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How to remove the smell from the multicooker bowl

How to get rid of a smell in a slow cooker: food, mold and healer

Today, more and more in the kitchen use such household appliances as a slow cooker. You can cook a large number of dishes in it, do baking. This is an indispensable assistant to the hostess. However, there are times when an unpleasant smell appears from the technique. He can stay after cooking, or when the slow cooker is idle for a long time in the kitchen. What is the problem, how to get rid of it?

The design of any multipovar is quite simple:

remove, smell, multicooker, bowl
  • frame; performs the function of thermal insulation, and it is also in it that all pressure and temperature sensors, heating element, control unit, and so on are located;
  • anti.stick bowl for cooking; It can be extracted, located inside the case;
  • case cover; hermetically closing the unit on top, preventing the sampling of liquids; There is a minimum of a steam valve;
  • valve (s) for the release of steam; There can be several of them, especially if the multicooker involves cooking under pressure; Removable valves. to remove and install back is quite simple; located on a protective screen;
  • Contain for condensate.

A multicooker is a fairly simple device in the assembly, so removing parts for washing and installing them will take a minimum of effort

The reasons for the appearance of odors

Before the fight against smells, it is first necessary to establish the cause and source of their appearance. The modern “device” in the form of a multicooker saves the hostess of the inevitable “standing” at the stove and constant control of cooking, frees out time and effort for other, more important and interesting things. At the same time, the slow cooker helps to prepare various dishes, without cluttering the kitchen of numerous dirty dishes, which allows the hostess to show a creative approach in cooking and delighting his family or guests with new interesting dishes. It can be soups and borscht for the first, as well as various cereals, pilaf, meat and fish dishes for the second. For dessert in a slow cooker, you can bake a delicious charlotte, cheesecake and even a loaf.

And this is where there is a need to eliminate unpleasant odors so that they do not spoil the special taste of the dish.

We will deal with the sources of the appearance of smells in the multicooker “Redmond”.


Factory smell of lubricants, rubber or plastic. These chemical smells that exude rubber gaskets or plastic parts can be absorbed into the prepared dish and completely ruin its taste.

remove, smell, multicooker, bowl

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Banal and simple are the aromas of spices used in cooking. Sometimes they are so strong that a simple washing of a multicooker bowl will not help to cope with the problem.


Bar and fat. It is no secret that the products that are prepared as the main dish periodically secrete fat, but it can be burned. The burn must be removed immediately so that it does not spoil the taste of the subsequent dish.

remove, smell, multicooker, bowl

When the sources of odors are detected and determined, it is necessary to engage in their elimination.

Smell eliminating tips after cooking

You can use all funds together to forever, remove the smell. So, we boil the root of the celery in the bowl, to which we add black ground pepper and a whole lemon. Then we wipe it dry dry with dry napkins.

It is important to properly care for the slow cooker, after cooking, it is necessary to clean it outside and inside the fat and residues of food, having drowned and dried. It is advisable after each use, boil water with a slice of lemon in a saucepan, then when preparing another dish, the presence of the smell of food will not be. Constantly open the lid of the device, do not forget to clean the valve from the liquid absorbing during cooking. Do not store a pan near chemicals, with pungent odors.

Struggle with a rotten smell


The assortment of household chemicals presents goods specially designed for cleaning multicoars. Their composition copes with fat and remnants of food and does not harm the surfaces. Highly removes fat and dirt from ceramic or Teflon surfaces. Eliminates smells and has an antibacterial protective property. Sometimes a set of detergents includes a special sponge for cleaning anti.stick surfaces.

Such a tool can be replaced with gel or foam for kitchen appliances, as well as a liquid for washing dishes with a neutral level of pH.

We get rid of the smell after operation

The smell in a slow cooker during operation arises from the products that are prepared in it. Folk methods and the use of chemicals help to remove them.

Folk recipes

Folk remedies help get rid of unpleasant grocery odors and at the same time do not harm either the design or the skin of the hands in the process of processing.

  • Bite. Helps to remove traces of fish cooking well. 2 tbsp.l. Acetic acid with a concentration of 9% is diluted in 1.5 liters of water and filled with a solution of the bowl. The preparation mode is installed on a “double boiler” (in the absence of this function. for “cook”). Time timer is placed at 0.5 hours. After disconnecting the device, all removable parts are thoroughly washed with running water, non.removable structures are wiped with a clean, damp cloth and wiped dry.
  • Soda with salt. A mixture of soda and salt is an antibacterial agent. So that the slow cooker does not smell like foods, it is washed with aqueous solution with calcified salt and food soda taken in equal proportions. The number of processing-at least 2. At the same time, it is recommended to initially apply the layer moistened in the solution on the processed parts and leave for 0.5 hours, then rinse under running water and repeat the treatment.
  • Coffee. Coffee effectively eliminates extraneous smells and acts as an absorbent that can absorb smelling particles. The container (cup) with crushed large grinding of coffee is left for 12-24 hours in a multicooker closed lid.
  • Ginger. Chopped ginger root eliminates stable smells. It is added to the water, which is boiled for 0.5 hours in a “double boiler” mode (if there is no such function, in the “cook” mode. Then the bowl is washed and dried. To increase the efficiency of ginger, a pinch of black ground pepper is added to it.

Chemical means

So that the slow cooker does not smell after cooking, it is allowed to use chemical products. gels for washing dishes.

However, they give the effect temporary, and the smells return after a short period of time after washing.

When using chemical units, the properties of the material from which the bowl is made should be taken into account:

  • Ceramics can stand in front of cleaning powders, but the protective layer will be damaged from their alkaline compounds, if they are in the product;
  • Teflon deteriorates from abrasive substances.

Methods of elimination

Girls have their proven ways to clean household appliances from dirt and other aromas. The most safe and working way includes:


If the slow cooker is regularly used for cooking, the entire bouquet of aromas is preserved in it. Simple washing of the bowl will not help get rid of this problem. In this situation, lemon will help. Lemon juice perfectly cleanses the surface and removes all unpleasant odors. To do this, you need to cut a whole lemon into several pieces and place in the bowl. Pour a fruit of 1 liter of water and put on a steamer mode. 30-40 minutes is enough that the lemon flooded in the water. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the device and leave to dry.


Another universal remedy against smells is vinegar. Despite the fact that it has a specific aroma, it disappears within an hour. To clean the device you need to take a napkin, moisten well with vinegar. Wipe the cup of the multicooker with a napkin. It is advisable to wipe the bottom and cover well. We also process rubber seals that hold the lid when cooking. Usually specific aromas remain on them.

Remember! When processing the device with vinegar or a special tool, it is forbidden to affect the heating elements. This will disable him.

Fragrant coffee will help neutralize a specific smell from the bowl. Ground coffee is required to clean. Pour it into a small saucer and put it in a bowl for the night. During this time, coffee neutralizes unpleasant aromas. This method can be discharged daily after cooking.


Natural tea also kills specific aromas well. To do this, you need to make a brew of large.leaf tea. We overwhelm the tea leaves into a separate container. Now, with each cleaning of the device, treat it with tea tea leaves. Then we wash it with clean water.

We remove the smell in the new device

From a still unused device, it can be given persistent aromas of rubber and plastic. The fears of the hostesses about the fact that he will go into food are clear. You can cope with the problem using one of the following options.

  • Pour a liter of water into the bowl and add one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice there (can be replaced with citric acid powder). Further, the unit is included for half an hour in the “steamer” mode. Usually this method is enough that there is no trace of an alien amber.
  • Vinegar helps greatly (take 9%). A wet rag is moistened in it and the entire device is wiped, only you can not touch the heating element.
  • Vinegar will help remove the smell and so. the same concentration in the amount of two tablespoons, it dilutes in a liter of water.
  • And sometimes it turns out enough and just to rinse the unit well when using a detergent. First, the silicone gasket from the cover is removed (most often it “fragrance” is) and is thoroughly washed under running water. It should be returned to its place only after drying.

By the way, you can prevent acquaintance with a strange specific aroma at the purchase stage. for this it is worth checking from which material the seal is made. It usually smells of a cheap option. you should refuse such a purchase right away. Ambre from plastic may also appear due to a defective pan. At the first signs of such an unit should be attributed to the service for replacement.

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Volume matters!

Another important point that is definitely worth paying attention to is the volume of products and all components of the components. Read the recipe carefully, prepare all the necessary products for laying in the bowl in advance. Follow the main points when sending vegetables, cereals, meat in the bowl.

  • Follow compliance with the ratio of the liquid and dry part of the products. With insufficient water, the food begins to dry and suck to the walls.
  • Carefully perform the laying sequence. There is a special book for this, which describes the order and principle of action.
  • Do not overflow the bowl, all products should mix freely. If this is impossible, there is a probability of sunset.
  • Additionally add oil and water if the dish dries quickly.

In the equipment, everything is calculated to the smallest detail, and the work was brought to automatism. Therefore, it is important to strictly observe the order and correctness of all actions.

IMPORTANT! If desired, you can double a portion, if it is provided for the volume of multicooker. In this case, it is necessary to exactly observe all the proportions specified in the preparation instructions.

How to get rid of an unpleasant odor in a slow cooker

Often immediately after the purchase, you can feel an unpleasant odor inside the device. You should not be scared, this is easily eliminated with the help of ordinary ventilation. It is enough to disassemble the structure at home (get all the removable elements), lay them out on a dry towel and, leaving the lid open, wait about a day. Typically, such actions save.

remove, smell, multicooker, bowl

If the smells remained after operation, in this case there are a lot of folk remedies:

  • Add a slice of lemon, orange or ordinary citric acid to the water and boil in the “cook” or “steam” mode for about 20 minutes;
  • Wipe the inner surface with a vinegar solution and leave to ventilate for half a day;
  • At night, place a container (or rag bag) with a mixture of salt and soda inside;
  • For a day, leave a cup with coffee beans inside the multicooker, while closing the lid;
  • Ture the tablets of activated coal (about 10-15 pieces) and place them inside for about half a day.

Subject to such simple rules, your multicooker will last more than a dozen years, and each dish prepared in it will differ in a unique taste and aroma.



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