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How to remove the key from the oven oven

How to : Activate and Deactivate child lock on Bosch oven

What does SAFE mean on the oven?

Press the “Selection” button until the “SAFE” message is displayed on the display. This means that the blocking of the oven of the oven is installed. After automatically shutdown, turn off the oven with gloom. After that it can be turned on again.

Click the “key” button and hold it in a closed state until the inscription “Protection against children is active” and the symbol [key] appear on the display. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on.

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How to unlock the sensory oven?

Method 1 of 3: As a rule, it is located on the upper part of the oven. Press the “Blocking panel”, “lock” or “lock control” button. Keep it for three seconds. Wait for the sound signal, which indicates that the panel is unlocked.

Press the “Selection” button until the message “SAFE” is displayed on the display. This means that the blocking of the oven of the oven is installed after automatically shutdown with gloom turn off the oven. After that it can be turned on again.

How to remove blocking from the Bosch hob?

How to remove a block from an oven? To remove locking from the oven, you need to clamp on 5-6 seconds two extreme buttons on the left side-top and bottom.

How to include pyrolysis in the oven oven?

Loc value on the oven display means its blocking. eat you can try to take out the wardrobe fork. wait 10-15 minutes and turn on again-the lock will be removed.

How to remove blocking from the Bosch washing machine?

On Bosch Maxx 5, you need to click on the Start/Pause button and keep it for about 6-8 seconds. If the “key” icon disappears from the display, then the lock is removed. On Bosch WAS 20443, such a lock is removed similarly. Press the Start/Pause button and hold it for about 8 seconds.

How else can you unlock the hob

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Before unlocking, press the buttons with the image “” and “.” at the same time. It can also help when electric energy turned off in the house. If the hobs are unlocked, a quick flashing signal will be displayed.

What the grill icon on the oven oven looks like?

The grill regime icon in the oven is usually indicated by a zigzag line, or three painted overwhelmed triangles in the upper part of the square. the function of the small grill is rare, mainly for the manufacturer Bosch. The icon has the form of a shortened zigzag line.

To install the exact time, you need to use a special rotary handle or button on the display. By setting the exact value, click the icon indicating the clock and proceed to the installation of minutes. At this time, minute numbers will blink.

How to unlock the hob

@Technosova.Ru function of protection against children is disconnected by holding a button with a key or activating the main switch. After that, all manipulations with the stove become available temporarily or manually before turning on. Auto blocking can be configured in basic functions with the task of the operation interval, but such a function is not provided in all models. It is also possible to fix drawback mechanisms on oven cabinets. Changing the settings of the oven are carried out similarly.

The solution with a removable magnetic button for some models is very interesting. Simple removal of the regulator disconnects the possibility of control.

Flashing indicators and a short sound signal is sometimes associated with the presence of moisture or surface pollution. In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is necessary to clean and continue to use the furnace.

On a note! Study the full range of options for your main assistant in the kitchen. There are models equipped with a short.term sensor blocking function. You can calmly remove fresh drops and garbage, without waiting for a drying.

How to unlock the hob?

Inclusion: Touch the symbol “VCL/Off”. A sound signal is heard. The indicator of the main circuit breaker and the indicators of conferes 0 light up. The hob is ready for operation.

How to unlock the oven Korting?

The display of the programs and the temperature display will turn off, the current time and symbols “A” will be shown on the timer and in flashing mode. Click one of the sensors “” (3) or “-“ (6), or (5) in order to unlock the oven, after which the oven will go into manual mode. Click the sensor (4) to turn off the oven.

Also, the system of protection against children in the oven blocks all the functions of the oven, while even preventing the accidental inclusion of the oven itself. For safety, electric ovens has a temperature limiter, turns off the power if high temperature rises in the oven.



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