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How to replace strips for wax depilation

How to anesthetize the bikini area before hair removal

Bikini is the most sensitive and delicate zone, the hair removal of which without pain relief leads to most women horror, especially when it comes to a deep bikini. Cosmetologists offer several options than to anesthetize when hair removal. At the same time, almost every representative of the fair sex wonders how painful for hair removal is safe for her skin and body as a whole.Let’s try to understand this issue and choose the right drug for these purposes. Anesthetics for the skin are sold in pharmacies and online stores. However, it must be remembered that online stores sell, as a rule, unregistered drugs under the guise of cooling gels and creams, which is a significant danger to women 31. In pharmacies, 3 drugs for skin paintering are now available. acryol missiles, emlu and various lidocaine drugs in the form of spray.

An painkillers when hair removal with an epilator or wax should be effective and safe, so many women think about the question of how to anesthetize when hair removal, and do not buy the first remedy at the pharmacy. It doesn’t matter in the cabin you do hair removal, or you get rid of your hair at home, choosing an anesthetic cream for the bikini zone, it is better to give preference to the product with the status of the drug than to deal with the negative effects of an unknown anesthetic. It is important to observe the doses and not exceed the permitted application areas, as this affects the safety of use 26.

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Before you go to the pharmacy and buy a spray or analgesic cream for the bikini zone, you need to find out which drugs can be used for these purposes to avoid the following factors:

  • allergic reaction;
  • development of infections;
  • damage to the skin and mucosa;
  • violations in the work of the heart and central nervous system (central nervous system).

In order to protect yourself as much as possible from the negative consequences that can cause painkillers to hair removal or corresponding creams, it is necessary to carefully study the composition.

The most common errors in waxing at home

We asked the master to name the 10 most common mistakes. Girls usually commit them, deciding to get rid of hair without a professional help.

The most common problem of wax hair removal at home is hair growing. To minimize unpleasant consequences, prepare the skin for the procedure. The scrub is best for this purpose. You can either make it yourself from coffee or sugar, or, even better, buy a special tool for exfoliating the skin in the store.

If the skin is uncleaned, this will lead to its insufficient “clutch” with wax. And as a result. a poor quality of hair removal and hair survey.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of depilation with wax strips include the following:

  • relatively low price;
  • convenience and economy;
  • The result of the procedure becomes noticeable immediately;
  • high security;
  • You can carry out the procedure yourself;
  • The effect persists for 2-4 weeks.

Good wax strips give an additional result: after each processing of problem areas, the volume of vegetation is reduced, and the remaining hair thinns out and brighten. This effect is explained by the fact that during the procedure, the nutrition of the bulbs is violated.

Of the shortcomings characteristic of bikini depilation with wax stripes, most girls distinguish the following:

  • soreness of the procedure;
  • Due to the remnants of wax, the skin becomes sticky;
  • Not all hair is removed (you have to use tweezers);
  • frequent appearance of bruises due to errors when gluing tapes;
  • The risk of developing an allergic reaction to wax components.

The disadvantages of the vaxing include the fact that when torn off the wax strips, hairs often break off. This can speed up their growth. And when processing the face, the hair often grieves quite often.

strips, depilation

How to do waxing at home

We tell you step by step how to do the wax of the house correctly.

Preparation of tools and wax

The main thing that is needed for wax depilation (not counting the strength of the spirit) is, in fact, wax, as well as a wax (if it is not, then, as we have already said, you can use a water bath or microwave). It will also be needed:

a calming agent after depilation;

wooden spatula (if you use a jar or hot hairy);

strips (napkins) from paper or fabric to remove wax (if you use warm wax in a cartridge or bank).

The last two points, as well as heating systems, you will not need if you use cold wax (see. higher).

Preparation of the skin for depilation

The skin should be clean and dry. Than to degrease the skin before depilation? Ideally, with a special lotion with M of alcohol (no more than 20%). If it is not, then you can simply clean the site with soap and warm water, wipe it dry. Or use a face tonic.

Before applying wax, it is necessary to sprinkle the skin with talcum. this will provide high.quality grip of wax with hairs, and also protect the skin a bit.

Wax during depilation is removed against hair growth. © Getty Images


Heat the wax to a liquid state. the consistency should resemble thick cream or fluid honey.

Check the wax temperature in a small skin.

Apply wax with a thin layer along the hair growth. a video built into the cartridge, or a spatula. When using a can wax, you need to dip the spatula into the container, then remove the excess, wiping one side on the edge of the can. When applying wax on the skin, the spatula must be kept perpendicular to the working surface. If you use hot wax, make a short application (no more than 10 cm). When using warm wax, the area can be increased, make sure that it coincides with the size of the strip.

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Removing hot wax: grab the wax strip by the tail and remove with a sharp movement against hair growth.

Removing warm wax: immediately after application, glue the cloth from paper or fabric to the wax. Remove confident movement against hair growth.

Immediately attach your palm to the epilized area. this will remove unpleasant painful sensations.

Skin processing after the procedure

Immediately after hair removal, the skin needs a light soothing care. butter or milk is suitable. It is better to use a special cream after depilation, such tools usually contain moisturizing and soothing components.

“After depilation, the skin barrier is disturbed and the sensitivity to the conditionally pathogenic flora is increased, complications in the form of folliculitis-abstences in the area of ​​hair follicles may occur. It is not recommended to use nutritious saturated textures that clogs pores. We need light anti.inflammatory drugs with disinfectant, antibacterial, healing and soothing effect “.

How to prevent irritation after epilation

Two ways to prevent irritation. regularly cleanse and moisturize the skin. In addition to soothing creams and fluids, men’s lotions are very popular as remedies after hair removal after shaving for sensitive skin. They soothe well and moisturize, contain antiseptic components, prevent inflammation, are quickly absorbed.

“Oils, especially dense, in principle undesirable in products after shaving. They usually add components that restore the skin (panthenol, allantoin, bisabolol), soothing substances, vitamins E and C “.

Types of wax for depilation at home

It is important not only to do hair removal correctly, but also to choose the right wax. There are several types of it:

  • Cold. We are talking about wax strips. This is the least effective way to conduct vaxing. Due to the insufficiently high temperature, the wax melts poorly, therefore, normal adhesion is not provided with hairs. During the procedure, they simply break off. As a result, you will receive not only disappointing result, but also ingrown hairs.
  • Warm. This is the perfect choice when you need to treat large parts of the body (back, arms, legs) and the safest vaxing way. Wax can be heated in special waxing for cartridges. The composition may contain careing components, for example, softening.
  • Hot. It is used when it is necessary to process delicate areas, for example, a bikini area, armpits, face. With it, you can remove hairs even from areas with a complex relief. When applying, it has a steaming effect, so it is easier for hairs to go out. Hotly can be removed even hard hair. Wax may include oils, plant extracts that have a caring effect on the skin.

Many people think that waxing at home is an easy way to deal with unwanted hair. In fact, it requires skill, the ability to choose the right composition, knowledge of the technology of the procedure.

What is the difference between geling and wax hair removal and shugaring?

Gel hair removal is a way to remove unwanted hair for a long time. The technique is based on an integrated approach, which allows you to remove hairs without cliffs. After the first procedure, the hair becomes lighter, thinner, while their growth is reduced by 20%.

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The main advantages of geling over shugaring and wax hair removal include the following:

  • Low risk of irritation. The use of wax or sugar paste can be accompanied by itching and redness of the skin, but in the case of a gel of such negative moments, as a rule, there is no.
  • Lack of ingrown hair. When using the hair gel, it is completely removed along with the root, and in the case of sugar paste or wax, there is a risk of a hair breakdown during mechanical removal. In the future, after hair removal, there is a risk of hair growing.
  • The minimum list of contraindications. The lack of mechanical effects on the skin significantly reduces the number of contraindications to the epilation with gel.
  • Long result. Geling, as a rule, must be held every 4-5 weeks. The effect of wax and sugar paste has a less prolonged effect-no more than 2-3 weeks.
  • Minimum discomfort. A special gel destroys the connection between the hair follicle, hair papillae, nerve endings. As a result, the hairs are removed with slight discomfort.
  • Lack of sticky effect, tightening the skin. Sugar paste and wax leave on the skin a sticky effect, which is not noticeable when using a gel.
  • There are no thermal burns. To conduct shugaring and wax hair removal, heated compositions are used, which can burn the skin. When using the gel there will be no such consequences, because it does not need to be warmed up.

Why are strips needed without wax?

They are used when working with hot and warm waxes, as well as in shugaring both in the cabin and at home. They are very convenient for depilation, with their help, you can get rid of wax or sugar paste, quickly and easily, just applying and tightly smoothing the strip to the skin, then picked up behind the edges with a sharp movement of the hand with wax (or paste) and undesirable hairs.

They are made of cotton fabric or paper. Differ in density, size and manufacturer.

They can be purchased in a roll up to 100 meters in length or finished strips within 20 cm, designed for legs and arms and 7 cm long, used in the bikini and face zone. In rolls are spent more economically than in finished form. Each time you can take a strictly necessary amount. High.quality fabric or paper has a special texture that allows you to stick well to wax (sugar paste), do not stretch and do not break during the procedure.

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Such a popular procedure today as shugaring based on the use of sugar can be carried out at home.

For this, the following ingredients will be needed:

All components of shugaring products are mixed, after which the resulting mass is placed on a slow fire and brought to thickening, while the mass should be constantly stirred so that it does not burn.

We pour the resulting traction sticking mixture into a glass container and cooled to a warm state (if the mixture is completely cooled, then it must be a little heated before use).

Shugaring at home

  • Before applying the product, you should clean and degrease the desired area of ​​the body using soap or shower gel.
  • After the skin is dried, it is recommended to apply a talcum or baby powder to it.
  • From the obtained sugar caramel, it is necessary to make a strip and attach it to the processed area of ​​the skin.
  • With a sharp movement against hair growth, remove sugar strip.
  • Rinse the remaining sugar with warm water and apply a soothing lotion to avoid redness, itching and irritation (you can use a decoction of chamomile instead of the lotion).

Such a simple and affordable way of home hair removal will save your hair for 2 to 4 weeks. At the same time, the risk of bringing the infection during the procedure comes down to zero, since sugar is a natural preservative, while sugar syrup kills most bacteria.

With the help of shugaring, you can easily (although not painlessly) remove the hair on any part of the body, including the face and zone of the bikini, but it should be remembered that the optimal hair length for the maximum efficiency of the procedure should be 2. 3 mm.

Regardless of which hair removal tool you decide to use in practice, do not be lazy to conduct a skin allergistest before its use, because even natural components can provoke an allergic skin reaction!



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