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How to remove the O-ring on the washing machine

Causes of Malfunction

The rubber seal (o-ring) is an expendable part that needs to be treated with care and replaced in a timely manner. Specialists distinguish the following factors that may provoke failure of the element:

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  • long and intensive use;
  • sharp temperature fluctuations;
  • Spinning at maximum spin speed;
  • use of detergents of poor quality;
  • High humidity in the room;
  • regular closing of the hatch immediately after washing;
  • fungal infections;
  • incorrect loading of laundry;
  • use of aggressive detergents.

Despite the large number of possible causes of deformation of the cuff, the most common variant of the fact that the tank rubber is torn is its contact with sharp foreign objects, which can remain in the s of clothes.

How to replace the cuff on the washing machine with your own hands in 5 steps

The washing machine has a sealing rubber that prevents water from leaking out of the hatch. It is located along the contour of the laundry loading aperture. This gasket is called a collar. In order to avoid water leaks, the cuff must be intact without damage. Damage to the rubber band can be as accidentally hit foreign objects, and elements of clothing made of metals. In addition to these factors, other factors can make a cuff unsuitable for use.

Installing the new lip seal

Before fixing a new sunroof cuff, make sure that it is a complete match to your machine make, otherwise the seal will not be strong as a result. Thoroughly rinse the so-called “rim” of the hatch from accumulated dirt, lime and mold. It is enough to take any soap solution.

It is not necessary to wash off the soap: the sliding will make it easier to install the new rubber band, because the new part is likely to be dense and inelastic.

Check that the mounting marks on the lip of the tank and the lip of the lip seal match, and tighten the lip seal on the sunroof. Hold the lower part with your fingers, tightening the upper part, then vice versa. As a lubricant it is useful the same soap solution.

Proceed in the same manner as for the removal of the rubber. Put the clamps back in place, screw the screws and check to see if the cuff “sat” firmly. After all, if the installation was poor quality, in the future it is possible to leak.

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To make sure you have correctly replaced the sealing rubber, run the wash cycle on a short program without putting things in the hatch. After completing the process, see if there is any water at the bottom of the collar.

Remove the clamp

Before you begin, purchase the original spare part for your washing machine model. The sealing rubber can be purchased at a service store or online. Be careful when writing down the serial number of your machine so you don’t make a mistake with your purchase. The new cuff should be soft and flexible.

Prepare for the repair and do not forget to unplug the appliance. To perform the work you will need a flat and shaped screwdriver. The first step is that from the rubber cuff of the hatch you need to remove the retaining metal or plastic clamp. On all machines it is done in almost the same way:

    Find the latch or spring of the clamp, which is a ring dressed along the contour of the rubber seal;

In most cases, such a spring is located at the bottom of the washing machine hatch or on the side in the area of the locking latch.

Removing the front

To completely remove the collar from the drum will have to disassemble the front of the washer. This is done in the following order:

  • remove the housing cover by unscrewing the bolts on the back of the machine;
  • Pull out the powder box, under which unscrew the bolts that hold the front;
  • With a flat screwdriver unclench the latches that hold the control panel, gently pull out and put the panel on top of the housing, so as not to get in the way;
  • then remove the bottom plastic panel, and then unscrew the bolts along the perimeter of the front part;
  • After that you can remove the front part of the housing, providing access to the inside of the cuff.

For your information! On some models of washing machines, such as Indesit, Samsung, AEG, you can do without removing the front part of the housing. It will be enough only to unscrew and remove the top cover.

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To save money on repairs, many washing machine owners try to repair the equipment themselves. In fact, in most cases it is possible to restore the “life” of the washing machine at home. The exception will be the work that requires special equipment, experience and knowledge. For example, if the problem is in the control unit, it is better to call a master. If there is a need to replace the seal. you can try to do it with your own hands. Let’s understand how to remove the sealing rubber from the drum and put in its place a new cuff, what is the sequence of actions.

Why do you need a rubber seal?

The function of the gasket of any washing machine is to seal. It prevents water from splashing on other elements of the appliance and actually consists of two parts. Conventionally they can be designated as “visible” and “invisible” parts. The purpose of the “invisible part” is to seal the space between the loader opening and the washing machine housing during washing. If it is damaged, water can easily seep through and damage the electronic circuit board.

Another rubber band (the “visible part”) is placed on the door of the door and serves to close it tightly. It blocks water from leaking out of the drum during washing, which can cause a short circuit.

The seal is an important part of the washing machine, and any damage must be immediately replaced or repaired (if possible). When you need to remove the lip seal? About this we will talk below.

Removing the collar

Before you remove the rubber band from the washing machine, buy a new original cuff in advance, corresponding to the model of your CMM.

Important! You can buy the cuff in a service center, in a specialized store or even on the Internet. The main thing is that the part is original and fits your model CM. The new rubber band should feel soft to the touch. Also a good quality new rubber is well bent.

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The first step in the dismantling of the rubber seal will have to remove the clamp holding it. It can be made of metal (in the form of a thin wire) or plastic. Removing the clamp, regardless of the model of the machine, is always the same:

  • Locate the clamp’s latch or spring. It can be located at the bottom of the hatch or on the side. where the lock is located.
  • Take a minus screwdriver, pull back the spring, loosening it.
  • If there is also a screw there, take a second screwdriver and unscrew it.
  • The plastic clamp is held in place by latches. they will open easily when you pull it toward you.
  • Use a thin screwdriver to pry out the ring and remove it.
  • Now you can remove the cuff by tucking it into the side of the drum. that way you remove it without damaging.

If you have removed the cuff to reach other parts of the housing and are going to put it back on, there is one important thing to note. There are small triangular marks on the gum and the drum. They must always be the same.

If you do not have one, draw it yourself so you can reassemble it correctly.

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Where as not in the washing machine a favorable place for the development and reproduction of fungus, scale, mold and germs, not only on the outside, but also inside on the details?

Ideal conditions: moist, dark and warm.

If the machine is badly affected by plaque, sometimes you may even need to replace its internal parts.

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We often wipe the outside of the washing machine and make sure it looks good, but we forget or are completely unaware of the sealing rubber, which plays an important role and serves as a barrier against leaks between the drum and door. Do you need to take care of it and how to clean the dirt under the washing machine gum?

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Your washing machine is leaking more and more often when washing? Soapy water, foaming like waves of the surf? The door seal rubber does not seem to be sealing as snugly as it should.

Your washing machine is leaking more and more often when you wash it? Soapy water foaming up like the waves of the surf? Apparently, the door sealing rubber is not as tight as it should be.



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