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How to remove the cover from the gas meter

If the figures, indicating fuel consumption, are extinguished or hardly visible on the gas meter, the reason, most likely, lies in the malfunctioning of the battery installed inside the meter, and less often it is accompanied by a failure of the equipment itself.

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The main reason of element change in a gas meter

In accordance with current legislation, all work on gas equipment must be performed by qualified professionals with the appropriate license. This means that it is inadmissible to carry out repairs yourself, including replacement of the battery.

As a rule, supplying companies or organizations that maintain meters installed in apartments don’t repair equipment and replace it if a problem is detected. Repairs can only be made by the manufacturer of the appliance.

To send the equipment in for warranty repair, you must:

Removing the meter to have it repaired

Check the work of the device in a specialized organization

  • Call specialists to install the meter and drawing up an act of commissioning the meter;
  • To pass a complete set of documents to the supplying company for charging according to the consumption of fuel.

However, some users perform battery replacement with their own hands for a number of reasons:

  • is made much faster than the replacement of the meter or warranty repair;
  • costs about 5 times less than the cost of buying and installing new equipment;
  • allows you to save on payments for services, because during the period of repair work the payment for fuel is charged at average regional standards.

A large number of positive aspects lead many people to decide to replace the battery themselves.

There will be no problems with the further use of meters after the battery replacement by yourself, if in the course of the work do not break the seal.

But in the majority of cases it is impossible to get access without removing the seal. You can see for yourself if you look at the following instructions. That’s why our specialists recommend to contact a specialized company.

How much does it cost to replace the battery

If the meter is not under warranty, then all costs are on the shoulders of the owner. This will also include additional services:

Name of work Approximate price, ₽
Disassembly 1300-1500
Installation 1500-2000
Verification of the meter 1500-2000
Re-sealing 300-500
A new battery 500-1000

Looking at such costs, many owners simply decide to replace a faulty unit with a new one. In addition to the fact that the cost of installing a new meter is almost comparable to repairing the old one, you also get a new warranty from the manufacturer. And the initial sealing is even free.

In the process of installing a new battery, you should be very careful. The main thing is not to damage the seals and electronics. Below is a description of how to do with your own hands at home to replace the battery in various devices.

There are 2 reasons for the screen going out:

Let’s be optimistic and choose the first option. If the battery is of the rechargeable type, for example battery 18650 of 3.6 volts, it can be charged up to 1000 times. In this case, you should have a special charger, such as Basen BC4 USB or any other universal. Well, if the gas meter has a battery of the usual type, for example, a salt or alkaline battery, you will have to buy a new element.

Once a new cell or a well-charged old one is on hand, you can begin replacing. Naturally, to charge the battery, you have to open the device. That’s what we are going to do now.

Inventory required for the job:

  • Power element.
  • A soldering iron to make changing the battery in a gas meter even easier.
  • Rosin or solder acid.
  • Tin. But it may be enough and that is in the board.
  • Sometimes you may need pliers, combination pliers. Pliers to cut through the wire attached to the battery.
  • Knife.
  • Tweezers.

If the gas meter is sealed, and the battery is soldered you have to call a specialist. Or do not do the replacement, and pay the average. Fines of 30,000 to 200,000 for breaking a seal!

If the display is out of order to resolve the problem legally and quickly contact GORGAZ. If there are all stamps and signatures and it is under warranty, it will be replaced with a new one, for which you will not have to pay. You will only have to pay for human labor.

gas and electricity meters removed.

To apply to the point of sale, where you bought an electronic gas meter and ask to draw up a special Act. Thanks to him, the store will send the device to the native factory of the manufacturer, and he will make a replacement!

It is better to change the battery before calibration. The master unscrew the device you make the replacement and take away the counter for verification.

How to change the batteries in the gas meter sgbm 1 6 betar by yourself?

After familiarizing yourself with the inventory and some important information, you can move on to changing the device.

Step-by-step algorithm for replacing the battery in the gas meter betar 1 6

Sequence for Gas Meter Exchange

Carefully remove the paper seal with a knife. Try not to damage it in any way. If it is in the form of a metallic sealed wire, then it is better not to touch. Otherwise you may get a fine.

Use a screwdriver to pick up the housing at the special notches. First from above, and then from below. Put it on the table and proceed to replace the battery.

After removing the cover, you will see this picture in front of you:

Now it’s time to remove the battery. There are two options:

It’s up to you to decide what to do! If you bite off then simply solder a new element to the torn places. If you unsolder it, then solder it back to the same pins. Do whatever you need to do!

Before removing the battery, note the positive and negative terminals. In some cases, this may not be clear, so you may need to change the voltage with a multimeter. If the numbers on the display are negative, all is well. It may be that the probe is not inserted correctly. To be sure you don’t reverse polarity, take an ordinary battery and measure its voltage. If all readings are negative and there are no minuses, then the probes are inserted correctly.

Use rosin or solder acid for soldering. Don’t try to keep the tip of the soldering iron on the contact for too long. This can cause delamination of the copper on the board.

The battery voltage must match the voltage of the battery that was installed. You can put in a rechargeable cell.

After the procedure has been performed our device looks like the figure below.

You can order the right battery on Aliexpress. Delivery time is usually about 1 month.

To replace it, you should go to a company that deals with the service of gas equipment. As a last resort visit the housing inspectorate.

Look at the date of issue of the meter when you buy it.

How to change the batteries in the gas meter grand betar 4?

The first thing to do is to remove the cover. To do this, you need to get rid of the seal. You can do it with ordinary wire cutters or scissors. After that, you need to take a screwdriver and remove the clamps. Then with a little effort pull the housing towards you and remove it. You can not disassemble the gas meter grand betar 4 without a trace.

Now we can see the board, to which the battery is soldered.

Now you should unscrew the screw that holds the board and disconnect the battery from the holders. Then install a new one and twist everything back. In principle, you need to do the same steps as with the gas meter betar 1 6.

Similarly, the battery replacement takes place in the grand 3 2.

How to change the batteries in a gas meter sg 1?

These meters have been in production since about 2014. Its construction is simple enough and therefore the battery in it is easy enough to change. The first thing to do is to remove the cover, then solder the pins and remove the battery. The seal as usual will need to be removed.

After that, you need to take measurements of the old power source and look for a similar one on the Internet or in the local supermarket. The best thing to do is to go to the radio parts.

Once you have the battery, then observing the polarity, insert it into the device. Make sure that it is sealed so that nothing falls off. Well, then reattach the housing and enjoy the work of the gas meter SG 1. This is how the battery is replaced.

In this section we do not give detailed instructions as all gas meters are disassembled in a similar way. So please refer to the above step-by-step disassembly of the betar 1 6 meter.

In the process of replacing the battery should not worry about malfunctioning readings because the gas meter has a non-volatile memory.

Some questions about replacing the battery in the gas meter

Can the law refuse to verify the GS, if there is no new maintenance agreement?

It is legitimate to refuse sealing the meter, if there is no thermal corrector?

Answer: Yes they can refuse. If the device is outdoors or in a cold room, thermostatic expansion joint is necessary. Without this addition, the consumer will pay an additional factor. So the savings on gas will be miserable.

Naturally, such a monitoring device with the addition costs more, but it is more profitable to pay for its readings.

Do I have to pay for a battery replacement service if my gas meter is under warranty??

Is it possible not to install a gas meter in an apartment that is privatized??

How to remove the cover from the gas meter

How to remove the cover of the gas meter Most popular gas meters today are metal boxes with a plastic cover, the rim of which wraps around the side of the device. This is, in particular, one of the most common in Russia models of membrane meters. The width of the meter cover provides full access to the mechanism when removing it, so the question “how to remove the cover of the gas meter” is of great interest to anyone who is curious or wants to “tweak” the counter mechanism a little.

This process itself is not simple and requires some preparation. To begin with, it is not so easy to separate the lid from the case, because it is not designed for the consumers to operate it. technically, the device must be dismantled by gas service technicians. Lids of meters that have been verified are protected by seals, and if this seal is broken, the next time you check the device will be rejected. You will have to give explanations, pay bills for higher readings in case of discrepancies, or even buy a new meter. Tampering with its mechanism by yourself is an administrative violation, so it is not recommended to take such a risk without good reason.

Nevertheless, there are ways to deal with this cap, and every homeowner may find it helpful. The edge of the cover of the device can be picked up with something sharp and thin (a medium-sized office knife will do), so that it will come away from the body, and even the seal (the rim that encircles the connection between the cover and the body) will remain in place, if you do it very carefully. Do not forget to open in this way is only possible on meters with the year of manufacture up to and including 2014, they have a more flexible cover. But, in addition to the seal, during the verification you must pay attention to the condition of the metal and coating at the joints of the cover. Obvious cracks, scratches and chips are very likely to be the basis for confiscation of the meter and a fine.

How to determine the cover of the new model

So, we can summarize: there are ways to remove the cover from gas meters of the type BK or similar to it, but you will need strength, perseverance and, most likely, the use of various tools, which will certainly leave noticeable traces on the body of the device. You should not rely on the safety of the seal with such manipulations. If you disassemble the meter out of curiosity or just decided to urgently dismantle it, you can not pay attention to damage. If you plan to continue to use it, then opening it yourself is not the best option. Repair and modification of gas meters are carried out in specialized workshops, this requires a professional who is familiar with their functioning and operation. It is important not only to check the device and perform all the necessary modifications, but also to install it correctly, ensuring that you successfully pass all future inspections.

Types of seals depend on their material and manufacturing features. Currently, gas supply companies use the following types of seals:

3 Things Homeowners NEED to Know About Gas Meters

  • Plastic. made of plastic, which is a flat washer with a symbol printed on it; the washer has a hole through which a fishing line or wire is threaded through the special brackets on the meter;
  • Lead. similar elements cast of lead
  • Stickers. strips with an adhesive layer on the contact surface; contain holographic images, antimagnetic elements or symbols with several letters and numbers;
  • plasticine. this material is filled in the head of the bolt hole, so it is impossible to disassemble the connection without damaging the protection.

But despite the efforts of the resource provider, it is possible to bypass the protection, although we should not forget about the severity of the consequences in the case of detection of consumer interference.

The types of gaskets depend on the material from which they are made and the characteristics of manufacture. Gas companies currently use the following types of gaskets:

  • Plastic, is a flat area with a symbol on it; in the washer is made a hole through which to pass a fishing line or wire through the special brackets on the meter; alt=”plastic” width=”728″ height=”578″/Despite the efforts of the resource provider, you can bypass the protection, although the serious consequences should not be forgotten when you detect manipulation by consumers.

Ideas on how to open the seal on the meter

If you are familiar with situations that lead to an emergency seal removal, then you should know a few ways to remove the seal. It is especially important to be able to do this without recourse to outside help.

Before you remove the seal from the gas meter, you should watch the instructional video

Possible ways to solve the problem:

  • Unofficially use the services of electricians and allow them to check the health of the electrical network on their own;
  • Carry out the dismantling on your own. To do this, you will need to view training videos and visually determine the material of the seal. This can be polyethylene or lead. In addition, determine the degree of sealing and the presence of backlash. Only then can the meter be dismantled.

If your knowledge is limited and you have difficulty distinguishing between din-rail and automatic, then the best option would be to use the services of electricians. To do this you will need to write a notice and only then officially tear off the seal.

When choosing options for solving the problem with the controlling device, you must first be guided by common sense and do not forget about the consequences.

If you have a good knowledge of electrical appliances and you have an unexpected situation, you can use a few important recommendations.

How to hide the gas meter in the kitchen: standards and requirements popular ways to disguise

Renovating the kitchen is not only expensive, but also time-consuming. You need not only to choose the furniture and properly design the arrangement of appliances, but also to take care of safe, and matching the style of masking elements of gas equipment. Agree that sticking out gas meter over the worktop will spoil the look of even the most original kitchen interior.

The gas service, of course, is not delighted with the creative ideas of many householders to decorate meters. In this article, we will tell you how to hide the gas meter in the kitchen, without violating the accepted standards and requirements. Let’s find some simple and affordable ways to mask the gas meter. And also consider the nuances of its transfer.

Every hundredth meter is under suspicion

According to statistics, tampering is found in about every hundredth meter. So, since the beginning of the year, Kyivgaz has checked 8.7 thousand household meters and found 86 such cases.

If there is suspicion of tampering with meters or unreliability of the measurement results, a special examination is carried out, because it can be difficult to detect tampering in the meter. This can be evidenced by a violation of the integrity of the outer casing, missing or damaged seals and other protective elements. Some consumers try to carry out hidden manipulations on the device, which is difficult to detect with an external inspection. The most common are tampering with seals, installing parts not provided by the design documentation to underestimate the volume of gas, said Kosatka.Media in Kievgaz.

Interestingly, during 2019, only 22 cases of illegal interference were detected (almost 4 times less than in the incomplete year of 2020). The growth of numbers in Kievgaz explained by the fact that compared to 2019 this year removed for verification in 2.6 times more meters.

This is due to the fact that this year came the time of periodic verification of meters installed in 2012. Exactly in 2012 a large-scale installation of free gas meters began, the company said.

It is worth noting that not always when the meter is recognized as unfit for further use (this year such detected 970), it means problems for their owners.

Disturbances in the operation of the counter occur due to wear and tear of component parts and mechanisms. After all, the appliance is affected by kitchen fumes, direct sunlight, high humidity and other factors, added Kyivgas.



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