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How to Remove the Heating Element in a Samsung Washing Machine

Looking for the heating element

To remove the heating element from a Samsung, it is not enough to simply remove the back panel, as, for example, in Indesit or LG machines. In most Samsung models the heating element is located in the front, that is why the extraction process is somewhat complicated. On the front wall of the machine there is a control panel, a dispenser, a door of the hatch. All components will have to be removed, and this will take more time than unscrewing a few screws on the back wall.

But this arrangement has its advantages. In the course of work, you will not have to move the machine away from the wall, disconnect the dispenser from the water supply and sewer.

So, having figured out the location of the heating element in a Samsung washing machine, you should also understand the principle of removing the element. The algorithm will be as follows:

  • de-energize the equipment;
  • unscrew the trash filter to collect the water remaining in the system;
  • pull out the powder dispenser (the part can be easily removed by pressing the button inside the cuvette);
  • unscrew the self-tapping screws that were located under the dispenser;
  • Twist the bolt on the control panel;
  • Place the panel, without removing it from the housing, on top of the machine;

Move the control panel very carefully so as not to break the wiring.

  • unscrew another 3 screws located under the removed panel;
  • Swing open the hatch door;
  • Using a slotted screwdriver, hook the clamp that secures the collar,
  • tuck the outer edge of the sealing rubber into the drum;
  • Remove the bottom “false” panel by loosening the fasteners.

After these manipulations, the front wall of the washing machine will be held only on a pair of hooks. To remove the front door, grasp the underside of the door and pull the panel upwards. It is important not to overdo it, remove the wall carefully so as not to disconnect the wiring of the locking device. You only need to slightly move the front panel to open the access to the heating element.

After you can remove the control panel downward, so that it will not fall off the top cover when carrying out further manipulations. So preparation for diagnostics of the heating element will be completed.

The heating element is located in the washer directly under the tank. Do not hurry and immediately replace the part, first of all it is necessary to check the heater. Only after making sure that it is faulty should a new element be installed.

Checking the heating element

You can begin to check the heating element even before this part will be completely disconnected from the wires and removed from the tank of the machine Samsung. For an express-evaluation of the functioning of the heater you can use any device for measuring resistance. The most suitable and inexpensive device to perform a “probe” of this part is a multimeter.

At the moment when the heater burns out, there is a rupture of the coil inside the tubular element, so this fault can be determined if the meter will show the presence of zero resistance between the terminals. In order not to get the wrong information it is necessary to put the appliance into resistance change mode connect both probes to check its functionality and then put them to the contacts of the electric element. If the device does not respond to the touch of probes to the “legs” of this part, then you can proceed to the next step to repair the washing machine Samsung. Otherwise it will be necessary to check the temperature sensor or the control unit of the household appliance.

Causes of malfunction

The malfunction of the heating element is indicated by a cold wash. The machine does not respond to the user’s choice of high temperature mode and the water does not heat up. In Samsung Diamond models, error message H1 appears on the display, and the washing will end prematurely.

The reason for the failure of the heating element is most often the use of too hard water. As a result of washing in hard water, a layer of scale begins to form on the heating element, which prevents its normal heating. As a consequence, the heater overheats and eventually burns out.

How to replace the heating element in a washing machine Samsung

Failure of the heater of a washing machine is an unpleasant problem. The laundry at the outlet remains cold, poorly washed, with granules of powder on the surface. All because in cold water, the powder is less soluble, and therefore the dirt is poorly removed. Replacement of the heating element in a washing machine ” Samsung”. a task quite feasible with your own hands. How to do it without damaging the equipment, read below.

How to find the part

To get to the heater, it is not enough to simply unscrew the back cover, as in models Ariston or Indesit. In Samsung machines, the heating element may be located in the front and back. We will show you how to remove it from the front. To do this, you need to remove the front wall.

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On the front panel there is a loading hatch, powder dispenser, control panel. you understand that to remove it is somewhat more difficult than just unscrew 4 bolts. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you in detail how to replace the heating element in your washing machine.

Attention! Do not get upset before time: but you do not have to unwrap the machine, disconnect it from the communications, the repair will be much “cleaner”.

Let’s consider in detail how to remove the heating element from the washing machine Samsung, let’s start with the front panel:

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  • Remove the drain filter to easily drain the water that remains in the tank.
  • Remove the detergent dispenser (there should be a small button inside which you can easily remove the part).
  • After removing the dispenser, you will see a couple more fasteners, unscrew them.
  • Another bolt is on the right, on the control panel. it must also be twisted.
  • Slide the panel without removing it
  • Engage the charging hole: use a thin screwdriver to pry up the collar that holds the rubber cuff. Turn the cuff itself inside out. into the drum.
  • At the bottom you will find another small panel, near the trash filter. It is held in place by fasteners that also need to be unscrewed. The panel itself can be lifted with a thin screwdriver for convenience.
  • Along the removed wall you will be waiting for another 4 fasteners, which were previously closed by the panel. Unscrew them.
  • Lift the control panel and remove it to the top cover of the housing. Where the panel was, you will be left with three more screws to unscrew.

Important! Working with the control panel, do not cut the wiring so as not to complicate the repair.

  • Now all that keeps the front of the machine is two small hooks. Grasp the panel at the bottom by the corners and lift upward to release it. it will come off easily.

Important! Don’t pull the panel too hard or too sharply to avoid cutting the wiring. Your task is to move the wall so it does not interfere with getting to the heater, so do not disconnect anything. just put it next to.

Now you know the work you need to do before you take the heating element out of your Samsung washing machine. Having removed the wall, you will immediately see the heater shank. it is located under the tank.

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But do not rush to make a replacement! You must first check everything, make sure that the heating element is faulty, and then decide whether to change or not to change.

How to replace the heater element on a washing machine. Indesit

How to replace the heating element in a Samsung washing machine

When the heating element of the washing machine is out of order it is impossible not to notice, because the washing will occur in cold water, and the laundry will remain dirty at the output. Most modern washing machines will not allow the washing to continue, if the water does not reach the correct temperature. In this case, the control module will simply issue a system error and stop the program. In this publication, we decided to figure out how to replace the heating element in a Samsung washing machine, we hope this information will be useful to you.

How to get the heating element of a washing machine Samsung

The feature of these washing machines is that the heating element is directly on one of the outer walls of the tank and to get to it is not always a simple thing. But nevertheless it is not an impossible action. It may seem so only at first glance. Therefore, you do not need to call a master, and for an additional fee to replace the heating element for the washing machine Samsung. this can be done independently. Before you change the heating element, it is necessary to disassemble the washing machine Samsung. Here is the order of how to do the work:

  • to begin with, drain the water remaining in the tank, to do this, unscrew the hose with the filter, and the water itself will flow out;
  • after it is necessary to detach the front panel of the washing machine, by unscrewing the screws that hold it;
  • remove the powder box, unscrew all the remaining fasteners;
  • unscrewed control panel can be moved to the side, so as not to interfere;
  • now it is necessary to carefully remove the sealing rubber band around the hatch. This should be done extremely carefully so as not to damage the cuffs, t.к. It is not easy to replace it;
  • With a flat screwdriver pick up the plastic panel and expose the body of the machine;
  • Now the control panel can be unscrewed and pulled out, first disconnecting the harnesses and contacts;
  • The front panel is now easily removed, and we can see the interior of the washing machine.

After the front cover is removed, we can see the heating element itself on the Samsung washing machine. In this position it is possible to check it without removing it. Initially it is necessary to measure the resistance with a multimeter. The process is simple and does not take much time, if you have some knowledge. Attach the ends of the multimeter to the contacts of the heating element and turn on the device. The readings of the device should range from 25 to 30 ohms. In this case the electric heating element is defective.

If it turns out that the heating element is still defective, it must be disconnected and replaced with a new one, purchased in advance. Here is the order of replacement:

  • unscrew the nuts from the mounting bolts;
  • Pull the pins from side to side;
  • Use a hammer to gently tap on the studs from which the nuts have just been unscrewed;
  • gently pull out the defective element.

After removing the faulty heating element, you must once again check the resistance of the new part, and if it is serviceable, then you can put it back. Beforehand drop machine oil on the rubber band. The installation process is the same as the dismantling.

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To remove the heating element in the machine brand Ariston, it is possible with minimal disassembly of the household appliance. To remove this product it is necessary

  • Unscrew the fastening screws of the small plug, located at the bottom of the back cover of the device.
  • After removing the cover of the plug, you will gain access to the heating element, from which all electrical wires should be disconnected.
  • Remove the nut located in the central part of the product.
  • Carefully push the bolt inside the tank.
  • Pick up the gasket with a slotted screwdriver and remove the part from the device.

Causes of failure and prevention methods

One of the main reasons affecting the life of the heater element is the quality of water supplied to the washing machine.

remove, heating, element, samsung, washing, machine

Limescale deposits begin to deposit on the heating element in hard tap water. Plus there is debris buildup on it, which reduces the heat output and forces the appliance to work harder and harder.

The result is overheating, which accompanies almost any washing cycle with hot water. Faulty heating element can not be repaired, it can only be replaced with a new one.

In order to extend the life of the heating element, it is recommended to clean the washing machine once every few months. One of the available options is by using citric acid. It is simply poured into the compartment for washing powder and run one of the modes at high temperature.

Preventive cleaning will help clean not only the heating, but also other elements of the washing machine. On how to clean the washing machine from scale with citric acid, you can learn here.



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