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How to remove the smell of fish from the oven

Fish smell is perfectly absorbed by adsorbents such as rice, baking soda, activated charcoal.

Scatter baking soda in the oven and leave it for a day

Wash the surfaces beforehand with warm water and soap. Pour the adsorbent into a saucer, put it in the oven. Close the door. Leave it in overnight or even up to 24 hours (depending on how bad the smell is).

Odor in the oven

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Smell in the oven is one of the most unpleasant things in the kitchen. Most often it occurs due to burning food, but sometimes it can smell nasty and new, never used oven. Either way, eliminate unpleasant odors must immediately, because over time they can begin to spread throughout the apartment, and then a small problem will turn into a larger, intractable problem. To avoid this, we recommend reading this article carefully. In it we will describe in detail all possible options for removing various odors in the oven, as well as tell you how to avoid their recurrence in the future.

How to get rid of odor in the oven?

Before you can get rid of odors in the oven, you must identify the cause of their occurrence. For example, if the oven smells of chemicals, then such a smell must have remained after painting the appliance. Remove such an odor easily with an ordinary dish detergent. It is necessary to treat all the internal surfaces of the oven, and then rinse with clean water. To get better results on the walls of the oven, you can additionally pass a sponge, pre-moistened with diluted lemon juice. Afterwards, the baking appliance should be rinsed well from the lemon solution and heated to the highest temperature. The last procedure will help to determine whether there are still smells when you turn on the oven.

If the oven still gives off an odour after cooking, for example because meat juice or oil has burnt out, you should first wait until the oven has cooled down completely. Then immediately begin treating the oven. On all internal surfaces, including the tray, it is necessary to apply a soapy solution and leave it for several hours. This procedure will help to soften the soot.

If you want to speed up the process, you can additionally place a container of water in the oven and turn the device to minimum temperature. If desired, you can add citrus fruit rinds to the liquid, not only to steep the dirt, but also to flavor the oven. Once the fouling has softened, it must be cleaned mechanically by. A stiff brush in this case, it is better not to use, so as not to destroy the structure of the enamel. After completing the cleaning, the oven should again be slightly heated, having previously placed in it a pot of water and citrus peel, and then ventilate.

In the case of fish odor quickly and effectively help the following folk remedies:

  • activated charcoal;
  • rice grits;
  • table vinegar;
  • apples;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • baking soda;
  • The peel of the citrus fruit;
  • citric acid.

The first remedy eliminates not only the aromas of fish, but also the smells of cinders and detergents. To solve the problem, take five tablets of activated charcoal, crush and dissolve in two glasses of water. Pour the obtained composition into a suitable dish and place it in the oven for ten minutes. During this time, the charcoal solution will quickly absorb all the unpleasant flavors present in the oven.

Equally effective is considered lemon, as well as products made from it. Immediately after cooking the fish, fill the baking tray with water, it is necessarily supplemented with slices of half a lemon. Leave the sheet with the solution in the hot oven for fifteen minutes. In the process of cooling the oven will evaporate liquid, so if necessary, pour it.

In addition, you can boil diluted citric acid in the oven. After turning off the device does not need to touch it until it cools down completely. After such a procedure, you will only need to wipe the surfaces in the oven from the settled steam. By wiping it, you will simultaneously remove the unpleasant odor. The result is doubled if you boil lemon or orange peels together with citric acid.

Also to eliminate the fishy smell, you can leave a container with rice grits in the oven overnight, or slightly warm the oven, first placing in it a bowl with table vinegar. After the last operation, however, you will need to wash the inside of the appliance additionally.

Some housewives recommend using an apple to solve such problems. It should be chopped into slices and placed in the oven overnight immediately after making the fish dish.

You can get rid of the smell of burning with the usual vinegar and baking soda. The first detergent should be treated all surfaces of the appliance, after which the second component should be poured into the tray and the oven should be heated for fifteen minutes. This method helps to quickly neutralize the unpleasant aroma, so it is considered one of the most effective.

You can also remove the smell of burning at home with ammonia. Before leaving it in the oven overnight, the appliance should be heated to a temperature of one hundred degrees and turned off. The next day, wash all surfaces of the oven with detergents and be sure to wipe them dry.

Ground coffee, if left in a closed oven, will eliminate the burning smell in about three hours. In the case of whole coffee beans, it will take about twelve hours to solve this problem.

To further fragrance the oven, you can use some fragrant herbs, such as thyme, mint, sage, etc. д. Fresh herbs only need to be placed in a warm appliance for a few hours to get results.

How to Get Rid of Fish Smells in Your Kitchen | Cooking Tips | Made to Order | Chef Zee Cooks

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to eliminate unpleasant odors in the oven. All you need to do is to choose a method that will help you to solve the described problem, or, even better, to do your best to prevent it from happening. We will tell you about the latter in the next section.

How to prevent?

You can prevent foul-smelling odors in both gas and electric ovens. In both cases, it is sufficient to follow simple rules.

  • Wash the appliance after each use and be sure to wipe it dry afterwards.
  • In addition to the usual wet cleaning, it is recommended to treat the oven from time to time with fresh lemon, because it has the property to quickly absorb any fragrance.
  • Along with the oven, clean all the accessories that are inside (oven tray, rack, etc.). д.).
  • Ventilate the oven periodically (you can even do it every night).
  • If there are any deposits in the oven, such as dried grease or carbon deposits, clean them immediately, as over time they can become source of unpleasant odor.

Always take care of your oven and, most importantly, solve any problems related to it in time, because the condition of this appliance directly affects the quality of cooked food in it.

How to easily get rid of unpleasant odors in the oven

In today’s market, you can find a huge number of cleaning products to cope with unpleasant odors in the oven. But do not forget that they all contain a lot of phosphates and other harmful chemical compounds, which means that their use can have a negative impact on the well-being and health of all family members.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors in the oven? Simple folk remedies, which are not inferior to chemical and well cope with any “flavors!

Do not forget to disconnect your oven from the electricity supply and turn off all burners before using it. And to protect your skin, wear thick rubber gloves. Now you can start the fight!

Unpleasant smell appears after almost every use of the oven.

To get rid of it, just pour a pot of water, add a few lemon or orange peels to it and put in the oven to boil for about 10 minutes.

Another way that many housewives use is to simply place orange peels in the oven and leave them there until the next time you use the oven. Orange peels will absorb unpleasant odors and, in turn, leave a pleasant aroma. If you do not have citrus fruits at home, then you can boil a solution of water with citric acid in the oven.

If in your oven detected an unpleasant smell of burning, in this case will help ordinary table vinegar, which you need to wet a napkin or cloth and wipe the walls of the oven with it. After that, to finally get rid of the smell and to fix the result, you can pour a small amount of salt on a baking tray and turn on the oven for 15-20 minutes. Salt is an excellent remedy for this problem.

You can also use a vinegar solution. To make it you need to add a little vinegar to a lot of water, and then put it to boil in the oven for 15-20 minutes. After that, it is necessary to air the oven for several hours.

It is sometimes unavoidable to avoid dripping cheese or splashing sauces and oil when cooking. These traces are not difficult to remove only immediately after cooking is complete, but this is possible until the oven has cooled down. And when it is cold, then, of course, all the dirt has already dried up and it becomes very problematic to remove them.

So that the next time you use the oven, your dish will not smell of something burning, wipe all the “insides” of the oven well with a solution of soap and water and leave it for a while so that all the burners will soak and can be easily removed. If the dirt is too thick, it is better to cover it with a cloth that has been moistened with detergent for some time. Once all the dirt is sufficiently soaked, you can move on to removing it. To do this, use a hard sponge or scraper, but be careful not to damage the enamel.

If you have a mild odor, try putting a few tea bags in the oven. They are good at absorbing foreign odors, and their use is suitable for even the laziest. Coffee beans have the same effect, but you can put them in the oven like tea, or you can put them on a tray and turn on the oven for a while.

You can get rid of unpleasant odors with ordinary baking soda. Sprinkle it in a lid or jar and put it in the oven when you are not cooking. You will notice that over time the unpleasant odors will stop bothering you.

If you cleaned the oven with detergents, and after that a persistent chemical smell remained inside, then there are several means to get rid of it:

  • try simply opening the oven and leaving it to air out for a few hours;
  • wipe down the surfaces with lemon juice;
  • Dissolve activated charcoal in a pot of water and put to boil in the oven for 10-15 minutes;
  • Wipe the oven with onion or onion juice and let it air out for a few days.

Another effective remedy for unpleasant odor can be vodka. Just wipe the inside of the oven thoroughly with it. Alcohol takes away excess odors as it evaporates.

If an unpleasant odor is found in a newly purchased, new oven, in that case you need to turn it on for a few hours, without putting anything inside. After that, open the door and leave it ventilated until the odor is no longer present.

Black loaf crusts absorb odors well, just put a few loaf crusts on a saucer and place in the oven. In the same way you can use charcoal, also known for its ability to absorb unpleasant odors.

You can try to neutralize unpleasant smells right away, so that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them later. For example, to avoid a fishy smell, put some raw potatoes on a baking tray before you start cooking fish. This will absorb the fishy aroma well. Put a slice of loaf on it before cooking the cabbage, and you won’t be bothered by the smell of stewed cabbage.

You can get rid of unpleasant odors in the oven with vanilla extract.

Pour two tablespoons of vanilla extract into a ceramic, glass or other pot (nonstick pans are not recommended). Preheat the oven to 140-150 degrees and put the vanilla in there for about 20 minutes or until the unpleasant smell is gone.

So, with these simple ways you can easily get rid of any unpleasant odors. Now you can enjoy your favorite dishes and you won’t have to worry about bad smells or spoil your mood!

Every hostess should understand that the appearance of an unpleasant odor is the norm. For example, if you cooked a whole chicken in the oven, it will leave certain fat accumulations on the walls. This can later cause unpleasant odors and, as a result, serious irritation.

Remember! The smell in the oven is only due to dirt. So it’s not just the smell that’s causing the problem. it’s the dirt.

Removing Odors from the Microwave NATURALLY

When cleaning the oven, remember your protection, so use tight rubber gloves. And if chemicals are used, you must carefully read the instructions for their use.

Peculiarities of removing different flavors

Some odors are particularly persistent, but they can also be dealt with:

Burnt food not only spoils dinner or supper but also the very persistent and unpleasant smell of burning from the oven. Get rid of such a “flavor” is quite difficult, but it is possible if you use the following methods:

How to Naturally Remove Oven Smells

  • Cleaning with acetic acid. A piece of thick cloth is abundantly moistened with vinegar and wipe the inner surfaces of the oven. Vinegar acid quickly evaporates from the walls and door to remove stubborn, burned odors.
  • Leaves of molasses, sage, mint, or wormwood are placed in a slightly heated oven and left to stand for six hours. Herbs will absorb the unpleasant smell of burning. After that, you can just throw them away.

Baking in a special food sleeve will help avoid the spread of the unpleasant smell of burning.

Household chemistry manufacturers offer many products for cleaning ovens. Despite their harmfulness, many housewives prefer them, it is more convenient, faster. Store cleaners cope with old and difficult dirt, but have a pungent, unpleasant odor.

Product Name Description
Cillit Bang Antifat shine Removes long-standing burned-in fat, oil and dirt stains effectively. Odor is specific but not pungent. 750 ml spray bottle.
Mr. Muscle Expert for the Kitchen Dissolves grease, removes all types of stains (oil, grease, sauces, burnt milk), effective in hard-to-reach places, kills 99,9% of germs.
GreenClean Removes burnt grease, dirt without damaging the surface, removes unpleasant odors, cleans, disinfects, has antibacterial effect.
Sanita Antifat Contains grease degreaser, which guarantees 100% result without physical effort. Removes soot, grease and burnt-on food effectively.
Comet Deeply cleans, kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, powdery consistency, cleans, disinfects, pleasant fresh fragrance.
Amway Oven Cleaner Gel for ovens Gently removes soot, grease, and burned food from oven surfaces. Do not scratch, do not catch fire.

To prevent health hazards from store-bought household cleaners, follow the rules:

  • Use rubber gloves to avoid damaging or drying the skin on your hands;
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to avoid getting chemicals in your food;
  • Ventilate the room when you are finished.

The very first smell of a new oven. Therefore, before you cook food in it, it is advisable to wash the inside of the oven with a soft sponge and a detergent. Then, after changing the sponge and saturating it with clean water or lemon juice, you must rinse all surfaces and heat the oven again to determine if there is any smell.

Sauce spills, oil spills

Sauce may boil over or spill during cooking, or oil may splatter on the walls of the oven. The smell has already gone, but at the moment there is nothing you can do, until the oven cools down. And during this time, all the spray-drops will harden, and it will not be so easy to remove them. But let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

How to get the smell out of the oven? All surfaces involved walls, bottom, trays, grates, ceiling must be treated. For this purpose they are generously applied a soapy solution and left for some time. If the affected area is quite extensive, on it should be placed a cloth soaked in a detergent solution, with which the food stains should soak.

The soot has softened? Now you can start with the mechanical cleaning. It is allowed to use a hard sponge or non-sharp scraper, so as not to scratch the enamel.

After all these procedures again put the vessel with water and lemon or orange peel in the oven, warm it up, and finally open the door to air it. Read in our article how to clean a glass ceramic hob?

The oven smells like fish

If you ask experienced hostesses how to get rid of the smell of fish in the oven, the list of home remedies will look like this:

The adsorbing properties of charcoal are used to remove any odors, and not only in the oven.

Lemon Recipes

No less popular are lemon derivatives. The smell of fish is known to escape from hands and cutting surfaces when rubbed with a lemon slice or peel. They have the same effect in the belly of the stove. While the oven is still hot, pour water into a baking tray, cut half a lemon into it and leave it for a quarter of an hour.

As an option: in the oven, you can boil water with orange or lemon peels, or diluted citric acid in a pot for ten minutes and after turning off the device, leave it in it until the walls of the oven cool down. And after wiping off the formed condensation with a clean soft napkin, wiping off the smell as well.

This method is suitable not only for removing the smell of fish, but in general after cooking any smelly dish. By the way, there is a recommendation to put mandarin or orange peels of any citrus fruit into the oven before it has completely cooled down.

Let’s try it this way

Not bad copes with the smell of fish poured in a saucer and left overnight in the oven rice.

Pour the vinegar into a small container, turn on the oven and heat it. The only thing left is to wash the inside, wipe it down and air it out.

With a solution of vinegar or citric acid, you can wash the interior and trays with racks and warm the oven.

Another tip is to leave an apple sliced into wedges in the oven overnight after cooking the fish.

Here comes the smell of smolder

No less of a nuisance is the smell of burning, crawling out of the oven.

Vinegar, as usual, is on guard. It evaporates quickly enough and is able to neutralize the bad smell. After moistening a napkin with vinegar, it wipes all surfaces of the oven. A good adsorbent, not bad for eliminating all odors, is salt, so after completing the vinegar treatment, it is recommended to pour a handful of salt on the tray and 10 minutes−15 fire the oven.

Many people put a cup with baking soda in the non-functioning oven, it also absorbs odors.

The already described lemon treatments are also appropriate.

You can beat the burning smell with ammonia. The device is heated to 100 degrees, and having switched off, put the vessel with ammonia alcohol, it is possible to spend the night. In the morning rinse the oven with water and detergent and wipe it dry.

Natural coffee effectively deodorizes the air. If you pour the ground product on a plate and leave it in the oven, the smell will disappear in two or three hours. Whole beans put in a similar way require a longer time, about half a day.

You can eliminate the burning smell by using aromatic herbs: mint and lemon balm, thyme and sage, wormwood. Pine needles also give a good effect. They are placed in a washed and lightly heated oven and left to fragrant. But you have to be prepared for the fact that the cinders will not go away in a second, it is a gradual and rather long process.

The smell of burning is very persistent, and to get rid of it in one go may not work. And for the more impatient

Hand and dishwashing

Many people worry about how to get rid of the smell of fish on the hands. You can do it with lemon. Wipe your fingers and palms with a slice of lemon to stop the unpleasant smell. You can substitute vinegar or dry mustard for the lemon. Mustard perfectly absorbs grease and odor.

If you have been eating smoked or dried fish rinse your hands with a little beer and afterwards wash them with normal soap and water. The smoked smell will be gone.

The above methods will get rid of the fish smell on dishes. There are also lemon-scented cleansers. With their help, as well as using hot water, you can remove the smell from any dishes. You can remove the smell from forks and knives by rubbing them first with a slice of raw potato, carrot, or onion.

If you have only one cutting board, and you cleaned fish on it, then rinse it with hot water in which salt is added. The method especially helps for wooden boards.

Effective remedies against unpleasant odors in the oven

In the process of cooking it is impossible to avoid unpleasant odors. There are popular remedies for these problems.

Folk remedies

A new appliance must be free of any peculiar smell. It is wiped from the inside with a sponge, using detergent, then rinse the surface with clean water. Lemon juice can be added to the water and will help remove odors. Oven is heated up. all odors should disappear.

They can be quickly removed by applying a soapy solution to the walls, grids and ceiling and leaving it on for 30 minutes. A cloth soaked generously with this solution can be left on for extended periods of time if the dirt is large. To speed up the cleaning process, place a pan of water and lemon or orange zest in the oven and heat at a low temperature. The dirt will soften, the aroma will become pleasant.

If the method does not work, you should clean it with a non-rigid object. Repeat the action with the pot, opening it for airing.

Lemon can help get rid of the fishy aroma. In a bowl with water cut into slices one lemon, leave for 15 minutes in the included oven. Add more water if it starts to evaporate, to prevent the lemon from sticking.

Add one sachet of citric acid to a pot of warm water, boil it for 10-15 minutes. When the walls cool down, remove the condensation with a towel. Another method. cut 2-3 lemons, bake for half an hour at 150-160 ° C. To remove the smell of fish from the oven will help rice, if you pour it into a bowl and leave it overnight.

Vinegar is a proven method. Use in two ways: to rub the solution on the walls, grates, heat the appliance. Or boil the vinegar in a dish for 5-10 minutes, remove dirt with a rag. You can leave an apple cut into small pieces in the oven overnight.

  • Dough leavening agent. Moisten the inside of the oven with water, apply the leavening agent to the soiled areas, and leave it for 1-2 hours. The leavening agent will soften the soot, remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Tea bags and coffee beans. If the aroma is not strongly pronounced, tea bags will help. They absorb odors and are easy to use. Coffee beans that are placed on a baking tray and heated have the same effect.
  • Toothpaste. Rub on the surface of the walls, leave for 15-20 minutes, rinse with water.
  • Baking soda. Fill a container with baking soda, leave it in the oven. Over time, the aromas will be neutralized.
  • Vodka. Wipe the oven with it. Alcohol will destroy side odors when evaporated.
  • Charcoal and black loaf. Loaf crusts or lumps of charcoal left in the oven can absorb unpleasant odors
  • Activated charcoal or onion juice gets rid of the persistent smell of chemicals. For this purpose, coal is dissolved in a container of water, boiled for 15-20 minutes, and onions or garlic are used to treat the walls of the oven.
  • Vanilla extract. In a glass dish with water add 2-3 tbsp. л. Vanilla, put the liquid in the oven at 150-160 ° C for 20-30 minutes.

Specialty chemicals

Many oven cleaners are available from household cleaners manufacturers. Despite their harmfulness, many housewives prefer them, it is more convenient, faster. Store cleaners cope with long-standing and difficult stains, but have a pungent, unpleasant smell.

Product name Description
Cillit Bang Antifat Shine Effectively removes old stains of burnt grease, oil stains and dirt. The smell is specific, but not pungent. Spray bottle, 750 ml.
Mr. Muscle Expert for the kitchen Dissolves grease, removes all types of stains (oil, grease, sauces, burnt milk), effective in hard-to-reach places, kills 99,9% of germs.
GreenClean Dissolves burnt grease, dirt without damaging the surface, removes unpleasant odors, cleans, disinfects, has antibacterial effect.
Sanita Antifat The cleanser contains grease which guarantees 100% results without any physical effort. Removes soot, grease and burnt-on food effectively.
Comet Deeply cleans, kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, has the consistency of powder, cleans, disinfects, pleasant fresh aroma.
Amway Oven Cleaner Gel for ovens Gently removes soot, grease and limescale from the surfaces of ovens. Does not scratch, does not catch fire.

To avoid harming your health with store-bought household cleaners, follow the rules:

  • Use rubber gloves, so as not to damage, not to dry the skin of the hands;
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to avoid getting chemicals in the food;
  • ventilate the room at the end of the procedure.

Causes stench from fish that is difficult to remove

To understand why fish smells bad, let’s look at what causes it.

Fish that has been lying around for a long time can stink, even from a closed fridge

Fish that has been caught recently has little or no odor, or has the specific smell of the area in which it has been caught: river, sea, marshy.

After a few days, if the carcass has not been stored frozen, it begins to emit a stench. A number of reasons contribute to the unpleasant stink from fish:

  • The proteins in fish meat are different from animal proteins. they tend to decompose quickly;
  • The high amount of fatty acids causes the meat to oxidize faster;
  • Enzymes that contribute to the digestion of small food by a fish predator end up on its scales, causing the carcass to emit unpleasant fumes.

Because of its chemical composition, the fish stink quickly adheres to the surface.



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