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How to remove the handle from LG refrigerator

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The handle from the Liebherr model looks a lot like a door handle. It makes sense that it can also break for the same reason. If you systematically pull it with more force than necessary, sooner or later it will need to be repaired. Of course, it is easiest to buy a new one, but, before that, you should properly remove the damaged Liebherr part, and then install the purchased one in its place. After all, using the door without a handle will be a real ordeal, which will only lead to damage to the gasket rubber.

How to replace the door handle of the fridge by yourself

Perhaps the most vulnerable part of the refrigerator. is its handle. We use it every day: jerking, pushing, pulling with different force, and small children love to hang on the door, catching the handle while playing. Of course, such treatment can sooner or later lead to a breakdown.

You may think that good and expensive refrigerators do not have such a problem, but alas, this is not true. Doorknobs break in all models and it has absolutely nothing to do with the company, price or country of production. By the way, even if you have bought your fridge last week and have the warranty card, the receipt and all the documents, they won’t let you replace the knob or the fridge. Such a breakdown is of a mechanical type, they are not covered by the warranty, so you will have to cope with the repair yourself. And if you think about it, does your fridge really need a handle?? After all, it opens anyway.

Of course it does. In fact, the refrigerator operation absolutely does not depend on the presence or absence of a handle. You can tie a rope to it or glue a door handle to it and it will not affect its operation in any way. First. But over time, problems can arise, read more about them.

  • The rubber seal in the door tears and deforms. It makes the door of your refrigerator fit tightly and securely shut without letting the cold out or defrosting your food in the chamber. If you ignore the lack of a handle and constantly pull the door itself, then the seal will deform more and more each time, and eventually will be inoperable at all. Then you will also have to take care of replacing it.
  • If the door doesn’t close tightly, ice crust builds up inside. A fairly large layer of ice on the back and sides of the chamber. It negatively affects the operation of the refrigerator and contributes to its rapid deterioration.

LG Refrigerator Door Handle Replacement #AED37082916

The above two facts lead us to the idea of the need to replace the handle, in order to save the appliances from future complications.

Replacing a refrigerator door handle seems pretty easy at first glance. But, note, most similar parts are made of plastic and break in the most unpredictable places, sometimes in several pieces at once. Assemble the plastic handle like a mosaic or glue/screw the surviving part to the refrigerator. It’s a lost cause. Such a construction will not last long anyway. Therefore, we recommend that you simply purchase a new part.

  • Remove the handle. To remove: Locate the locking tab under the handle at the top base of the handle. Press the catch down and pull the handle up and away from the door.
  • Use a 3/16″ hex wrench (WX05X10316) to tighten the mounting stud. Turn clockwise to tighten.
  • Replace handle.
  • Put a drop of carpenter’s glue in the screw hole.
  • Break a toothpick in half and insert the pieces into the hole.
  • Remove the excess so that the toothpick does not protrude over the handle.
  • Turn the knob back on the screw.

How to re-hang the door of LG refrigerator

The design of any modern LG refrigerator, allows to re-hang the door so that it opens in the required direction. Such a feature is very useful, especially in small kitchens, where all the furniture and appliances are up close. To cope with this kind of task is not necessary to seek help from a master, with the right tools can do it yourself.


If you have all the tools, you can start the work. Let’s understand step by step how to re-hang the door of the LG refrigerator.

At the top of the door, on the side where the hangers are, there is a plastic plug, it blocks access to the fixing bolts. This plug must be removed, as well as those that fasten the handles, if any. Handle of the fridge is screwed down with the cross-head screws, that is why it can be removed with the help of an electric screwdriver or a screwdriver.

Putting the handles aside, find a suitable head for the bolts of the upper hinge and unscrew them. If your refrigerator model is designed so that the door immediately releases from the hinge and can fall, fix it with masking tape around the perimeter, so you avoid unpleasant incidents. If the hinge itself becomes deformed, you cannot do without the help of LG Service Centre.

The next step is to dismantle the bottom hinge, the process here, there is little difference from the previous version, so there should not be any difficulties. Pay attention that on the second side of a refrigerator, on a place of the bottom hinge, there are also plugs, you will install them on the opposite side. Now do the same steps, but from the other side and in reverse order, and finally put all plugs in their places.

How to re-hang the door of the refrigerator: recommendations for repair step by step instructions

In most cases, the question of how to re-hang the refrigerator door arises when it is necessary to remodel the kitchen and the appliances should be moved to a new place.

If the position of the refrigerator does not allow the door to open properly, it becomes necessary to re-hang it to the opposite side for more convenience. How to do it properly and what you should know about not damaging the door?

We will address these issues in our article. For better understanding of hanging process we give step by step instruction with pictures.

Refrigerator handle repair

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Recently there was an article about printing refrigerator handles on 3D today. Continuing the theme.

I went to my parents’ house the other day and saw that the handles on the refrigerator doors were broken.

This is what the second handle looks like. It has a riveted aluminum plate on the back side The situation with the first one was worse. It was barely held and every now and then the top would fall off.

I suggested to my father that we print the handles as a whole, but after thinking together we decided that there was no need to print the whole thing, and therefore it was better to print the fasteners

I’m just learning about the Fusion 360. In fact, modeling fixtures was my first development in this CAD editor.

Handle profile cross section made from photo. To check if the cross section is correct, I cut the model from the top and cut it in half. I printed out these proofs, attached them to the real handle, made sure I didn’t make a mistake with the size and shape.

Printed 2 pieces, gave it to my dad along with the pen.

He sawed off the old knob, cleaned it with a file, put the refrigerator knob in it, and installed it on the door. According to him, the fasteners fit as snug as a fiddle.

The plan is to print mounts for a second handle and plugs for the self-tapping screws.

Printed 1 fixture for 2 hours at 50

Printed with PLA plastic from the Chinese. Brought with the printer when you bought it.

Layer thickness 0,2 mm, filling 100%. Supports. Cura slicer

How to remove the top cover of a refrigerator by yourself

Some breakages and malfunctions of the refrigerator can be corrected by your own efforts. But you need to be able to disassemble the machine completely or partially. You should try to avoid unnecessary disassembling of separate subassemblies when the problem is defined precisely. Otherwise, it will take time and increase the amount of work. Sometimes it is necessary to work only with the upper part of the device. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to remove the top lid of the refrigerator correctly and not to damage the other elements.

How to quickly return a skewed refrigerator compartment door to its proper position

Before one begins to repair the refrigerator by oneself, one should study its certificate, disconnect it from power supply and completely free the inside contents of the unit. Refrigerator carefully put exactly on the side, because if it is tipped back, it can cause damage to the cooling element and freon leakage. With the side position of the refrigerator, the fastening pins can be accessed.

It is easy to detect wear and tear of the fixing materials: With some load, the door canopy hangs, twists, or makes a sound.

This is what causes the door to stand crooked or not fit tightly. The bottom canopy can be seen near the bottom of the cooler. To strengthen its position, you need to tighten the fasteners or replace the canopy.

Technique of door adjustment depends on what the canopy is fixed with:

  • Self-tapping screws. To install the hinge on the same line with the bottom hinge at an angle of 90 about to the bottom of the refrigerator. Screw in with self-tapping screws and a Phillips screwdriver. You can also use a screwdriver with a straight slot.
  • Screws. The idea is the same as using self-tapping screws, but you have to screw it in with a wrench. You can use a thin counter washer to prevent the bolt from unscrewing.
  • Rivets. They must first be carefully removed with a special tool. And then attach the canopy. It is better not to use rivets to avoid repeated damage to the case. They can be replaced, for example, by bolts.

If there is damage at the attachment point of the canopy, you can move the door to the other side of the refrigerator. But before doing this, you should read in the data sheet of the unit whether this manipulation is possible for this fridge-freezer.

I need help, my fridge handle is broken

To be honest, after Olya’s story about restoring the sideboard, it’s even embarrassing to write about such a little thing. But maybe my short story will help someone to quickly cope with a similar problem.

I have a good and reliable fridge Liebherr (made in Germany) but it is 15 years old and the handle on the door is slowly falling apart, firstly on the top, the tape didn’t help, then it started to break off the bottom.

The subject of repair

These are the cracks in the plastic

In short, I urgently needed to replace the handle. At first I “turned” to the Internet and fairly quickly found the handle I needed at the service depot, went and bought it. And immediately I made a mistake, but I realized it later, it turns out that I bought not everything, the kit was not included accents (though they were not in stock).

New handle

So: there is a handle, it is necessary to install it, of course I could help my son, but he has his own things and I have “itching for hands”. But I still called the shop: the work of a wizard to replace the handle cost at least 1000, and then another call to pay, and then sit and wait for the arrival of the wizard. Conclusion: I must try to do it myself.


First I had to remove the old knob. I honestly admit that I did not immediately realize that the linings are removed by simple pressure, I wanted to “help” with a knife, but I still figured it out, and then everything was very fast.

Fortunately, I have a screwdriver with a large set of tips, including a “star”, which was needed to remove the handle.

The nozzle you need

Set: screwdriver and bits

And then the whole job took me exactly 10 minutes.

Handle removed

Screw the new

Putting on the pad

The cover is in place Only the lining had to leave the old color of the new handle, but the handle works.

Bottom line: saving money and time, and most importantly. once again I was convinced that you can do a lot by yourself if you don’t panic, and think a little.



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