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How to remove the tray in an indesit washing machine

How to remove the powder tray

Removing the powder tray from the washing machine is not difficult at all, you just need to follow a few recommendations. The tank for detergents in most models has a tab. Pressing it, the tray can be removed without any problems. But there are washing machines, the process of removing the container in which is quite complicated.

Here you must clearly follow the order of action and work as carefully as possible:

  • You can pull it all the way out, but you have to do this gently, so as not to break anything.
  • There are prongs on the bottom of the tray. They are the ones that prevent you from removing the container from the washing machine. It is advisable to thoroughly lubricate these prongs with vegetable oil.
  • Take hold of the housing, firmly lift it up and then pull it towards you. If everything is done correctly, the container will move slightly.
  • The housing should be pressed from above until it audibly clicks and moves downwards.
  • The tray can be removed at a slight angle, pushing from the top of the tray until it is completely out.

How to remove the detergent dispenser?

Please tell me if anyone knows how to remove the detergent dispenser from an Indesit machine? The manual says to lift it up and pull it out. No matter how many times I’ve tried. I couldn’t get it out. Maybe there are some tricks? I’m afraid I’ll break it if I pull too hard.

Try the old Russian way: with a crowbar and some kind of mother

There’s a little thing on the top where the rinse aid pours.press it and pull it out when you press it.I have a Whirlpool, but so did an Indexit

Pull it harder. I was scared at first, then I pulled it out and it’s fine.

Check the manual on the internet

How to Remove the Detergent Drawer on an Indesit Washing Machine

))))))))))))))))))) I had this problem a long time ago. press it down and yank it towards you

I’ve been pulling it up and down. I’m afraid that if I pull too hard, I will tear it off.) I searched inside, looking for any buttons, anything at all. There’s nothing. And the instructions do not say anything either. It has these protrusions at the bottom, I think they get in the way. Man, that’s the problem))

))))))))))))))))))) I had that problem a long time ago. press it down and yank it towards you

Thank you very much! I have the same problem. It worked. The instructions say to lift, but it turns out you have to press down!

Confirmed, with the help of immense force and some mother was able to pull out, the lower ledges are very difficult to remove. I have an Indesit IWSD 5125.

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Must be removed

Dry powder sometimes spills inside the washing machine under the tray, preventing the container from sliding out normally, stopping it. If the detergent is not being fully washed out, the waterways can become clogged. In addition to detergent, dust and dirt can accumulate in the tray, which also interfere with the full operation of equipment, and mold can form under the ditch.

To prolong the life of the machine, it is necessary to be sure to clean not only the powder compartment, but also the other compartments.

How to remove Dispenser Drawer on Indesit Washing Machine

The following are the most common causes of container blockages.

Powder is not being fully washed out due to low water pressure, or too much is added. Sticky deposits form on the walls of the tray.

Low powder quality. The worse it is, the more powder remains in the dispenser. Wet clumps, as they dry out, form stiff clumps that are difficult to remove.

Plaque in the laundry rinse compartment. The product is only flushed out of the container during rinsing. All the rest of the time it, being in the compartment, adheres to the walls and forms a deposit that hardens over time. The same problem occurs if too much rinse aid is added.

Small debris entering the tray, including from clothes being washed.

If the container compartments can still be wiped with a damp rag, then to remove contamination under it, the tray must be removed. You don’t have to do this after every wash, but you should clean it periodically.

In most brands, manufacturers provide a special lever that allows you to quickly and easily remove the detergent tray. Or the tray can be easily pulled out by hand.

The peculiarity of the design does not allow the powder tray in the washing machine INDESIT easily pulled out. If you roughly pull or pull with force, you can break the retaining teeth. The tray after that will not hold, during the vibration can spontaneously pop out, which can lead to serious damage.

Despite the fact that the technique comes with a manual, the process of removing the tray is described sparingly and not very clear. Even if you follow the instructions, it is not easy to get the container. To do it accurately, there are a few subtleties.

How to clean the powder tray in the washing machine with baking soda

Baking soda is an environmentally friendly detergent. It is completely safe for the washing machine.

How to clean the detergent tray with baking soda:

  • Mix four tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of hot water;
  • Pour the solution into the powder tray and leave for 2-3 hours;
  • Remove the detergent, wash the tray with a sponge;
  • Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Removing the powder tray

For most Indesit washing machines, the container can be pulled out freely. To get the powder tray, pull it out as far as it will go, press the central plastic latch and remove the dispenser. But there are exceptions. the owners of some models believe that it is impossible to remove the powder tray, and they invent all new ways to clean it: with tooth brushes, scrubbers and other auxiliary tools.

Absolutely any Indesit can be removed from the detergent drawer.

The algorithm of action in a non-standard situation will be as follows:

  • Pull the dispenser toward you as far as it will go;
  • Examine the bottom of the “drawer”. there are teeth on the right and left of the base, which prevent free removal of the compartment. Lubricate them with oil (vegetable oil);
  • Grasp the “body” of the container (not the plastic handle), with a little effort, lift the powder hopper up and pull it in your direction. At this stage, the compartment should “slide off” a few millimeters from its place;
  • Press down on the container body, trying to move it downwards. If everything is done successfully, a characteristic click should be heard;
  • Continue pushing the powder tray from above, at the same time pulling it toward you. The tray should pop out of its seat.

Once you have the container in your hands, you can begin cleaning. How you clean the basket depends on a number of factors. You can soak the “box” in water or a special solution, wipe with a cloth or abrasive sponge.

Instructions for removing the container

To pull out the detergent section, you need to do the following steps:

  • Read the appropriate section in the instructions for use.
  • Pull the loading unit out of the socket as far as it will go until the entire inside is in view.
  • Sit down and look at the bottom of the bottom of the unit: there are teeth on the right and left sides that prevent you from removing the tray. Lubricate the projections with any oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Pick up the body of the container, lift it up and pull it toward you. the slide will be 2 mm.
  • Pressing down on the trough from the top will make the trough click into place.
  • Keep pushing on the tray and at the same time pulling. the product will come out of the socket at a slight angle.

This way you can effortlessly get the loading block for the detergent. After that, a preventive cleaning of all three compartments: for prewash, for powder of the main cycle, and under conditioner, rinse aid (small size).

Ways to clean the powder tray: step by step instructions

Washing quality begins with the cleanliness of the active ingredient loading tray. The notion that there can be no dirt there is mistaken. If you look deeper, you can see that the washing powder is washed out of the container, including dirty water, chemical residues do not dissolve completely and settle on the walls of the compartments, excess salts from the water are deposited on the surfaces.

It is not difficult to clean the basket, but you will need to be familiar with its design. The design of the compartments for loading detergents is different for different types of automatic washing machines. In most machines, consumable containers are made removable, but in some vertical washing machines, they are built into the lid, on the inside. There is no need to dismantle these trays to clean them. There are many ways to remove dirt: with or without household chemicals.

All types of washing machines have a device that allows you to dose detergents and other reagents. In models with top-loading, the tray is large enough and is located inside the lid for laying clothes. Practically all frontal washer-dryers have the powder hopper at the top left under the front panel. The principle is simple: water from the mains enters the tank through the container compartments and flushes out the contents. Each section is designed for a specific reagent, the number and purpose varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer:

  • 1. Gorenje. There are 3 sections in the unit. Two large ones for prewash and main wash powder and one small one for conditioner or bleach.
  • 2. Samsung. The tray has three sections. The first one on the left is used when dispensing dry detergent for soaking.
  • 3. LG. The design has 3 cells of approximately equal capacity. Of these, two are dedicated to washing modes, and one is for rinsing: underbrush, fragrance, conditioner.
  • 4. Indesit. The powder hopper of these models has 4 compartments: the large capacity is for the main pre and main cycle programs and the other compartments are for bleach, water softener and fragrance.
  • 5. Bosch. The machine also has four-section trays, in which reagents of any consistency are loaded.
remove, tray, indesit, washing, machine

Regardless of their design, all types of containers have a hard-water build-up of limescale and accumulate residues of undissolved detergents. And without proper maintenance, you get mold. All that could easily leak into the tank and worsen the quality of the laundry.

If the layer of accumulated dirt on the surface of the tray is not caked, you can try to clean the sections without any preliminary manipulation. This applies to top-loading machines: you must rinse the container in the lid under hot water. it will simply drain into the tank. For frontal washing machines, you must first remove the tray from its seat in the front panel. This is done in this sequence:

  • 1. De-energize the household appliance.
  • 2. Shut off the water supply.
  • 3. Press the special clips on the bin and pull it out.
  • 4. Separate the removable parts from the body. usually the rinse aid compartment.
  • 5. 1 Pay attention to the cleanliness of the water inlet and solution outlet in the tank.

Most (90%) brands of washing machines have simple trays with a locking tab that partially covers the rinse or conditioner section. It is on it to push and pull the unit towards you: it is easy to pull the unit out. But for some manufacturers. Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, Samsung, LG containers have different designs.

To remove the powder hopper on these models, you will have to perform a sequence of manipulations:

  • 1. Pull the container toward you as far as it will go.
  • 2. Crouching down, examine the bottom. there are teeth on the right and left, you need to lubricate them with any oil.
  • 3. Take hold of the compartment body, with a small effort lift and simultaneously pull to yourself. the tray will move 1.5-2 mm.
  • 4. Lower the receiver. a click will be heard and the unit will come out.
  • 5. Continue pressing and pulling until the container is completely out.

Once the unit is cleaned of detergent residue, the locking mechanism can be upgraded to make it easier to manipulate in the future, following expert advice. Grind the plastic prongs by 0.5 mm with an emery cloth or an emery cloth. This will make it easier to prepare the tray for cleaning.

For this remove the cover of the automatic washer and dryer. it is fixed with three self-tapping screws. The water ducts will be exposed and need to be cleaned. Here is also the atomizer, it works in interaction with the water system and is controlled by the electronic unit. Useful for spraying the receiver.

Clogged nozzles cause uneven wetting, incomplete washout of chemicals and formation of fossilized powder. Therefore, it is important to clean all channels and sprayers of the unit.

In Ariston machines, the container slides out like a fan. This is handy because all the compartments are clearly differentiated. But this design creates a little difficulty when pulling it out of the machine. Procedure:

  • 1. Pull the basket out as far as it will go.
  • 2. Grasp the edge of the receiver on the right-hand side and lift.
  • 3. Remove the appliance from the washing machine by pulling it towards you.

The powder tray can then be cleaned free of buildup afterwards.

If the coating compartments are heavily soiled, the deposits must be forcibly removed by using special agents: they cannot be removed with hot water alone. There are several options for making the detergent dispenser shiny:

  • 1. Physical action is to remove the contaminants with a brush or brush, scrubbing off the plaque with scouring powders that do not include chemical additives. The method is quite effective and is used in most cases if the condition of the tray surfaces is satisfactory. Sequence of operation: immerse the device and its parts in hot water and clean with a stationery knife, a brush, and hard-to-reach places with a mop brush. After the procedure, rinse, wipe with a rag and put it back on the washing machine.
  • 2. Chemical treatment is given locally on the container only and holistically on all the washer-dryer drains. Using special active means: a single tray is placed in a solution for some time, the action of chemistry dissolves contaminants, after which the device is washed with clean water, dried and returned to its place. Wash the machine without removing the powder hopper: the necessary liquid is poured into the hopper and the wash cycle is started with an empty drum at a temperature of 90°C. At the end of the cycle, the rinse is repeated and cleaning is finished.
  • 3. The mixed method of removing dirt is used when it is impossible to cope with one of the above methods. If the tray does not pass water, it is dismantled, mechanically clean the holes. After the container is reinstalled, a comprehensive chemical treatment is run to clean all existing ducts.
  • 4. Folk methods consist of replacing special agents with gentle household solvents: baking soda, citric and acetic acids.

Sometimes bleach is added to the cleaning liquid. It is a good bleach and disinfectant: mold and other fungal growths will disappear.

Use safety glasses and rubber gloves when working with chemicals.

The best way to keep the powder tray clean is routine maintenance of the CMA and following the rules for operating the appliance. A few simple guidelines should be followed:

  • 1. Install a filter at the inlet to the machine to reduce the hardness of the water.
  • 2. Rinse the tray after each wash, wipe it dry and leave it open.
  • 3. Do not close the drum door at the end of the cycle. this will ensure the drying of the internal parts of the appliance.
  • 4. Use quality powders and gels from well-known manufacturers.

If the machine is routinely cleaned every 10 washings, there is no need to clean the tray on purpose.

Washing and drying machines

How to take out a powder container in an washing machine. If you need to wash the tray, in which the powder is poured, it is most convenient to do it by removing it from the machine. Indexit washing machine also has the same functionality. But in these washing machines, the patch is more difficult to pull out than in others. Here you need to make some effort. First you need to pull it all the way out, and then as if bending the tray down, pull it towards you. Apply a little effort and you can pull the tray out of the Indesit washing machine. Good luck!

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Washing the machine without a “general cleaning” of the powder container is pointless, because if the hole is clogged washing will be without soap solution, and if fungus develops. the clothes will also become dangerous.

How to : Remove and clean detergent drawer on Indesit Washing Machine

Different “washing machines” have different designs. If the machine with a horizontal load of laundry, the tray is retractable, located on the front side or at the top. With vertical. on the lid itself.

There are usually three compartments. Using the example of the machineIndesit“. the smallest is designed for the final stage of washing and adds products such as conditioner, rinse aid. The prewash has a marker. I, the compartment for the powder used in the main wash. II. Remove with care, as there is a chance of pulling out the compartment “with the root”. Therefore if you are not sure in your “jeweller” skills it is better to call a specialist, if you have the knack, let’s sort it out.

  • Carefully read the instruction manual that came with your machine.
  • Pull it as far as it will go to clean the powder compartment.
  • Find the small prongs under the compartment itself, which hold the compartment, do not let it pull out.
  • Lubricate them with any oil.
  • Apply slight pressure to the tray from above.
  • Continuing the action in point 5, pulling carefully the tray.



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