnaces, casemate toggle swells that withstand 1 kilowatts and more power were used. Then they were replaced by switches and sets of switches with neon backlight.

In electrocondords of the halogen type, part of the emitter is placed in different places of the heating element, which allows Knock to gain operating temperature in a matter of seconds. This favorably distinguishes the “halogen” from slowly, in a few minutes of a hot, thermo.element operating on the basis of a nichrome spiral. But “halogenes” are somewhat more complicated in repair.

The device is included, but no heating

In electric stoves equipped with an electronic control unit (ECU), both the main controller that sets the operating mode and heating sensors on each of the firewood can be damaged.

Try to temporarily remove the ECU and connect any of the electrical consumers directly to the network. most likely, it will be designed for such use, however, you will have to forget about its electronic control until the EMU is restored/replaced/replaced.

Repair of the ECU fee consists in checking and replacing sensors, relay and thermostats.

An extraneous smell

The breakdown manifests itself not only by the lack of heating and heat dissipation, but also by extraneous smells. The smell of burning is formed when combating particles of products, when cooking at the heater.

Disconnect the burner, wait until it cools down, thoroughly wash the food and burning spots from its surface. The smell of burning food will leave.

The smell of burning plastic appears less often. it is not recommended to exploit the burner further: burnout of the insulation can lead to a short circuit with unpleasant consequences.

  • When repairing, you incorrectly collected the scheme;
  • the switch does not work (chillering conductive contacts);
  • Refused the ECU (for example, sticking the relay contacts that control the operation of individual fireplace).

The hob that has worked regularly for 10 years or more, sometimes refuses due to the aging of the materials from which the processor is made (the microcontroller or its entire payment as a whole), on which it depends on its clear and accurate work.

How to replace the burner?

When replacing the burners, the bolts are unscrewed, holding its round base, the damaged heating element is removed, and a new one is put in its place. the same.

When connecting wires and switches, follow the initial electric stove circuit.Otherwise, when the burner is included in position 3, a weaker, and not more powerful spiral, will heat up, and the burner can work at full power, although this actually corresponds to a completely different regime. With a complete violation of the circuit, you can get both completely working electric stoves, or completely disable it, which will entail much large repair costs.

With proper repairs, you will receive workable electrical conforms, the serviceability of which will not cause any doubt in its further use.

How to eliminate a malfunction in an electric console?

Before starting the repair, check the voltage in the outlet where the electric stove itself is enabled by turning on the tester to measure the network voltage or by connecting any electrical appliance to this outlet. Remove the grounding (or stabbing) wire. it is attached using a separate nut.

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Algorithm how to connect a combined slab in the apartment

If you had an electric stove before, then you will initially need to conclude a contract for gas supply. To implement this, it is necessary to provide the following documents to the gas service service:

  • confirmation of property;
  • registration certificate for a dwelling (apartment);
  • Family certificate;
  • maintenance contract;
  • passport for a gas meter;
  • Subscriber book.

However, independently connecting the plate to the gas pipeline is prohibited at the legislative level

If the gas service, when checking, notices this violation, then imposes a fine and may terminate the contract for gas supply. Nevertheless, you can connect the plate with the gas line and the power grid, but do not turn on, but call the master who will check all the connections and give the go.ahead to connect. This method can save money on services from Gorgaz, but without skills in such work or with a negligent approach to that, it is better not to climb.

If you still decide to independently make a connection, then it is better not to deviate from the next algorithm of actions:

  • Draw a power fishing line for a trimmer and install a socket with grounding next to the proposed location of the furnace.
  • Set the stove on a flat surface or adjust the height of the legs using the level. The inclined surface will not allow food to be prepared evenly.
  • The thread of the flexible hose is wrapped with FUM tape, after which it is connected to the gas pipe and tightened with the key.
  • Similarly, the hose is connected to the device.
  • Connecting the device to the power supply. Electricians advise not to do this directly, but only through the outlet.
  • Check the tightness of the compounds with a thick soap solution under the supervision of the master, thereby making his independent connection by legal.
  • Check the operability of firewood and oven.

Self.connection of any gas technology is unsafe, therefore it is very important to take this matter extremely carefully, not neglecting the verification of each connection. The savings of five minutes can do in the future very expensive



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